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Serves meat, vegan options available. Burger house in Kampot which offers veggie and vegan options. Examples include a spiced black bean burger and O'Holy seitan burger, as well as seitan chicken wings and nuggets as specials. Open Mon-Sat 1:00pm-10:00pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by misterbrownstone


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06 Nov 2023

so tasty!!

such an amazing burger and the service was amazing!!! unfortunately they didn’t have the seitan burger or the crispy mushrooms but everything was so tasty! they also didn’t have the vegan cheese but they replaced that with jalapeños for me which was so tasty! i also loved that the vegan options weren’t any more expensive than the meat options!



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03 Nov 2023

Limited options and small portion

The burger was good, but small. On the menu they have three different burgers, but today they had no Seitan, and no vegan cheese, so only the beans burger was available. We wanted some fried mushrooms from the menu, but wasn't available neither. We had good onions rings instead.
Good place if you want a burger, but definitely not the best burger in Kampot


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25 Aug 2023

Really tasty at a great price

They had 3 vegan burger options, I went for the vegan single cheese burger, it was really good! The cheese slice was quite bland but the texture was definitely there, and the actual patty was really good. At $5.50 including drink and chips I was very happy, I would say some might find the portions on the small side though.

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Pros: Options, Inexpensive, Tasty

Cons: Slightly small portion


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17 May 2023

Tasty burger meals at a great price

Really convenient and tasty burger meals with vegan chicken and vegan hamburger patties. These were really delicious, and the vibe in the restaurant was great. Meals were reasonably priced too!

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11 Apr 2023

Tasty burgers

We got all three burgers and two portions of chips between two of us (was quite a lot) delivered. Enjoyed each burger

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25 Mar 2023


Tasty vegan cheeseburger and nice atmosphere!


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21 Mar 2023

Good vegan options

3 vegan burgers and 3 side options (was out of onion rings and battered mushrooms when we went). Both the seitan burger and cheeseburger was delicious. Very reasonable prices and super friendly staff 🥰


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14 Mar 2023

Nice options

Nice to have 3 vegan burgers to choose from. Friendly staff. Small portions.

Pros: Seitan

Cons: Pricey, Few fries


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09 Feb 2023

Good burgers but overall disappointing

Whilst the black bean burger and cheeseburger were really good, the portions were small and the service was lacking.
Also the seitan burger and onion rings aren't served in this restaurant despite being on the menu, it's only in their sister site in Phnom Penh.
Doesnt accept 50 or 100 dollar bills, the first place we've come across that doesn't


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16 Dec 2022

Nice but pricey

A bit pricey ($5usd for burger chips and a drink) but to be expected with western food in Asia, and hits the spot if western comfort food is what you are craving. The portions are not big and I was hungry after eating my meal. That being said both burgers ( black bean and plant based burger) were tasty. They also had a seitan burger but it was unfortunately out of stock. Also has onion rings.


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26 Nov 2022

Fine but pricy

The burger was ok and the fries too. A bit cheap on the filling in the burger and almost no fries in the plate. Wouldn't go again

Pros: 3 vegan options


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14 Apr 2022

3 Different vegan burgers

Nice to see a selection of vegan burgers on offer! The seitan burger was really tasty. You can get a burger, fries and drink for $5. My only complaint would be the small portion of fries!


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10 Feb 2022

Three vegan burgers on the menu

I wish I could take this place back home with me - not just one but 3 (three!) vegan burgers on the menu! I tried them all, the unbelieve-a-burger probably being my favourite, followed by the bean burger. Half of the Seitan burger was over cooked and dry. Massively recommended! 😛

Pros: Three vegan burgers on the menu


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26 Nov 2021

Great Fast food

If you fancy some burgers, burgershack is the place to go in Kampot, they have delicious options for vegans, I used to take the one with bean patty, yumyum! :)


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10 Jan 2021

Amazing vegan burger in town!

It is definitely my favourite vegan burger in town. They have three alternatives of which the Seitan burger with vegan mayo got me! The staff is very friendly and I come here regularly. If you like burgers, they are definitely your choice.

Pros: Delicious vegan burgers, Very friendly staff, Keep adding vegan alternatives

Cons: Serves animal food, Odd opening times


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07 Dec 2019

Good seitan burger, but little options

The Seitan Burger is good, but they only have it as a special. The Black Bean Burger is okay, had better ones. The Store advertise a lot with meat-quotes and sexist quotes, not funny at all.

Pros: good seitan burger , good price

Cons: sexist quotes everywhere, limited options


07 Dec 2019

Hey Guys, as mentioned before the seitan burger ISN'T a special. We always have the seitan burger available its just we ADD on specials. Our basic seitan burger is always on the menu, this Monday (which is our special burgers night we did a KFC makeover seitan burger with vegan mayonnaise which we made for you guys, not on a monday). Is fillyourhole the part you are offended with? It's a play on words, in England its a common saying to say, 'im going to go fill my hole.'
I'm not entirely sure who its sexist towards, apologies if this offends you. I'm glad overall you liked the food but the vibe wasn't for you. Safe travels


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19 Nov 2019

cool place!

the guys who work here have a great energy and always serve a free side of banter and good vibes!
Go for the bean burger or the seitan burger if they have it in stock
Check out their sister-restaurant next door - Grab'n'Go selling subway style sandwiches, they usually have seitan and vegan options in stock!
Burgershack also have a larger branch in Phnom Penh fully equipped with a bar and large team


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23 May 2019


The blackbean burger was decent. I had the combo deal which included chips and a beer/ soft drink for $5.50 so an ok price too.


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27 Apr 2019

Decent but could be better

Burger here was very nice but the chips felt reheated and very salty. No offer of sauces from staff, drinks menu limited and no WiFi. And quite expensive.


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02 Apr 2019

Vegan options

This is a meat restaurant, but the staff is conscious about veganism and helps to pick vegan options. They do vegan specials off the main menu, like a seitan burger or nuggets. Onion rings and quacamole were a great snack for 2$ 0.75$. Very friendly staff, the place has a great vibe.

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