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Serves meat, vegan options available. Previously all vegetarian. Offers a few veg options. A breakfast and lunch cafe. Food is made on the premises. Juices, smoothies, vegan crepes and pancakes, baked goods, sandwiches, fruit, salads, coffee and tea, and more. Uses honey. Has wireless internet. Free cooking classes Fri 6pm. Open Wed-Sun 8:30am-9:30pm.

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First Review by YogaMama 4ever


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10 Feb 2023

Tasty food and great atmosphere

The place is great, the food is tasty and it has live music (don't know if it is always but it did when I was there) ☺️ the staff is very friendly and they have a few vegan options 🙏 Did feel that the portions were a little small for the price and I was still slightly hungry after the meal... Maybe you'd ve full with a starter and/or a shake to go along with it ☺️ did taste very good though and the place is lovely 🌱



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20 Aug 2019

Good vegan food and atmosphere

Unlike many of the other reviews, we thought the food was great. I had the veggie pasta which very flavorful and good. Some of the vegetables were cut into ribbons tasted great with pasta. The rest of my family ordered pizzas, a Mariana with tofu added and the vegano which comes with avocado. We also tried the guacamole with fried plantains and the yuka fritas, both of which were delicious. We were excited to see vegan gelato on the menu - and yum! Overall, we thought the food was fresh and tasted great. In terms of price, it was very comparable to other restaurants in the area.

Many of the other reviews have commented on the great vibe and friendly atmosphere. The night we went, they had live music and singer/guitar player asked my son (17 years old) to come up on stage and sing with him. It was a great time!

We recommend the restaurant for vegans traveling around the southern Nicoya Peninsula for both the fun atmosphere and the great food.

Pros: friendly and fun atmosphere, good vegan food with many options


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23 Feb 2019

Wish the food was better....

We had high hopes for a restaurant called Organico that had several vegan choices on the menu, but the food was really greasy and not very flavorful.


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26 Mar 2017

it was okay

I had the Coco curry... food was piping hot, but the veggies were obviously thrown in and not sautéed at all. I'm actually amazed that the boiling curry didn't cook or soften the veggies. The flavor was good but too salty and I don't really like eating raw sweet potatoes, thanks. Service was really bad, too- I had to ask three times just to get some water. With other places offering veg fare in this city, I won't be going back!

Pros: vegan options

Cons: bad service, lazily prepared meals


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13 Feb 2017

Good food terrible service

We were surprised one night to see this place open. We asked and they said they were open every day all day except Tuesdays but most times we went by they were closed. But such is life in Montezuma!

They had live music but unfortunately we arrived too early. It looked like it would be an amazing place to listen to music.

My son had the vegan pesto pasta which had a great coconut basil sauce. He loved the bread that came with it.

I had the cococurry veggie which was very good.

The best part was the dessert- we had the vegan avocado gelato and it was out of this world.

Our server was terrible! I don't think he wanted to be there. It took forever to get a bill after asking and then someone else finally came to take the money but no one ever came back with the change.

Pros: Live music, The gelato OMG

Cons: Server uninterested, Hours not reliable


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20 Apr 2016

Good veggie option in Montezuma

We came here for lunch on on of our 2 days in Montezuma. They had a decent amount of vegetarian options, and they were no more expensive than most places in the area. We ordered a salad, a curry dish, and coffees. All was delicious. We came back for dessert later-my bf got real gelato and I got vegan gelato and they were both very good. I bought a cookie when we paid and since they saw they were two of us they gave us another for free. Staff was nice, decor was rustic in a good way.

Pros: good amount of veggie options, vegan dessert options, good vibe


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18 Jan 2016

Ok but expensive

I was excited to try Cafe Organico but my hopes were a little too high. The atmosphere is...rustic I guess. The bathroom is a bit scary so take care of that before you get there. Iced coffee was blended and refreshing. Bruschetta was very tasty and included eggplant and zucchini along with the usual tomato. The curry dish was good. The pasta dish (I think it said made with coconut milk) tasted good but I think disagreed with my boyfriend's stomach which makes me wonder if some type of egg or dairy found it's way into it. He originally wanted to try the vegan pizza which the sign said they offer starting at 4pm but the waitress said it wouldn't be available until 6pm because of veggie preparation? That made no sense. Anyway, pretty good but we spent $50 which was a bit ridiculous for what we had.


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03 Jan 2016

Mediocre vegan food

I had the curry dish and it was uninspiring. My wife had a fruit smoothie which was fine, but it's hard to screw that up. Looking at the menu, the vegan pizza cost more than the cheese ones! Also, if you pay by credit card they tack on 10% to the bill.

Pros: Does have vegan options, Organic produce?

Cons: Not may vegan options, Subsidizing dairy by overcharging vegans, Adds 10% more for credit cards


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10 Feb 2015

Good veggie options

We had nice salads, smoothies and something that was like a vegetable cutlet. I thought it was good. Best part was the homemade gelato - Cashew was the best. Also Almond and Cappucino. I was wondering why it was better than the gelato in Italy - now I know why, because the owner is Italian. Didn't go for the open mike night, but loved the ambiance of the book corner. I can just see spending a year in Montezuma and working on my novel there.

Pros: Friendly people, Many veg options, Nice smoothi9es

Cons: Service not organized, Salad dressing not that great. , Cleanliness could be better


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19 May 2012

Good atmosphere, disappointing food

We stayed in Montezuma for 3 nights and ventured out into the town on two of those nights. Both of which we came to Cafe Organico.

I'd read the previous reviews of this place but kept an open mind. We'd walked passed earlier in the day but despite saying they were open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it was sadly closed (this could have been due to it being quite quiet in town)

The Cafe itself has a quaint Costa Rican look about it, with a porch and large covered eating area. There are interesting works of art on the walls with cool lamps hanging over each of the tables. There is also an outdoor performance area where they have live music and open mic night every Monday.

The menu here is not as bad as other people seem to have reported. Sure, this is not a wholly veg place, but the number of veg/vegan options is definitely good for a very small town on the edge of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica!!

The service was laid-back. Some could interpret this as bad service (indeed, I had to ask for cutlery!) but this is a laid back town and we certainly were in a laid-back frame of mind so why worry?! However, the service was very friendly and our server was very happy to engage us in conversation (part of the reason we went back the next night)

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the previous reviews regarding the food. I had a salad which had chickpeas, tofu, spinach and parsley. Actually, that was it! No flavour, quiet dry and definitely lacking any imagination. I did get a bottle of balsamic vinegar to go with it though! My partner had Guacamole which was overly salty and seemed like a jar of salsa mixed in with avocado. He also ordered the plaintain chips which came plain (no dip).

They advertise that they have freshly baked cakes and cookies every day (vegan and non-vegan). Sadly, no cookies. However, they did have a vegan cake (very dry). The next night, the same selection of cakes remained and still no cookies.

Over all, this place is probably somewhere to go and hangout with a coffee or beer and enjoy the atmosphere. I felt it had a good vibe and loved the super-cute cats that came and slept around the cafe. Having not tried their entrees, I can't comment on that element of the menu. However, what I did try was quite disappointing.

But lets remember that this place is in rural Costa Rica and the fact you can get vegan lasagne out here should be praised no matter if it doesn't live up to better big-city vegan places.

Pros: Atmosphere, Friendly Servers, Live music

Cons: Food, Inconsistent opening times, Baked goods


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15 Feb 2012

Dont waste your time or money!

"Previously all vegetarian. Now has some veg options." That says it all, Im not sure why they are still on this website. I was excited to eat here after reading the other reviews but obviously something has gone terribly wrong. My girlfriend wasn't feeling well and just wanted a plain salad. She got cheap green lettuce with a couple slices of tomato and cucumber in a small bowl and a smaller bowl of dry rice. This cost $9, which is quite expensive, even in a tourist town. I ordered an app that was a few pieces of plain tofu and tomato that was covered in oregano. It was aweful. I also ordered the curry, I received a soup bowl full of coconut milk that had some curry powder stirred into it. In the bottom of the bowl was a scoop of the same dry rice. This meal was horrible and our bill was just over $30. We were both still hungry and very disappointed with the food. I seriously doubt it was organic. The condiments on the tables certainly are not and were bought from the local grocery store. We could have spent $5 at the same store and made the same dishes. Our service was also pretty lousy. I think she was probably just another traveller trying to make a buck while on the road. She was too busy chatting with people to care to check if our food was ok. I had to flag her down to get our bill and since I didnt have change I had to wait for it. She was obviously hoping I would leave without it, but I didnt think they deserved tip of nearly $10. When she finally brought my change because I was getting up and looking for her. She brought me a plate full of coins. They couldnt find any bills? The place had quite a few full tables, I dont know why, but they must have had proper change. I left some of the change for her tip. I left here with a bad taste in my mouth, from the food and the way we were treated. There are many more restaurants in Montezuma that will give you good healthy veg food at a better price and with good service. Dont waste your time or money here.

Pros: location

Cons: expensive price for small quantity, horrible service, poor quality


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13 Dec 2011

not like i remembered it...

i remember i first went to this place approximately 3 years ago and found it to be the best place i had eaten in costa rica! i swore that this place was vegan or at least vegetarian like it currently suggests on happycow, but it's not!! i'll return tomorrow, but not to eat. friendly folks work there, but the food is overpriced, not exclusively vegetarian/vegan, and it's really not that great for the very few veg-friendly options they have on the menu.

Pros: service, location, hours

Cons: price, food, not veggie anymore


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14 Jan 2010

One of the best places in the world

This is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I could eat at this place everyday. Everything on the menu sounds so good it is difficult to decide what to order. I stayed in Montezuma longer than planned because of this restaurant.


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Non Veg
03 Jun 2009

A Part of the Community

Cafe Organico is a huge member of the Montezuma community. They provide interesting classes, make awesome food, and are run by some of the friendliest most amazing staff I have had the pleasure of meeting. You can't go to Montezuma and miss out on this gem! GO!

Pros: Great staff, unique food, good value

YogaMama 4ever

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Mostly Veg
18 Aug 2008

Outstanding creativity!

Just came back from Costa Rica where I was pleased to find some good vegetarian restaurants. The Gold Medal goes without any doubt to Organico in Montezuma. Everything is absolutely delicious and the chill room is such a great idea! Will be back for more of these incredible vegan ice creams!

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