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Cafe V

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Contact 030-6124505

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany, 10997

German-style dishes but with tofu and seitan. Has menu in English. A pizza cost approximately on average 7.50euros. Reported August 2010 to longer serve fish. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Mon-Sun 10:00am-12:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Beer/Wine

Reviews (45)

First Review by atandt

Love that place!!! - Edit

So glad, that I´ve found this lovly place. the stuff is very friendly and the food is delicious! I love the Kichererbsenpolenta. It is my favorite...

Pros: charming location, friendly stuff, delicios food

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Invisible seitan! - Edit

They have two vegan pizzas, one with seitan, veggies and cheese and one without cheese. So seitan was one of the main ingredients. There was no trace of seitan what so ever in the pizza. The waiter told us that seitan is so small and in the tomato sauce so we can't see it. Other waiter told us the same when we paid and complained. We tried find the magic no-show seitan from the base sauce but just couldn't find any bit of it. Crust and base was ok (not great), but this invisible seitan thing was so wrong.

Pros: vegetarian

Cons: invisible seitan

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Tasty Lunch in a Lovely Setting - Edit

Cafe V is a vegetarian restaurant with some vegan choices (they can make the other dishes vegan upon request, if possible). The food is pretty good, but my favorite thing is the location - Lausitzer Platz is gorgeous, especially in the Spring! I love their salads and the garlic bread with tomato sauce is amazing. They also have pizza with vegan cheese and rucola.

Pros: gorgeous setting

Cons: on the expensive side

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One of my favourite veggiel restaurants in Berlin - Edit

This is one of my favourite veggie restaurants in Berlin. It's relaxed and easy-going with a good range of veggie options. The vegan options are more restricted in the main menu but the specials always include some seasonal vegan options. You can choose from more casual pizzas to quite sophisticated choices. The service can be erratic depending on who's working! It can get busy and noisy at the weekends. The outside space is really pleasant when it's not being ruined by smokers.

Pros: Wide choice of veggie options, Range of prices, Seasonal daily specials

Cons: Limited vegan options, Erratic service

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Cafe V- vegetarian and vegan - good - Edit

Cafe V is a nice restaurant located in a nice area. I actually like that it is a bit dark inside and the nice candle light. We had some hummus with salad and some Caserolle and a pasta dish.
It was tasty. But I was really disappointed that so many dishes there contain dairy products or cheese! I hoped that they would offer more vegan dishes. They have tasty food, but it is not a very special place. One time I had a delicious pumpkin soup there though.

Pros: tasty

Cons: not enough vegan options

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stuck in the dark ages - Edit

We went to this place because it was top of the list for places to eat in Berlin (not just veggie places), what a let down. way too many dishes contained dairy products (in 2015?), we paid about 12 euro's each and it really wasn't worth it. The server what a bit too over enthusiastic and this left us wondering if they where coked out of their heads. with such an excellent and vibrant veg scene in Berlin why would you go here?

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Too few vegan options - Edit

Being called Café V and fully vegetarian, I expected it to cater well to vegans like most similar places, but it had only 3 vegan main dishes which weren't so original (all curry- or tomato-based). I had the polenta which fortunately tasted well.

Didn't like the service, the waitresses didn't say hello when I first sat down. They looked shabby and disinterested as well. They reacted annoyed when I asked the pretty normal question if they could make a vegan version of certain vegetarian dishes, saying those 'wouldn't taste any good'.

Prices are steep for the area (12 euros for a main course).

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nothing special - Edit

There are so many other great vegan restaurants in Berlin,and I never understood the point of a vegetarian restaurant where cheese seem to be the only option to meat.
I think this place would benefit of skipping the dairy altogether

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Still My Berlin Benchmark - Edit

This is absolutely still my favourite veggie place in Berlin, as well as in Germany. We have eaten here on at least 16 occasions or so in 9 visits to this amazing city since 2004 and is the place I use as a standard with which to compare other vegetarian establishments.

It's called Cafe V (as in Vegetarische) and for some reason in the past it did serve the occassional fish dish or two which was disappointing but I can confirm that as of August 2010 this is no longer the case. This is also still the case in April 2015.

Why do I highly regard this place? Quite simply, it's the whole package. Cafe V is a bar, a cafe, a restaurant, a meeting place, somewhere you can drink, dine, chat, have breakfast, have supper, chill for hours, have a snack, have a beer, enjoy a romantic meal, drink wine, have a cocktail, read Die Welt, people watch, sit inside, sit on the street, have a birthday meal....just appreciate life. You may just have to tolerate the functional, bordering on disinterested, service.

It is set on a square next to a pleasant leafy park off Skalitzer Straße in Kreuzberg. Take the M29 bus or the U1 and get off a Görlitzer Bahnhof, have a beer in one of the fantastic bars in the area. My favourite has to be Cafe Bar Morena which just happens to be over the road from the wonderful vegetarian fast food paradise of Yellow Sunshine. Then walk over to Lausitzer Platz, go past the church and through the park to Cafe V. A very cosy, dimly lit and bohemian setting awaits. Enjoy the darkness. The staff might be friendly, the beer is good and the seating is perfect. Take your time, have a beer, order food, maybe a carafe of organic wine......a litre perhaps if you plan to stay a long time. You might as well.

As far as I am concerned the food is gourmet but not at gourmet prices. We are talking unique dishes with tofu, seitan, aubergine, courgette, pasta and rice all served with the delicious complementary house tomato and garlic bread. If you're lucky you might even get a free spirit at the end of the night but to be honest I think those days are gone. You can then head off into one of the bars on Oranienstraße. The M29 bus runs through the night to take you into the main centres of Berlin depending on where you are staying. All in all, it's the whole package of Kreuzberg that makes Cafe V the special place it is and I didn't think anything would ever beat it until the game changers of Rasoterra in Barcelona and Tel Aviv in Warsaw came along.

Pros: location, excellent food, good prices

Cons: staff can be disinterested

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Very bad experience overall - Edit

The food was extremely salty and greasy. The tomato sauce was runny and spiced with something that tasted hot but was not flavorful. All the food seemed not to be fresh. The service was very slow, even though the restaurant was almost empty. The wait person was unfriendly and unhelpful. There were very few vegan options. This was the worst veg restaurant I've been to in Berlin.

Pros: Nice ambience

Cons: terrible food , bad service , very few vegan options

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good but dark - Edit

we went there for late lunch. it was ok but a bit heavy and fatty.
less vegetables lots of cream sauce.
the baked potatoes bad! maybe from the day before?
i should have give them back...

the room is a bit dark and cold.

wishes: bio products or at least regional would be nice.
prices ok.

Pros: fast, nice menu

Cons: dark

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I was surprised... not in a good way - Edit

Well... The place is just very unlikely.
It's so dark, the waiter is not polite or friendly, it looks like an old casino or something. Not so many Vegan options and I asked for 3 things he did not have.. Not a really good experience. My friend had a pizza, was okay but not incredible.
I won't return that place

Cons: nothing vegan available to eat, not friendly, dark and creepy place

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a great place for a dinner - Edit

the staff was very polite and attentive despite the restaurant was completely full, the quality of the food was excellent and the portions were generous, the wine was really good too (and I'm pretty picky about wine) and the atmosphere allowed us to spend a pleasant evening for two despite the local was full. Nothing to say, one of the best places I've eaten in Berlin!

Pros: quality of the food, hummus, wine

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Are you really sure it's Berlin? - Edit

It's supposed to be one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Berlin, but seems they didn't followed the development of vegetarian community in the city.

The dinner was ok, not many vegan options (if you can call that vegan options), but after the breakfast experience, it just became my least favourite eatery in Berlin. Even some meat based restaurants have better breakfast options for vegans then Cafe V. Only one option? Not at least one vegan cheese? (smoked tofu, for god's sake, that's what everybody does to be cheap). So, if you end up with no options, maybe it's a place to go, but if you want a proper Berlin vegetarian experience, better to try somewhere else, especially if you are vegan.

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Great, Laid-Back veggie restaurant - Edit

I really like Cafe V and I like it more and more each time I come. Despite having had it on my radar for a while I had kind of been put off going, in part due to some of the bad reviews on here. However, this summer I went for the first time with a friend and have been back many times since.

The food is really good and tasty. It has a large menu with plenty of choice - from hot & cold appetisers, to salads, pizzas and "main" dishes. As it's a vegetarian restaurant and not a vegan restaurant, the menu has a mix of both types of dishes, although there is definitely more for the non-vegan. But there are at least 3 vegan pizzas on offer and plenty of salads & a good selection of the mains, so it's not difficult if you're vegan. But, you might just feel short-changed due to the huge selection of offer for veggies.

The setting is really nice as well - it's located in the very hip Wrangelkiez, on a nice square - great for people watching if you sit outside. I haven't sat inside yet so can't comment on that but I imagine it to be very cosy in the winter.

I have found the staff to be nice and accommodating but not intrusive. If you're not used to Berlin-style service you might think they are inattentive but I don't think it differs much from any other place in Berlin.

They have a full bar with lots of great wine, beers, teas & juices as well. oh, and the vegan garlic bread before the meal and with the starters is amazing!

Pros: huge choice, friendly, delicious

Cons: fewer vegan choices

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Not recommended - Edit

We had lunch here and this was our only bad restaurant experience in Berlin. The place itself doesn't have a nice atmosphere , it is dark and not too inviting , the service wasn't too friendly either (and it isn't language related). The food was simply not good! it didn't taste fresh , was very greasy and the vegetables looked tired and old. Would never visit there again and wouldn't recommend it.
There are so many other great options in town do not bother to make your way to this one.

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hack_man 24 Mar 2013 - Cafe V - the darker the better. This is a Kreuzberg institution

pretty bad - Edit

went here for breakfast with a few friends the other week, and i wish i hadn't. it wasn't cheap by berlin prices, and the food was bad, as was the coffee. the only vegan breakfast option is a plate of bread and spreads, which, for a vego place is pretty poor. the coffee was burnt, as was the soy milk, making it pretty disgusting. ordering a veggie breakfast and having vegan substitutions in it made for a much smaller meal at the same price. the beans were just a spoonful of heinz baked beans. at least the soy sausage was nice.

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good food - Edit

we came here a few months ago and actually quite enjoyed the outside seating area. the food was very nice - altough the tapas teller we had was quite expensive for what was actually on it - also the staff wasnt particularly attentive - then again, they might have been understaffed - it was very quite busy

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Good food in a nice area - Edit

The food was good, fresh and satisfying and the portion was just the right size.
The menu has some creative dishes and the vegan options are marked. Could be nice to have more vegan options.
The prices vary, but you can still have a meal at a reasonable price.
It's in a very nice area of Berlin, with outdoor sitting, quite laid back.
They have an English menu. I spoke to the waiter in English and he replied in German - this happens often in Berlin, but somehow you manage to communicate ;)

Pros: good food, nice area, reasonable prices

Cons: needs more vegan options

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discover - Edit

Just discovered this restaurant in Berlin and very happy to have done it. It has an amazing choice of vegetarian and vegan food. U always have an option almost for each plate to have it either vegan or vegetarian. The prices are alright if u cinsider the size of portion and its quality! I totaly gonna come back to eat in this place again and again.

Pros: big choice, creativity, quality

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No fish anymore, at last it's safe to eat there. - Edit

Now that Cafe V does not have fish, I have started eating there again. The only problem I have with this place is that they don't go Vegan (no vegan cakes). Also, they give too much bread before the meal, and the bread is delicious, but way too filling, I think two slices would be enough. I definitely recommend revisiting Cafe V without the fish. Congratulations to Cafe V.
Updated from previous review on Saturday May 17, 2008
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 10, 2011
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 10, 2011

Pros: Good veg food, No fish now, Big portions

Cons: Too much cream, Not Vegan, Could be friendlier

2 Responses

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Merciless666 22 Feb 2013 - nice review!!
you wouldn't believe how much you speak my heart!!
i'm traveling a lot for work and always hate finding a good or just decent place. i just reminded my time traveling the states with all it's amazing vegan and veggie restaurant, while writing reviews. want to go back there!
germans are so narrowminded...incredible!
A college of mine told me ones "well i'm mostly vegan now, since i let the dentist repair my teeths...bla,bla" (he's got no teeths in the front), ,while ordering spaghetti bolognese right in front of me...
well prenzlauer berg is not my favorite spot, but maybe i should try your veggie burgers ;-)

Tookl 22 Feb 2013 - I love your review, but I don't think we have to get used to it. I think we keep not frequenting restaurants with flesh on the menu, period. Also, I think that we have to work harder to get veggie meat substitutes distributed in this country. Ie a decent tasting veggie sausage, etc. Change from within, i say. But i will never get used to it!

Unfriendly - Edit

I tried to have dinner here. I do not speak german and waited patiently to be served and on asking a waiter if they spoke english they abruptly replied no and left me. Every other place in Berlin I visited I have received reasonable to friendly service. All have known enough english to welcome and feed me. Sadly not this place.

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Ok but not the best for vegans. - Edit

While the menu was all vegetarian, options for vegans were quite limited. I got an eggplant dish and my brother got some sort of seitan curry-stirfry (both dishes were vegan).

The food came with this amazing garlic bread. It was absolutely delicious.

Both dishes were beautifully presented and were quite generous portions, but had the same problem: they were a bit bland. Not so bland I couldn't eat it, but just disappointing. Especially after the garlic bread.

Perhaps Cafe V is good for vegetarians but for vegans, I think it's best to go to Viasko or somewhere else. Which is a shame, because that garlic bread is really good.

Pros: generous portions, friendly staff, amazing garlic bread

Cons: limited vegan options, food is bland

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Good for vegetarians, much less so for vegans - Edit

I went here with my partner and we both had pizza- I had a vegan one and hers was vegetarian. Whilst my pizza was nice enough, considering I paid more for the one with vegan cheese there was not very much on it. The base was covered in what I think was crushed seitan and there was lots of rocket. It wasn't bad and had quite an unusual flavour but I can make better vegan pizzas at home that are covered in vegan cheese and a variety of vegetables. This place is not very vegan-friendly, especially when compared to the many excellent vegan and vegan-friendly places in Berlin. However, my partner enjoyed her pizza and my vegan option was a bit more interesting than a falafel wrap at least. Also, it was nice to have more fruit juices on offer than the usual selection, I had peach juice for instance.

Pros: Variety of juices, Big portions

Cons: Not very vegan-friendly

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Good pizza - Edit

I came here late one evening after a walk through the city of Berlin. I was pleased to see that the restaurant was still busy and was not made to feel like we were keeping the staff up late. I ordered the mushroom and garlic blue cheese pizza, which was brilliant, although it could have done with maybe 1 or 2 garlic cloves less on it than it had, as I couldn't manage all of the garlic when it came to finishing the pizza as it had just become a bit too rich. I was impressed with how large the portion sizes were. I was also pleased with the large number of fruit juices that were on offer, as I do sometimes get a bit bored of ordering orange juice all the time. I would like to point out that whilst this restaurant is vegan friendly, it is not as vegan friendly as many other vegetarian and 100% vegan restaurants that are elsewhere within Berlin. I am glad that I went here, but am not sure I would return if I returned to Berlin, as I would like to find more restaurants to try out.

Pros: Good portion sizes, Fairly priced

Cons: Not all that vegan friendly

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Great spot in Kreuzberg - Edit

After arriving in Berlin in an early morning flight, our first stop was Cafe V for breakfast (served from 10 to 15). When the breakfast menu arrived it was difficult to not take a look at the regular menu too and thus we compromised by choosing something from the breakfast menu (which is sadly mostly vegetarian with only one vegan option - albeit a very good one) and two dishes from the regular menu: seasonal asparagus in orange sauce with new potatoes (delicious!) and vegan pizza for take away. We were so glad we also ordered the pizza - best vegan pizza I've ever eaten! The portions are generous, the focaccia served with the main dishes is addictive, the service is good, the atmosphere very cosy... definitely a place to come back to!

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a night to forget! - Edit

Ok, maybe I'm not a huge fan of german food, but what happend in "V" cafe wasn't as pleasant as I expected.
In fact the place that was suggested as best Vegetarian restaurant in town, ended up to be a place to forget! We ordered a "seitan stew with mushrooms and potatoes in a curry sauce".....well,it was the worst dish I've had in years! Over spicy,(and I absolutely love good spicy food in general, but this wasn't the case)...salty gravy in which 2 half cutted boiled potatoes and a mountain "berg" of shredded seitan were literally floating, the few "common" mushrooms in it had absorbed the excessive salt as sponges and were inedible.....a tiny portion of white rice would have helped...but no trace (it was curry at the end, no?!)....well we just coped by drinking all the liter and a half jug of mineral water!!!
They have a wine list, but if you ask info you'll get lost, they do not know anything about wine types...we got the organic one....better avoid it ;) !

It's not cheap, one plate goes from 9 till 12 €, but portions are huge...that it wasn't so fortunate in our case!

Apart from the food...the place it's quite cosy and with some atmosphere, the service it's good, the waitress was really kind, and oh! They give you a nice sort of focaccia as a free starter meanwhile waiting for your food. And salads looked good....

Maybe we just have been unlucky, if I'll be brave enough to try it again I'll let you know! ;)

Pros: friendly staff, big portions

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Yummy! - Edit

We went to Cafe V after a LONG day sight-seeing, and also suffering from stinking colds. It was great to just sit and relax and not feel rushed, although it was a Friday night. Our server was really nice and although she didn't speak much English, the menu was in German & English so it wasn't a problem. I had the most delicious lentil soup to start, which was amazing on my sore throat. We were also given a basket of bread with some sort of tomato tapanade, which was yummy. My main course was veggie schnitzel in a mushroom cream sause with potatoes. My partner had a courgette, tomato, cheese & basil bake, also with potatoes. The portions were HUGE, and I don't think I would have a starter again, I was so full. We used the very good directions posted by another reviewer and it was quite easy to find. Cash only, so be prepared for that, fairly inexpensive, and really delicious food. Took us a while to get the bill, but they were busy (only 2 staff I think), and at the end of the day, it wasn't a major hassle. Highly recommend.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Friendly staff

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I loved the vegan pizza! - Edit

Oh my goodness the vegan pizza was REALLY good! I'll admit I was skeptical when I went there. I reluctantly settled on the vegan pizza too, but seriously, I'm glad I did!!! I can't remember the name of the pizza, but I have the pizza #50 written down in my notes, so that's what I got. The vegan cheese was very good and it also melted (and wasn't Daiya - nice for a change). Admittedly this pizza was so good that I ate the whole this myself (wait until you see the picture), good thing I had walked the thing off the entire day! If you're craving a pizza, I say give this place a shot.

My waitress did not speak English (I think she spoke Turkish and German), so I ordered in German - but I don't think it would be a problem if you pointed to things on the menu.

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favorite meal in berlin! - Edit

I went here last week and got the Chickpea polenta in curry sauce with spinach and raisins and almonds and it was my most favorite meal that I've had in Berlin. it was sooo good!!! I wish I had gone back to get it again. next time! bread comes with the meal and the waitress didn't speak much English but she was nice. Quick service.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 28, 2010

Pros: yummy food, quick service

Cons: not a ton of vegan options

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not as good - Edit

Cafe like place, The woman that served us was friendly. The food was a bit boring. The lentil soup I had was good, but the pizza was a toast like thing, with to much salt. The menu said it was with seitan, I did not taste that.
My friend said he had the same sauce twice. In his salad and in his main dish.
Its the stuff you cook at home, at a restaurant I expect better

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: boring food, quite expensive for what it is

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OK but not great - Edit

I've been to Cafe V two or three times. We tried the vegan pizza which was very good and the stuffed aubergine which was very tasty as well but not very cheap unfortunately. You pay between 8 and 12 Euro for a dish.
There is only one organic juice on the menu (apple juice). They don't even serve hot chocolate with soy milk.
We didn't like how the smoke from outside came in through the doors and when we wanted to sit outside once it was impossible not to sit next to a smoker, worse even - from time to time the staff just stand by the door to smoke as well!
I hear there is fish on the menu as well? I have never noticed that but even without knowing this I always found that the number of vegan dishes is quite limited. The monthly changing menu always has around six dishes out of which only two are vegan.
The customer service is very good though. We were treated well and when my partner found a long black hair in his food we both got a free drink.

Pros: tasty food

Cons: smoky, not many vegan options, expensive

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Good food generally with some setbacks on some day - Edit

Been to cafe V many times. Generally customer service is good but in summer the smoke drifts in and you can't get away from smoking (with the waiters smoking near the door as well). On the food side, love the weekly menus, they are generally a meatfree reatsurant, with a couple of fish dishes, otherwise vegetarian & vegan. What's great: they amend menus if possible to make them vegan. On the food side, generally never had a bad meal but as portions are quite large, you tend to overeat (plus there's free Turkish bread, filled with a tomato oinion sauce). One other critisicm: the food's sometime too salty and often very rich. So if you're in for a treat perfect but if you'e on a diet, you might find yourself happy with one of the salad options ... shame it's not organic though...

Pros: very tasty, vast menu, especially also a weekly one, free (delicious) bread

Cons: salty food at times, too rich at times, smoke drifting in

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Wonderful food and atmosphere - Edit

It took a little wandering to find the restaurant but when we did it was totally worth the search. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside with delicious comforting food. The creamy rosemary potatoes are not to be missed. The seitan was delicious too.

Pros: excellent food, inviting atmosphere, large portions

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A Berlin Lifesaver! - Edit

I came here twice on a short trip to Berlin last year.

The first time was for dinner. I sat outside. I speak almost no German but my waiter made a huge effort to communicate, even asking neighboring patrons if they knew the English word for 'Fenchel' (fennel).

I Ordered "Polenta auf Indischer CurrySauce mit gerüsteten, Mandel-Rosinen-Spinat (vegan) for 9,50 and Fenchel-Nuss-Sarlat mit Jogurt-Balsamicodressing for 4,70. The bread arrived after my salad and main, oops. It was sort of a crusty flat round sliced open with an intense tomato garlic spread inside. They have good cheap draft beer of course!

The fennel salad, with balsamic yogurt dressing and walnuts, was main course-sized and arrived at the same time as my actual main, curry polenta with spinach and sliced almonds. All the veggies tasted really fresh and flavorful. The polenta was just a little bit soft and the walnuts were not at all rancid. The polenta was more like seitan in its texture, infused with Indian spices. The spinach came in a cute mound mixed with onions and raisins; I expected to pick the raisins out but they were delicious - not at all hard or old, and had been cooked in the sauce so they were like little curry flavor bombs. All served in a nice curry sauce (3 slabs of polenta, nicely layered next to the mound of spinach, all sitting in a pool of sauce).

I went back for lunch and sat inside because there were no seats in the shade and it was hot. Inside, "Frosty the Snowman" was playing (odd choice for summer!) but it was soon replaced by generic jazz. Quite busy for a Monday afternoon. I was the only tourist and no one spoke English.

The interior decor is kind of haphazard but charming - one room has an exposed brick wall, one has deep red painted walls with a high ceiling and showy ceiling mouldings painted gold, reminiscent of an old sitting room. The back room has big old exposed beams, with a fabulous, huge old wood door leading back to the bathrooms.

I ordered practically at random the Maultaschen (Hausgemacht) - gefüllt mit Saitangemüse auf Knoblach - Jogurt und Tomaten-Kraüterragout for 9,20.

It turned out to be 4 large, beautifully presented raviolis sitting in a thin yogurt sauce, topped with a thick, chunky tomato sauce with fresh parsley. Definitely home-made which might explain why it took so long! (it took over 30mn to bring my one entree.)

I was actually sad to leave this food and go back to Paris - that's how good it was!

Pros: Fresh vibrant ingredients, Creative mix of foods

Cons: No English (menu or speakers)

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Best choice in Berlin!!!! - Edit

Since i now live right arround the corner i happened to be there quite often. But i definitely think this is the best vegetarian place to go in Berlin. Decent food and many weekly changing choices. Go for a lovely breakfast with all you want or cozy diner with homemade seitan. Not that cheap, but worth the money.
Bring some time, since the staff is always busy!
Highly recommended by

ps: it's a shame they still have the fish!

Pros: cosy, friendly staff, good location

Cons: not 2 cheap

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Yummy and Cheap - Edit

Because whe could not read the menu that well we just ordered a starter and main dish.
We where very pleasantly suprised.
Everything tasted really good and there was so much food on the plates that we could never eat it all. The bread was fine too..
The waiter was really friendly but a litlle to busy because the restaurant was crowded.
We both had starter, main and dessert, with wine and beer for drinks and it costed about 50 euro's..very cheap for what you get..
We took the dessert home ( pancakes) because whe simply good not eat anymore..
When we are in Berlin again i will visit cafe V again

Pros: Friendly staff, cheap food, also vegan

Cons: no english menu, 1 waiter

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Different and Delicious - Edit

My mom and I weren't sure at first if we wanted to eat here once we arrived, but after trying to figure out the menu we decided to stay. The English menu was very helpful, but it didn't list everything that the German menu had, so we ended up having to ask the English-speaking bartender what some of the dishes were. He was very patient and helpful. We also kept moving from inside to outside and back inside because of the smoking and then the rain. That was just us being fussy though. It was actually quite nice inside, with red walls and a real old-fashioned feel to the place.

We could tell this was a popular restaurant because it was very crowded, but unfortunately there was only one waiter! This was a problem because he was way too busy for the number of customers. We eventually got our food, which was accompanied by focaccia and was beautifully presented. We had no idea what to expect when we ordered because we never had anything similar to it before. My mom got seitan and vegetable balls and she asked for the cream sauce on the side so that I could try it. They complied so I had a taste and they were delicious. They came with wonderful roasted potatoes, too. I ordered eggplant stuffed with seitan and served with tomato sauce and rice. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes there, but you have to look at the German menu to find it because it was not on the English menu. I thought the food at Cafe V was supposed to be German-style, but it certainly wasn't what I think of as German food. It was truly scrumptious though, whatever it was.

If you go here, which you should, you MUST go to the eiscafe on the corner next to Cafe V for dessert. I went there thinking I would get some sorbet, but then I saw that they had VEGAN SOY ICECREAM! I had chocolate and hazelnut and it was sooo yummy. I wish we had soy hazelnut here in Boston! If you go early enough, also try to make a trip to Veni Vedi Vegi, which is really nearby too.

Pros: original, creative dishes, flavorful food, great atmosphere indoors or out

Cons: understaffed, not all menu items listed in english, smoking

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fancy - Edit

This was a nice place. No issues with smokers. Great Hummus and garlic bread. I had the stuff eggplant and rice and my friend had curry dish with tofu and a spinach and nut pattie? it was quite nice... not my usual choice of a place to eat. But the price was 25 euro for 3 dishes and 2 beers. Not bad. They have veagn clearly marked on dishes that are vegan. Staff speak excellent english.

Pros: good quality food , nice staff, hummus

Cons: the layout of the food

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lots of choice - Edit

i must have ordered the wrong thing somehow-- not all of the food on the menu is light or healthy-- more like proper gourmet meals, but veg-style. glad to see the english menu, as the selections were eclectic & unusually-combined. the staff was also very friendly & helpful.

Pros: blingual menu & staff, cosy atmosphere

Cons: smokers

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