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Fast-casual vegetarian tacos eatery est. 2015. All tacos and sides can be made vegan with the exception of the creamy kale potato taco. Note that eggs are sold on weekends and one tea contains honey. Open Mon 11:00am-5:00pm, Tue-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by karl8704


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08 Oct 2023


I got 3 sweet potato hash tacos and the pesto rice, fulfilling to me, cannot complain. Seemed to cater well to my gluten free friend (I’ll change this if I receive updates later). I will say- the electric ordering they had made it awkward as options like the 3/trio tacos wouldn’t show when trying to order- so it would’ve just been nice to have a person/cashier who can take in everything and make it run smoothly so that lines don’t ramp up. Not a lot of options, but I did enjoy what I got so I’ll give props wear it’s due.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-08

Pros: Gluten free, Taste, Atmosphere/seating

Cons: Electric ordering instead of having cashier



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17 Sep 2023

Happy Vegans

This is a great place for any vegan (and in the case of my hubby and I, also gluten-free). The food was delicious and the wait for it was minimal.

Pros: The taco sampler offers a good variety., The staff was helpful., Food was delicious.

Cons: Parking is terrible.


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08 Aug 2023

Didn’t blow my hair back

We were recommended this place so we gave it a try. We found it underwhelming.
Small portions, big prices for what you get and neither of us enjoyed our meal. We both had 3 types of tacos and didn’t enjoy them. Not much flavour, not filling at all.

Pros: Good location, Cute interior

Cons: Price, Portions, Flavour less.


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13 Jun 2023


I was underwhelmed by my order at Chaia. I ordered 3 tacos and nachos. I ordered the braised mushroom, creamy kale & potato, and the chipotle sweet potato hash. I liked the sweet potato hash the most. The nachos were ok but nothing I would write home about.


08 Aug 2023

I’m glad we’re not the only ones who weren’t impressed.


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18 Jul 2022

Be careful when you order vegan, they need to do a better job on the mods

Food was good, but 2 of 3 dishes came with cheese even after asking them to be vegan


30 Nov 2022

They actually use a vegan cheese, my sister and I thought the same thing but it's still vegan! I hope this helps! :)


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23 Apr 2022

very good!

i keep coming back here anytime i’m in georgetown because i loved it that much! i got the verde enchiladas and it’s delicious. the vegan cheese is 💯. it’s in a very cute location on the georgetown waterfront and it also has extra seating upstairs which is adorable. definitely will be back again!


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04 Apr 2022

Good tacos.

The tacos are unique and some can be made vegan upon request. My favorite was the rainbow carrot and pea shoot, because it was texturally unique. The corn tortillas were delicious. If you’re really hungry, the taco trio may not fill you up, fair warning. The tacos are small but tasty. Free water was a nice touch.


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13 Mar 2022

Nice cute spot

Almost everything can be made vegan!
Tried the taco trio

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-13

Cons: Didn't like the muschroom taco


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19 Dec 2021

This is a casual Vegetarian taco place. Most everything can be made vegan.

The tacos were delicious but you may still be hungry after a taco trio if you have a big appetite. Great vegan options! They have extra seating upstairs.

Pros: Lots of vegan options., Very tasty!, You can get a margarita!


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19 Oct 2021

A real gem!!

I really thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant more than I expected to. The dishes (all except one can be vegan) are so impressive. The tacos are simple with only 2 or 3 ingredients and so flavorful. This is probably the first time ever I sat down for Mexican style food and didn’t ask for hot sauce because the food was that good. The quesadilla was a bit too greasy for me, but whenever I go back I’d probably just order tacos.


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14 Oct 2021

Go to spot

Clean cute location. Inside, outside, and 2nd floor seating options. Food is good. Portion size average.

Pros: Friendly service, Pick up is easy

Cons: Parking, Parking, Parking


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02 Oct 2021

Delicious Tacos!

Copious vegan options at this vegetarian fast-casual restaurant. Fast service and delicious fare. No outdoor seating but there is a park right next door with tables and shade, along the canal. Or you can walk down to the riverfront for a beautiful view of the Kennedy Center, Roosevelt Island and Key Bridge.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fast service, Tasty food


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19 Jun 2021

Vegan tacos!!!

I tried the taco trio- charred green bean, rainbow carrot and pea shoot, chipotle sweet potato hash. All of them were delicious, I think favorite was the green bean taco! Not every taco can be made vegan but most can. Other options are available including enchiladas and quesadillas. Also, do yourself a service and try one of the cinnamon coconut cookies. You don’t taste any coconut if you’re concerned about that, sooooo yummy!!!!

Pros: All vegetarian- most dishes can be made vegan, Cheap tacos , Yummy dessert


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18 May 2021

Best vegetarian taco in DC, but not much competition

Need to customize the tacos to make them vegan. For bigger or more active people, I think 3 tacos there is more like a low-protein snack than a complete meal, and it's quite expensive for that. The tacos themselves tasted pretty great. I'd go back, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Pros: Can customize most to vegan, tasty

Cons: Pricey for quantity, low protein


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20 Sep 2020

Good enchiladas

Lots of vegan options if you ask for vegan cheese. We tried enchiladas, quesadillas and tacos. Quesadillas were by far the best. Tacos were good but lacked in flavour a little. Very cute indoor eating area, especially upstairs


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23 Sep 2019

Beyond overrated

I was excited to try this place, then dissapointed and surprised that it was mentioned in so many "best vegan" type blog reviews. The service was great and the restaurant/location was cute, but the tacos were mediocre at best. I got the trio and tried 3 of the 4 different vegan taco options. I have to say- I've had a TON of tacos in my life, and it's pretty hard to mess up a taco in my eyes, but the vegan versions were just uninteresting. Plus they all fell apart almost instantly. There are better places that are more creative in the city!


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Mostly Veg
01 Sep 2019

Great vegetarian options.

Great vegetarian options. All deserts are vegan.


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28 Jul 2019

Even less vegan than I remember

None of the options are vegan as priced, so I’m paying for cheese and crema that I’m not eating that they can’t sub for. All vegetarian, but for a vegan, kind of disappointing.

Pros: Helpful staff, Nice quality vegetables, nothing overcooked, Staff know what a vegan is

Cons: Nothing on the menu is actually vegan, No vegan cheese or crema to sub at this location


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10 May 2019

Interesting eating experience

As a vegan I asked for modifications to the Tacos I ordered - had the mushroom and asparagus ones (no cheese) and some black beans on the side with tortilla chips. It was interesting but the mushroom combination definitely worked better than the asparagus. The beans were good but very salty. Great Elderberry Kombucha though!

Pros: Nearly everything can be made vegan, Interesting food and flavour combinations , Reasonably priced

Cons: Some combos are hard to eat , Not all combos are successful , Would be good if they offered vegan cheese


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22 Mar 2019

Great food and drinks!

Nearly everything can be done vegan. I had the choose your own 3 tacos and can’t stop thinking about them. A delightful mushroom taco, sweet potatoes, and a smoky collard greens. I also got a great cocktail that was just my speed - and a decent price too.
I can’t wait to return!!

Pros: Creative, Fresh, Delicious!


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30 Sep 2018


This little super casual taco spot was far better than I expected. Creative taco fillings in authentic corn tortillas. Nice sides. Added bonus: gluten free, vegan desserts that are terrific - not too sweet and not oily/greasy. Will definitely be back.

Pros: Inventive taco/mexican , Good lunch spot, Nice GF/vegan desserts


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16 Sep 2018

Tasty, Quick Meal

I ordered three tacos at this conveniently located order-at-counter restaurant in Georgetown.

The tacos were made really quickly, and they were very flavorful.

All of the tacos can be made vegan, so let them know ahead of time.

I felt the taco tortillas could have been made a bit thinner so that they do not crumble when eating the tacos.

Pros: all taco can be made vegan, delicious tacos

Cons: tortillas could be thinner to avoid crumbling


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07 Jul 2018

Cute place

Very nice taco place and friendly staff and fresh food. Very tasty variety of soft tacos. Liked the creamy kale and potatoes best.


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02 Jul 2018


Delicious tacos and cookies


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22 Jun 2018

Maybe if vegetarian, not worth for vegan

While they can make most tacos vegan, they do not provide substitutions to non-vegan items and the vegan experience is not worth the price tag. You’re better off eating at chiptole

Pros: Relatively cheap

Cons: Lacking in real vegan options, No alternative is provided for non-vegan items, Chipotle is more filling


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Mostly Veg
18 Jun 2018

Excellent! Delicious tacos!

I was by myself looking for something vegan, quick, and not too heavy. Found it here. Very fresh ingredients, easily made vegan by omitting cheese. Yummy sauces.

Pros: LOTS of vegan options., Fresh and tasty., Easy in and out.

Cons: None!


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25 May 2018

Pretty Good!

Great vegetarian selection, lots of tacos have cheese but can be ordered without.

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