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Vestergade 43, Aarhus, Denmark, 8000

Arhus vegetarian, mostly organic cafe. Salads, sandwich, soups, juice, raw food, healthy cakes and bread. (Some without sugar and gluten). Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-9:00pm, Sat 10:00am-9:00pm. Kitchen closes at 8pm.

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21 Reviews

First Review by cstahmer

I like the smoothies - Edit

I so wanted this place to be good! It looks nice inside, the prices are reasonable(ish).

The burger was dry and filled with too much stuff (in addition to the patty, making it really hard to eat it. It just wasn't that tasty.

I do love some of the smoothies though.

Pros: Has a buffet, Lots of smoothies

Cons: Not the tastiest food

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great buffet - Edit

The evening buffet is really delicious! The burgers are all right, but the salad bar and the soups are definately the best!

Pros: good food, Healthy

Cons: expensive

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Cosy place in downtown Aarhus - Edit

Cosy place in historic building in downtown Aarhus. Has a good choice of vegan items. I had Gaya bean burger in a spelt bun, with fresh tomato sauce, salad and pickles. It was very nice and tasty. I also ordered a fresh beatroot juice which was pleasantly sweet. Portions are big and prices are okay.

Pros: cosy atmosphere, good vegan choice, big portions

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Cozy place ind the middle of Aarhus - Edit

Been here once. Cozy and relaxed place with outdoor seating. Can be hard to find. However the burger I had, didn't have as much flavour as I'd have preferred. Also, as most cafes in Aarhus this is a very expensive place.

Pros: Cozy with outdoor seating in the alley, Many options, all environment friendly

Cons: Expensive

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Lovely food good price - Edit

We visited Cafe Gaya during a work trip, (2 vegetarians and a meat eater) after reading reviews on Happy Cow. All of us went for the free buffet which was excellent value for money. The food was fresh and really tasty. The hot meal changes on a regular basis. The day we visited it was a chickpea and veg curry. Even the non-vegetarian amongst us was impressed with the quality and taste of the food.

Will definitely visit again

Pros: Good value, Excellent food

Cons: Rice was slightly dried out

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nice outdoor area - Edit

Cafe Gaya has a large, cozy outdoor area. The staff who worked on this day was not very friendly, she was unpatient and seemed not to be very motivated to answer to the guests questions.
There is a all-you-can-eat-buffet.
And two seperate pots (one with white rice and the other with vegan chili sin carne. Precaution: Hot), which is not included in the all-you-can-eat-buffet and has its own price. You can fill by yourself your bowl once with rice and chili as much you want. My friend and me, we ordered two times the chili with rice. The amount of food I've taken was enough filling. The vegan Matcha Latte was nice.

Pros: cozy outdoor seatings, nice interieur, vegan options, chili with rice was ok

Cons: not very friendly staff, expensive

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Yummy and friendly - Edit

I visited the Gaya with my boyfriend. The staff was sooo friendly and the sandwiches we ordered (1 hummus, 1 veggie-chorizo) were delicious! Try the homemade juices :-)

Pros: Totally vegetarian/vegan, Young people doing sth great, Homemade food and drinks

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Sorta boring. - Edit

The thing is, neither the food, cake or coffee is bad. It's fine, but not for the price. The buffet is alright, sometimes even good, but all the dishes are so simple that i might as well make them (better) at home for a fifth of the price. I tried the burger once but the bun was basically made of stone.
The atmosphere is really nice, though. They used to have a bookstore there so i liked to come by, drink a cup of coffee and look at some books.

Pros: nice atmosphere.

Cons: overpriced.

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Nice food and atmosphere - Edit

We enjoyed our evening visit to the cafe. I had the hot dish of the day which was a dhal and my boyfriend had the burger. Both meals were delicious - just be warned that the burger is massive! The cafe is nice and relaxed which is lovely but if you were in a rush you might struggle as the service was very friendly but a little slow. Otherwise it is a lovely place to go and eat some nice healthy food.

Pros: 1. Healthy and delicious

Cons: Self service a little confusing

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Brilliant Buffet - Edit

I enjoyed Cafe Gaya's incredible lunch buffet a lot. It all tasted great, being also pretty healthy.

Pros: Great vegan buffet, Cozy atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: None

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Best burger in town! - Edit

Live music, vegan buffet and the best burger in town (don't listen to the ones that say Mikuna are better!). Also try their delicious fruit juices and smoothies.

We both ordered the burger, but there was a mix-up and only one burger came out. Instead my boyfriend was offered the menu for the price of the burger, which seemed like the better choice for him as he had nothing but praise for the daal.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-08

Pros: Lots of vegan options., Friendly staff.

Cons: A little expensive.

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Cozy café with vegan buffet available! - Edit

It was the first we have been to Gaya following a plant based diet - and it was great!
The menu card is not big nor filled with many varieties. Yet, the buffet has soup, warm dish and different types of vegetables to combine with (e.g Hokkaido pumpkin, potatoes, chickpeas, kale salad, humus, pesto, etc). There's also a veggie burger that looks really good - will try next time.

The cafe is small but very cozy and many times there's live music which makes it very pleasant.

The ladies serving in the cafe are nice and very welcoming. They take the time to explain the menu, talk and listen to you.

One more thing, you can reserve a table which is great since the place is a bit small and can get crowded easily.

Pros: Table reservation available, Nice staff, Live music

Cons: The buffet option is a bit pricey

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Good Food - Edit

Had the lunch buffet, Beetroot soup was nice and good bread and salad. Was really filling and wholesome. It was a cosy place to sit and a good lunch option.

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It's okay - Edit

I had to wait a loooong time for my hot chocolate, but it was delicious :) The vegan burger too. There were not a lot of vegan options.

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Delicious Vegan Buffet! - Edit

We were in Aarhus for one night and had planned to go to Mikuna, but they were closed to due some circumstances beyond their control and looked for a backup. Glad we found this place!

It is down a peaceful little walkway/courtyard with some outdoor seating, but clear signage out front. The weather was chilly so we sat in their cafe - which had about 10 tables, but some were on the larger size/could sit 5-6+ people.. but still when all the tables filled up some people left.

They have a standard menu but the main focus (and clearly the popular choice) was the buffet. It was entirely vegan the night we went - and a good mix of warm and cold dishes. Some types of veggie salads, lentil soup (really well done - perfect balance of seasoning), a veggie cake dish (kind of a play on a Frikadeller), and some other things and sides. There was also a bread basket that kept being re-filled. The staff were also really good about keeping the dishes full as things went quick!

The girl working the front had also made a special cake for dessert - sort of a carrot/spice cake - also vegan and fantastic!

While base prices may seem steep - 149 kr for the buffet per person - it is all you can eat - my wife and I both went up 2-3 times, so each plate it became more cost effective:)

The service was good - appeared to be one person for the front - but she multi-tasked like a pro! And a couple people down in the kitchen - which is kind of visible from the cafe.

The best thing about the meal - something my wife and I both felt when leaving - was that we were full, but not heavy, everything we had seemed healthy but filling. Though the veggie burger that someone a table over from us got looked good..

If we are in Aarhus again we wouldn't hesitate going to Cafe Gaya (the spelling on the Happy Cow listing has a typo) again.

Pros: Excellent Vegan Buffet!, Filling but Healthy, Efficient Service

Cons: Not a lot of seating, Sort of pricy

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wonderful Lunch/Dinner Buffet! - Edit

A beautiful decorated hippy cafe filled with vegan and vegetarian foods. A bit pricey but the buffet is so delicious and filled with healthy, whole foods such as cabbage salads, hummus, and even gluten free bread that you stay full. Slow service on anything else, so come with plenty of time. Soy milk lattes are great, as well as their hot chocolates! The raw deserts are nothing special, sometimes they have chocolate cake but it's not vegan.

Pros: Fresh buffet, homey, comforting space with live music nights, friendly atmosphere

Cons: open flame candles, slow, poorly skilled service, pricey

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Great for a good time with friends or family - Edit

Café Gaya is located in the center of Århus and offers a menu that is fully organic, and where most options are vegan. The atmosphere and feel you get of the place is amazing! You instantly feel relaxed and great from the moment you walk in. They often have events with live music, which adds even more to the wonderful aura of the place.The owner is also super nice.

It's the ideal place to go if you're looking for something vegan, that is not fastfood takeaway-y. They offer a refreshing healthy range of options, which is a really nice alternative to the burger and hotdog joints with vegan options also found in the center of town.

Gaya offers the closest thing to a vegan buffet you can find in Århus, and most days it is fully vegan. The buffet options are delicious, though maybe not the ultimate "WOW"-factor. The other vegan options are equally nice, not "over the top" and their smoothies are absolutely delicious.

The price is a bit steep, but it isn't too bad, if you can appreciate the experience overall. I, as well as family and friends keep coming back regardless, so there must be more to it than what first meets the eye.

Pros: Great buffet and menu options, Relaxing atmosphere, Music events

Cons: A bit pricey

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Decently good, but not for the price - Edit

I came here and got the vegan burger, which was 95 kr, and then I also got a cup of water for 5 kr. The burger took 20 minutes to come out, which was fine, and it was warm and looked fantastic.

However, the bun was impossible to cut and eat with the burger part, and the burger had over three types of dressings on it, which made a clusterf*ck of flavors that just wasn't really for me. I'll eat it, but I won't pay for it again.

If I go back I'll try the buffet, but that's 115 kr, so I'm not sure if I'm eager to spend that much and be disappointed.

The atmosphere of this place was amazing though, and I loved sitting and reading in there. It's worth it for that. The smoothies and everything else are probably really good, just expensive.

Pros: Good atmosphere, Organic, Decent food

Cons: Expensive

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Cozy, but a bit overpriced - even for Denmark. - Edit

We visited Cafe Gaia on a couple of occasions. The cafe is very cozy, and has a good atmosphere. We enjoyed the food, and the buffet looks delicious. However, we found the portions to be small and sligtly overpriced.

Pros: Good atmosphere, Tasty food

Cons: Small portions, Overpriced, Not too friendly/helpful staff

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Delicious Food at Cafe Gaya aka Cafe Gaia - Edit

This vegetarian restaurant is well worth visiting if you can get to Aarhus, in Jutland. It is beautifully decorated, a very pleasant place to eat and the food is exquisite. I was so happy to have their well seasoned lentil soup, white beans, and hummus, - great to have such tasty vegetarian protein foods. They also have raw veggies, salads, and fresh juices. The restaurant is attached to a bookstore and has an additional outdoor courtyard for dining in warmer weather, making it a pleasant destination. The cooks have a fine sense of flavor. Wait staff are helpful (in English too).
Vesanto Melina, co-author of "Becoming Vegetarian", "Becoming Vegan" and of "Becoming Raw.

Pros: Excellent food, Very pleasant environment, Healthy

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Great food and great vibe - Edit

My family and I stumbled upon Cafe Gaia on a recent trip to Aarhus during their annual music festival, and it was like a secret vegetarian garden in the land of meat and more meat. We love Denmark, but anyone who travels or lives there will admit that there are not many all vegetarian restaurants in the country. As such, not only is Gaia a rarity, but it is a delicious one at that.

My wife and I had the vegetarian Tapas, wch consisted of a selection of various salads, pesto tapenade, quinoa, and a choice of fresh baked regular or gluten free bread, and my son had a hummus and pesto sandwich. The Tapas was delicious, and my son said the sandwich was the best he had ever had. Also, don't miss the smoothies or the summer lemonade.

I also want to take a m oment to say something about the staff and the atmosphere-both of which were wonderful. After several weeks on the road it just felt nurturing to be in an all vegetarian establishment. I felt like Gaia was caring for me through the food, the staff who helped us order in English, and the people playing music to entertain us.

Pros: Food, Staff, Ambiance

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