Veggie buffet located at a 10-minute walk from Hualien train station. Offers all-you-can-eat for a set price. Large spread. Also sells health foods and dried goods. Open Tue-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-8:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by KEG1106


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25 Jul 2023

Ok Buffet

Decent food options, and if you come really hungry the $250 price is right. It’s a little hard to know what’s egg/dairy though.

Mask policy at buffet is super annoying, especially when seating is so haphazard and tight.

Pros: Coffee, teas and Boba included in buffet!



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22 Jul 2023

Buffet with good range of food

This was quite a simple buffet to negotiate. We paid our 250 dollars per person at the front desk in the shop area then grabbed a plate and started loading up.

It's an unlimited buffet which was a bit different to the pay-by-weight buffets we'd been to so far in Taiwan. It was fairly expensive, probably because of this, but it still felt like decent value for money. There was a good range of food including several tofu dishes and some dumplings. I also enjoyed the bubble tea ice lolly for dessert.

Pros: Good range of food, Bubble tea ice lolly


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06 Jul 2023

Oily generic food, rude staff

The female staff members on duty when I walked in clearly had zero desire to deal with another customer, which made me feel most welcome (there was a man who approached me later on who was nicer, but the damage was done). Buffet is good value in theory but the food is cold/lukewarm, swimming in oil, and mostly flavourless. Also they force you to wear a disposable mask when getting your food, which makes zero environmental sense. Avoid.


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21 May 2023

Vegetarian taiwanese buffet

All you can eat with soup, salad, plenty of tofu and musbroom based dishes, some desserts.
No distinction between vegan and vegetarian.

Pros: Great variety, Good quality for the price

Cons: No signalling of eggs and milk


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06 Apr 2023

Great value and yummy food

For NT$250 you can help yourself to the buffet of veggie food, drinks & desserts! Seating downstairs and upstairs. I enjoyed two platefuls followed by ice cream for dessert! You must wear your mask when not at your table and this is enforced. A great place to try lots of different foods!

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28 Jan 2023

sooo gut!

Das Essen war köstlich und das Personal sehr freundlich

Pros: viele vegane Optionen

Cons: Nichts


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10 Jan 2023

Wide variety

Good selection of food. Good variety of vegetarian food.


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01 Aug 2022


位於花蓮市火車站、後站出來往左邊走6 ~8 就會看見了。内用(蔬)素食自助餐點、菜色品項眾多、多元化、價格物超所值、服務不錯。

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-13

Pros: 純素餐點品項眾多。, 精緻美味, 價格物超所值


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07 Apr 2021

Various vegan dishes

Really good selection,different types of dishes including Taiwanese style dessert! There is no vegan option for the ice cream, but we’re generally satisfied about the dishes

Pros: Lots vegan options, Fair price


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24 Dec 2019


Nice variety of hot and cold dishes, plus dessert, ice cream and tea/coffee. Everything I tried was really good and the price is more than fair!


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10 Dec 2019

One of the best buffet in Taiwan

You can eat inside the restaurant but only if you pay 220$ and you can eat as much as you want. We're on a budget so we couldn't afford this. So you can take food away and pay by weight. It was rather cheap. We paid 170$ for 2 (you can see the amount on pictures)

Pros: Many dishes, Affordable if take away

Cons: Have to take all-you-can-eat buffet to eat here


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21 Sep 2019

Simple ambiance great tasting food

This buffet restaurant was quite full and that's typically a good sign. They have a nice array of dishes and all that I tried were flavorful.


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07 Aug 2019

Wide selection all you can eat buffet

Really good selection of both more traditional and more western dishes. Lots of vegetables and meat substitutes. Was very reasonably priced- we paid 220 per person.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Good value for money


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11 Jun 2019


just 10 minutes from train station of Hualian, and "All You Can Eat" 😍😍😍

Pros: lots of vegan option

Cons: quiet cheap


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02 Jun 2019

Delicious Tasty Cheap Buffet

I had a huge lunch here that was very delicious with lots of vegan options. They had a great variety of salad, soups, hot dishes, sides and desserts. The price was very reasonable and it is located close to the main train station.

They had a sweet taro paste topped with chickpeas that was incredible, a few of there dishes were so amazing actually.

Be warned there could be some egg in some dishes and all the ice cream contain milk.

I would definitely come back here to fill my boots with tasty Taiwanese vegan food.

Pros: Cheap and tasty., Huge variety of options.

Cons: Can get busy at peak times, Egg and dairy in some options


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17 May 2019

Súper variety of food. Friendly staff

Amazing selection of food. Mainly vegan. Staff very helpful in letting me know which items weren’t vegan ( only 2 ).
Very friendly.
2 nd visit tonight


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02 Apr 2019

Great value buffet

This place was full of locals, always a good sign! The buffet was varied and tasty. Several soups, rice, noodles, lots of vegetables, dumplings, fried tofu, sushi, fruit and mochi. Several hot and cold teas. There are no English labels so depends how willing you are to take your chances. Everything is vegetarian and I easily avoided anything with egg in it. Some reviews say staff are rude. They were very helpful, they are just there to do their job, which is to keep the buffet topped up, they are not there to serve you!

Pros: Varied plentiful buffet , Very cheap

Cons: No English labels


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08 Dec 2018

Great buffet for either lunch or dinner in Hualien

Great buffet for Vegans, all you can eat for 220 PP. cheaper for children. Very popular in two evenings we went with locals. Shows you the quality . Takeaway by weight option available


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07 Dec 2018

Ein Traumbufett

Sehr leckeres vegetarisches "All you can eat"-Bufett. Es gibt sogar Suppe und Eis zum Dessert. Ebenso Getränke und Kaffee. Wir werden wieder kommen!!!

Pros: All inklusive


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30 Sep 2018

Wide variety of food.

This buffet was somewhat busy and very noisy when I visited. There were many different dishes to choose from, although quite a few were rather oily. It seems to be a place that the locals enjoy visiting. There were also many organic and health-food products for sale inside.
Overall it's worth a visit to enjoy a basic Asian buffet, but don't expect anything awesome.

Pros: Wide array of dishes to choose from.

Cons: busy and noisy, many dishes quite oily.


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09 Aug 2018

great price, great food! happy that i visited

mayo containing dishes contain dairy, for example, potato salad, a roll dish, thousand island dressing, are not vegan. Very delicious and satisfying

Pros: lots of vegan options, reasonable pricing, fresh

Cons: some of the dishes are too greasy


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25 Jun 2018

Disappointed - Not as good as the reviews had made out

Staying in Hualien for three nights we chose to come here based on the rave reviews on happy cow. I was disappointed, the price was good and there were plenty of options but the food wasn’t very tasty, it was rather bland and greasy. Still it was a good price and there were lot of options, it just wasn’t for me.


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06 Feb 2018


Would have eaten here every night if we could have, you pay 200 for a plate and eat what you want or pay by weight for take out. Go early- theres lots of seating but was about half full not long gone opening, plus the food is hot and fresh then, however they do constantly replenish. there is a huge variety and everything we had was great, free hot drinks, couldnt recommend it more. Local place but they speak enough english at the till to get by.

Pros: food , price


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30 Jan 2018

Delicious Vegetarian/Vegan Buffet

Conveniently close to Hualien Station and has a great variety of food in the buffet. Dumplings, noodles, soups, desserts, and some kinda currys. Tried this two times when I was there and they had a slightly different menu every time.

Pros: Good quality and quantity. Worth the price.


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02 Jan 2018

best dumplings ever - be prepared to overeat

This all you can eat buffet was so good I still dream of it. You pay 200 twd and you can eat as much as possible.
The dumplings were absolutely awesome and the other dishes were great too. We didn’t eat the ice cream because it didn’t look cruelty free. But there was no egg or milk in the other dishes so save for us. If you are in Hualien you have to go there.
A lot of people go there to eat so be prepared and arrive early (from 5-6)

Pros: delicious , all you can eat , dumplings

Cons: non vegan ice (I guess)


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Non Veg
17 Sep 2017

rescued us from starving

Arrived in Hualien in the afternoon and was starving because I did not have the time to fill up my belly yet.
The place was closed but after showing our puppy eyes to the owner she opened up the buffet and let us eat.

Great variety of food and everything was very tasty (a bit cold, but then again, we ate the lunch leftovers)
The dishes weren't too oily or too salty and there was enough variety of vegetable dishes and carbs (sushi, sandwiches, rice, noodles etc.)

Highly recommend this place.
Came back the next day for a proper dinner.

Pros: variety , cheap (payed by weight), excellent staff


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23 Aug 2017

Tasty and cheap buffet

Great place to try a variety of Taiwanese food. The only thing I saw that wasn't vegan was some ice cream bars in the freezer (they also had vegan popsicles). It is Buddhist vegetarian which means no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, onions, or garlic, so I'm not sure about these reviews saying it is not vegan ... Anyway, it's really cheap with some very tasty food. I came here several times during my two weeks in Hualien so I also know that they have good variety day to day.

Pros: All you can eat, Dirt cheap, Huge variety

Cons: May not be 100% vegan but who knows???, Pretty crowded, you may be seated with strangers

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