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Serves meat, vegan options available. Buffet with two stalls: one with meat and egg and the other is vegan with dishes made up of tofu, veggies, and rice paper rolls. Fill your plate for a fixed price and owners will heat it up. If you ask to grill items, they may be cooked on same grill as meat. Has Communal seating. Reported closed October 2022.

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07 Oct 2022

Not available anymore

I visited the night market in the past to eat but the veg buffet does not exist anymore. Checked all around even in the alleyways.



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05 Mar 2022

Closed as of March 2022

Spoke with other vendors in the market and it has been closed for some time now.


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03 Feb 2020

Budget friendly & lots of choice

There’s two veggie buffets at the night market, this one is located in the street food alleyway off Sisavangvong Rd - mostly vegan but some eggs and costs 20,000 kip per plate. The other buffet is on the main road of the night market - fully vegan and costs 15,000 kip per plate (listed on HC as “Hmong Night Market”).

Was easy to find, the map marker is correct and you can also find it on Google Maps as “Veggie Buffet”. The buffet is halfway down the alleyway, surrounded by gross BBQ meat stalls which could be too off-putting for some. It gets really crowded but there’s a decent amount of tables and benches, with spots freeing up pretty quickly.

The buffet is 20k for as much as you can fit on a plate/bowl and has about 30 dishes to choose from. I asked the lady on our first visit if anything had egg and she said no, all vegan - however on the second night they did have fried eggs as a dish so I suppose it changes (or she didn’t fully understand). I also avoided the yellow noodles just in case as I’m not 100% sure if they contain egg or not. Tons of variety - different types of noodles, plain or fried rice, stir fried veggies, fresh or fried spring rolls, curried potatoes, baguettes, mock prawn crackers, deep fried veg fritters and fried bananas, fresh fruit, etc. Plus if you’re still keen for dessert afterwards, there are coconut pancake stalls on the main road as you leave the alleyway :)

The food was all stone cold but tasted fine. Would be much nicer if it were hot, they do have a wok at the end of the table so maybe they’d reheat it if you asked, but I think they use that wok for the meat stall next door so not the most appealing. Still, it’s great value for money especially in a touristy place like Luang Prabang where restaurant options are quite expensive.

Pros: cheap vegan option, can load up a huge plate if you’re hungry, fun street food experience

Cons: located in a dirty smoky alleyway, crowded, food is cold and not the tastiest


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27 Jan 2020

Cheap and good vegan buffet

You can fill your plate with vegan and vegetarian different dishes for 20,000 kip. Not super delicious or special but with that price it is really good.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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21 Jan 2020

Vegan Buffet

There are TWO veggie buffets in the market. One is in the busy side street, which is not vegan. And the other on the corner of Ban Pakham, that THIS review is for. This buffet is only 15,000 kip to fill your plate. The guy will then heat it all in the wok, or you can have it cold. He has a lovely selection of dishes, very tasty and filling. There is seating and he sells drinks too. Don't confuse him with the other buffet.

Pros: Cheap eats, Fill your plate, Away from the busy eateries


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19 Jan 2020

Very inexpensive but not that tasty

Great value for a lot of not so tasty food. I recommend trying it at least once, but not sure if I would recommend more than that.


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16 Jan 2020

Rustic Laotian cuisine

It's a shame this is the only pure veg place in Luang Prabang, the city could use more of them and some pure vegan options. Vegans beware, the rice dish had small amounts of egg in it.

It's very good value for money, stuff your plate once for 20,000 kip. Unfortunately it's stuck in a very narrow crowded market space, making it very difficult to get to everything. The seating and crowded location make it rather unpleasant and you don't want to linger around.

The food is fair rustic laotian food, mostly cold, including the noodle and rice dishes. It has limited sauces, though the lime, sugar and chilli sauce could be worse and sweeter. The fake prawn crackers and fresh spring rolls were the highlight, though I'm not really a fan of buffets and over all it's adequate and cheap but not something I'd want to return to.

Pros: very good value for money

Cons: terrible location, crowded uncomfortable seating, mostly cold food and lack of sauces.


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12 Jan 2020

Cheap and good

Vegan buffet. The food is cheap and it's tasty. I don't ask for more. I've been there 4 times it became my routine here in Luang Prabang.
The guy will make your food warm in a wok.

Pros: Large variety of food, Tasty, Cheap

Cons: A bit too oily maybe like everywhere in Asia


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27 Nov 2019

good value for the price

We got there at 6 but all the food was pretty cold by then, so don’t expect warm food. Really decent for the price but nothing to write home about.


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13 Nov 2019

Cheap & good

Really cheap and just good! In some dishes is egg so ask on beforehand! For a cheap vegan meal this is the best place in town. Don't go to late!

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Ask for vegan dishes


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10 Nov 2019

Changed for the worse?

I went to this place expecting great things but left a bit disappointed. I really don't think it's vegan, the tofu looks like egg tofu but you'd need to speak Laotian to check.

The food was mainly rice, noodles, pasta and potatoes with few vegetables. All cold, overcooked, greasy.

For Luang Prabang it's still fairly cheap, but in my view the food was poor value for money.

Pros: Cheap for the town , Most food looks vegan

Cons: Cold, greasy food , Mainly carbs, Possibly egg tofu


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26 Oct 2019

Fantastic buffet!!!

Tons of options, including some with sauces. Can definitely fill yourself up (and more) with the one plate.


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19 Oct 2019


If you Google map search veggie buffet, that's the one. Tons of options. 20,000 kip per plate. All delicious.


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13 Oct 2019

Cheapest Vegan Buffet

This buffet is located away from the food 8 on the night market. It has good variety and you can eat a full plate for 15000kip.

Pros: Cheap, Everything is vegan


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01 Oct 2019

Good value

People seem to be going to the wrong buffet. This buffet is further into the market and not close to any other food places. It states “vegan and vegetarian” buffet on the sign. It’s good value for money, seems fresher and is better than the other veggie buffet listed on happy cow at the night market too.


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27 Aug 2019


Cheap and good, but not exceptional!


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10 Aug 2019

Cheap and tasty

The perfect spot if you’re trying to eat cheap and sample some Laotian street food. Really loved the variety and that it was around $1.50 for as much as you could fill your bowl with ❤️


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28 Jul 2019


Lovely food, for even better price! Be careful tho and ask as some dishes have egg in it.


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07 Jul 2019

Good on a budget

The food here is insanely cheap for Luang Prabang, 15k Kip for a bowl of food that you can fill up as high as you want. Deffo good to save money on food in the evenings . But the food itself is meh, very oily and some of it a little bland (the curries have the best flavour). It’s also not heated, it’s put in bowls out to display for the duration of the night market so is a little lukewarm and not the most hygienic. But all in all it’s good for getting a cheap filling meal.


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23 Jun 2019

Good value

15k kip for a bowl of food. Had 20 options when I visited. Dishes were quite similar and not that flavourful.

Cheep food that doesn't taste bad!

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Food is open to flys


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30 May 2019

Food was okay but good value

The buffet is huge and all vegan so there are loads of options and really cheap (15k kip). The food however isn’t fresh and I’ve seen it be saved into bags for the next day which isn’t nice when it’s been sitting there all night. Food was okay, nothing special and I know a lot of people that got ill after eating it (I didn’t though). Wouldn’t go back because there are loads of better options around.

Pros: So many vegan dishes to try , All vegan , So cheap

Cons: Not fresh , Mediocre taste , Made some people ill


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27 May 2019

Amazing !!

The most incredible vegan / vegetarian buffet I’ve ever been to! So much choice, such nice staff and the most amazing choices of food. One of the most popular food stalls on the market

Pros: Lots of different options, Super cheap, Everything is delicious

Cons: Nothing’s labelled so not clear what it all is


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23 May 2019

Not the best

Food was OK. It is the only vegan thing around apparently so I had no other options.
The lady at my hotel told me not to eat there or I'll get food poisoning.. So that will be fun if it happens...


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25 Apr 2019

Glad this buffet exists

As many of us probably, this place soon became our regular place for dinner in town. Great serve it yourself buffet, wide selection, I particularly loved the yellow rice.
I would recommend to have your food cold. You can warm it up if you want, just ask, but the greasy pan makes your meal too heavy. I felt better and enjoyed it more cold.

Pros: Cheap and delicious , Nice simple atmosphere close to the market, Lots of options


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03 Apr 2019

Nice vegan food, many options

Great food, many options! Price was also low. Only problem was the nightmarket traffic, but its bearable.

Pros: All vegan!


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24 Mar 2019

Vegan Buffet

I like this place and have eaten here most nights as it is convenient and cheap.. However, the selection is quite blandly flavoured and also repetitive with the same dishes offered day after day.. It would be nice to see at least one spicy or curried dish on offer as the sweet chili sauce is not of particular interest, the only other option being the wet chili paste which is more of a noodle soup condiment..
Also check your beer prices before ordering as I have been charged 10000 and 15000 for a small Beerlao on different days...

Pros: Cheap and Cheerful, Easy to find

Cons: Bench seating and tables in need of an update., Twatpackers


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12 Mar 2019

Issues with location

I can’t comment on the food since I couldn’t eat; I want to warn about the location. I found the place but lost my appetite by the time I got there. You have to pass through a tiny dingy street filled with food. Except this stall the street is filled with meat. I went there with a friend who isn’t vegetarian but neither were able to eat there. I don’t expect great ambience with street food but am totally uncomfortable eating with so much street meat around me.

Cons: Location


17 Mar 2019

It seems you went to the other one that is in the street food area under the tent. That one didn't have the sign vegan and its one side meat, one side veggie plus surrounded by lots of meat stalls. The pure one is still in the market street where have lots of other cloths/hand crafts street (he is the only one sells food, don't know how he is been placed but good for him and vegans) . It's close to the temple, look for the photo above with big sign Vegetarian/vegan buffet. It's really pleasant, outdoor sitting and no meat around. Plus the guy will heat up your food in the wok. A great value and good location.

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