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Raw food shop offering grab and go raw meals, snacks, and beverages. Has stool seating along the window. Also sells out of Clinton Street's French Market. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by babcocklori945


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23 Nov 2023


Bon mais les prix sont exagérés 😅 une petite part de tiramisu 15$ et la petite petite part 8 ou 9 $ J’ai prix un collatd burrito dans une feuille de choux très très très grande, une fois ouverte y avait pas grd chose comme garniture. Et du guacamole mais sans chip’s. Dommage l’endroit est bien pensé.

Pros: Le concept

Cons: Le prix , Les proportions



Points +66

01 Nov 2023

Superb place. One of a kind. Wide variety of options

Top accessable place with a very positive and knowledgeable staff. All house made My faves are kelp noodles, a few of the raw pies, carrot muffin is the best drug for real!!! Though its small and majority to go, it's a welcoming communal space

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-01

Pros: Wide variety , Knowledgeable and helpful and inspiring , Open everyday for great hours

Cons: Wish some prices were lower


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01 Nov 2023

Surprised how much I like raw food

I'm so happy this place exists! The food is so delicious, healthy, and creatively prepared. The owner is so kind and interesting to talk to as well. I never thought I'd like raw food so much. I've had a number of items here and have many more I want to try.


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06 Oct 2023

Good for quick bites

I grabbed some raw vegan mouse and apple pie. So good!


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28 Sep 2023

Gem in the City 💎🏙️

Great products, original and unique, as well as bunches of house made goodies. Smoothie is amazing.
A bit pricey $$ but you must stop by 👣👍


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02 Sep 2023

Lots of Variety

Great small shop and very nice owner giving out samples! Great variety and it’s all yummy. The tiramisu bar and chocolate donut are my favorite desserts - wouldn’t know they’re raw. The empanadas are my favorite savory item I’ve tried so far. Kinda pricy but healthful food and great purpose - so worth it!


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Mostly Veg
20 Aug 2023

I can make better

The food honestly tasted awful. I’ve recently gone plant-based and have always been interested in trying raw vegan foods. I experienced so much regret. I got the sampler and ended up throwing it all away. Not sure if the food went bad or just overall tastes bad. I wish i didn’t spend that money.

Cons: Taste, Cost, Amount


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20 Aug 2023

Best lunch/breakfast

Super delicious food, friendly and knowledgeable staff, cute spot. I recommend the tiramisu and the strawberry donut as well as the raw roll. Will definitely visit again.

Pros: fully vegan, healthy options , delicious


Points +58

10 Aug 2023

Love it 😍

Delicious food, worth to take the extra miles 🤩


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05 Aug 2023

Amazing concept

I wanted to buy everything it's all extremely healthy and unprocessed and whoever invented it kudos.


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28 Jul 2023

Not fresh…

I re-visited chicago raw as I really liked most of the food there. This time I had a sweet potato wrap and the filling looked like it was at least 2 days old, almost black avocado and brown salad leave. Lasagne tasted fine and so I also choose an oats muffin to go. When I tried it later there was mould inside the muffin. I took the muffin back and when I said the food can’t be fresh there wasn’t even a denial of that assumption I made…anyways, the place is too expensive for the quality of food.

Pros: Lots of raw options

Cons: Not fresh , Too dense and rich, heavy ingredients , No vibrant food


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26 Jul 2023

Every vegan visiting Chicago must try

Very delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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11 Jul 2023

Chicago Highlight

I stumbled into Chicago Raw on a really rainy day, not knowing what to expect.
This health food store & restaurant was one of the highlights of my trip, I was so excited to find it! I ordered-

* chai latte w almond milk
* mini Chicago raw rolls
* ride the wave noodles

I wish there was one of these in Dallas! Everything I tried was super flavorful and fresh.


Points +764

24 Feb 2023

My favorite place in Chicago

I love Chicago Raw! The food is delicious, it’s a cute little spot and there’s soooo much amazing vegan food, you would never be able to taste that it’s ‘raw’. I always bring my colleagues here and everyone has loved it so far. Do your body a favor and treat it with some yummy food from Chicago raw!

Pros: Delicious raw food , Very kind owner , To go boxes

Cons: Pricey, Not many seating options , Everything is in to go boxes


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08 Dec 2022

Fun and Delicious

Cutest little place with a surprisingly large selection of great food and drinks inside. They had free samples out to try before you buy. Super friendly staff!

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-08


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05 Nov 2022

Very Nice

I’m not a raw vegan but this place definitely has some great inspiration for trying it out!

Pros: Freshly made, Good taste, Nice staff

Cons: Can be seasoned more


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18 Oct 2022

Great Grab-and-Go spot

I love this little grab-n-go spot in Gold Coast neighborhood. It offers both indoor and outdoor seatings. In this cold October, the indoor seating is much appreciated.

I ordered a Ginger Elixir because I was feeling a bit under the weather. For my meal I ordered the Chicago Raw Rolls, pumpkin pie. After I finished the rolls I wanted some hot drink to go with my pie. I am so glad I ordered the Dandy Blend Latte with choice of soy milk. This Dandy Blend Latte is so delicious with different layers of flavors the go so deliciously well together. I highly recommended!!

This girl that was working this Sunday was sweet, and she smiles. Her smile was possibly the only smile I got from all the coffee shops, restaurants, CVS stores, and my hotels I visited in Chicago. I think it might be a Chicago thing and I am so used to California way. I am not bashing but just noticed the difference, and obviously loved seeing a smiley face.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-18


Points +4723

22 Aug 2022

Great raw

Take-away place with homemade and packaged raw food. We tried a variety of dishes over the course of several days. The dishes were all very tasty and positively flavorful. My favorite was likely the pizza or lasagna, but they kelp noodle dishes were great too. Generally I’d say you can’t really go wrong.

Deserts were too sweet for my taste, especially the carrot cake. The apple cake was a bit better but still quite sweet.

Would be great if they also had a separate dining venue.


Points +26

14 Jul 2022

Healthy but disappointed

The raw ravioli was great so was the sample of the blueberry cake, but everything else was disappointing. My partner and myself couldn’t finish the food we got. Some of the flavors were over powering in our opinion for a majority of the dishes but some may really enjoy that? Just not for me… Spent $76 dollars and left a tip of 15% because the woman upfront was so friendly. Sadly I don’t think I’d go there again.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-14

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, Ravioli is awesome

Cons: Expensive , Flavors were over powering/off


Points +2076

09 Jan 2022

Raw vegan food with intense flavor!

I don't usually go for raw vegan meals, so it is different for me....but I was so blown away! I ordered the collard burrito and it was extremely flavorful (the salsa was spicy too!). The wild rice has a delicious, funky, and intense turmeric sauce. I would definitely go again, but it isn't an everyday kind of place because it is expensive.

Cons: Expensive


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01 Nov 2021


I ordered the Raw Raviolis and it was exceptional. I loved the sauces that accompanied it as well. Would love to try other dishes when I return to Chicago again. These guys do raw food well.


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18 Oct 2021

Food mostly tastes meh

Had an acai bowl and a muffin, and really wasn't impressed. The place looks nice though, and they make really good coffee. Maybe I'll give their food another try sometime.

Pros: One of the best cappuccinos I had!


Points +15739

27 Sep 2021

Chicago Raw

I really love the vegan raw lasagna... I used to eat it frequently, but it can sometimes feel a bit heavy. I've also enjoyed the kale salad options over the years. Great overall. Nice to have healthy options here.


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Mostly Veg
06 Sep 2021

Good not great

Everything looks amazing, but I honestly wasn’t that impressed. The kale salad was great but everything else wasn’t very satisfying. I probably should have asked for recommendations of the more popular items. I got 4 small items because I wanted to try different things and it was $40.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-05

Pros: desserts , Smoothies , Kale salad

Cons: Raw burrito collard wrap was not good , Expensive & not ideal for dining in, Raw pizza- mediocre


Points +287

13 Jul 2021

Absolutely delicious healthy trreats

Perfect for a quick bite if you like it healthy and filling. Worth paying a little more since it takes effort creating these raw vegan items!


Points +64

02 Jul 2021

Worth a stop.

We always try several dishes and a dessert. I got a smoothie the last time, so good. Portions are good. Love the grab and go.


Points +2174

12 Jun 2021

Lots of options

For vegan, raw food, there were an absolute ton of options. It was expensive but fresh and it's downtown so the price makes sense. The zucchini noodles with lentil meatballs were so good on a hot summer day and the ginger shot packed a punch.

Pros: Lots of options, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive

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