This little coffee shop has soy milk for drinks, tofu dishes, soy cream in pasta, and other vegan dishes. Western environment that is kept in touch with the Indian surrounding. Has Wi-Fi. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by JulieKmwt


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13 Feb 2020

Western food in Udaipur

The menu is very western: pizza, sandwiches, pasta, etc. The food was good and it's awesome to be able to swap dairy milk for plant based milk in drinks.
Good location, very central.



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09 Feb 2020

Food fair, owner amazing but his staff unprofessional!!

Little cafe in the heart of Udaipur. We visited three times actually, first time we came in just to feed our baby daughter and were greeted and served by the owner himself. He was friendly and welcoming. We ordered drinks and a pasta dish for baby. Drinks came out right away which is expected. We were happy with the vibes so we decided to come
Back for dinner to try the pizza out (which was pretty average, nice but nothing special) .. we again were still happy, timing was perfect and served be the owner himself with his positive friendly attitude. The next day was a different story. We came in for breakfast and were greeted and served by the owners employees who by the way have no customer service skills what so ever also with zero hospitality industry commonsense what so ever! We sat our selfs. And sat and sat and waited... we our selfs, the customers had to get up and ask to order And the guy behind the counter reacted like he didn’t know we were there after he seen us walk in!! We then ordered toasted sandwich, porridge (asked to be made vegan)a mint tea, black Americano along with heathy green juice which by the way includes curd when the menu does not say.. that being the case I didn’t bother saying vegan... now when your taking and order and a table orders pretty much everything vegan your commonsense would to think to ask “would you like that smoothie vegan but no he puts bloody curd in there!! Total idiot sorry to say!! Get your head out of your [censored]!! Anyways the breAkfast experience was rubbish. Bad service... unorganised, long waiting time.. list goes on!

Pros: Owner friendly

Cons: Long waiting time , Food comes out before drinks


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09 Nov 2019

Great Little Cafe

We enjoyed vegan coffee drinks that were fantastic and yummy porridge that was made with coconut milk for breakfast. Cute place with really nice food and drinks.


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14 Sep 2019

Wonderful vegan cake!

Cafe Sartori was the first place we visited after arriving in Udaipur. It was so convenient for where we were staying, and, having read previous reviews, we were really hoping for some cake.

We were not disappointed (except that they had only one piece left and we had to share - haha). It is deliciously chocolatey - highly recommended. Fortunately, the next day, they had a fresh batch so we managed another slice each.

And not only do they have great cake, but we also had a really good vegan pizza topped with cashew cheese and, the first time since we arrived in India, nutritional yeast.

Great cafe, with really good retro music. It opens very early (around 7:30) and closes late!

Pros: Excellent vegan cake, Great atmosphere , Vegan pizza

Cons: Not 100% vegan


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23 Mar 2019

Quite good

70rs extra to make the pancake vegan, 30rs extra for soy in the coffees. The portions are small. Food was nice.

Pros: Helping the homeless, Vegan options


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30 Jan 2019

Western paradise

Really great restaurant with pretty cool atmophere, a little more than I'd like to pay for what you get. I had a pizza which was small but filling because of the vegan cheese and an oreo shake with soy milk, which was so delicious but cost me about $7aud which i wouldn't pay for every meal in India, I also got the garlic and olive oil pasta which was so delicious but wasn't filling at all, however this was an excuse to get the vegan brownie which was a fair size but wasn't very rich in flavour and a bit dry. Good restaurant to get western food, would definitely reccomend

Pros: Great atmophere, friendly staff, good music , Yummy food, plently of vegan options

Cons: Average pricing, hit or miss with portions


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19 Jan 2019

Fantastic western vegan food for when you need a break from the spices

I really enjoyed the vegan pizza and the Oreo shake here. There was also an incredible vegan chocolate cake and a lot of other options I didn’t have tome to try! The prices are also really good.

Pros: Great vegan options, Fabulous social enterprise, Friendly staff

Cons: Food takes a while to arrive


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07 Jan 2019

Great food, great coffee and amazing people who run it.

Great food, great coffee and amazing people who run it.
We have the nice chance to meet Raahi and his family and every one waw so nice with us. Eat at his resto more than ones. Have the chance to eat a upcoming dish that hope to have it available soon (picture) call Protein chilli
Highly recommend to go.

Pros: Fare price, staff, perfect understand of vegan

Cons: Have to go bigger, are doing a resto in the roofto


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27 Dec 2018

Food is okay

Not the best vegan food in Udaipur, but the pizza and the pasta with olive oil is worth getting


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04 Dec 2018

Yummy food and friendly staff

I had vegan pizza which was really good (it isn't pizza in the traditional Italian way, but it tastes good so 5 stars anyways) and lemon ginger honey mint tea which was also pretty good. The owner and the rest of the staff was friendly and helpful.

Sheen per

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17 Nov 2018

Vegan cheese!!!!

Had lunch a few times including vegan cheese veggie sandwich. One breakfast, toast and peanut butter. The word vegan is all over menu and the owner knowledgeable. Good coffee and the staff were really nice. Also loved the music.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good coffee, Staff and owner

Cons: None


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04 Nov 2018

Happy Vegan Belly

Nice to find a restaurant that understands the word “vegan” and able to accommodate! Really yummy pesto pizza with vegan cashew cheese!

Pros: Can veganize food, Vegan pesto , Friendly staff speaks English

Cons: Small space, Not much seating room , No tables only couches


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26 Aug 2018

Worth a visit

This place is only a stone throw from 109 cafe. The young staff (brother and sister I believe) were both very friendly (and beautiful). I had a pizza (with cashew sauce instead of cheese) and thought it was pretty good. I also had a pasta which didn't have much taste. When I went back the next day they had run out of pizza so I was stuck with the pasta. Price was fair.

Pros: Friendly, Fair price

Cons: Not many vegan options


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23 May 2018

veganize most menu items

I ordered a banana pb smoothie with soy and it was really good . He even asked if i wanted sugar which was nice because i forget to ask for no sugar sometimes , so glad he pays attention to little details.

For lunch i ordered the spicy red sauce pasta which was very filling , lots of garlic and low spice was still a bit spicy (hot ) for me . The only thing that would make this dish nicer is if we could add a side of mixed veggies into the pasta , ya know like i want to be healthy too even tho I’m eating out and it’s hard to get those servings of veggies in . But i do have a recommendation as I’ve done it in the past to many restaurants is byov bring your own veggies , and just ask lol a dish just isn’t complete without some veggies in my mind .

Over all very nice vibe , good music and the owner was hella nice to me (I’m sure he’s nice to everyone ) but really good communication over what i wanted and how he could veganize the items i asked about .

Total price : 270 rupees for the shake and pasta

Pros: veganize

Cons: not a lot of veggies ready


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16 Apr 2018

A great choice in Udaipur

The place's philosophy is good, the owner is very nice and carefully makes tasty toasted sandwiches and pizzas with fresh ingredients. These can be made vegan. (Add Rs. 50 for the vegan cashew cheese.)
There is a meal of the day additionally to the menu – The babaganoush sandwich was yummy!

The cafe specialises in coffees, alas the vast majority of cold coffees on the menu have ice cream, which is not vegan. Hopefully they will start making their own vegan ice cream!

Prices are totally decent (it's good stuff) but a bit higher than at the nearby 109 Cafe, which is another place to not miss.

Updated from previous review on 2018-04-16

Pros: Tasty food, Atmosphere, values, Welcoming

Cons: Limited vegan coffee options


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20 Mar 2018

awesome food, great values

This family owned business offers more than great vegan food, but also shares good values with people in need. Your tip goes to a warm meal for kids growing up in slums and the lady who runs the business collects all kinds of goods (e.g. clothes or mosquito repellent) for homeless people.


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16 Mar 2018

best place in udaipur !!

Many vegan options , amazing pizza with good vegan cheese based on cashew and nuts . Good pasta , coconut milk , soy milk .
Chocolate truffle cake . Go and try !


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19 Feb 2018

Vegan pizza is fine

We only tried the vegan pizza (with cashew cheese on top) and it was ok.
They also have soy milk and coconut milk so you can order vegan cappucino or chaï.
They also offer a vegan brownie if you ask (not on the menu) but... it is not cooked by them but by a friend baker, so I was not really sure about the ingredients...

Updated from previous review on 2018-02-19


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06 Dec 2017

Vegan Pasta

Can make most things vegan on their menu if you ask and have soy milk for drinks. Standout was the pesto pasta which they made vegan with cashews so was super creamy and amazing. Good vibes, books, games; an overall cute family owned restaurant!


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20 Nov 2017

nice and cozy

This place is very pleasant and nicely decorated. The food is very good although a bit pricey. They also have vegan options

Pros: food very good

Cons: pricey


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28 Mar 2017

Delightful :-)

Amazing coffee ;-) with loved one matters a lot ... Good place for ,I enjoyed ,I found it interesting...

Pros: Good, Happy faces , Comfortable

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