Serves meat, vegan options available. A Vietnamese restaurant with several clearly listed vegan dishes on the menu. Includes a vegan lemongrass soy chik'n, vegan pho, a vegan bahn mi and a vegan vermicelli noodle bowl. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Mon-Thu 5:00pm-8:00pm, Fri 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by cookiem


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25 Mar 2023

Delicious Pho

Request no fake meat; lots of vegan options.



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25 Mar 2023

Good if you like fake meat

Good but every vegan dish has fake meat in it. Every dish was the same mix of fake meat and noodles, just a different version of it. Lots of greasy fries stuff. Not a fan.

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05 Nov 2022

Vegan items not vegan

Great to see vegan options being offered, but the labeled “vegan” options here are not vegan. Need to request no mayo or fish sauce.


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06 Oct 2022

great casual option

The atmosphere is really nice and laid back. Staff is super friendly and attentive. Seriously recommend getting the bahn mi and the vegan rolls. The vegan meat in the bahn mi is amazing and they offer vegan meat in almost all types of dishes. Only suggestion would be to add plant milk as an option for the thai tea ❤️

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-06

Pros: Offers soy meat


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26 Sep 2022


Very good quality! Vegan things labeled on the menu, but be careful because it says vegan but it’s comes with non vegan stuff like fish sauce on the side, or mayo on the sandwiches. Just ask for these things to be removed. Everything was very delicious though!


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16 Apr 2022

Good food and good service

We really enjoyed this place, the food was great and the service was good. Only flaw was we asked for one dish to be veganised by removing the side of fish sauce but we were still served the dish with the fish sauce included.


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13 Jan 2022

Gorgeous place with great vegan options

This place is a little oasis on a busy street. So welcoming, beautiful and really great coffee!
On their menu are lots of vegan options and the staff are very friendly and speak English.
They also deliver via Wolt and have indoor as well as outdoor seating.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-13

Pros: Vegan options on every menu section , Friendly staff, Gorgeous place


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06 Jan 2022

I would give 5 stars if I could!

I love that Caphe Banh Mi has a vegan version of every menu item. The vermicelli bun was absolutely delicious. Flavorful vegan chicken/tofu/mushroom stir fry atop rice noodles with fresh and pickled veggies and a fried spring roll. So tasty - honestly one of the best vegan Vietnamese dishes I’ve had outside of actual Vietnam. #Veganuary


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13 Nov 2021

Great vegan options

Tasty vegan pho and other vegan options

Pros: Outdoor and indoor seating, Neighborhood find


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19 Jul 2021

Nice lunch

Many clearly labeled vegan options and a great wine list too!


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27 Jun 2021

High quality vegan options

The vegan rice place com and vegan pho were both extremely good. Best veggie chicken I've had and the tofu and mushrooms were also 10/10. Service was very friendly and attentive on a Saturday afternoon. Good price too. Definitely will be coming back.


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17 Jun 2019

Vegan options!

The vegan summer rolls are to die for and the vegan sandwich is incredible. The pho was vegan friendly but unfortunately disappointing! Definitely worth checking out though.

Pros: Affordable, Vegan options

Cons: Usually busy , Rushed eating


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21 Jan 2019

Great food, bad service

The vegan rolls and dinners are excellent but the service is always bad. We live very close and would eat here more often if the service was better

Cons: Bad service, very small restaurant so there is a, Wait


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02 Dec 2018

Good food Very busy place

So this place is ALWAYS busy. This was our second attempt to go as the first time we just didn’t have time to wait . Everyone who is a regular knows the drill- you go in write you name and quantity in the notebook. The restaurant is ran like a very fast and very efficient machine so it’s expected you keep up (like all party members need to be present when you’re there-no late friends ). That all being said it’s cozy and well designed . There’s a handful or so of vegan options all clearly marked . Even though there more non-vegan than vegan options the vegan options are delicious and cover all the basis of what you could want when you go to a Vietnamese restaurant. The pho was delicious! So good and so much food . They happily boxed up my leftovers . All very reasonably priced. I think they have take out too . So glad we made it here .

Pros: Delicious food, Good prices , Good options

Cons: Typically busy (May have to wait)


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30 Jan 2018

so delicious

So many options and the food and service were awesome!


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Mostly Veg
21 Jan 2018


The vegan pho was on the upper end of what I have tasted. Really excellent soy chicken and vegetable variety. Friendly staff. Restaurant was packed on a Saturday, you can tell it's a good spot.

Pros: good vegan pho, clean, good service


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26 Jul 2017

Oh No!

I decided to pop in here after some work at the circuit court. I got the vegan option bowl. The "vegan chicken" was horrible with a terrible taste and almost grisle texture. I wish I had asked for none. Service was slow as well.


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10 Jun 2017


I was really looking forward to a great meal here, especially after reading the awesome reviews on Happy Cow. Unfortunately - maybe we had a bad waiter or things have changed behind the scenes - they didn't really seem to have a good grasp of what "vegan" meant, even though the term is used on their menu.

My omni partner and I ordered the vegetarian imperial rolls, the vegan banh mi and the vegetarian pho. We asked while ordering and had confirmed that each of these items would be vegan (and the banh mi is described on the menu as such). The imperial rolls came with an obviously fish-sauce-based dipping sauce (thin and yellowish) rather than the soy-based option described on the menu. When I asked the waiter who had dropped off the dish (not the same as the waiter from whom we had ordered), she confirmed that the dip was fish sauce, not vegan (or even vegetarian), but that the rolls were vegan - no offer to replace the incorrect sauce. I let this go because she hadn't taken the order from us, and ate the rolls without dip; they were good, but we probably should have taken this as a sign that our vegan requests hadn't really gone through.

The banh mi and pho arrived, and it was obvious that the banh mi (listed as "vegan" on the menu) had aioli on it. When I checked with the waiter again, he confirmed that the aioli was dairy- and egg-based. I pointed out that this meant it was not vegan, but he replied that it was the vegan banh mi. Rather than hash out this fundamental misunderstanding in the middle of a crowded restaurant, I ate some of the vegetarian pho (which we had also been assured was vegan and had no obvious reason to disbelieve) and gave the banh mi to my partner.

We both thought the dishes we were actually able to eat were quite good, and wished that we had each been able to enjoy everything we had ordered without worrying about me consuming non-vegan items. The restaurant was busy and is apparently popular, given the few "regulars" who came in for takeout orders while we were eating - all good indicators of its quality and consistency. It seems, however, that we either got unlucky with a waiter who didn't understand what we were asking for, or that the restaurant no longer caters to veg*ns very well. If Caphe Banh Mi regulars on Happy Cow have any tips, we would love to give them another chance!

Pros: Great Location

Cons: Unreliable veg*n labels on menu, Unfamiliar with "vegan" definition


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13 Apr 2017

Eat in or take out

I've been here twice, each time with friends who are not vegan. I get the vegan pho, and it's great! Very satisfying. Lots of veggies. Very filling. The restaurant is a tight squeeze if you plan to eat inside, but taking it to-go is also a good option.

Pros: Filling, Nice for mixed groups

Cons: Small, Tight fit, Limited options


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25 Sep 2016


My boyfriend and I were very pleased with everything. Reasonable prices, excellent and friendly service, and food that will make us come back as often as we can! There is a vegan option in each section of the menu (appetizer, salad, bowl, sandwich, soup, dessert). And the protein is on point. Highly recommend!

Pros: Service, Protein, Taste

Cons: Wish they had more space for more business, NA, NA


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16 Jun 2016

Absolute huge disappointment

The one thing on the menu I would/could eat was pretty nasty. It's called "Just Xa Lach" salad. Description on the menu didn't match food when came. I am glad we only lost about $6 and some change each because we both had the same thing. Total waste of time. Got the suggestion from the HC app

Pros: None

Cons: Horrible food for the one option available to me.


13 Apr 2017

Hi there, fellow vegan. Have you tried the veg pho? That's what I get.


14 Apr 2017

No, I haven't, I don't plan on going back. If I do, I'll be sure to try. Thanks so much for the suggestion ?


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15 Feb 2015

Simple but good

Caphe Banh Mi is one of the only places in Old Town Alexandria that can provide vegans with some comfort food. So, if you are walking around looking for food, you should be here!

What can you order? Imperial rolls/ fried spring rolls or tamarind rolls - their fillings and sauces vary, too, soy-based for the former and peanut-based for the latter. Also, the fillings are slightly different, like vermicelli in the tamarind but not imperial, and taro in the imperial but not tamarind, but otherwise, some bean sprouts, carrots, tofu, fake meat and mint. Tasty blends that are more exciting than most rolls by far! I can't think of a better blend of ingredients anywhere else that I've tried in the DC metro area.

Other choices include a stir fried tofu dish, a vermicelli dish with tofu and veggies, a banh mi sandwich with tofu and a veg pho (labeled vegetarian, but it's vegan). The rolls are tasty and so is the pho, but not the best I've ever had. There is no vegan bubble tea, so that's a bummer. There are teas, though, and wine galore.

If in Old Town, I'd be back if hungry, though, as I know it's vegan and tasty.

Pros: Vegan items, Filling, Fair pricing

Cons: No vegan sweets, Needs more veggies

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