甘味林素食豆腐餐厅 also sells dried and frozen vegetarian food. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by cutejams2004


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13 Aug 2023

Was ok

Might be a reflection of the particular food items we choose but we found it to be quite bland and overpriced



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10 Jul 2023

Small portions. Huge menu.

Small portions and not much vegetarian meat in the meal. Most dishes were between 16-33 ringgit, so I don’t know why it only has one $ symbol. I had the noodle dish, and there were only 3 pieces of vegetarian meat. We were both still very hungry after the meal. The flavor wasn’t very memorable for what we ordered to be honest, but the menu is extensive, so I’m sure it all depends on what you get! There are soooo many options, so it’s worth a visit if you want to try something new or see something specific on their menu you want to try. Many vegan meat options, so that’s always fun. The staff was very nice and helpful. I would maybe go back to try the dumplings, but I wouldn’t order our dishes again.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-10

Pros: Many options, Nice staff

Cons: Small portions


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07 May 2023

My meat eating Bf loved it

It was a delicious feast. Portions are big even with sharing. There is a big selection of everything.
It was so good my meat eating Bf said he would love to have it on regular basis.


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02 Apr 2023

The best Chinese

The food was so good, meat replacement so realistic and all the sauces tasted amazing. I would definitely recommend and would visit again on my next trip to Kuala Lumpur!

Pros: Delicious , Good price, Fast service


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26 Mar 2023

A little too sweet

There is a huge section of dishes, however I found it just a bit too sweet. I got mushroom meat in black pepper sauce and the sauce was quite sugary.


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Mostly Veg
22 Feb 2023

Lots of fake "meat" choices

A place I would recommend if you like meat replacements. My gf and I shared the Honey Spare ribs (picture) and the Thai Style Grilled Chicken, both were very good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-22


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17 Feb 2023

Love the variety & service

Extensive menu selection & food came out fast


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12 Jan 2023

Came here twice

Good vegetarian Restaurant, lot of mock meat, Price is fine ( sweet sour chicken 11,90 RM)

Good Ginger tea, but too sweet for us

Would visit again


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25 Dec 2022

really good

Sharks fin soup, steamed tofu and dumplings are amazing.


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05 Aug 2022

Really yum

Had the Nyonya Nasi Lemak and it was absolutely delicious

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options, Staff speak really good english, Super yummy


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01 Jun 2022

Very tasty

We came here everyday and the food was amazing!!! The prices are reasonable, noodle dishes start at 10.90RM and you can get a special menu with drinks for 15.90RM

I can absolutely recommend it!


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31 May 2022

Amazing food. I went here everyday when I was in KL

The spicy bean curd was incredible

Pros: Great vegan and vegetarian food.


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Mostly Veg
07 Feb 2022

sweet sour chik-non



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22 Dec 2020

Very Tasty Food

Food taste great! Have come back many times, and will continue to come back!

Pros: Very friendly customer service, Taste of food

Cons: A bit pricy (compared to other places), Takes a while for food to be prepared , Limited Parking


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09 Jan 2020

Best food in KL

Do yourself a favor and either get to this place or order from grab their Laksa!! The BEST!!!


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28 Jul 2019

Glad I found it!

I’d been on a bus tour and ended up a mile from here. I’m glad I made it. Food was delicious. Staff very nice. When I checked there was no butter etc in the food the waiter/owner said “no animal products”. I had spicy bean curd with some rice and a watermelon juice. So good and it really was a bargain.

Pros: Seemed to be mainly vegan food. , Good friendly service. , Right next to PWTC station.

Cons: No real cons. If I go back I’ll go by train.


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27 Jan 2019

Tasty Chinese-Malay

Stumbled upon this place with my non-veg family after finding that La Zat is moving and thus closed until the move is complete.

Asked the staff what items contain egg and/or dairy and was told that they do not use egg or dairy in most menu items (aside from certain drinks using milk). For those avoiding the five pungent roots, I was also informed they also do not use garlic or onions.

My father ordered the stir-fried bee hoon. He said it had a smokey flavour that he really enjoyed. Dad is normally a reluctant consumer of anything veg*n so consider this a seal of approval from an omni.

My mother and sister shared some kankong, honey spare ribs, and sizzling tofu. I had a chance to try the kankong and liked the slight heat in the gravy. It really made the kankong into something more than just a side dish.

I ordered the mee hoon kuey teow, which had the authentic taste of hawker style kuey teow. The deep fried mee hoon also provided a crunchy contrast to the soft kuey teow noodles.

Wouldn't go out of my way to visit again but definitely not a bad choice. Rated 3/5 stars but actual rating sits more at 3.5/5 in my head.

Pros: Friendly staff, Reasonably priced


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21 Nov 2018

Quaint find in chowkit vicinity.

Stumbled upon this interesting place. Vegetarian with vegan options. The staff claimed there are absolutely no animal products but they do have some dairy and honey especially in beverages. Plenty of faux meat options.

Pros: They know the vegan word and will customize. , Very friendly and helpful staff.

Cons: Need to verify vegan items properly.


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17 Sep 2018

Try the “chicken” satay

Had this food delivered through Food Panda and I enjoyed my meal. Got the Chick’n Satay skewers and the Sweet and Sour Chick’n rice. It was enough food to fill me up with a couple skewers left over for a snack later all for 30Rm delivered.


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05 Aug 2018

Tasty Food

Vegetarian restaurant. No eggs but some dishes contain dairy so be sure to request for no dairy.

Very tasty. I suspect there might be MSG though as I felt thirsty later when I got home.

Pretty interesting menu. I asked if they could make me a mixed vegetables curry without milk and they said yes even though it wasn't on the menu.

The set lunches look interesting too.

There's a parking lot for the nearby LRT station which is supposed to be the cheapest and safest, if you're driving.

Pros: Lots of variety


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Mostly Veg
19 Mar 2018

Great food!

We came to this restaurant after 2 weeks of finding it almost impossible to find vegetables in Malaysia, and we were not disappointed! We ordered 2 veggie dishes and the Thai "prawn" curry. All were delicious! We ordered the medium size of everything because we hadn't eaten since breakfast, and we could barely finish it. Many of the dishes have "meat" names, but this is a vegan restaurant - our "prawns" were actually prawn-shaped tofu. Besides great food, the service was also excellent. My husband wanted a beer and the waiter actually took his money and went to the shop next door to buy him a beer! I highly recommend this restaurant.

Pros: Vegan food, many selections, great service.


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11 Jun 2015

Yum Vegan Laksa!

I really liked this place. Loads of vegan options. Lots of soy based mock meat. Large selection. Reasonably priced. I had the vegan laksa and a chicken drumstick. The laksa also came with the choice of a drink, so I had a soy milk with black jelly.

I will try a few other places while in KL, but I think this is going to be my 'go-to' place.

Staff were really nice too.

They have a mini market where you can buy biscuits, veg noodles, mock meats, veg packet meals, tea, drinks and other things.

I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Large selection of vegan options., Friendly staff., Reasonably priced.

Cons: There were none for me.


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20 Feb 2012

Clean and good

The have a lot of, a little pricey, mock meat dishes and less options whit out (at least on the menu). The taste was good - one of the mock meat even to much like meat for my taste. But one of the noodles where not completely cooked. In an Italian restaurant I would say it is to much 'al dente'. When I was there, the small shop just had some heavy packed mock meat and creams - a long whit a lot of tofu.
If you are close by, this restoran is definitely a place to go. But not worth a long journey.

Pros: clean, mock meat

Cons: mock meat


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07 Jan 2009

Nice little place, diverse menu.

This was a great little stop right around the corner from the Citrus Hotel, where we are staying. They have a wide variety of mock meat options. We had the Chicken with Chili which was top notch. Less impressed with the veggie dish we ordered, which was drowning in oily sauce. They start you off with some delicious chips, which is a nice touch. On the whole, we enjoyed it enough to return, that's for sure. It's open 7 days from 11 am-11 pm.

This is directly on Putru Street, and not on Thamboosamy as listed above. They also have a nice little store with tons of mock meats, cookies and the like. Beware that they do use honey in cookies and perhaps even some dishes. Ask. No eggs or dairy though. It is not cheap by Malaysian standards, but hardly expensive. Portions come in small, medium and large, but the small is plenty for two people. We shared three dishes between the two of us and there was even some left over.

Pros: Clean, friendly staff, big portions

Cons: oily dishes


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27 Aug 2008

great food

as a malaysian, i go to this restaurant occasionaly..they have superb veg food, chinese,thai n malaysian style..ttasty..though the pricing is sort of high

Pros: tasty food

Cons: expensive

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