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Small Mexican fast food shop with limited seating. Huge burritos. Tacos with your choice of tofurkey sausage, roasted potatoes or chipotle tofu. Has a vegan pizza. All items can be made vegan by substituting dairy with guacamole. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by fatguts


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04 Sep 2023

Love the quirky vibe

Well, Vancouver is not known for its Mexican food, and Budgies is not anything special in that regard. But it's good comfort food, and most of all, I love the weird vibe and decorations. Check out the bottom floor!



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23 May 2023

Big burritos!!!

I love a burrito thick enough to stand on its own! The prices at this place are fair and the burritos are good. Easy place to grab food on the run.

Pros: Big burritos, Good value, You don’t pay more for guac if you don’t get chees

Cons: Not a good place to sit, better takeout


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17 May 2023

Delighted with food & service

Ordered the "Poser", a massive burrito with veggie meat.
It was delicious, the service was excellent and friendly.

I'll be back next time I'm in town

Pros: Portions are huge, They make a point to ask if dairy ingredients are , Service was fast and staff really nice


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14 May 2023

Not a Daiya Cheese fan

Had the JameDog Burrito, sort of bland and the vegan cheese was daiya and personally there’s a weird taste to daiya cheese that’s not enjoyable.
Really wanted to like this place and maybe it was just the menu item I got that.
I do want to go back cause you can make a lot of items vegan and just omit any cheese.


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19 Apr 2023

Big burritos!

All burritos, tacos, and quesadillas can be made vegan by subbing vegan cheese (no extra charge) and/or adding guacamole. Got the Jamedog and Blair Stanley. Both were massive (easily 1-2lbs or 1kg each) and delicious.


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15 Apr 2023

Best burritos

Amazing options, quick service, best burrito I’ve had in Canada

Pros: Lots of options


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01 Apr 2023

Why did it take me so long to get here?!

I just moved to Canada and multiple locals have said Budgies have the best burritos in Vancouver. These locals didn’t even know it was vegetarian! All meals can be made vegan. Cheese replacement is like a shredded Dayia or similar. Chips are good and my Live’s burrito was my fav burrito ever - the green cabbage and pickled jalapeño! Budgies has been around 18 years at this location and I only regret not visiting sooner.

Pros: Everything can be Ⓥ , Funky dining room spinning metal, Reasonably priced


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29 Sep 2022

Delicious burritos

Good prices and the burritos are huge and delicious. Any burritos can be made vegan.


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11 Sep 2022

Something for everyone!

Budgies is a great place to grab some burritos with friends, and has easy alterations for everyone’s restrictions. Also has a very cute vibe goin on in there!

To note: Some good parks in the area to go eat your burrito in too 👌🏼


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20 Jul 2022

City Staple

Everyone knows Budgies and they've been around for ages. If you're ever looking for a big-ass burrito or to nurse a hangover in a quiet spot, everyone goes here.

Pros: Customizable, Relaxed Vibe, Alcohol


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08 Dec 2020

You need to try it!

The serving sizes are very generous. Flavourful is great. 3 types of got sauce. Very delicious


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16 Aug 2020

Clear vegan options, great chipotle sauce

The prices have gone up as time goes on, but it's decent bang for your buck.


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06 Jan 2020

Favourite burritos ever

The burritos here are seriously my favourite I’ve ever tried from anywhere. They’re super big and filling, my favourite is the Blair stanley. Staff is decent, place is small but cool to sit and eat in. Love the guac and the fact that they have vegan cheese as well as so many vegan meats. Their sauces and beans are delicious. I moved away from Vancouver more than half a year ago and I still wish that I could get budgies all the time.

Pros: Seriously the best burritos I've ever had , Nice chill restaurant , Huge portions for decent prices

Cons: There’s not a budgies in every city


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06 Jan 2020


I love their burritos. Theyre big and delicious.


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12 Aug 2019

Deliciously messy

We’ve eaten here a few times and are never disappointed!

Pros: All vegetarian, Lots of vegan substitutes , Kids menu


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08 Aug 2019

fun local

some good options here. full of locals all sitting on the benches outside chatting. i enjoyed my tacos with a twist.


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28 Jun 2019

Hits the spot!

Budgies is a regular favourite of mine if I am in the area and hungry. It's not 'exceptional' taste wise, but I easily give five starts because its perfectly good, affordable, is a cool spot, and has huge portions. If you're looking for authentic Mexican or world-changing taste, go elsewhere (try the vegan options at Chancho downtown perhaps) but if you're looking to fill up with perfectly good vegetarian and vegan fare look no further than Budgies.

Pros: Affordable and fresh, Consistent, Perfectly tasty

Cons: Not the most flavourful, A bit 'grimy'. Fine by me, though!


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18 May 2019

Hipster burrito joint

Funky place I found by total fluke, but it was a happy accident. Easy to order vegan choices, big portions, yummy sauces. If you sit in to eat, the space is cool but also a little creepy in terms of decor

Pros: Portion size, Unique vibe, Easy vegan options

Cons: The paintings are super creepy


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23 Aug 2018

big portions, ok flavour

This is an all veggie burrito joint with vegan options. It's not the biggest place inside or particularly lovely to sit in, we tend to get takeaway. There is a set menu or make your own with lots of options, just make sure you go for the options that have been marinated or are on the spicier end or there won't be a lot of flavour!

Pros: big portions, cheap, lots of options

Cons: some options are bland, prone to mix ups


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24 Jun 2018

So great!

You want a quick pretty reasonably priced burrito? Hell yeah, come to budgies. I appreciate that they offer vegan cheese (daiya) for free. My fave is between the poser and the Henry. Get it with refried beans ! Awesome vegan “meats”. My fave place to go

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Just great

Cons: The place is pretty small, but take it to go!


Points +552

30 Aug 2017

Best burritos at a good cost

Amazing vegetarian burritos, all of which can be made vegan at no extra cost. Their gauc and hot sauces are amazing!

Pros: cheap, delicious, fast

Cons: serves dairy


Points +355

04 Jul 2017

Hits the spot

This is a little hole in the wall type restaurant with a bench out front and a few bar type tables inside.

I had the veganized Janedog burrito. Those garlic lime potatoes...so delicious! Very filling and inexpensive. Staff was friendly and helpful with recommendations.

Pros: friendly staff , good music , inexpensive

Cons: disposable cutlery


Points +37

09 Dec 2016

8 thumbs up

Great selection, great taste, decent service, great price. What's not to love?

Pros: variety, mock meats

Cons: parking


Points +28

26 Aug 2016

Not as good as Chipotle.

the burritos are pretty good, the tacos are eh. and the service here is TERRIBLE. I asked for no guac/ avocado 4 times and i was still served guac. I'd rather get a sofrita at Chipotle.


Points +128

13 Aug 2016

Damn good burrito

I've only been here once....but I've been talking about it ever since...so...it was pretty great. Looking forward to the next time it works into my schedule.


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11 Jun 2016


Freaking amazing burritos, let me tell ya- and it wowed my non-vegan friends. These things are pretty filling and the 3 different sauces to compliment make the burritos even tastier.

The ground veggie meat was a bit on the dry side, but the awesome flavours made up for it.
I will return!

Pros: Many vegan options, Free gauc sub for dairy, Awesome flavours

Cons: the basement is a bit smelly/hot


Points +290

07 Jun 2016

orale homie.

I've been going to this joint since it opened. It's freaking awesome. Don't even mess around. Here is what you are gonna order.

Large Henry

Half and half beans

On whole wheat


Fresh and hot salsa

And of course ask for it to be Vegan.

You are welcome.

Pros: yummy as hell.

Cons: get real. none.

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