Serves fish, vegan options available. Pescatarian menu with fish and vegan food. Uses macrobiotic principles to make the meals, pastries, and bakery goods. One of several restaurants. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by ashwinn


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08 Oct 2023

If I ate like this everyday, I would probably live to be 120 years old

I was in the area anyway, waiting for the next show of the Miyazaki/Ghibli-clock. So I gave this restaurant a try.

This was pretty much what omnis must think vegans eat all the time. Lots of grain, beans, lentils, veggies, fermented, brown rice etc.

I got some nice vegan sushi, a tomatoe soup, pickled veggies, a salad and a croquette. Felt very healthy afterwards.

Taste was ok, price was a bit too high.

My highlight was the croquette.

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Mostly Veg
17 Sep 2023

Nice, satisfying and healthy

The cafe has a lot of vegan friendly desserts and in their shop a lot of vegan friendly bars and other interesting things. It is not very clearly stated on all of the products which is vegan though or if all are. But we had nice service and assistance and the waiter was kind to double check ingredients.

For dinner one had the avocado tofu grain salad, not very special but it had a nice French dressing and the ingredients were fresh and a nice portion. Sushi rolls was made with soy meat, accompanied with simple salad and nice dressing and the vegan soup of the day, Minestrone was lovely.
We had the fried “Fu” (tofu) with sauce on the side which was very nice and in total we had a good, healthy and satisfying meal.

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Pros: Sauces for all dishes was really good , Many vegan options , The shop with snacks


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08 Jun 2023

Delicious vegan set

Many vegan options that are delicious including deserts. Also have small supermarket section with vegan snacks


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04 Jun 2023

Stumbled across this one… don’t miss out!

What an unexpected and pleasant surprise. While searching for a vegan, gluten-free place to have dinner we literally stumbled across this in the lower level of the Royal Park Tower. Very well marked options and knowledgeable servers. The strawberry shortcake is not to be missed!

Pros: Many vegan and gluten free options, Well marked, Knowledgeable servers


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30 Apr 2023

Delicious vegan sushi plate and pancakes

Loved the many vegan options on the menu! I was happy to finally find a place that serves vegan sushi! Everything tasted fresh, healthy and delicious. Definitely recommend!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff


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22 Apr 2023

tasty but small portion

came for lunch, the meals was nice and had a variety of flavours but was a bit sparse for the price. Nice to see a place with many vegan options though


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24 Mar 2023

Healthy sustainable vegan options

Healthy sustainable vegan options. Bit hard to find, it's downstairs and the entry is from a square in between building, but downstairs. No need to enter any tower

Pros: Vegan optionS

Cons: Bit hard to find


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30 Jan 2023

Not open for breakfast anymore.

Unfortunately, this restaurant isn’t open for breakfast anymore. This place’s breakfast was the whole reason I would stay at the Royal Park Shiodome Hotel when in Tokyo for business. It is fantastic when it was open for breakfast. It’s a real shame it’s hours charged since I was in Tokyo last. Looks like I’ll need to find a new hotel with close vegan options for breakfast. #Veganuary

Pros: Good vegan options

Cons: Not open for breakfast anymore


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27 Jan 2023

Overall Good!

Very simplistic restaurant that is devoted to sustainability and to healthier diets that comprise unprocessed, and locally grown food. The food was a little expensive and the menu was confusing on what the vegan options were, definitely if you go ask the waiter for options that are vegan as the menu encourages you to ask the staff about meal ingredients. Definitely wished we ordered the vegan cake….

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-27

Pros: Friendly Staff, Decent Portion Size

Cons: Limited Vegan Options, Had to ask about ingredients, Expensive


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27 Dec 2022

Good number of vegan options at this macrobiotic restaurant

Really enjoyed the vegan sushi and desert. Friendly cafe vibes snug between office buildings and upscale hotels. Kids plate was also vegan (!) and a hit with my daughter.


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Mostly Veg
30 May 2022

Nice location and extensive menu

The menu is so complete and long it's almost hard to believe that most dishes are vegan!

I just went for a (tiny) cake and some tea, so I can't comment on the main dishes. They seemed a bit pricey, especially given the smaller portions. My hojicha was nice, and the lemon tofu cake was pretty satisfying.

The location is quite fancy -- inside a hotel with a glass wall overlooking the Ghibli Clock on Shiodome Tower.

Pros: Fancy, So many options!

Cons: Expensive, Small portions, Where's my protein?


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15 Jan 2022


Was delicious, but wished that the portions would be bigger

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Small portions


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04 Jul 2021

Food was tasty

I had the noodles from the selection as it was recommended by the staff. I absolutely loved it. I also took out be to boxes which were slightly pricey but the taste didn't fail

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Serves fish


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09 May 2021

Almost perfect

The food was delicious. I’m not a big fan of their karaage, I’ve had better. But the croquette and the potato salad was delicious. I also enjoy their vegan “butter” sandwich cookies. The restaurant is also spacious and has a nice atmosphere.

Pros: Lots of options, Desserts delicious

Cons: Serves fish


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19 Nov 2020

Nice food and good price

I had salad set.. was good but not so special!

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Good but not special


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15 Aug 2020

Anti-masker in the kitchen

Used to buy their delicious Obento (usually for two) regularly until now: You can peek into the kitchen from the cashier area. Whilst making choices, I noted that one of the kitchen staff had their mask only covering their chin whilst preparing and handing out several dishes.
I fell back and waited for another at least five minutes to check if it was temporary, but there was no change. The restaurant was about a third full, and more dishes were prepared/ handed out in the same manner by that person.
The other staff members were fully compliant, but this behaviour, if unsanctioned will prevent me from going to the place again. I liked the food before as stated above.

Pros: Some great dishes

Cons: Hygiene standard unacceptable for me


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Mostly Veg
13 Jul 2020

Mostly vegan healthy menu

Mostly vegan menu with a couple of clearly marked fish dishes. Everything I’ve had from here is delicious, and I’ve been a lot (close to my work). Also available on Uber Eats.

Pros: Mostly vegan, Healthy

Cons: Some may find it expensive (to me it’s reasonable


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04 Feb 2020

Great, everything is vegan (except a single fish dish)

Everything in this place is vegan (even the chocolate spread), except for a single dish which contains fish. Very nice. Has healthy breakfast options.

Located on the first floor of The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome. If you're staying at the hotel, that's one of the cafes you can have breakfast at for free.

Pros: Almost everything is vegan, Healthy, Good vibe

Cons: Not that big a variety.


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05 Jan 2020

Healthy and delicious

I feel there should be a new colour on Happy Cow for places that are 90% vegan. The whole menu here is vegan except a few fish dishes however I often ignore red spots on the map. Glad we chose to go here though as was a delicious and healthy lunch. We had tapas to share: the soy meat, spicy potatoes, pickled veg, farmers salad and vegetable banga cauda - which we had no idea what it was but was awesome. Also the vegan Caesar salad dressing was a winner. Would recommend.

Pros: Mainly vegan , Vegan cakes , Healthy

Cons: Serves some fish


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28 Dec 2019

Excellent cake and matcha latte

The strawberry cake I got was lovely and the perfect amount of sweetness. The matcha latte I got was one of the best I've had, and even came with beet sugar.

Pros: Lots of seating, A lot of vegan options, Nice ambiance


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14 Oct 2019

Got sick after eating here.

Me and my boyfriend visited in the afternoon: I got half a soup (which wasn’t really warm, but tasty), a full avocado and tofu salad (tasted good, but sloppy salad with brown rims). He had the daily platter with fish and coffee as dessert. I got a soy tiramisu, which tasted ok. Portions were sufficient and it wasn’t too pricey. Sadly, right after leaving I got violent nausea, headache, really bad heartburn and a stomach ache. I felt it pass down to my bowels, so I knew it was something I ate. There was nothing from the days before that could have caused this sudden illness. We had to cancel our evening in Tokyo to get home, where I took medication and went to bed. My boyfriend also had nausea and a mild stomach ache... The next days the symptoms were less, but still present when I ate something (instant belly ache).
I know I can’t 100% prove it was this restuant’s fault, but I won’t be going here again.. Dissapointed by this promising place.

Pros: Vegan options, Tasty, Portions ok

Cons: Got ill, Expensive drinks


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27 Aug 2019

Try the cold ramen. You deserve it.

We had the cold soy ramen, the vegan plate, a side of "soymilk bread" and the pancakes with fruit. Everything was great, including the pancakes which were unexpectedly fluffy and delicious. The "soymilk bread" is just bread, presumably made with soymilk. The cold ramen was definitely a highlight – the rich, salty broth was great for dipping bread or rice in as well.

In addition to the sit-down menu, there was an amazing selection of vegan snacks and treats to-go. Definitely worth visiting before going on a trip or a hike to stock up on snacks.

Pros: Tasty food, Vegan snacks

Cons: A bit pricey


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06 May 2019

Quality classic vegan choices

Follow up to me review of the Hibiya restaurant.

I tried the Taco rice, the 'recovery' smoothie, and the carrot and cashew cream soup. Everything was good, although not as impressive as the tempeh burger I had in Hibiya.

Pros: Spacious, Quite a few vegan options, Quality food

Cons: A bit expensive


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07 Apr 2019

Great desserts without lots of gluten free options

Right next to the Miyazaki clock (you can even watch the show from the windows if it's cold out, but you should definitely go out to see it), this place has delicious vegan desserts with multiple gluten free options.
The staff are great and it's a relaxed atmosphere though still a bit upscale. They have a small shop area where you can buy snacks etc.

Pros: Vegan desserts with gluten free options, Views of the Miyazaki clock

Cons: Price may be a bit off putting


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05 Apr 2019


This place was recommended by a friend, we arrived at opening time of 11am in search of vegan pancakes. We both had the vegan pancakes which came beautifully presented with fruit and granola. The pancakes were good but I preferred the ones I'd had at Ki to Mizu to Tsuchi to. Also I'm not a massive fruit fan. The coffee with soy milk was very good though and they have vegan cakes, muffins and cookies.

Pros: Vegan Pancakes., Nice looking place., Reasonably priced.


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01 Jul 2018

So good!

You won’t be disappointed. Huge menu, great atmosphere, friendly staff. Me and my omnivore boyfriend both loved our meals and will be back before we leave.

Pros: Tons of vegan options, English on menus, Friendly staff


Points +19

Mostly Veg
24 Jun 2018

Again: very good, very pricey

I loved the smoothies and fake meat, and the fries were to die for. It was 6k yen though...

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