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Tiny shop set amidst the restaurants of Lygon St. Many gelati flavors but including ones suitable for vegans. All the fruit range is vegan, and there are also soy-based chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, coffee, and chocolate flavors. Open Tue-Sun 12:00pm-6:00pm.

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First Review by eveliene99


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29 Mar 2022

Super delicious vegan ice creams

I tried Soy milk based pistachio, choc hazelnuts and matcha. My friend tried lychee, and mango sorbets. Absolutely must try!

Pros: Lots of vegan options and yummy



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20 Nov 2019

Chocolate sorbet is to die for

Soy based flavours are not on the notice board and slightly hidden towards the back. I had the cookies one, which was nice but not spectacular. Mango was super creamy and yummy, and the chocolate sorbet just exceptional 😋

Pros: Lots of vegan sorbets and 6 soy ice creams

Cons: Cash only, No small portion size available


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18 Jan 2018

Delicious creamy vegan gelato!

Yum! I have missed delicious vegan gelato since I moved from Sydney. The waffle cones are vegan and I had one of these with coffee, cookie and kiss (choc hazlenut) flavours. All were delicious.
Staff were friendly and helpful. It's lovely sitting out on Lygon St at the outdoor tables.
It's lucky I don't live closer as I don't think I could stop myself from eating gelato all the time!


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31 May 2015

Recommended even when it's cold outside

The fruit gelatis I've tasted have been pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the soy-based flavours aren't quite as good. It's great to be able to have creamy flavours, and they beat any other soy ice-cream I've tried; however, they seem to have a bit of an after-taste or an edge to them. Looking on the website, their soy flavours are also sucrose free, so I suspect it might be the artificial (or natural but not sugar) sweetener.

Here is an assessment of the flavours I've tried so far (you can tell I'm a fan):
Dairy free fruit
* Mango: Incredible
* Watermelon: Great
* Boysenberry: Flavour is delicious, but I'm not a fan of the texture - the seeds weren't strained out
* Jasmine: interesting, though personally, just a taste was enough for me, it's super strong
* Amarena (sour cherry): disappointing - it tasted a bit like cough medicine
* Passionfruit - Excellent
* Strawberry - Oh so good, this not your nasty pink ice-cream
* Pinaepple - Deliciously refreshing

Soy flavours
* Baccio - tastes almost like nutella
* Chocolate - rich and delicious, and to my surprise better than the baccio
* Hazlenut - good, but for due to the lack of chocolate, unsurprisingly not as good as the baccio
* Pistacio - Pieces of pistacio in it, and really quite nice, but not as good, IMO, as the other flavours on offer.

Overall, I highly recommend it, whether just for ice-cream, or if you want dessert after having dinner with omnis on Lygon St somewhere that doesn't do vegan sweets.

Updated from previous review on Saturday May 23, 2015

Pros: Huge range of vegan flavours, Soy gelato

Cons: Not every flavour is vegan, Soy flavours use non-sugar sweetener


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31 Dec 2014

a classic!

These legends have been offering dairy free gelato on Lygon St for at least a decade, I'm sure.

Proximity to Melbourne Uni is dangerous during breaks between lectures. Also perfect nightcap after a cheap movie at the Nova on a hot Monday night, sitting in the small park opposite.

I usually can't go passed the rich soy chocolate, or creamy pistachio, but like to mix it up with a bit of fruit. I've never been disappointed with any of their flavours. Soy "bacio" (hazelnut and chocolate) is a perennial fave. Like smooth, cool, vegan Nutella!

Pros: old school small business, variety

Cons: looong line-ups in summer , limited opening hours in winter


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24 Sep 2012


Really yummie vegan icecream. Be careful though, not open all year round!!

Pros: Vegan icecream, Good value

Cons: Not open all year round

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