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Cafe Katzentempel

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Tuerkenstrasse 29, Munich, Germany, 80799

Opened Apr 2013, this eatery offers a vegan menu encompassing soups, salads, sandwiches, daily varying dishes, cakes, and tarts. Katzentempel means "temple of cats," and diners eat in the company of cats. All vegan except cows' milk for drinks. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-8:00pm, Sat 10:00am-8:00pm, Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.

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Reviews (24)

First Review by QTanzer

Lovely Brunch - Edit

We came here for Sunday brunch and it was lovely. It got quite busy after we were seated, so a reservation might be a good idea? I had a really tasty meal of Smokey tofu scramble, bread with a dip (hummous?), baked beans and salad. It was really tasty and very filling. My partner had pancakes with apple and cinnamon compote. We had coffees and could select the type of milk we wanted. It was great to sit and watch the cats, give them a little pet when they came over. Unlike some of the cat cafes in Japan, which can be a bit grim and smelly, this place was really lovely. Staff were helpful & friendly, and spoke great English.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly atmosphere, Cats!

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so cute! - Edit

Cutest little cafe. I enjoyed a macadamia nut hot chocolate and peanut butter pancake - both were delicious. Company I was with also got the curry, bruschetta and the soup of the day which was beetroot! All of whom aren't vegan and loved it! Meals are generous and staff as lovely and accommodating. There is an English menu which is a big positive ☺️the cats were so cute either walking around or sleeping, I felt so happy. Will definitely be back

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lovely - Edit

Very nice place with an English menu too. Reasonable variety on the menu. Only slightly more expensive than expected but the novelty of the cats makes up for it.
I paid €11.90 for a soup, tea, and a big piece of apple strudel with cream :) (all vegan).

Pros: cats, decent variety of food, nice environment

Cons: little bit expensive for student budget, it gets b

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Purrfect - Edit

Firstly I can confirm that Cafe Katzentempel is now 100% vegan, hooray! I visited here twice during my stay and on both occasions really enjoyed both the food and experience. The staff were very welcoming and the atmosphere and decor gives off a nice vibe. I ordered the veggie curry with rice, which although wasn't spicy was nice and flavoursome with subtle hints of coconut. Very tasty indeed. I went back the following day and got the bean burger and chips with ketchup and sour cream dips, which hit the spot and was just what I needed after a heavy night of stag do drinking the night before! Main dishes range from 10-15 euros and there are lot of breakfast options available too and cakes. I decided to get the obst smoothie which was divine. Cafe Katzentempel is quite unique to anything I have experienced before as there are a number of cats just walking around the cafe. The cats didn't bother me and if you are worried they may jump on tables then they don't. I love this place and if you can get past any fears of cats you may have, I am sure you will too.

Pros: 100% vegan, Excellent food and friendly staff, Nice vibe, outside seating

Cons: Some people may not like cats

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Delicious brunch on a lazy Sunday morning - Edit

We went to Café Katzentempel on a Sunday morning at 10:00 am to get something for breakfast, we ended up having a brunch, as everything was so delicious ... we were lucky to get a table without reservation (the place is popular and often packed, book in advance if you can), the service was as usual quick and friendly and the food - what can I say? I had the Kater breakfast (beans, scrambled tofu, salad, bread and baba ganoush) with an apple juice, my husband got three bruschettas and a bean burger with salad and hand made chips, with a non-alcoholic beer ... everything was tasty and freshly made, and eating whilst watching the kitties play is always a bonus ... although we were full, as the portions were generous, we still managed to keep a small place for dessert: mango & coconut cheese cake for me, bitter cherry & chocolate cake for my husband ... they were both to die for, and so was the double espresso to go with them ... we try to visit Katzentempel every time we are in Munich and it always delivers, we will definitely be back next time!

Pros: Excellent Food, including cakes, Friendly service, Kitties playing around

Cons: It gets busy, booking is necessary

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more than I could have hoped for! - Edit

First off, I emailed a couple days ahead and got a lovely response back. Then when we went there the woman who emailed back came out and chatted with us about how more cat cafes should be vegan and she was so nice!

We got there when they first opened so most of the cats weren't really out and about yet. Then after a little bit, after I had almost finished eating my really delicious breakfast, one of the cats came right up to me and then just started climbing up onto my shoulders. She was so sweet and cuddly I ended up staying way longer than I originally planned. One of the cats there was being super playful too.

For food I had a tofu scramble and my partner had sausages, potatoes and a pretzel. He was so happy to have a vegan pretzel in Germany, and it was really good.

It's also in a great location by other awesome vegan places like a Super Danke(juice and smoothies), and Lost Weekend(super rad vegan coffee shop).

Pros: perfection

Cons: cows milk is the only thing holding them back from

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Great food, lovely staff - Edit

I came here for lunch and almost didn't want to leave. I had pumpkin soup with bruscetta, potatoe wedges and also coffee and cake. The soup was delicious and presented in a nice way. The potatoe wedges came with 2 sauces (which you can choose), I didn't like the BBQ sauce so much but the vegan mayonaise was very good! Afterwards I had some kind of apple pie which was great as well.
Having visited another non vegan cat café in Paris this one is my favourite by far.

Pros: Good food, Lovely staff, Cats,cats, cats

Cons: None

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nice - Edit

The Food was really good but you should not expect something that you could not cook at home. The salad was a little boring. We felt comfortable there but you have to know that there are maybe people who play with the cats around you and your table while your eating .

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love the food and the cats - Edit

The food is really nice, the only negative point about the menu would be that it does not change and they do not have a big selection. However, they are completely vegan and offer white sausages which is what I would recommend for vegans visiting Munich. The drawbacks are the opening hours, it closes at 8 every day and is closed on Mondays.

Pros: food, price, cats

Cons: opening hours, selection

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An interesting experience. - Edit

Cafe Katzentempel is a cute and hip little cafe where you are able to dine in the company of six cats. Upon walking in, the cats were strewn across the restaurant, sleeping in various places. I enjoyed that all the furniture (other than the chairs and tables for customers) were actually modified for cats. They had ledges on the walls for the cats to climb as well as large climbing structures. The cats are very much accustomed to being around people and did not seem to take too much an interest in the customers. The food was decent. I tried the offer of the day, which was a soup with bruschetta. The only downside was that the food was not necessarily worth the price.

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something for girls! - Edit

Several really big and relaxed cats watch and join the visitors eating cake or small dishes. I tried a red pepper-mango-soup which tasted extraordinary good and was accompanied by home-made bread with Tomato-Cucumber-Topping.
Another Day we took home some cake. The best vegan cake i ate so far. Very friendly service also!
I can recommend the cafe very much - it brightens the day immediately!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 24, 2015

Pros: Excellent tasting snacks

Cons: strange little tables and chairs

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great cake, a little slow - Edit

I loved the coconut cream cake. Really good in taste and consistency. One of the best vegan cream cakes I ate so far.
The staff was very friendly yet not really fast and the soup was too hot when it came so I could read quite some pages untill I finally started eating.
And yes, I love the cats around but was irritated by the customers dealing with them.

Pros: good taste, great cake, cats around

Cons: a little slow, sometimes customers dealing with cats

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Love everything about it - Edit

I have been to the Cafe Katzentempel several times now and really love it. They offer tasty and varied vegan dishes, starting with the "Katerfrühstück" which is equivalent to a "hangover breakfast" to great vegan Seitansandwiches, nice smoothies and great cakes (I loved the Peanutbutter cake). The ambiance is very nice and absolutely cat-friendly even though some guests do take their cat love to the extreme a bit and annoy other guests as well as the cats! There are clear rules on how to interact with the cats which some people don´t seem to care about much (so much for annoying humans). I do like the place and I hope to visit it at a time when it is not so full - it seems to be a very popular place so reservations are definitely recommended if you want to get a table! All in all, a great place, with a great idea to include cats (and they get to choose if they want to interact with humans or not, they have plenty of refuge places in case they dont). A very unique Cafe!

Pros: Great ambiance, Nice to have cats around, Great food/variety

Cons: Prices could be a bit lower

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cute cats, tasty food, a little pricey - Edit

I recently visited from Australia, the staff were very helpful, could speak English and gave me an English menu. The cats were roaming about, being played with by children, and are clearly very happy in the cafe (they can come and go as they please). I had a green smoothie and a vegan chia and bean burger. I found the food a little expensive for what it was, but I did enjoy it. I would have liked a more wholesome burger bun (it was processed white bread) and a more decadent side salad (just lettuce, carrot and dressing) as you paid extra for the salad, but it was very tasty and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I would go back again.

Pros: cute cats, friendly staff, tasty food

Cons: expensive for the quality, food needs to be more wholesome

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Very yummy, cosy, super-friendly staff - Edit

I was there twice this week, once for dinner, once for lunch / cake and I loved the place. Food seemed to be mainly if not all vegan, with some dairy options. All cakes were def all vegan. Food was delicious and so was the coffee. Very chilled atmosphere with, very friendly six cat owners and their staff.

Pros: Yummy, Cats to pet, Great coffee

Cons: Only if you don't like cats.

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Only if you like cats - Edit

We had lunch here recently. The menu was rather limited; just a few dishes. We had the only sandwich, made with seitan. It was fine, but a bit pricey for the portion size. It came with a small salad with delicious curry dressing, so perhaps a salad is the way to go here. It was fun to see and interact with the cats, as we are on a rather long trip and missing our cat back home. I think the cats made it worth the price, but otherwise I would skip it for a meal. We didn't try the deserts, so perhaps that's a better deal.

Pros: cats

Cons: pricey, limited variety

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Great place, but annoying customers! - Edit

As said previously, this shop is not really 100% vegan due to the cow milk they are offering.

The place is larger than expected, huge windows and clean. Either you like being surrounded by cats or you hate it. Same goes for your own ideology, if this is exploitation for the cats or not. Have a look for yourself.

Lunch was tasty, but in general it's a tiny bit too overpriced in my opinion. (about 6 Euro for small, 10 Euro for large cup)
The tarts look like the very same the shop "Princess Schokobar" near "Münchner Freiheit" is selling. Small yet very good. So in general, the place is cozy and nice with a nice varity of vegan lunch food and drinks.


B U T... and that's the biggest problem at Cafe Katzentempel... are the rude customers themselves!

When I was there, it felt like a zoo. 13 other customers where there, 1/3 of them crawling on the floor, were behaving like idiots. Even if the cats were not interested in interacting with them, the customers tried everything to put themselves in the center of attention.

Two mid-aged couples next to us were taking photos all the time. And I mean ALL - THE - TIME. They were also taking pictures of us while eating, because we were "in the way" next to the cats. We kindly asked them to stop, but they did not really listen.

Next - some young fellow students ran though the place to catch the cats and carry them around. They hissed and hit them because they didn't like it. But the students didn't care neither and did not understand that the cats do not want to play right now.

The owner told us that sometimes random people are coming in, playing with the cats about half an hour and went out without ordering anything. So it's really going on his nerves as well.

In general, the place would be much nicer if the more egocentric customers would leave the cats where they are and wait for them to approach them, instead of bothering the cats in first place.

Pros: Nice ambiance, lunch and tarts are quite good

Cons: Annoying customers are teasing the cats, not all vegan, 1-2 Euros too pricy

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Vegan Vegan Vegan - Edit

Not recommended for those who are allergic to cats. Though the place has enough space for humans and cats to walk around,and it is spotless, yet my nose itched and I was sneezing.
As for menu selection, there's a lot to improve, because not much to choose. My friends and I ordered sandwiches which I would say, quite tasty. But those cakes were far from satisfaction. Having said that, this was in May. Perhaps the food is different now. I would re-visit again to find out.

Pros: spacious, clean

Cons: not many food choices

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Cozy and unique Café - Edit

Very friendly service, excellent cake (don't get why someone wrote that it was dry, both my husband's and my own was really nice although a little pricey).
The cats have their own room to be alone whenever they want.
Strictly speaking the place is not vegan as they serve cow's milk as well as soy and oat as a compromise to non-vegan guests.
We were assured that they would take it of the menue once the café is well established.

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hmm - Edit

Nicht so gut. Ich hatte etwas Schokoladenkuchen. Es war trocken und dicht. Ich aß nur halbe. Nicht sicher, ich würde wieder kommen.

Not great. I had some chocolate cake and it was very dry and dense. I only ended up eating half and I really adore cake and would eat any. I mentioned it to the waitstaff when I was paying and he said 'ok'. Not sure I would go back here.

Pros: Lots of space, Cats, everywhere, if you like them.

Cons: Poor quality food., Cats, everywhere, if you don't like them

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