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Street cart parked in front Mai Huy hotel and Melissa restaurant. Serves vegetarian banh mi sandwiches. Uses mock meats. Has a 'vegetarian' sign on cart plus marked vegan options. Open Mon-Sun 5:00am-8:00pm. Open days & hours vary.

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First Review by JillMurdoch


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08 Nov 2022

Delicious vegan Banh Mi in Nha Trang!

The lady moved to another place with no exact address.

She's now at the intersection of Thích Quảng Đức and Trần Cao Vân street.

Below picture of new location on Google maps 👌🏻

Opening hours:

5am - 10am
4pm - 8pm

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-08

Pros: fully vegan

Cons: a bit hard to find



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03 Nov 2022

Update 03/11/2022

We found the place where the pictures from the comment section were taken. The surrounding locals told us that she either moved to a different place or quit the business altogether.


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20 Sep 2022

Not here 3 days in a row

Has she moved location? If so needs updating.


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16 Aug 2022

Best banh mi EVER!!! ❤️

Super tasty!! Super cheap!! I bought 10 in one day between 2 people 😂 I think I had 7! I was going on a 10 hour bus journey in my defence and we had two each for breakfast before we left 😋 they were so, so cheap I think my tip was more than the actual total of ten because I felt guilty for eating all her mock meats 😂 ( just ask for no cheese, it’s a cheese triangle spread she put on the bread ) ENJOY THIS THING OF BEAUTY 🤤

Pros: Super cheap , Incredibly tasty , Friendly service

Cons: Not always there when you want one 🙂, Not fully vegan


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16 Jun 2021

Best bánh mì

Title says it all.


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16 Oct 2020

Excellent Banh mi

The vegan Banh mi was full of flavour and the lady working at the food cart was so friendly!


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30 Sep 2020

The best

The best vegetarian Banh Mi I had in Vietnam 👍


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03 Sep 2020

Quick and tasty

The food is good, cheap, and vegan. Vegetarians can add cheese for a price. Mainly fake meat, cucumber, and carrot, with a tasty sauce. The woman who runs the place is smiley and friendly and speaks a little English. She does run it by herself and is mostly around in the morning and early afternoon. If you arrive and see a blue tarp around her stall, come back another day. If you arrive and she is not around, come back in about half an hour.

Pros: Vegan, cheap, quick, friendly

Cons: Not the healthiest vegan food 😀


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16 Jul 2020

🥖 Flavorful 🤤

She's just lovely and leaves you such an optimistic outlook on humanity. The bun is a bit stale, but the fillings are memorable: a bit crunchy and very savory.

Pros: Tasty vegan option, Loveliest seller, Very cheap


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02 Jul 2020

Love this lady! Love this food!

We searched for this lady after a long and hot ride. We weren’t sure how clean it would be as it’s on the street, however I was sooo impressed with the ladies cleanliness, the food and the lady herself!

She was very careful to anti-bac before preparing food, her surfaces were super clean and the food looked really fresh. It tasted amazing!!

She was also very happy to let us film anything and have her picture taken with me. A great lady serving great food. I definitely recommend!!

Pros: Clear vegan menu, Super lady , Super clean food


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25 Jun 2020

Vegan banh mi

Give this place a try!


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14 Mar 2020

Best Banh Mi

Lovely lady runs this stall. Great Banh Mi, filled with fake meats, salad and sauce. Really tasty and filling. All vegan, unless you want to add cheese (unnecessary).

Pros: Vegan, Plentiful , Great value meal


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29 Feb 2020

Very good

10/10 would reccomend :)


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27 Feb 2020


Oh my word yum!! 13000 dong for vegan mock meat, saucy salad goodness. Cannot reccomend enough.

Pros: Delicious , Cheap, Different Mock meats


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24 Feb 2020

Excellent vegan local Banh Mi

Perfect local Banh Mi for vegetarians and vegans !
3 options :
- bread with only vegetables ;
- bread with vegetables mock meat ;
- option 2 cheese.

Very cheap sandwiches ! 😁

Worth it if you're around 😍


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22 Feb 2020

Bon Banh mi

Le Banh Mi est bon mais sans plus.


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20 Feb 2020

Best Banh Mi!

The beast Banh Mi we had in Vietnam so far. A lot of stuffing with a really nice sauce! Can only recommend! You won’t regret it😉

Pros: Vegan - just order without cheese :)


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07 Feb 2020

Love it

Nice sandwich, we go there again tomorrow. You can choose between a vegan or vegetarian option.

Pros: Super cheap


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23 Jan 2020

Delicious Banh Mi!!

Had the vegan banh mi (banh mi without cheese) and it was so good! It had so much flavor and such an amazing texture! Can’t believe it’s meat-free!😂


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21 Jan 2020

Amazing experience. Super yum.

Lovely experience. The lady is very smiley and has English translated on her menu/sign

Pros: Delicious, Cheapest I’ve seen by a mile


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19 Jan 2020

Tasty Banh Mi

Cheap, tasty and lovely service


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19 Dec 2019

Heavenly Food

This Banh Mi was so good, it was the highlight of my trip to Nha Trang. I Ate 7-8 times here.


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16 Dec 2019

Delicious and so cheap!

We always love a vegan bahn mi, so when we discovered this bahn mi cart (vegetarian not fully vegan because you can add cheese if you desire) we were well excited! We loved the different mock meats she puts in the baguette, but love it even more than she makes them all herself. She's situated outside of a temple, and on one of the days we visited her, there was a temple full of school children praying - so lovely vibes! The bahn mis themselves were delicious and for the price (only 30,000 VND each - WHAT?!) you pay, you're really getting good value. We visited her twice, and on the second trip we bought two bahn mis each (because, why not?) If you're in Nha Trang, pick one (or two) up, walk over to the beach and enjoy your sandwich with the beautiful view of the ocean.

Pros: Delicious and cheap!

Cons: None


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07 Dec 2019

Tasty and cheap vegan Banh Mi!

Although we didn’t eat a lot of them, this was definitely our favourite banh mi in Vietnam (3 weeks). The lady is very sweet and it is also very affordable (13k without cheese).

Pros: Very affordable, Good service


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05 Nov 2019

3 mock meats in one sandwich!

So good, we went there twice. The lady puts 3 mock meats in the banh mi. And it is super cheap: only 13k.

Pros: Delicious, cheap

Cons: None


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Mostly Veg
05 Nov 2019

So yummy!

First banh mi I’ve had with mock meats and I loved it! She gives all 3 mock meats on the sandwich which is cool and very cheap for the vegans (without cheese)!


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26 Oct 2019

Lovely lady - nice banh mi

Thanks to HappyCow we found this lovely lady in Nha Trang with her delicious Vietnamese baguettes (banh mi). When we found her, she was in front of Mellissa restaurant at 73 Hung Vuong. I added a photo of the restaurant so you can locate her cart.
The banh mi was very good. All options have their prices listed and written in Vietnamese and Russian.

Pros: Cheap

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