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Lunch counter & deli serving veganized classic sandwiches, burgers, salads, soups, and desserts. Specializing in house-made tempeh and seitan. Menu changes, and food comes packaged, ready-to-eat and for to go. Has a stand-up counter and some communal tables for seating. Opened 2017 by Chef Tanya Petrovna, original founder of Native Foods Cafe. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm.

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08 Nov 2023

Delicious sandwiches

We loved the bohn mi and the chicken sandwiches. They make their own seitan and it’s delicious. It’s a bit expensive, especially the pastries, but the sandwiches are very filling and worth it. This location has seating, it’s down from the restaurant in a separate section.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-08

Pros: Great sandwiches, Lots of grab and go options

Cons: Pricey



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29 Oct 2023

Great Lunch

We ordered a few of their sandwiches and they were delicious! Refreshing and tasty - would highly recommended.

Pros: All vegan


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07 Sep 2023


Friendly staff & delicious food! A little pricey, but worth it!

Pros: Friendly , Tasty food, treats, & drinks, Diverse

Cons: Pricey


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03 Aug 2023

Great Place! Great Food!

This vegetarian restaurant is a game-changer! Unlike most vegan places, they ditch fake meats for truly innovative and authentic dishes. The menu is a creative blend of flavors, celebrating plant-based ingredients without imitation. The fresh, locally-sourced produce adds to the delightful experience. Excellent service and an eco-friendly approach make it a must-visit for veggie lovers. Can't wait to return!


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27 Jul 2023

Amazing sandwiches and more

Huge fan of this restaurant since it’s opening. Sandwiches are always so tasty and filling but also has so much more. There are other entree options as well as snacks and desserts. They also have a marketplace where you can buy bulk made from scratch ingredients that range from the mock meats they use in the sandwiches to whole grab and go lunch and dinner meals. Their newer location in palm desert has a larger dining room but they have pretty much the same menus besides a couple more option in PD. Some of those options include fries and soft serve among others. They also have a daily menu that features a few dishes and drinks that rotate.

Pros: Great sandwiches, Delicious desserts, Completely vegan

Cons: Small dining room, Tucked away


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14 May 2023

Simply the best vegan choice in town

They make food taste great. Tanya is a longtime vegan and has made and perfected the best tempe and seitan. If there is once please to visit go here. You will not for get this food. The Original CTK sabdwich is delicious in every bit.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-14

Pros: Delicious 😋 , Now have ice cream, 2nd location in Palm Desert fyi

Cons: Best to take out and not eat in.


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04 May 2023

Good but limited selection compared to Palm desert location

I got the BLTA add crack cheese ( cashew cream cheese) at this location. The sandwich was like $17. I feel it was overpriced for what it was. The palm desert location also has breakfast and fries.

Pros: Fresh, Tasty


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04 May 2023

Hella vegan, hella good

Funky place full of vegan goods. No fake meat burgers here, just a tasty tempheh "patty" and generous fresh toppings. Don't miss the desserts

Pros: Breadth of products, Fast and friendly

Cons: Weird location (but worth it!)


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28 Apr 2023


Everything I’ve had here is freaking delicious, I bring home Pastrami Mamis to keep in the fridge, they’re just as good reheated.

Pros: Food rocks, Staff is in it to win it, Cute grocery section


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08 Mar 2023

Great road trip stop for a meal and extra to take with

Great tasting food and extra grab and go items. We were on a camping road trip moving from Joshua Tree to Anza-Borrego and stopped here for dinner. What a great spot. We had the Cuban, pastrami mami and a Coachella salad. All were excellent and we would be regulars here. Grabbed some deserts including the lemon cake bites, apple cobbler and chocolate pudding. There are refrigerated and frozen items so perfect for loading up your road trip camping cooler. Also dry goods and we had to grab a couple T-shirts.

Pros: Tastes Great, Good portions, Quick


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06 Mar 2023


Got the BLTA with Crack cheese, probably one of the best vegan sandwiches I've ever had!


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01 Mar 2023

Amazing vegan food!

I look forward to coming here every March when I’m in town. Yesterday I ordered the tempeh burger with cheese and grilled onions. It was delicious. I ordered the taco salad for today’s lunch which was also amazing. They have a great selection of condiments/sauces like Karams garlic sauce, miso sauce and Korean barbecue sauce!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff!! Cute vegan tees, stickers, lotions and potions!!


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27 Feb 2023


The BLTA with crack cheese was SO good. Super friendly sweet service too. I’m about to go back and pick up some deli items too.

Edit: one of the best Caesars I’ve ever had and the Cubano is so good too!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-23


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12 Feb 2023

Best vegan spot in palm springs

Amazing host, very passionate about making sure they are serving fresh food daily. Must stop here if you are in the area


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10 Feb 2023

Must go… don’t miss this

I don’t have enough words to describe this deliciousness. We anticipate our next visit every time we have plans to head to the desert.

Pros: THE WHOLE MENU IS AMAZING, Absolutely yes. Don’t miss this place


01 Mar 2023

Me toooo! I got to the desert at 2 and was at tonyas for lunch at 3!!


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10 Feb 2023

She’s a tempeh and seitan PRO!!

Tanya has perfected homemade seitan and tempeh. So many wonderful burger and sandwich options. And the beverage selection is just as stellar, which is always equally as important to me!😄The lil market is fabulous for gifts and to-go items!


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10 Feb 2023

Pretty good

I liked how it was a little market/cafe! The weird part is ordering on one side of the building and dining in a separate building. The agua fresca (blueberry lime) was delicious. My spouse liked the Thai salad, and I enjoyed the special seitan mushroom sandwich. Only thing was that the bread seemed strangely sweet. I felt like that didn’t go the best with all the savory/Unami. I would be interested in trying more again, and maybe the next thing I try would bump me up to five stars.

Pros: Healthy

Cons: Bit expensive


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07 Feb 2023

The Hype Is Real

You have to try this place, I had the Cubano on the staffs recommendation it was delicious, I’ll definitely be back to try more from here. 👍 It’s expensive but worth it 100%

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-07

Pros: Lots of choice

Cons: Expensive


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06 Feb 2023

I look forward to visiting Palm Springs every year just for this food

You really can’t go wrong. Everything is delicious. But my favorite is the chupacabra chicken. The Sunday special burrito is also amazing

Pros: 100% vegan , Market full of other vegan products, Friendly staff


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22 Jan 2023

Your non-vegan friends will love it

This food is mind-glowingly good, and they have an amazing selection of desserts, sides, fun gifts, and merch! Whatever they're doing, it's right. My omni partner ordered the Cuban and absolutely loved it, it blew his mind that it was vegan. I love the array of options, healthy or indulgent. Everything tastes amazing. I had to get out of there fast before I got back in line to buy a bunch of other food and merch!


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22 Jan 2023


Really delicious food! We tried the Gordo Chili Cheese Tempeh Powerburger, El Cubano and potato salad. The agua was watermelon-lime and was delicious - came with one free refill too. You order on the place to the left, it has a store selling food, clothing and toiletries and more!! Once you order you can go to the place on the right where there is open seating. If you need the restroom just ask… they can escort you to the one inside. Very friendly staff, would definitely return!!

Pros: All vegan!, Sell lots of other items


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09 Jan 2023

Perfect Choice for plant based foods

Excellence variety and amazing flavor. We ate here twice and had three different sandwiches and one salad. Worth repeating over and over!

Pros: All vegan options. , Wide variety with daily special , Delicious flavors

Cons: Not easy to find , but worth it when you do, Little space for eating on site


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Mostly Veg
31 Dec 2022

Two-mile drive…

Staying with friends in Palm Springs, who aren’t vegan, but could not say enough good things about Tanya’s. It was about a two-mile drive from them.
Dave got the Pastrami Mami and filled up on half of it. He was perplexed by how good the flavor was and how it matched real pastrami. Debbie got the Guadalajara burger as did my husband Mark.
I ordered the Coachella Forever salad that I split with Mark for half of his Guadalajara. We settled on the Guadalajara based on a HC review and were not disappointed! All of its goodness made it a bit messy and we resorted to fork and knife. A good problem to have. 😋
The salad was filling with wonderful flavors.
Five out of five stars and more if I could give them.

Pros: Full vegan menu , Close by, Damn good food

Cons: Had to eat the Guadalajara! with a fork and knife


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29 Dec 2022

Great vegan food

Great vegan restaurant with additional market items and knickknacks; but, just a little pricey. #Veganuary


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26 Dec 2022


A wide range of food options - everything I’ve tried has been great. I especially recommend the BLT and the chocolate ice cream!


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05 Dec 2022

Not so good

I really wanted to like this restaurant as I am always rooting for vegan restaurants to succeed. Judging by the previous comments, this restaurant is generally beloved so I'm glad my one less than stellar review won't make a dent in its rating.

I ate at the Palm Desert location on one day and the Palm Springs one the next day. At both restaurants the staff was friendly and patient, and the surroundings are great. But the food...

The first day I got the Thai tofu salad for which I paid $15. The salad's tofu is only two thin slices. I understand about a restaurant keeping its food costs down, but tofu is a very inexpensive ingredient; it felt like a total ripoff. The peanut dressing was rather bland and really thick-the consistency of thick hummus-that stuck to the salad in thick globs even after I stirred it. If I got this at the airport for $15 I wouldn't be that disappointed, but for a normal restaurant it was below par.

The second day I got a Caesar salad with added seitan. As I waited a worker pulled a prepared Caesar salad out of the grab and go case. I asked if that was my salad (I thought for the price I was paying I'd be getting a freshly made salad.) She said yes, but her coworker told her because I'd added the seitan they'd make it fresh for me. The salad was pretty good and the dressing was great. I also got a cup of the daily soup: pinto bean with pumpkin. It was very thick, bland, and overly salty. My husband got the daily special-a burrito, as well as a side of Mac and cheese. They were both a bit bland, and the Mac and cheese was also a little dry. The Caesar salad is the only thing we even finished.

Pros: It's all vegan, Nice staff, Nice ambience

Cons: Thai tofu salad overpriced & unseasoned, Your salad might not be freshly made, Several items were bland and too salty


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03 Dec 2022

Tasty food

Good comfort food with generous portions. Lots of sandwich options.

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