Delivery of plant-based meals and foods. See webpage for product range. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

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06 Dec 2020

Wide range of food

After being here over 5 years I finally ordered from House of Chay. I’ll definitely be ordering again. There’s a big range of food with western and Vietnamese food available. Whilst the food on my photo doesn’t look attractive (it’s a bad photo) it was delicious. The garlic bread looked weird as it’s black but tastes great and the refried beans despite looking like something you wouldn’t eat were delicious and great for dipping the chips in



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03 Jan 2020

Very nice!

I gave this a try late at night because I didn’t have anything else to eat. However, I wanted something light since I’m trying to watch my weight. Their lentil patty + salad + soup combo was perfect. It was light enough, but still filling. I thought the texture and flavor of the patty was good, it didn’t fall apart which is a blessing already. You can never go wrong with a salad. For the soup, I wish it was seasoned a little more but it wasn’t bad.

I still want to try more food from them!! I would definitely recommend their food.

Pros: Healthy options , Somehow light, but filling


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27 Dec 2019

Delicious sandwich

Their sandwich are amazing. All of their products (and they offers a lot) seems to be organic and of really good quality. However, beware of the fact that some products, such as the kale, are really pricey.

Pros: A lot of products, Really good sandwiches, Some unfindable products are there

Cons: A bit expensive


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14 Oct 2019

food quality and service

Home and not willing to go out to try the infinite veg options Saigon has to offer? look no further. House Of Chay deliver the best healthy vegan food this city has to offer right at your doorstep.

Pros: Delicous, Healthy, Fast


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19 Sep 2019

Best in town!

🍔 Why!! Amazing food! I have made several orders and all of them were delicious. The food that were tried included their three burgers (carrot, lentils, tempeh), two types of pizzas: pesto & eggplant (although, I bake them for 10 minutes plus in the oven to crisp up the crust, as a result I am now officially declared addicted), wonton soup and miso soup. All were absolutely delicious! Except the tempeh burger, it was icky.

🌱 House of Chay is environmental and health conscious. I can trust that my wellbeing is being cared for thoroughly with every order I make. They cook with limited oil, whole grains, no refined sugar and chemical additives assure me that the cook has in-depth understandings on nutrition.

🙏 After every order, I'll receive a follow-up email from the founder. The messages were compassionate, I can feel the intentionality and genuineness from her. Thank you, Trang, for opening a place that's high in quality and so meaningful.


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21 Mar 2019

The best veggie burger

House of Chay has hands down the best veggie burger I have ever had and I have eaten a lot over the last 10 or so years. The lentil burger with cashew cheese is absolutely amazing. Most times in an area that isn't so adapted to vegetarian/vegan life you get a veggie burger that is loaded with mushrooms, carrots, corn and peas and its all crunchy, slimy and absolutely disgusting (aka a frozen patty). The mega lentil burger is a homemade patty and add the 39k to top it with cashew cheese. I am sure all the other menu items are amazing but I can't convince myself to ever get anything but this lentil burger because it is that good. The only thing is that the sweet potato fries that come with it are not appealing to me at all - this could just be because I am used to a very different kind of sweet potato in the US and the ones here are quite starchy (I have to add my opinion may be irrelevant because I only got them once and it was for delivery).
House of Chay is great and very accommodating - I have asked before to get soup instead of the sweet pot fries because I do not prefer them and it has not been a problem!
To top it all off they have eliminated single-use plastics and delivery and take away orders come in compostable containers! They do not automatically supply you with cutlery, which is great! They also send the delivery in a good quality paper bag which they ask you to return for them to reuse!

Updated from previous review on 2019-03-20

Pros: Eco-friendly take away, Great service


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20 Jan 2019


We ordered this as a relatively late night delivery. We ordered eggplant pizza, tomato pasta, garlic bread and lentil soup. Pretty good italian food by Vietnam standards, the pizza was our favourite. Garlic bread was quite dry but was nice dipped in the soup. This is a good option for delivery and when you are feeling for a different cuisine other than Vietnamese.


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24 May 2017

Excellent Veggie Delivery Service!

My husband and I have been using Chay's delivery service for a few weeks now and we love it. The ingredients are always of high quality and the food is filling, delicious, and healthy.

It's so nice to eat non-fried food that comes from a place that cares about their product. We totally recommend!!

Pros: Healthy, Tasty, Fresh, premium ingredients

Cons: A bit pricey

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