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Serves meat, vegan options available. Walk-up window offering a menu of vegan burgers and fries plus tofu nuggets and milkshakes. Picnic table seating in Chinatown's Central Plaza. Previously vegan but added meat to the menu January 2023. Open Tue-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by anastronomy


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05 Feb 2023

Animal Products Added Back to Menu

Absolutely disappointed. After raving about this place for years, sending & bringing countless people here, Burgerlords has decided to add animal products back onto their menu. This used to be my favorite burger spot in Los Angeles & now I'm not sure if I'll ever go back. Feels like betrayal, regardless of their reasonings.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-05

Pros: Great house-made vegan burger

Cons: Added animal products back to the menu



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29 Jan 2023

Now serving animals and dairy because vegan wasn’t profitable enough for them :(

Please stop serving animals as food.

Cons: Selling animal products again, no longer vegan


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28 Jan 2023

Back to serving animals

They originally were a meat w/ vegan option spot, but made the full vegan switch a few years ago. The owners say they lost 50% of revenue in doing so and haven't recovered, so now they're reverting back to a meat w/ vegan option establishment.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-28

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Back to serving animals , Parking


29 Jan 2023

You can now give them one star because they are no longer a vegan restaurant. When they were listed as a vegan restaurant the lowest you could give was 2 stars.


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15 Jan 2023

Perfect vegan burger

So yum!! Great milkshakes too


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11 Jan 2023

Favorite burger

This is hands down the best homemade patty ever!! No one else competes. It’s the upgraded better version of in-n-out w their lord of the fries! Also the strawberry tahini shake is my favorite ❤️ Happy that they are all vegan.

Pros: Best burger , Lord of the fries , Tahini shakes


29 Jan 2023


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28 Nov 2022

Them Nuggets Tho!

There is something about how Burgerlords does their burger patty that is just sensational. I tasted maybe yams, onions... beans? Iono, but it was such an amazing mix with great seasoning that really gave me a tasty veggie burger vibes.

Mixed that in together with all their fantastic burger fixings including the "2000 island dressing," lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions... wowza, it was fantastic. Absolutely delicious burger to fill my needs.

In addition, their Fried Tofu Nuggets ($7) were out of this world good. It comes in a small pack of four but the way that the nuggets were made was simply magnifique. The outer breaded coating tasted just like fast food chicken nuggets and the firm tofu consistency was impressive. Dip that with their vegan dressings and it was yet another win.

Loved Burgerlords! I'm so glad that Chinatown has some great plant based dining options now and what an impressive showing from our lords here.

Pros: Amazing house burger and nuggets


29 Jan 2023

They no longer are a vegan establishment- back to serving animals


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15 Jun 2022

Great burgers!

Stumbled upon them by accident, but what a happy one! Great cheeseburgers, also on the cheap end


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22 Feb 2022

Best House-Made Burger

Their burger patty can’t be beat. Best I’ve ever had.

Their weekend breakfast burrito is amazing. The Brain Dead collaboration burger is incredible.

The flavor of the milkshake is perfect. Not too sweet.

The yellow pepper sauce is super hot and a high recommend.

Take your food and eat at the LA Historic State Park just a few minutes away.


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04 May 2021

Hands down best vegan burger in the city.

Burgerlords makes their own patties and they’re divine (they also have a “beefy” option for those who prefer it). They’ve perfected the classic California style burger with the spongey bun, sauce, and all the toppings. This is the only place where I’ll eat veggie burgers now because I’ve been disappointed everywhere else.

Pros: Affordable, Outdoor seating


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Mostly Veg
20 Apr 2021


I absolutely love that they make their very own patties! I'm so sick of beyond and impossible burgers. Oreo shake tasted different then the first time I had it a few years ago, but wasn't bad. This should definitely be one of your stops if your close by! And don't forget to place your order online first, you can't order at the window.

Pros: All vegan , Makes own patties


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26 Mar 2021

Pretty good all around

We got the lord of the fries (animal style), cheeseburger, sourdough garlic melt, and oreo shake. The burger was pretty good, but the party melt was excellent! Fries and shake were also very good. The shake was made with tahini, which was pretty interesting. Prices weren't too bad, like $8 for the burger, $10 for the melt.

Pros: Good food , All vegan

Cons: Garlic melt was a little oily


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11 Oct 2020

Best Vegan Burger in LA

This vegan burger is one of the best I’ve ever had. They make it in house from scratch and it’s perfection. Plus their 2000 Island sauce is tasty.

Pros: All vegan now!, Great variety

Cons: Open 12-6 Thursday-Sunday for COVID


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18 Sep 2020

Its officially all vegan!

I would come here when it wasnt all vegan so the fact that they transitionedto 100% plant based makes me sooo happy! I have to say though the highlight of this place is their shakes!


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12 Aug 2020

Lord of the fries

The lord of the fries (animal style fries) are incredible!!! The burger was tasty but could have more flavor


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04 Mar 2020

Full Flavors & Filling

Great food - the vegan burger is house made and doesn’t try to imitate meat, way better than just an Impossible/Beyond burger 🙌. The tofu nuggets are good, and the Fancy Ranch has a strong, fresh dill flavor. The fries/Lord of the Fries complete the meal. The vegan shakes are filling and delicious- a strong taste of sesame makes them unique. Nice to have a quick, complete meal in a great location.

Pros: Well priced, Clearly labeled vegan options on menu, Fast Service


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13 Jun 2019

not that great

The vegan burger has no taste the cheese is good the shakes are awesome the Lord of the fries if great.. but the burger is not good needs flavor. Also check your order cuz they will charge you for lord of the fries and give you regular fries.. double check your order, this has happened to me a few times now I learned, truth be told I only go there for the shake and fries. I havnt tried the tofu nuggests so cant comment on that.

Pros: Pro - Vegan alternative

Cons: Con - Burger is not that good, Con- double check your meal if you order take out


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02 Jun 2019


Maybe I’m spoiled by the impossible burger, but this burger wasn’t good at all. It fell apart, and just had a weird taste to it. Fries were good, and the milk shake was great.

Pros: Fries , Milk shake

Cons: Burger wasn’t that good.


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03 May 2019

Worth it

Great vegan “cheeseburger” and animal style fries (a la In N Out)! Absolutely delicious and decadent. Definitely a treat


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14 Apr 2019

Divine vegan burger and shake

I had the vegan double cheese burger, fries, and a vegan chocolate shake! Everything was unbelievably slap your mamma good! Please don’t slap anyone, but the burger looked to be made from scratch with quality ingredients, not processed vegan food stuff. The shoestring fries were perfect and seasoned well. The chocolate shake was out of this world smooth and delicious. I had to double check it was vegan. Can’t wait to go back. Nice little treat.

Pros: Homemade vegan burger patties with real plants, Vegan shake that tasted like the real thing , Shoestring cut fries

Cons: A little pricey


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20 Mar 2019

Has a Vegan menu

Best burger I’ve ever had! Owners are Vegan more vegan options then none vegan ones almost!

Pros: Amazing , Good prices, Fast


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13 Mar 2019

Good burger!

I have relatives that simply won’t go to all vegan places, so I don’t push it. That’s when I need excellent options like this! I loved the vegan shake options and the fries are super delicious.

Pros: Offers vegan shakes!

Cons: Limited parking/street parking , Small outdoor seating only, No public bathroom


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03 Jun 2018

More vegan items added

Came to Burgerlords the first time for their vegan burgers which are really good. Now they’ve added vegan milkshakes and tofu nuggets which are also amazing. Good place to come with your non-vegan friends so you can talk them into trying the vegan options available here!


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15 Jan 2018

Great Burgers for Herbivores & Omnivores

Great place to get a great double cheeseburger Vegan or regular. The Lord of the Fries animal style fries are also excellent and it’s hard to tell the difference between the vegan version and the regular version. The vegan burger has great flavor But softer than other Plant Based options I’ve had. Still this place is worth stopping by if your doing anything near downtown


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15 Oct 2017

Great vegan burgers!!

Burgerlords is awesome! They don’t have a huge selection for vegans, just two burgers, but they are so good! Definitely worth a visit for the food here! They also have a vegan option of their Lord of the Fries, which has vegan thousand island and onions over fries. I will definitely be visiting here again and again!

Pros: Reasonably priced, Great vegan burger

Cons: No public restrooms, Small outdoor eating area


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15 Oct 2017

vegan burgers

Been here a couple of times now, the vegan burgers and the vegan lord of the fries are delicious and not a bad price.


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24 Sep 2017

Best Vegan Burger!

This place was so good! I would compare it to a vegan in n out! They even have vegan thousand island!! They also have animal style fries, which can also be made vegan!!! 😍


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04 Sep 2017


Burgerlords offer a vegan cheeze burger and a DOUBLE vegan cheeze burger! My burger came loaded with lettuce, cheeze, tomato, onion, and special sauce. As far as veggie burgers go it wasn't bad at all!

Pros: Large portions

Cons: Outdoor seating only

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