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Lacto-vegetarian street food. Open Mon 5:00pm-10:00pm, Tue-Fri 10:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by sx1


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16 Oct 2022

Best vada pav

All indian vegetarian dishes.
They even have no onion garlic option for Jain community.

Pros: Nice indian street food options

Cons: Always busy



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11 Apr 2022


Authentic Indian experience, with plenty of options!


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28 Jan 2022

Best pav bhaji

Best pav bhaji, spice level is quite high though.

Pros: Pure vegan menu, Delicious sandwiches, Great pav bhaji

Cons: Sometimes there is a wait to get in


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26 Jun 2021

Great Bombay street food

Our Indian friends took us there once and we were hooked! Very spicy food like India spicy but also quite tasty. I particularly like their Chinese bhel and panu puri.

Pros: good value, great vegan options

Cons: no bookings and there is always a queue , no specification on the menu for vegan dishes


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20 Jun 2021

Heaps of unique vegan options

In 2021 they have come to understand what vegan means. Online menu clearly states vegan options. Simply specify (vegan) on the order sheet and everyone understands what is meant.
Have ordered all the following items as vegan: Chole bhature, Manchurian sizzler, Sada dosa, pav bhaji dosa, veg crispy, Chinese bhel, Chinese idli, misal pav, vada pav, masala fries and gobi paratha.
Very spicy food, always a line but great service.
If in doubt, as for no ghee, milk, paneer or any other dairy product. They will inform if they think there may be cross contamination.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap!

Cons: Vegan not specified on physical menu (online only)


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27 Aug 2019

Nothing guaranteed vegan

When I asked what could be done vegan I was told maybe a dosa or fried rice. Didn’t stay.


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03 May 2019


Had the most disappointing Indian meal of my life here. Much better options nearby.

Pros: Didn’t get food poisoning

Cons: Woeful food. All three of us regretted going here


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05 Jan 2018

Vegans beware

I don't know what's going on here. When I asked about vegan options, I was proudly given a special menu, vegan on one side, gluten-free on the other. I placed an order, and the waiter said something like "Vegan, right?". But a few minutes later he came back and said the recipe for that dish had changed, and it was no longer dairy-free. He suggested a masala dosa, so I went with that, only to have him return and say that wasn't 100% vegan either, and did I mind if there were traces of dairy in my food? I said I did, and he said well, really, they couldn't guarantee that ANY of their dishes were 100% dairy-free. It's good that they told me (I wonder if maybe they have had a lactose-intolerant customer take ill or something), but if nothing there is guaranteed 100% dairy-free, why are they handing out a menu labelled vegan? I left in dismay, hungry and disappointed, as I liked the look of the place, and it was full of obviously happy customers, most of them Indian, and had an interesting range of dishes. If you are lacto-vegetarian, I would think this place well worth trying. If you are strict vegan or dairy-intolerant, there is no point in going. I don't understand why, as they are clearly aware of the vegan market, they can't find a way of offering a couple of dishes guaranteed dairy-free.

Pros: Interesting range of lacto-vegetarian dishes

Cons: Nothing definitely vegan


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14 Dec 2017

Indian vegetarian eatery

Not 100% vegan, although they gave me a vegan menu. This place uses ghee and dairy. Has signage saying 100% pure vegetarian. They were unaware what 100% pure vegetarian and vegan food is. Same to me. Using ghee and dairy is lactovege. I had mixed vegetables with noodles. Was devoid of vegetables had shredded carrots, onions, green peppers and shredded cabbage. Spicy, after i said not spicy. Diasapointed. Had apple, ginger, carrot juice was nice. Bill was $15. Sat outside the place looked nice. Just not comfotable with dairy and using ghee.

Pros: has vegan menu

Cons: dairy and ghee is used


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01 Sep 2017

All vegetarian with heaps of vegan dishes

Lovely indian street food

Pros: everything vegan or vegetarian, milkshakes and desserts are vegetarian too


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01 Jan 2017

Fix for your Mumbai street food desires

If you're missing your vada pavs, dabelis, misal pavs this is your place. Apart from these fairly unknown street foods from Mumbai, you have your usual Dosas, Pav Bhaji, Samosas and fusion Chinese and Pizzas to savour. Bear in mind, it does get packed quite a bit so you'll have to wait for a table during weekends. Try going there on a Tuesday or Wednesday if you are in the area.

Pros: The menu is huge so you are bound to find somethin

Cons: Gets pretty packed on weekends. Huge variety can g

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