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First Review by dontbedaft

Best. Sandwiches. Ever - Edit

Thanks to the Whichside podcast dudes for recommending this place to us on our recent trip through Salt Lake City.
This place is fast, affordable, and delicious! It's a walk up location and there is no seating, but it's worth it.
We had the cheese steak, and the pizza steak sandwich with extra seitan. They give you a generous side order, so get it! It's worth the extra few bucks because you can easily make two meals out of one sandwich.
The flavors were perfect comfort food, the bread was some of the best I've ever had, the cashew cheese on point! Coming from a vegan cheese maker, I can attribute to their greatness! Get the zucchini cookie too!
I'm grateful for Buds, and proud to support these amazing humans.
Want to open a second location in Portland? I'll work for you. :D

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Very nice Sandwich - Edit

A very nice sandwich, with good service and prices. The staff are friendly and helpful. There is no indoor seating--so take away only during bad weather. I had the Vegan Chicken Pesto sandwich and I recommend it.

Pros: Good Sandwich , Pleasant Staff, Reasonable Prices

Cons: No indoor seating--outdoor seating

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my bud, buds. - Edit

AMAZING FOOD! Had my non vegan coworkers get food from here and they loved it too. They said it's better than any sandwiches they get. And I agree love the food here they make their jackfruit perfect. And the pesto chicken is amazing. And the price is perfect for the food you get. I couldn't say enough good about this place.

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just okay - Edit

Ate here while on vacation. I had the Barbacoa wrap. It seemed like one of those sandwiches you expect your stoned college roommate to come up with - random ingredients thrown together on a roll. It wasn't awful but I won't go out of my way to return to Budz on my next trip to SLC.

Pros: cheap, large portion

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As advertised. Fab sandwiches - Edit

Hot, squishy sandwiches on sour dough roll or tortilla wrap. Outdoor tables x3 under shade trees. Nothing fancy, just a great sandwich experience without the "hold the cheese, mayo" yada yada.

Pros: sandwich variety , fast, almost immediate service

Cons: chocolate chip cookie dry, lacking depth of flavor

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Better vegan food than Portland, OR! - Edit

This restaurant is so delicious, my non vegan boyfriend says it's the best sandwhich he's had, and I loved it too. He had the barbacoa and I had the cheese steak. Service was great, also inexpensive. Portland, my home town, prides themselves on vegan options and I haven't had any sandwiches this good at home!

Pros: inexpensive , Delicious

Cons: No bathroom, only outside seating.

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Great Lunch Place! - Edit

The BBQ jackfruit wrap is out of the world! I can't ever get anything else because I just keep getting this. It is a real treat. Highly recommend. My mom who is not vegan and a super picky eater got the spinach salad and chips and salsa, haha, nothing scary there...

Pros: Nice outdoor seating, Friendly staff, Great food

Cons: Can get crowded - because its so good!, Weather can be an issue/no indoor option

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amazing vegan lunch on the run - Edit

Holy monkeys batman. Just delicious.
Total sandwich, chips, drink place - but vegan!!!
I like that you can choose between a wrap or a roll. The barbacoa is just pure amazing - they added ginger to the recipe, so good. Since there is no inside, just window pick up, I like that they have a wide overhang and radiant heater (during winter).
Staff was very nice and I like using the iPad for orders. Parking is pretty good too.

Pros: pure deliciousness, fair prices, variety of options

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I went here a while ago and tried the buffalo, the barbacoa, and the philly cheese steak (shared with people, there is no way you could eat three as they're huge subs). All of them were so good I'm STILL thinking about them and planning my next visit. My boyfriend who eats meat loves them too. The only seating is outdoor so go on a nice day or plan to get take out!

I recommend the buffalo and the cookies are good too!


Cons: addictive, no indoor seating ):

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Cheap, easy, and delicious - Edit

I love the idea of a vegan sandwich shop…I tried the Barbacoa sandwich in a wrap which had shredded jackfruit, black beans, guacamole, barbecue sauce, ginger sour cream, and shredded cabbage. It was amazing. Honestly, I wanted to try all the sandwiches as they all looked delicious. I highly recommend if you would like delicious food for a good price!

Pros: delicious, easy, cheap

Cons: it is not fancy, so not for all

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Excellent - Edit

I've only eaten here once, but what I got was amazing! I ordered the taco salad with jackfruit, wow! Such an impressive dish, so amazing, would love to go back!

Pros: Amazing food

Cons: Seating can get a little squishy

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delicious and filling - Edit

So glad we drove into SLC for sandwiches here. So darn good!! Made with love and great ingredients. we had the pesto and the BBQ sandwich. Amazing. The BBQ was spicy and creamy - mmmm have missed this since becoming vegan. The sandwiches are big btw - so bring an appetite.

Pros: big healthy portions , delicious , nice to sit at big picnic tables family style :)

Cons: wish there was one in park city :)

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Fantastic. try the salads - Edit

The salads are every bit as good as the sandwiches but add lettuce. They come on a tortilla so it's almost like a wrap.


Pros: vegan, quick take out

Cons: no inside seating

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My Absolute Favorite! LOVE At First Bite! - Edit

Update: Buds is once again open after their remodeling. A bit different ordering outside, and no longer any seats on the interior - but still has picnic table outside. Food and cookies are just as good as ever!

Original review: This is the best place for sandwiches downtown. Seriously my favorite lunch spot. When you walk in, you'll notice that the place is tiny, and only has room for 3-4 people to sit inside. Don't let that discourage you because the staff is great and the food is to die for! I go here regularly for the buffalo chicken. I've also tried the meatball which was good but the buffalo chicken is the best. I keep meaning to try the other options, but the buffalo chicken sandwiches visit me in my dreams and I can never resist getting another when I'm ordering. Seriously though, the food is GOOD! Don't miss this one. Stop by when you're craving a good size sandwich for a decent price, you'll be glad you did!

Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 12, 2014

Pros: Addicting Food, Good Value For The Money, Staff Is Friendly

Cons: Size Of Restaurant But All The Pros Make Up For It

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Good sandwiches - Edit

Buds offers an assortment of sandwiches, most of them with soy curls. Some of my favorites are the meatball and pesto subs. The sandwiches are flavorful and very filling. If you're in the mood for a big meaty sandwich I'd recommend it.

However, everything on their menu is very similar and the sandwiches have too much 'meat' (whether it's soy curls, meatballs, etc) in them for my taste. It makes them pretty heavy and not very healthy tasting.

Their new location does not have an indoor dining area but their new outdoor walkup window makes it easier to order when they're busy.

Pros: Good sandwiches, Filling

Cons: Not a lot of diversity , No indoor dining

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Yum In The Tum - Edit

I went here once and was really impressed. The service was incredibly quick and the sandwiches were cheap and delish. I would definitely come here again. This is more of a chill out spot then a restaurant for sure, but a great place for a small group trying to catch a bite.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 27, 2014

Pros: Delish, Cheap , Great Service

Cons: Small, Not Many Options

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best of the best - Edit

What can I say that hasn't been....Buds belongs to the elite group in SLC where I've never been disappointed; every sandwich I've tried was phenomenal. Thanks for doin' it right Buds.

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Great vegan sandwich shop! - Edit

I walked about 4 miles round trip to get to this place and it was totally worth it. I ordered the Pedro chicken sandwich and wish I had gotten an extra for later! Service was quick and the people were really friendly. Hands down the best sandwich I have had in a long time.

Pros: great food, price, fantastic staff

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Best sandwich shop - Edit

I broke my gluten-free streak to indulge in the amazingly tasty sandwiches here. A friend and I shared the buffalo and the barbacoa (and got the cheesesteak to go for later). We loved them all! I'm lucky I don't live in Salt Lake, or it would be impossible for me to stay gluten free with Bud's around. The zucchini chocolate chip cookies, however, sound good, but are actually not very tasty. A little too much spice and not enough zucchini, I think.

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Awesome sandwiches - Edit

Some seriously good vegan sandwiches! Was in town on business for 2 days recently. Had the buffalo chicken on day one, and the pesto chicken on day two. Both were frickin awesome!

Sandwiches are large, and very filling. Super flavorful on great bread.

This is a small spot, they have about 5 seats inside, then a couple of tables outside.

Staff/Owners were exceedingly friendly, very willing to talk about the shop and the food.

Highly recommended!

Pros: Delicious, All Vegan, Delicious

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Buds is by far my favorite vegan place in SLC. Their food is so incredibly good, and the people there are very friendly. I love that I can call in an order, and have it ready by the time I get up there. It is a all shop, so either plan on sitting outside, or get your food to go. I highly, highly recommend the "Buffalo"!

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We ordered two different sandwiches and I wish I could have ordered more. My non-vegetarian husband ordered the SLC Cheesesteak and I ordered the pesto chicken. Both of us were more than pleased and ended up sharing one sandwich for lunch and having the other for dinner...they were HUGE! We are anxious to get back to try the other sandwiches! I highly recommend this awesome place!

Pros: Delicious and unique menu!, HUGE portions, Friendly staff

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Freaking` Amazing Don't Miss This - Edit

We have eaten in vegan restaurants around the world and this little gem is amazing. Had the meatball sub and also the Buffalo chicken vegan sandwich. The flavor and texture was superb. Returning to buy other sandwiches this weekend. They had a vegan chocolate chip cookie that after having one, we bought six to go. This place is not too be missed

Pros: Cuisine, Friendly, Orgasmic

Cons: Small, Take Out, Four Seats

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wow, Wow, WOW!!! - Edit

I was not expecting what I got at Buds. I was just hoping for some edible, possibly good food. Not a lot of variety for us vegans at times. With only a handful of restaurants available, the menu choices are nothing short of repetitive.

Buds was a breath of fresh air. They literally knocked my socks off. They were friendly, fast, and very clean.

Although the food was off the CHAIN! WOW!

I had the barbacoa sandwich and it was amazing. So much texture and variety and blending of flavors, I was amazed and delighted.

If you want a great parking experience, go down a few more blocks to the public library. If you want seating room, sit in your car. Food that good, I will NEVER complain about the petty issues like that.

Well done, Buds!!!



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The Best Sandwiches in Salt Lake! - Edit

I love Bud's sandwiches! The pesto and buffalo subs are my favorite. All of the staff are super friendly. I just wish they had longer hours because I always crave their sandwiches at dinner time!

Pros: delicious food, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: short hours

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Best Sandwiches In Town! - Edit

Almost everything I've tried here has been amazing. My favorite is the buffalo chicken sandwich and a close second is the meat ball sub. I also really like their taco salad, it's huge and fresh. Everything is very affordable and hardy. Unfortunately they fall short on a few things, they don't really offer any side options and the dinning area is really small, especially in the winter months. Even with its little faults, it's still one of my new favorite spots.

Pros: Large Sandwiches , Affordable , Friendly Staff

Cons: Bad side dish options , Small dining room, Only open for lunch

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Sandwich City - Edit

I stopped in when I was nearby. I tried stopping on another occasion but they were closed. I believe they close around 4pm. So you have to get in their early. But totally worth it. The sandwiches were huge compared to what you could get across the street at sages and they were reasonably priced as well. I am definitely going to make more of an effort to swing by this place more often. They have non-sandwich items too I believe. Such as a burrito and taco salad and some desert options. I will have to try all of those at some point too.

Pros: Great tasting, Decent Portions, Good Value

Cons: small location, limited seating, odd hours

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New favorite place - Edit

I love this place. I eat here all the time. Seriously the best sandwiches and such a good deal. It is a collective run business which is awesome and the people are just nice. This is my new favorite place. Most sandwiches are only around $6 and they are a good size sandwich. I love it. I also get the taco salad. Eat most of the salad then wrap the left over in the tortilla as a burrito. Best value.

Pros: Amazing food, Great Value, Awesome Staff

Cons: small location

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Great place for a quick lunch. - Edit

I found Buds on a business trip in SLC. The food is great and employees awesome. Location is small with limited indoor seating but nice atmosphere. I'll definitely go back the next time I'm in town.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday January 16, 2013

Pros: customer service, atmosphere

Cons: limited seating, limited hours

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Best "Meatball" Sandwich - Edit

The spicy meatball sandwich here is wonderful. Going back for that time after time. The taco salad was great as well. Have loved everything so far, but the meatball sandwich is so good it's hard to order anything else.

Pros: Great Food, Good, fast service, All vegan.

Cons: Very small, no seating

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Worth seeking out - Edit

Had just opened when I visited. Mostly geared up for takeout but small amount of seating to eat in. The food was really good and excellent value. All the staff were super friendly and enthusiastic. Well worth seeking out.

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited opening hours

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