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Serves meat, vegan options available. Burger restaurant that offers vegan patty options including the impossible burger. Has vegan cheese and mayo, mylkshake with whipped cream. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by michelle_lynne14


Points +118

23 Jan 2023

Great Burger

Stopped by after touring PNC Park close by. I had the Impossible Burger & my wife tried the Veggie Pattie. We were both really impressed with all the options when building your own burger. Also don’t skip on the milkshakes!

Pros: Tasty, Vegan Friendly



Points +191

04 Sep 2022

Milkshakes are worth it

I mainly go for the vegan milkshakes! They have 4 flavors and the strawberry & chocolate are both very good! The customizable burgers are good too and they have unique toppings you typically don’t find everywhere. Fries are an up charge and overall it’s a bit on the pricier side.

Pros: Milkshake options

Cons: Pricey


Points +67

25 Jul 2022

Tasty burger and fairly quick service considering all the people getting dinner.

Had dinner with my family before a Pirates game and the food/service was good.


Points +640

09 Jul 2022

Delicious Burger!

The staff is very knowledgeable about what is vegan and what is not at the restaurant. I like that you can customize your burger. They sell veggie burgers and Impossible burgers. They have a soy based milkshake, but I didn't order it.

Pros: Decent amount of vegan options , Knowledgeable staff!, Delicious


Points +1812

20 Aug 2021

Great option near the stadiums

Impossible burger really well done, vegan cheese option, waiters knowledgeable about what’s vegan and not

Vegan shake was only ok


Points +84

16 Apr 2021

Amazing burger!

I loved eating and ordering food from here. Their online order made it so easy to make sure everything I ate was dairy and egg free. So many toppings and sauces to choose from!

Pros: BIG burger, Easy to be vegan

Cons: Near the stadium


Points +90

15 Mar 2021


I had a vegan burger and a vegan chocolate milkshake. The burger came with Daiya cheese, which I don’t like, but I should have paid more attention and ordered without. The burger was really good, and the milkshake was amazing!

Cons: A bit expensive


Points +176

20 Sep 2020

Impossible burger & vegan cheese!

Perfect place to grab a bite to eat, even with others who aren’t vegan/vegetarian. I was so happy that they had vegan cheddar and lots of options for vegans, including vegan milkshakes. I would definitely go back 😊 a little pricey but worth the money.


Points +18

30 Jun 2019

Yay to Vegan Burgers!

The Burgatory is great! They offer the impossible burger and many sauces and sides for vegans. I got the impossible burger with a Cajun rub with on a local grain bun (because the brioche bun is not vegan) topped with spinach, tomato, avocado, pickles and bourbon bbq. Their herb &sea salt fries are vegan as well but if you don’t want fries you can get a quinoa salad.

They ask have a section in their desserts “for our vegan friends” that offer vegan milkshakes!

Of course it’s a meat-lovers restaurant but my boyfriend didn’t like his beef burger (it was burnt) so I wouldn’t recommend unless you want a great vegan burger in Pittsburg!

Pros: Big burgers, Great side portions, Many sauce options

Cons: Burgers can be over cooked sometimes


Points +524

17 Jun 2019

Perfect for veg burger lovers

For the most part, my family includes a bunch of meat lovers, so my becoming vegan created a problem when going out to eat with them. Enter Burgatory. The times I was there, they only had one veggie burger, called the Phat Pattie, and you had to ask for it with vegan cheddar instead of smoked Gouda. I've had a lot of vegan burgers since then, some good, some bad - the Phat Pattie wasn't my favorite, but I still really enjoyed it and would definitely go again the next time I'm in Pittsburgh with my family, especially if they now have the Impossible Burger.

Pros: Vegan options, Knowledgeable staff


Points +267

03 Jun 2019

Delicious burgers and shakes

Impossible Burger was really well prepared. Vegan milkshakes were a nice surprise and delicious

Pros: Knowledgeable staff


Points +79

23 Apr 2019


They have some vegan burger and milkshake options. The vegan veggie burger kinda fell apart but you can also choose the impossible burger or the other vegan burger option. There is also vegan cheese available. The waitress was really amazing and knew all of the options. Highly recommend!

Pros: Vegan options , Good service

Cons: Expensive


Points +1142

08 Apr 2019

Great place

5 Stars!! I was so pleased to find the Impossible Burger at this place while I was traveling. The cooks were obviously properly trained on how to make this correctly. I have been here a few times and it is always delicious!! The "milk"shakes are out of this world, complete with vegan whipped cream!!!! they have vegan cheese, vegan mayo, etc.... the staff seems to know what is ok and not for vegans so don't be afraid to ask!! I love stopping here when i'm in PA!

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-25

Pros: 2 vegan burgers, impossible burger, lots of condiments


Points +22

16 Jan 2019

Great burger and shakes!

Tried the Impossible Burger- very tasty. The chips are vegan but the waiter noted that the fries are fried in the same oil as the chicken fingers so they are not vegan. The vanilla and strawberry vegan shakes are delicious! The vanilla shake is very thick. Will definitely order again!


Points +390

18 Dec 2018

Good when you're dining with meat eaters

I had pretty low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised. They offer a homemade vegan burger, in addition to the Impossible Burger. Two buns are vegan (potato and the local grain bun). They even have vegan mayo (not listed on the menu, but ask your server). AND they even have vegan milkshakes, complete with whipped cream. The strawberry milkshake was very good, though the whipped cream was average. The burger was delicious, as were the fries. I would go again.

Pros: More options than you would think

Cons: You will see and smell lots of meat


Points +41

15 Nov 2018

Best burger ever!!

Went here because it was close to Stage AE where I was seeing a concert. Only had about 45 min to spare and they had my food out in less than 15 minutes. Obviously I ordered the impossible burger and what they say is true, it tasted different and more scarily real than any other veggie burger I’ve tried. It was a bit mushy though so some of it splatted out the other end. Which didn’t really bother me but maybe ask them to have it well done?


Points +100

12 Nov 2018


I ordered the Impossible burger and it was so red and undercooked that I had to trash it. I removed the bun and it was completely red as if it wasn’t even heated. I’ve eaten the Impossible burger all around the country and this was the worst one by far. I can’t recommend this place.

Cons: Food wasn’t cooked/heated


Points +24

02 Aug 2018

Great selection for vegans

Every time I go to Burgatory, I start off with a vegan peanut butter milkshake and I get the Impossible Burger in a lettuce wrap as my main course. I always get the quinoa salad as a side, which can easily be made vegan by asking for no cheese. Whenever I visit Burgatory, I am told differently every time which buns are vegan, so I just stick to a lettuce wrap which is still super delicious.

Pros: Great vegan burger options, Delicious vegan shakes

Cons: Not clearly labeled on menu


Points +1015

24 Jul 2018

Awesome options

I had a great experience at this place! I was walking around downtown Pittsburgh with my vegan partner and we were trying to figure out where to eat...the last place we’d think to look is a place called Burgatory! But we’re so glad we tried it. The staff was super nice and very good at explaining the ingredients in everything (if you have allergies like my partner). We got a custom burger and a milkshake, and both were DELICIOUS!!! Please support this place so that they continue to expand their vegan options.

Pros: Yummy junk food, Lots of options, Great service/atmosphere


Points +152

23 Jul 2018

Impossible Burger

I can't speak of eating at the restaurant only the I Burger and sides as I had it delivered to my hotel.

I've been wanting to see what this thing was like, and yes I know how it is made. Obviously in a perfect world McDonalds would sell nothing but plant burgers but that isn't going to happen ever so we do the best we can.

So all I will say in IMHO it lives up to it's name. If you wanted your best shot at bringing a hamburger lover over from the dark side this could do it. Very much like a meat burger in taste and texture. Obviously if you never ate or liked HB's this wouldn't impress you.

I also order a side of potato salad and cole slaw that were very good. No eggs in the potato salad but probably some dairy in the slaw sauce though it wasn't gooey.

So if you were traveling to Pittsburgh, as I was, or a local and you want to this out I can recommend it, assuming you liked burgers.

Again I can't speak for eating there and given the heavy meat menu not sure the atmosphere would be what I would prefer.

Pros: If you like(d) meat burgers, try Impossible Burger


Points +1254

09 Jul 2018


Went to Burgatory at Waterworks to make the Impossible possible... I loved it for what it was. Our server was cool and made multiple trips to the kitchen asking which items were vegan. We dined with an old friend and they had a great time, thusly we had a great time, so that's rad 💚 I wouldn't go back to get it again though, a one-time fling / one-night stand w/ a randy vegan *down to eat*. My wife and I are very much aware of all the controversy surrounding this burger and made an adult decision to check it out from an informed position of curiosity. She didn't dig it, but I loved it. What a burger!

Pros: Impossible Burger

Cons: Everything else in the place - so. much. meat.

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