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By Chloe - Washington Square Park

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Contact 212-290-8000

185 Bleecker St, New York City, New York, USA, 10012

Its flagship location, est. Jul 2015. Vegan cafe offering salads, burgers and fries, mac and cheese as well as a variety of ice cream and baked goods plus cold pressed juices. Open Mon-Tue 10:00am-11:00pm, Wed-Thu 11:00am-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-12:00am, Sat-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Sun 10:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Western, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (51)

First Review by KeriAnnSnyder

tasty, but portions too small - Edit

I came here after reading a lot of great reviews and seeing pictures on Instagram. I had a lot of expectations. But I was a bit disappointed - it was a small, crowded place. We waited a lot. Food was expensive, yet the portions were really small. It was very tasty, true, but I wouldn't eat here again. Maybe if I needed a snack, not a real lunch. There are places where the food is the same price, service better and portions larger. We also tried the Sweets by Chloe next door, also too expensive for what you get. Blueberry muffin was tasty, but everything else was too sweet for our taste.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-19

Pros: tasty food

Cons: expensive, small portions, crowded

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Get your fast food vegan style! - Edit

I think if you feel like having some fast food style vegan food you should go here. Personally is not for me because its always crowded and loud. I got a veggie burger and fries that took about 20min to get bc the line was so long! and in the end I wasn't really too crazy about what I ordered taste wise. Other people love it but I don't like the fast food style catering or food taste. But hey try for your self.

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Not my style - Edit

I love the concept, but it is too much...
the burger are kind of tasteless.... I have been giving that place so many try but every time i was disappointed. There is just not much taste. the side are good and the cookies also though!

Pros: design, menu, price

Cons: taste, small menu

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Slightly dissapointed - Edit

I never like to give anything less then positive reviews, and I wish could for by Chloe. But I am unable to unfortunately. I knew I wanted to have a vegan dining experience while in NYC, so I definitely appreciate that by Chloe even exists. The area where they are located is super cool, so no problems there. The place though itself was packed with people, with a long line up to order. But hey that means they are popular, right? But try and find out their less busy times, unless you are ok waiting for a spot to sit, or willing to eat out on the sidewalk like I did. Lots of interesting stuff on the menu, and craft beers, but it looks as if they are catering especially to people who want fast, comfort food. Which was perfect, cause that was what I was looking for! I ordered the Guac burger (tempeh) and something called air baked fries. And a craft ale to wash it down. The burger was great, though the fries disappointed me as they seemed under-cooked. The decor was pleasant, if maybe a little on the sterile side. The staff were definitely friendly and seemed happy. Over all, they weren't bad, but the lack of seating and the unappetizing fries lowered my enjoyment just slightly.

Pros: Guac burger was great., Reasonably priced for a hip location., People watching factor is high.

Cons: Crowded. Lack of seating., Air baked fries sucked.

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not great - Edit

Came a long way to be disappointed.
Food was ordinary and we had to sit on the ground outside to eat as it was packed. The staff seem complacent and not overly friendly. Could not recommend.

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Mac and cheese - Edit

This place is great! I really enjoyed the Mac and cheese. I honestly got twice in one day because it was so good. The air baked fries are delicious too. The restaurant is very cute and has nice decorations. Located in a lovely part of town.

Pros: Mac and cheese, location, desserts

Cons: bit spicy, crowded

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Vegan Decadence - Edit

With a line that wraps around the block, this small vegan restaurant must be doing something right.

Chloe, the first vegan baker to win Cupcakes wars, delivers delicious, plant-based food sure to please your taste buds. With dishes made 100% by her and her staff, you are sure to be satisfied. By Chloe is 100% vegan, and very allergy friendly. From her creamy Mac and cheese to her decadent chocolate cupcakes, there is something to please everyone. So stop by in the West Village or Flatiron in NYC or Silver lake, CA for a meal unlike no other.

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Amazing Food, Small dining area. - Edit

The food at by Chloe is some of the best tasting food you will come across vegan or not anywhere. While we were waiting a girl brought her dish up and asked a worker if there was pork in her meal. He let her know that By Chloe is 100% vegan. I guess you know the food is great when people think it's more than just St veggies! The desserts are out of this world and must try, the vegan mac is amazing as well. The only negative is the small dining area that quickly fills up. Apparent they are expanding to next door so hopefully there will be more space in the future to gather with groups!

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Best meal ever! - Edit

I had the whiskey BBQ burger, sweet potato fries and espresso cinnamon cookie. The taste was amazing, and truthfully up there with the best meals I've ever eaten. Will be visiting again very soon.

Pros: All vegan, Inexpensive

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Great vegan burger - Edit

I only had time to rush inside for a quick burger. I had the classic and a chocolate chip cookie (GF). Really delicious and don't forget the two sauces they have on the side. One was a beet sauce. So good. I wolfed the food down.

Pros: quick and friendly service

Cons: very packed and not enough seating

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Great Food - Edit

So I brought a couple of my friends for the first time here and the food was just amazing, but the only problem I had was just how small the place is so it took us a while to find seats so we can enjoy our meal. I would recommend heading over their early so you don't have to deal with waiting for a seat. Either than that it was a great experience with delicious food as well i recommend to try their beet ketchup!

Pros: excellent Food , Friendly, aesthetically appealing

Cons: Small place, Crowded

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Did I Order The Wrong Thing? - Edit

There has been massive buzz about this restaurant in vegan publications, and they recently opened an LA location, so I could not wait to try By Chloe. The cashier recommended a burger, and I eagerly anticipated what I thought was going to be one of the best vegan burgers around.The burger arrived, and it did not look like what I had expected. I took a bite, and the vegan burger patty was small, dry and did not have much of a taste. Maybe there was someone new in the kitchen, because this turned out to be a below average veg burger. I then ordered and tried the artichoke dip and chips. I really liked this dish, but it was a bit on the salty side. Had I reviewed the burger alone, I would have give this restaurant 2 stars. The ambiance, service, and artichoke dip brought up my ratingI am going to have to try this restaurant in LA and order some other dishes. my gut feeling is that I ordered the burger on an off day.

Pros: cool, ambiance

Cons: dry vegan burger

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Way Overrated - Edit

I had read some outstanding reviews of this restaurant and finally decided to try it. The service here I thought was outstanding, and I love the ambiance of the restaurant, but I felt the food was not good.

I ordered the classic burger and an artichoke spread with corn chips. The burger was very dry, hard and brittle, and lacked flavor. Imagine taking some lentils and salt, creating a patty, and baking the patty for an hour on a high temperature. The only real flavor was in the pickle and sauce on top of the patty, but putting some sauce and a pickle on the sandwich was not enough to make the sandwich remotely good.

The artichoke dip was ok tasting, but was so salty that I didn't enjoy eating it. The chips were not fresh, and tasted like store-bought chips that had been out of the bag for a couple days.

I may have to try this restaurant again, as I just cannot believe that a place with such good reviews could be this bad.

Pros: Cool staff

Cons: Terrible vegan burger

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Delicious! - Edit

Here at by Chloe it's heaven, it lived up to my expectations as Chloe's cookbooks are my favourite so I couldn't wait to eat at her restaurant.
We tried the Guac Burger (the most popular) and Pesto Meatball Burger (recommended at the counter), Sweet Potato Fries and 2 cupcakes. All really delicious and fresh, perfect lunch.
The burgers are not small but they are made with white bread which is not very filling so do get a side of fries and also a salad if you are really hungry.
Can't wait to go back.

[Update] We went back and tried the Kale Salad, Quinoa Taco Salad, Peach lemonade (heaven) and cinnamon rolls. The salads are big and filling, I didn't expect to fell full after a salad, but it was enough for a perfect delicious lunch. Delicious !

Pros: all vegan, delicious, talented chef Chloe

Cons: burger not filling

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Expensive but yummy - Edit

I would consider this an junk-food unhealthy type of restaurant. The quinoa taco salad is really good, but has a lot of dressing on it. You could say that it's flavorful. The prices are a little high for a burger or salad, but hey, it's vegan! Lines look long, but that's usually just people waiting for their food or a seat.

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Incredible Food - Edit

Chloe Coscarelli is unbelievably talented, and her talents shine here at by CHLOE. I eat here every time I come to the city, and the food is always phenomenal.

My favorite is the pesto meatball sandwich with a small side of macaroni and cheese that has shitaki bacon on it.

Pros: delicious, creative, unique

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Their food was INCREDIBLE. The flavours were so creative and everything was just awesomely flavourful! We got the spicy Thai and Taco salads with their sweet potatoe fries and I could not recommend it more. I wish I had space for one of their baked goods because they looked fabulous. So satisfying! But be prepared to wait in line and hover around for a seat. Worth it though.

Pros: delicious food, good price , quirky vibes

Cons: waiting , crowded

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quick and delicious - Edit

love their food, but it's tiny and crowded, so come prepared to wait for a seat! we've noticed it tends to be extra crowded around 11 am on weekdays and thin out around noon, so there's probably something to do with NYU class schedules. loved the kale Caesar, and my toddler is a huge fan of their mac n cheese, which has really awesome mushroom "bacon" on it as well. also a good spot to grab something to go and eat at the park on a nice day.

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great food! - Edit

Hands down the best food we had in NYC! The cupcakes were perfection!! The food was so good that it out weighed the long line! But def explains the long line!!

Cons: long line, not a lot of seating

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This is the best restaurant I've ever been to in my entire life. I highly recommend the guac burger and sweet potato fries! 10/10 amazing!!

Pros: YUMMY, Free from animal cruelty, Lots of options!

Cons: Not a large space, Long lines

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Ice cream a disappointment - Edit

Stopped for ice cream glad I got a chocolate chip cookie too. Ice cream was terrible. Cookie amazing. Other food looked good too and lots of selection that's why I'm not giving fewer stars.

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An absolute must try while in NYC - Edit

Coming to NYC for the weekend, By Chloe was high on our list as a restaurant to try. We arrived shortly after the daily opening, to have brunch there, and we were very surprised by the crowd already lined up. The good news is that the staff is very good and well organized, so the line moves pretty quickly. Once we placed our order, we had to wait for a free table. We ordered from the brunch menu the 'early bird' and the daily pancakes. The early bird was organic tofu scramble, a sausage, some greens and a multi grain toast: everything was totally awesome. The daily pancakes were almost too decadent for brunch! It was cacao and raspberries with chocolate chips and maple syrup on side. I would have those for dessert in a heart beat! We loved By Chloe so much that we decided to go back again the next morning. This time, we arrive before the opening! We tried morning oats with quinoa, almond butter, blueberries and maple syrup: excellent! And a new take on hash browns with the most delicious quinoa patty, with cashew cream and smoked paprika. Perfectly seasoned, crispy outside and moist inside: a must try! I got a cute coconut with Chloe's name that they open in front of you, so you can sip the water. Original and lovely! We were full, but couldn't resist the multitude of sweet offerings displayed in front of the counter. We got a cup cake, a giant cookie, a cinnamon roll and a muffin. Every single goodie was heavenly! And even the paper bag was adorable, as the decor and graphics in the restaurant. We were not surprised to learn that By Chloe is going to open a second location soon. This place is just awesome! They got a perfect concept: casual healthy food that tastes great and is creative, in a youthful yet elegant decor. I wished there was By Chloes everywhere in the world!

Pros: Fabulous food, Superb decor , Vibrant ambiance

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Not going back - Edit

Definitely not worth the trip. Went with friends in January. The place was packed and the line was long - usually a good sign. The cashier was nice. I got the gf mac and cheese, the spicy Thai salad, and a cupcake. The mac and cheese was way overpriced for the tiny portion size (and yes, I got the large) and didn't really have any flavor. The Thai salad was mostly just a spicy mush bowl but was at least filling. The cupcake was the highlight of the meal, and I've heard their other desserts are delicious as well.

Not going to waste my money at By Chloe again, and have since heard that the staff cooks non-vegan food in the kitchen, and that most of the employees are not vegan and don't care about allergens/food choices. How do I know that my food wasn't cooked in the same pan the employees cooked meat burgers in?

Pros: dessert, friendly staff

Cons: overpriced, small portions, questionably vegan

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Great Food! - Edit

I had the gluten free Mac & Cheese, the Vanilla Carmel Ice Cream, Raspberry Jam Cupcake, and a Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie.
The Mac was SO GOOD, and the "bacon" bits tasted so real it was almost scary. The cupcake was absolutely incredible, and I'm not saying for just a vegan cupcake, I mean as far as good cupcakes go. I'm not always easy to please but that was heavenly. The smoothie on the other hand was nothing special, I was expecting more raspberry taste but it just tastes like the smoothies I make at home so I wasn't "thrilled". And the ice cream was just alright as well, it wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't my favourite part of the meal.
The place is cute but it's sooooo crowded, makes me think of a Vegan Shake Shack. I had a really long wait for my food though which turned out to be due to a bad buzzer so they ended up throwing out my food and having to remake it when I approached them about 35 mins later.

BUT despite all of that, I'd go back because the food was GREAT and the staff was really sweet. I hear they're opening more locations so hopefully that will help with crowd control


Cons: Crowded

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Not worth the trip or the money!!!! - Edit

Sorry, I am gonna tell you not to waste your time. This place is SO overhyped and not worth the trip. I was really excited about this place. My husband went without me one day when he was in the city and got a sandwich to go. The next time we were in the city, I wanted to check it out and he told me "don't bother....it's not very good and like cafeteria food". I didn't want to believe him. That day, we ended up at Blossom instead which was excellent. This evening we decided to stop in at By Chloe on Bleeker to get dessert. They had very little available and what we got was terrible. Cinnamon Espresso cookie was burnt and had a bad after taste. None of the really amazing sounding ice creams were available; just pumpkin. It was overpriced at $4 for what looked like a quarter of a cup of ice cream and tasteless. Sorry, but the fanfare is not in line with the actual product. This bothers me because there are so many wonderful little vegan places trying to get by, making much better food, and they aren't getting any of the hype this place has gotten. In NYC, Peace Cafe, Blossom, Candle, are all doing it right and By Chloe is junk by comparison. There's no exemption in my book for a bad product just because it's vegan. Don't waste your time or money. If you want incredible complex vegan desserts, try Sweet Maresa's amazing vegan macarons or Lagusta's Luscious chocolates. Those women are amazing vegan chef's creating outstanding delicious desserts and if they had even a quarter of the hype Chloe is getting, they'd be world famous.

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fabulous! - Edit

The only con is this place needs to be bigger! It's packed every time you go by. The good news is, they don't make the line last long. They're pretty quick with taking orders and getting your food out. Loved our soup and salad. The mac & cheese rocked!

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Great but chaotic - Edit

they offer absolutely tasty food with an excellent price/portion ratio. the only problem is the lack of seating compared with the number of customers they have. You really have to fight for a seat and could also wait long time with your plate in your hands before a chair becomes available.

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Super Yum One of Gotham Best Vegan - Edit

I am 3 months vegan and going strong and By Chloe may be one of the best Vegan places ever and has a clean bathroom to wash my hands.

By Chole Aoli sauce is so delicious I practically bathed in and asked to buy a bottle but they are not there yet I think that is in the near future.

I was intimidated by the crowd so I got my food to go but did get seating.

A young woman who clearly is in great shape cut in front of us claiming she thought there were two lines - I would have preferred her to say she felt entitled to cut everyone but she didn't and took advantage of the chaos I found overwhelming.

If there was more space I would have shopped until I dropped for books, Chole hats etc but there are so many people it was a bit much.

I can't wait for more By Chloe.

Pros: excellent customer service, cheerful , delicious

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Vegan Heaven - Edit

This is the first all vegan restaurant I have ever been to and my mind was blown! Busy but understandably so because my food was amazing and the two carnivores that accompanied me loved their vegan burgers and even said they would go back!

Pros: nice location , good food, friendly staff

Cons: little pricey, busy, limited seating

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fantastic - Edit

Oh. My. I just came here and it was wonderful. Here's what I got:
Whiskey BBQ sandwich: pretty yummy. The bread was toasted like a garlic bread and the sriram and mushrooms were nice and tender.
Cinnamon roll: this was the piece de resistance. So so so good. The best cinnamon roll I've even eaten, in fact. Gooey through and through. Apparently they only have it on the weekends.
Kale detox salad: I took this to go to eat on my plane ride later and it was soo good (even after 5 hours in my backpack)

The seating situation was atrocious but I won't blame them for being amazing and thus popular.

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Can I eat here every day please? - Edit

I love love love this place. The lines are long and it seems crowded but you get your food quickly and any wait is well worth it. The fries and dip are amazing. We got the pad thai salad and I could eat that all the timd5it was perfect. The apricot glazed tempeh, wontons, peanut dressing, all wonderful. The whiskey bbq burger is drool worthy. So flavorful. The pumpkin cupcake with maple frosting amd toasted marshmallows? No wonder Chloe won cupcake wars. Vegans will be so happy and non-vegans will lose doubts about our foods! :)

Pros: Delicious everything , Amazing cupcakes, All vegan!

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just the best burger ever - Edit

I have only one word to describe this place: perfect! Awesome burger and absolutely amazing raspberry tiramisu cupcake! Go there!!!! Nice location, smiling staff.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 30, 2015

Pros: food , atmosphere, food again

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Guac burger = Great - Edit

We went this past weekend and tried the guac burger, whiskey BBQ sandwich and air baked fries. The guac burger was excellent while the whiskey BBQ sandwich was good. The air baked fries were very good but unevenly browned and I wished they were overall more browned. My husband ordered a cocktail which was great and the bartender made something special for him since they were out of ginger beer. Food was inexpensive for the area which was a bonus! The place was packed so we ended up sitting on the hammock seats. I'd definitely return if we are in the area.

Pros: Inexpensive, Good food

Cons: Busy with no seating

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too tasty to be vegan! - Edit

most amazing NYC vegan burger hands down.

hate the space as it's not conducive to lines and waiting for your food but the food is so good you don't care.

Cons: bad layout for carry out

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yeeeees so good - Edit

This place is amazing. Great location, delicious food, and the prices are crazy cheap! We got the guac burger, Mac and cheese, kale and artichoke dip, and a pumpkin cupcake. The guac burger is one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had. The Mac and cheese features mushroom bacon...the best fake bacon I've ever had. I can't wait to visit again and try new menu items as the season changes. Warning- the line was long when we got there at 1:20 pm, by 2, it was so long people were standing outside. Allow plenty of time to dine here!

Pros: amazing food, great prices

Cons: long line

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Reeedonkulously good - Edit

We stumbled across this place while down near Bleecker St and didn't realize it was going to be a very popular place with a line out the door. There was no way we were going to score a seat so we did takeout. I got the guac burger and sweet potato fries and my boyfriend got the whiskey BBQ and a large Mac and cheese. Everything was amazing. We loved the beet ketchup and chipotle dipping sauces for the fries and my burger. And the Mac and Cheese with the shiitake mushroom bacon is the best Mac and cheese I've ever had at any vegan restaurant. Oh AND we got a raspberry tiramisu cupcake that was delicious. We would definitely go back despite the lines and the fact we aren't even close to being young and cool enough for this place.

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amazing! - Edit

super amazing vegan food ! chloe is an exceptional chef, many props to her. i also have one of her cookbooks yay. my boyfriend and i have visited this little joint many times and crave it all the time. we've had the avocado burger, mac n cheese (w/ extra bacon), pesto meatball sub, and lots of treats. all are super tasty. seriously, take a trip to by chloe!

Pros: flavor, friendly staff, gluten free options

Cons: sometimes no seating

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Yay Chloe! - Edit

I've had Chole's cookbooks for years, and am so happy she opened a restaurant. (Even if it's on the other side of the country from me.) And was even more thrilled to see how busy the restaurant was.... well, aside from no seating. We stopped by just for ice cream as we'd just eaten somewhere else. Ice cream was delicious, but comes in small little pre-packaged containers... not scoops like I imagined. I also got a couple cookies to go. I had to stop by the following day to grab a couple more delicious cookies and cupcakes. We didn't try anything other than dessert, but the menu looked good. Wish I was in town longer to try more things. The restaurant is adorable and is very near the college, so was packed both days we went. Hard to find seating, but the line moves decently fast.

Pros: Very cute inside, Fun menu, Delicious dessert choices

Cons: Sort of chaotic line to order / so busy, No seating, but glad she's so busy!

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new vegan! - Edit

By Chloe is a new vegan counter service restaurant in the college carousing area near NYU. The prices were pretty reasonable on the food, but the juice is ridiculously expensive. We got the artichoke kale dip (came with tortilla chips), the sweet potato fries (we asked for a mix but only got sweet potato), the pesto meatball sub, and the avocado smash burger. All were pretty good! Loved the vegan cheese on the sub. The burger patty was a little thin as compared to the bun it came on, but it was very tasty. Also really liked the beet ketchup and the chipotle aioli sauces. Yum!

Pros: juice not so reasonable

Cons: location, all vegan , reasonable prices

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Excellent fun food (and all vegan)! - Edit

I had the delicious creamy kale salad that was loaded with avocado and an amazing dressing. Also loved the mac and cheese. Creamy pasta shells with shiitake bacon! Will definitely go back and recommend to others.

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Awesome Wholesome Food - Edit

Order at counter, seating for about 35 available. Packaged take out from refrigerated grab and go shelves. Near Washington Square, has several unique veggie burgers and sandwiches, baked fries, 4 large salads, pastas(available GF), juices, teas, alcohol--familiar comfort food is all vegan! Casual atmosphere, big portions. Recently opened. Bacon flavored portabella accents were very good. Lunch and dinner now, brunch to be added.

Pros: delicious, healthy food, good portions, reasonable prices

Cons: crowded and noisy at peak hours

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Outstanding Offerings by Beloved Cupcake Warrior! - Edit

If I could give six or seven stars, I would. WOW! We came up from Philly to enjoy this fast-casual restaurant, the brainchild of my favorite vegan cookbook author, Chloe Coscarelli, who made national attention for becoming the first vegan to win Cupcake Wars, a mere three months after opening a baking business (mind you, she had already been an award-winning chef prior to this, but she was only 22 or 23 at the time). We were a vegan, a vegeterian and an omnivore, the latter two a professional cook and pastry chef at an upscale Philly restaurant. We devoured Chloe's signature guac burger and vegan mac-and-cheese with shiitake bacon and a ton of her desserts, including some banana bourbon ice cream I wish could have gone on forever. The food was exemplary. The burgers had a satisfying firmness and an intensely good taste, layering flavor after flavor. The other dishes were just as delectable. Our omnivore companion was just as enthusiasticly positive as we veg-heads. It's especially interesting to have eaten there after trying some of these recipes at home (it seems like all or most of her offerings have been published in Chloe's three cookbooks) and noting with satisfaction that you can actually recreate her dishes by following her simple and easy directions. I highly recommend this restaurant. We intentionally arrived a little before noon, anticipating the lunch crowd to be enthusiastic at a new, highly publicized new restaurant and were able to order with no problem. Although we were third in line, the friendly, efficient staff moved us through so that we didn't have to wait at all. Half an hour later, both the outdoor cafe and the stylishly picnic-y decored inner restaurant was 100 percent full, with others waiting patiently in line (they didn't have a long wait). We got to meet Chloe and in spite of being in the busiest stages of opening a new restaurant, she took the time to speak with us. Great person! Great place. You're depriving yourself if you don't eat there when in NYC's West Village.

Pros: Delicious and creative offerings, Reproduce many dishes via her cookbooks, Delightful Atmosphere

Cons: It's too far away from me!

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Non-vegs loved it! - Edit

Convinced my omnivorous family to go with me during a trip to NYC. They all loved it! It's definitely a winner in my book. We had the Classic Burger, Guac Burger, Mac 'n Cheese, Kale & Artichoke Dip, Taco Salad, and Regular Air Baked Fries. First time in a long time I've been able to try all of my family's dishes when we go out to eat! I don't think you can go wrong with anything on this menu. It was hard to choose because it all sounds exquisite.

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