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Chay Banh Mi

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Hung Vuong Street, Nha Trang, Vietnam,

Street cart located across the street from Mai Huy Hotel. Serves Chay Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches. Uses mock meats that she makes herself. Has a 'vegetarian' sign on cart plus clearly-marked vegan options. Sandwiches are only 10,000 dong or 50 cents US. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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Reviews (53)

First Review by JillMurdoch

Great - Edit

Not really in the style of a traditional Banh Mi, had tomato and some lettuce but it ends up being a very tasty sandwich. The mock meats are really good and she doesn't skip on the ingredients so it's filling. Only major downside is the stall is not 100% vegan so some may prefer to support the other Banh Mi Chay in town which is listed as vegan on HappyCow.

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Great food! - Edit

The ingredients is yummy. The sauce she used for the mock meat is delicious! Maybe I was there a little late (around 9pm) and the bread feels like on the hard side.

Pros: Ingredients, Nice owner, Clear "menu" display (3 options)

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A real surprise - Edit

What is really surprising me is, her strict timings of footpath cart business, I went there at around 1:35Pm she was laying down on her inclined chair. After seeing me, she looked at her watch and asked me to come back at 2:00Pm because it's her nap time! I went there again after 2:00Pm and she talked about happycow.net, that is where exactly I found about her vegetarian baguette! The baguette is tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-11

Pros: Tasty, Cheap, Quick

Cons: Her strict timings of non business hours???

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Amazing Bang Mi - Edit

Amazing food, and so cheap! She showed us some of the ingredients including vegan bacon and vegan ham. One sandwich is only 10,000 so we, naturally, had two! Will be back many times during our stay!

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This lady knows vegan sandwiches! - Edit

These sandwiches are a must when heading to the beach or plodding around town. They're packed full of mock meat with veg, & taste beyond scrummy. Plus they're only 10,000 VND! Definitely worth stocking up on these if you have a long journey up ahead.

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delicious vegan street cart on Hung Vuong opposite Fashion Cafe - Edit

Mrs Dinh Thuy sells tasty, delicious vegan banh mi ( Vietnamese baguette ). Her shop is open from 6am to 9 pm. Highly recommended. Would go there on a daily basis.

Pros: vegan, fresh, cheap

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Delicious and Inexpensive - Edit

The sandwiches here are loaded with a bunch of different mock meats, vegetables and sauces that create a delicious vegan treat (just ask no cheese). The vegan option is 10,000 Dong which is super cheap.

Pros: delicious, cheap, good service

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Good for mock meat - Edit

If you enjoy mock meat this is a great vegan option !
But if you like it without the meat then she also can make you one with just veggies for a cheaper price :) she is there from 6am - 9pm daily ( except for once a week where she has off)

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Highlight of Nha Trang food - Edit

At the risk of echoing everybody below, this for me was the vegan highlight of Nha Trand (even though it's not a completely vegan business). The banh mi were delicious, incredibly cheap, and the woman selling them was the only person in the city to use the word 'vegan' to tell me about the food. I could eat with confidence in a way that I couldn't in many places there.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Vendor uses the word 'vegan'

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best sandwich ever!! - Edit

My first Banh minutes experience...did not disappoint
I got mine without the fake meat and it is just as amazing and flavorful. Super clean and fresh. Dinh is such a sweet woman. Check it out!!!! I have been craving it since I left nha trang!! Best vegetarian food there.

Pros: cheap , fresh , tasty

Cons: none , maybe too much fake meat?, just ask her for otherwise :)

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Vegan Banh Mi - Edit

So this was my firstvegan Banh Mi experience! All the others I had before were usually with vegetables only, not I don't like veggies, but this Banh Mi was really good! Very tasty! Not that I'm a big fan of mock meat either but it adds a whole lot of flavour to the baguette and the veggies! The only non-vegan option is adding some kind of 'The-Laughing-Cow' cream cheese.

And 10,000 Dong for 1 Banh Mi is so so cheap that it makes you feel bad and you end up tipping the very nice lady :)

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awesome banh mi! - Edit

Very nice lady and the banh mi was very delicious! My boyfriend (meat-eater) also loved the banh mi. I can recommend it to everyone. Cheap (vegan 10.000 dong) and very good.

It's not at the point shown, but very close on the other side of the road. Have a look at the pictures first and you will find it easily :)

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Delicious cheap vegan rolls - Edit

Ate here for lunch and it was so good we ended up coming back for dinner. Only 10,000 vnd for a roll (about 70c au) with salad and mock meat. The roll was fresh and the mock meat is all home made and absolutely packs flavour. Both times we paid double this as it was worth a lot more and paying $1.40 AU for a roll is ridiculously cheap. The woman who makes the rolls is lovely as well so it makes it worth the tip. Would recommend to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Location is slightly different from the map as it is on the other side of the road opposite the hotel and fashion cafe. If you're looking for a great meal for a cheap price this is the place to go!!

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Amazing fresh sandwiches - Edit

This charming lady sells fresh vegan baguettes stuffed full of mock meats and vegetables.
Very friendly lady and a great street food experience.

Only 10,000 dong which is about 50 cents USD or 30p UK£
You will not be disappointed.

We will definitely be back before our trip ends.

Pros: Extremely cheap, Made fresh in front of you, Service with a smile

Cons: None

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Delighted - Edit

I was there three times and the woman touched me with his delicated art each time. The first time, as i was waiting for my sandwich, a poor man passed and she let all things down and run quickly for giving him some money. She has very few, but she gives away for others and make animal compasionated sandwitches in a country where animal care and animal rights are not really known. You can get an animal cruelty free sandwitch for 10000 dongs (about 50 dollar cent or 40 euro cent). I suggest each of us pay her without comments the price we would pay for the same in our own countries, that is about ten times 10000 dongs = 100000 dongs. I did it, and i will never forgett the indescriptible expression of her eyes. You can be sure, never would you get a better karma as when supporting this wonderfull woman :) And doing so are you also a force of the karma for she :) All the best

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Hit the spot! closer to the centre than shown - Edit

Great little sandwich cart and just a few minutes up the street from where I was staying - I regularly popped by several times and took a sandwich (or two!) to the beach with a smoothie for an early lunch.

The lady is friendly and always smiling, even when you seem to have woken her up from her afternoon nap in her chair. She doesn't always add the tomatoes, but is happy to do so when you ask for a couple of slices - thank you!

At one point, she seemed pretty busy, two monks on a motorbike, and another couple of orders, but she managed to look up, smile, and make a 'peace' sign, meaning 'two sandwiches to go?'

The listing on the map shows the cart a lot further up the street than it actually is, although it's correct when it mentions being right opposite the (small) Mai Huy Hotel and the Fashion Cafe.

For 10000 you can grab a couple, walk further up the street grab an excellent smoothie and walk across to the beach and enjoy a tasty meal. I would also suggest grabbing a couple of sandwiches before you head to the train station - they were great on the trip down to HCMC !

Pros: fresh and tasty, friendly and clean, inexpensive, fast, convenient

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Brilliant! - Edit

Nearly missed this as not quite as on the directions. The stall is actually on the left before you turn right down the lane where it says it is opposite the hotel. But glad I found it. Superb, vegan unless you have the optional cheese the lady assured me. As others have said, she advised me that she and her family don't eat dairy or egg either. Delicios Ban Mi and so cheap. I'll be buying more and paying extra for what it is worth. Brilliant!

Pros: Very vegan with veg options too. , Delicious. , Cheap.

Cons: None whatsoever.

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The best vegan Banh mi in Vietnam - Edit

This little food cart is amazing, cheap, seriously tasty fresh Banh Mi with a variety of mock meat and vegetables, herbs, sauce.

Must go!

She opens 6am to 9 pm

Pros: cheap, tasty, friendly

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So So Yummy - Edit

We found it a little difficult to find vegetarian/vegan food near where we were staying in Nha Trang, but luckily we were just around the corner from this vegetarian street cart and found these rolls so delicious that we had them everyday for lunch and even for dinner one night. They are so cheap at 10,000VND each and filling as well. The lady that makes them is so sweet and friendly. Definitely worth trying.

Pros: Very Delicious, Very Healthy, Very Cheap

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you will buy the second one, the third one... - Edit

My background is Vietnamese so I'm no stranger to the ubiquitous Vietnamese bread roll. I'm also NOT a vegetarian. I only took my vegetarian friend here during our couple-of-days stay here in Nha Trang.

The bread roll tasted "Amazing!" even when I compare them to other non-vegetarian bread roll in other parts of Vietnam. I believe it was the blend of excellent pickles and the tomato sauce; very savoury and tangy.

Despite Nha Trang's excellent options for vegetarians, including the restaurant inside Long Son Buddhist temple, we visited this place a total of 4 times; that was 10 bread rolls between us 2.

Even for Vietnamese standard, 10,000 dong (USD0.50) for a breadroll is cheap! So I had a chat with her with my limited Vietnamese. It turned out, it was because her store was next to a temple and she was a touch religious so she wasn't entirely out for profit. And that she hasn't increased her price for several years.

Our last visit to her cart didn't involve me. I stayed away because she was tooooo friendly :) and we had a plane to catch so I sent my friend in to get us 4 bread rolls if you were wondering about the 10 rolls in 4 visits.

Definitely a must for vegetarian or even carnivores like myself.

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Great mock meat baguette stand - Edit

This little stand is a bit hard to find but is awesome once you do. She has four different mock meats and doesn't serve any meat. She was so nice and passionate about her food.

She wasn't quite opposite the hotel like the directions say. Her stand was on the opposite corner of the intersection. Dont give up! Its worth the hunt.

Pros: Cheap, friendly

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Love, love, love! - Edit

I am completely in love with the sandwiches from this place! I think I ate 6 or maybe 7 in two days and I happily paid more than the 10,000 VND for each and every one. The lady running the stall was so friendly and we chatted about how the butter and cheese were only on the stall for other people and that her and her family don't eat those. Without a doubt the best sandwiches I've ever eaten and I've eaten some delicious sandwiches in my time!

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Really good and cheap sandwiches - Edit

It was not so easy to find the place, because it's so small - but it's absolutely worth it!
The sandwiches you get are very tasty with vegetables and 3 kinds of self-made mockmeat. The owner ist so nice, and the sandwiches are very cheap. During our stay we bought 7 of them, it was great to take some with us on an early bus.

If you're vegan, make sure to order without cheese!

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Amazing is all I can say - Edit

We were so hungry by the time we found the cart that we bought two bahn mi each to eat on the spot and two bahn mi each to take away. Very tasty, fresh and clean for Vietnam standards.

The lady is really sweet.

The best bahn mi in Vietnam. Don't miss this cart!

Pros: Very tasty, cheap, generous portion, Lovely lady, The best bahn mi

Cons: It was hard to find the cart

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Great banh mi's and rocking lady! - Edit

These banh mis were so delicious! And they were the cheapest ones we have had in Vietnam so far. I'll be buying at least 10 more before I leave.

The lady rocks!

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Delicious and Virtually Free - Edit

The price of these sandwiches is negligible. It equates to about US$0.50. I got 6 from her during my stay and paid double for all of them. A whopping $6 investment.

The taste and vegan-ness of these could easily justify charging 10x. Delicious, fresh, crispy, crunchy, spicy... It's like everything one could hope for in a sandwich. The location on this map is just the intersection. Her cart is located a few meters to the south of the intersection and on the west side of the street. Umbrella in green and red and it sits in front of a yellow building.

This is a must-try place in Nha Trang.

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Amazing - Edit

These sandwiches were the highlight of our stay in Nha Trang. They're cheap (normal local price, actually), delicious and made by a very friendly lady. Highly recommended!

Location: the correct coordinates are 12.234132, 109.195740 (copy-paste to google maps).

Pros: tasty, cheap, friendly service

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Best find yet! - Edit

Though this wasn't a com chay buffet, these sandwiches were amazing and for 50 cents each, you can't get a better deal for lunch anywhere. Conveniently, this cart was located just outside our hotel, so we got to eat there twice, and was just as amazing the second time. The baguette was warm, contents were delicious and the lady serving them was very friendly as well! Definitely worth a taste as a meal or to-go for a bus ride!

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Good location

Cons: Not the healthiest lunch, Food sít out

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best Bahn mi ever - Edit

This food cart wasn't super easy to find, it's really small and nondescript I had to ask a few people for directions, by the time I found it I was so excited. It was worth it. We have Bahn mi often where I'm from, usually just tofu and salad. This was unlike anything I'd ever had before. Less fillings than if have at home, but this was because the flavours were so amazing and unique, you didn't need as many fillings. We had this twice in the same day, the second time we had it take away because we were leaving nha trang, and it was still good a few hours later. The lady who owns it is really friendly, and it is so cheap, 10,000 dong. Worth going to nha trang just for this!

Pros: delicious and unique, cheap and friendly, got to sit on the street and eat from a food cart,

Cons: none

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Best vege sandwich! - Edit

Despite Nha Trang having become pretty much a Russian colony, I still have a reason to go back: having more of those yummy, incredibly cheap and tasty sandwiches! As of March 2014, they only cost VND10,000 a piece.

Pros: Tasty, Dirt cheap, Friendly owner

Cons: None

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Best Sandwiches in Vietnam....Ridiculously Cheap - Edit

Visited in November 2013 after finding on happy cow. Im making a point of writing this review first after four and a half months in South East Asia and having been to ample. And I feel with good reason.
This is a sandwich stall run and owned by an amazingly lovely Vietnamese lady. The lady who owns this became a fast friend in the few days I was in Nha Trang, I visited several times. The cost of a sandwich is wait for it 10000 dong, or 15000 dong with cheese.....this equates to 30p and 50p respectively. For this you get a packed baguette fully of salad and mock meats. The sandwiches themselves are packed full and delicious (and note im not usually a huge fan of mock meats). I took a fellow backpacker friend there for lunch and even as a sworn carnivore he was highly impressed.
Absolute no brainer...when in Nha Trang...Eat here!!

Pros: Delicious, Lovely Owner, Very Cheap

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Good and cheap - Edit

This is a tiny food cart on the left side of the raod that is marked with the word Chay. Make sure you ask for no cheese if you are vegan (it's also 5000VND cheeper!) The lady who runs it is friendly and chatty and put out stools for us to sit and eat at. Good cheep food near the tourist area.

Pros: cheep, tastey

Cons: mock meat

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Great and cheap - Edit

Had my first today, will be back !
Spoke to the lady and was amazed she works from 5am to 9pm.
Good food is made by good people, this may be simple street food but its good. Give it a try, you will be back.

Pros: Cheapest food in Vietnam , Great lady great energy, Tasty real vege option

Cons: Nothing

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Yum-a-licious - Edit

These are the most fresh and delicious sandwiches/rolls that I have ever had! They are so good that I'd come back to Nha Trang just for them. The directions are good and the streetcar was easily found with a big vegetarian sign out the front. The little lady who makes the sandwiches is gorgeous and very friendly. Best food I've had in Vietnam so far.

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Totally vegetarian freshly made sandwiches - Edit

This stall made our trip to Nha Trang perfect! It is totally vegetarian - she has some cheese and margarine on the stall but by default the sandwiches are vegan. They include 3 types of seitan, salad, chilli, hoisin and vietnamese herbs and cost the equivalent of 30p. You must check this out!

(It won't let me give it 5 stars because it thinks it's not vegetarian, but it is).

Pros: Freshly made, Cheap, Excellent food

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Yummy Vegetarian Banh Mi sandwiches - Edit

This is a street cart one block off the beach. She makes all her own mock meat, there is no meat served, it's all vegetarian. (i cannot confirm the use of fish sauce in her sauces though) everything was very fresh, cart was very clean. she had stools to sit out if you wanted but we took ours to-go and ate them on the beach. Great find! Hope she sticks around!

Pros: Mock meat, clean, friendly

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