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Serves meat, vegan options available. Belgian family brewery with a brasserie, serving mainly Flemish cuisine and dishes prepared with (vegan) beers. Vegan options include Flemish seitan stew with gouden carolus classic, pasta with stir-fried chicory, oyster mushrooms and soy sauce, quinoa salad with avocado puffed tomato sesame and pickled radishes. Open Mon-Sun 11:30-21:00.

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16 Reviews

First Review by Zjef


Points +103

05 Dec 2022

Veel keuze!

Ik nam de bitterballetjes, het stoofvlees en de brownie met frambozensorbet. Het was heel lekker, er waren per gang meerdere vegan opties en het personeel is zeer vriendelijk. Als ik nog eens in de buurt ben dan zien ze me zeker terug!!!

Eveneens een ideale locatie om met mensen met verschillende diëten te gaan eten. Vlees, vis, veggie, vegan,... Voor ieder wat wils. De allergenen staan eveneens aangeduid op de kaart.

Pros: Veel vegan opties, Lekker, Vriendelijk personeel



Points +13

Mostly Veg
30 Oct 2022

Good pub grub!

Their vegan tiramisu was amazing. Best we’ve ever had. Vegan stew also superb


Points +384

05 Aug 2022

Tasty vegan options

They offer 3 vegan options for the main dish;
Flemish stew which is a Belgian dish. It is a meat replacer in a sauce cooked up with beer, served with fries and vegan mayo. This dish is very nice if you like to taste a typical Belgian dish.
They also offer a vegan salad and a vegan pasta with mushrooms. I also really like the pasta. It is a simple dish but tasty!
They have some nice vegan desserts on the menu too like a brownie and a veryyyy nice tiramisu.
If you like a starter, they also have vegan balls with a nice filling which is made of the stew and also typical Belgian, served with a mustard sauce. Very nice!
It is a brewery so you can order several beers and match them to your dishes.
When it is busy, the waiting can be a bit longer..


Points +1197

07 May 2022

Belgian Veganized dish

The restaurant serves some vegan options but only one dish.
The dish is the famous Belgium dish, a Belgium staple. The taste was good.
In addition, the servers were very kind, however, due to the big crowd, the service was very slow…!
And also because we were 7, we were only able to choice between 4 different dishes. A pity since some of the people from the table has specific requirements and needs.

Cons: Few vegan options, Slow service


Points +115

19 Apr 2022

Heerlijke stoverij

Geweldige optie in Mechelen!


Points +54

01 Apr 2022

Super good

Well prepared food in a nice atmosphere. I have been there twice and left feeling happy both times :)

Pros: Many vegan options for desserts, too

Cons: Better to make a reservation


Points +110

23 Mar 2022

Vegan food in a brewery

It feels like quite a traditional place but they have understood the need for vegan options. There aren't many but what they do is very good.

Pros: Amazing beers, Vegan versions of Belgium food, Accommodation available

Cons: Busy so safest to book


Points +2385

24 Oct 2021

Authentic and SO GOOD

A must-visit if you are in the area! Traditional Belgian stew with vegan chicken.
All dishes have their brews incorporated, which is so cool. And the stew was DIVINE. Highly recommend.


Points +140

14 Aug 2021

Super lekker!

Fijne brasserie met veel keuze voor vegans. Alle gerechten waren super lekker en we werden heel vriendelijk bediend. Zeker een aanrader!

Pros: Veel vegan opties, Vriendelijk personeel, Heel lekker

Cons: Op de kaart staat geen vegan melk voor bij koffie


Points +82

27 Jun 2021


Net gaan eten hier. Was heel lekker en smaakvol ik had de quinoa salade, die zeer lekker was en m’n tafelgenoten hadden het Vegan stoof’vlees’ en was ook zeer goed. Er waren ook 3verschillende dessertjes wat we als veganist niet gewoon zijn (keuzestress) ook de dessertjes vielen in de smaak. We komen hier sowieso nog

Pros: Verschillende Vegan opties, Vriendelijke bediening


Points +189

21 Aug 2020


Enkele vegan opties, waaronder vegan stoofvlees met veganaise en als dessert vegan speculoos tiramisu en vegan appel beignets. Met 3 carnivoren en 2 veganisten heerlijk kunnen tafelen. Vriendelijke service en snelle bediening. Nog een groot pluspunt; karafjes met kraantjeswater op tafel. Super!

Pros: Vegan opties, Vriendelijke service, Water karafjes op tafel


Points +219

06 Mar 2020

Lekker en gezellig

Voorgerecht: Tomatensoep
Hoofdgerecht: vegan stoverij met frietjes en homemade veganaise.
(Er is ook een quinoa salade en vegan noodles als hoofdgerecht)
Nagerecht: Vegan tiramisu

Alles was super lekker, gezellige huiselijke sfeer en hele vriendelijke bediening. Aanradertje!!


Points +74

24 Sep 2019

Great vegan Flemish stew!

So much fun experiencing taditional Belgian cuisine but then veganised! Loved it. Great touch is the fact that most dishes use the local beer. It was very busy in a Monday night but the food came quickly. Wonderful traditional, authentic Belgian experience where both vegans and non vegans can enjoy a lovely meal.

Pros: Many vegan/vegetarian options, Everything is clearly labelled , From starters to desert!

Cons: Noisy


Points +2152

13 Sep 2019

Flemish seitan stew with Gouden Carolus Classic: a great choice

When I make Flemish seitan stew at home, I also usually make it with Gouden Carolus Classic. Here, they also added some other ingredients or spices than I usually use, which made it interesting for me. This is a traditional Flemish dish turned vegan as it should be. I liked the stew a lot and would definitely recommend it, especially with a glass of Gouden Carolus that goes along with it. Also, the vegan tiramisu is a must try: it's made with Gouden Carolus Single Malt whisky, speculoos cinnamon cookies, almond milk and cocoa butter, which is such a great combination of flavours: just heavenly!👌

Pros: Best vegan stew, Plant-based fries with veganaise, Heavenly vegan tiramisu


Points +138

01 Jun 2019

Beer tasting and stew

You can taste the different types of Gouden Carolus there, which is nice, but the vegan stew is not worth the price of 18€

Pros: Gouden Carlous beer tasting

Cons: Expensive vegan stew


Points +43

17 Apr 2019

Vegan 3 gangen

Hier kan je een Vegan voorgerecht en hoofdgerecht, én afsluiten met een Vegan Tiramisu.
Hier kan je genieten van een heel lekkere Quinoasalade of van Vegan Stoofvlees met bier, frietjes en vegenaise. 😊
Heel lekker en een aanrader!

Pros: Duidelijke aanduiding Vegi/Vegan op de kaart

Cons: De Vegan quinoasalade was aan de kleine kant

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