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Bright Star

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9819-F Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, 91730

Look for "Thai Vegan" signage. Restaurant est. 2008 offering and extensive menu of Thai dishes plus a few American fare (veggie burger and fries). Choice of soy meat or tofu as protein in the Thai dishes. Daily lunch specials. Small place, open kitchen, and busy on the weekends (expect a wait). Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-9:30pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Thai, Take-out

Reviews (41)

First Review by VegInCA


The place it's very small to wait 1 hour . So I wait because the food it's AMAIZING , BUTT the lady and the guy was really bad service she never smile and always they look like they are ungry so I ask something and she don't put me any attention , so the service always is bad but the food excelent, I will like to go one day and feel are very welcome there

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My Go-to Spot - Edit

I love this place so much that I probably eat here twice in a slow week. The food is amazing at great prices. The lunch specials come with enough food to satisfy the biggest hunger. It's a close running but I'd put Bright Star as one of my top restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, possibly SoCal.

Pros: Great food, Great prices, Friendly staff

Cons: The location tends to fill up at certain times, The kitchen is small so orders may take a while, Not within walking distance from me

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Yummy spicy noodles - Edit

Saw this place on Happycow and stopped in for a meal this week. Here's my Bright Star thai restaurant review.

On a Saturday afternoon this place was packed. Diners had to wait just for a table, cuz the 2 wait staff was too busy to even clean up the tables. It's not that they are ignoring customers, it's that they are overwhelmed. I think owner should hire an extra helper on the weekends.

Anyways it appeared to me that the diners are regulars who come for the lunch special deals. The orange chicken and fried foods (fried chicken, fried shrimp, french fries) seem to be the popular orders.

We shared the spicy mint noodle (very good), papaya salad (good), and steamed dumplings (a bit watery and hollow).

I realized that the noodles tasted good because Thai chefs are in the kitchen -- unlike other thai veg places where they employ non-thai cooks.

I would definitely return again and order other dishes to try.

Pros: Thai chefs in the kitchen, good taste

Cons: poor ventilation, expect a wait, need more staff on weekends

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MUST Visit !! - Edit

With an extensive all-vegan menu, clean fresh-made food and great lunch specials, this eatery should not be missed!
It holds about 50 patrons, and 2 minutes after opening there were 6 diners; it quickly almost filled up over the next 45 minutes I was there.
There is ample variety in their long menu, and PLENTY to satisfy all types of eaters.
Service was swift and no nonsense, food is prepared in an open kitchen, and everything was tasty...especially with the hot sauces offered that I added.
I had a big inexpensive lunch, awesome.

Pros: Extensive menu, MANY choices, Everything is tasty, Prompt service. Popular place.

Cons: Wish it seated more, Not particularly gorgeous decor

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They don't like chocolate - Edit

I walked into this restaurant and there were not any seats available. I'm traveling from out of town and I'm staying over at the Double Tree hotel, 3 miles away from this establishment. I went on to order carry out to drive my meal back to my hotel room since nothing was available. Something came available as two parties left. A family then came in was seated while I was told neither seat was available. I canceled my order and while waiting for my refund, the cashier was spending her time looking for the Thai tea that I ordered, she sat it down behind her. She was more worried about me taking a $2 drink that actually serving me as a customer. A vegan customer. It's hard enough to be vegan while traveling and then to have a restaurant to refuse to sit you like it's 1960 Alabama is heartbreaking. I'm so distraught.

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Bright Star - Edit

It is always busy, and there's only about 7 or 8 tables. The location is just so small and crammed, and the waiters make you feel bad for standing in their way when there is nowhere else to sit/stand.

Aside from the inconvenience of hours and space, the food is great. The soy orange chicken and spicy chow mean are incredible, and the dinner special comes with a nice amount of food. Their house salad dressing makes the side salad very enjoyable.

I crave this food all the time but going there is such a hassle! This is 5-star food, but minus a star.

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Greta for what it is...good simple food. - Edit

Bright Star is a vegan café style Thai/Chinese restaurant. As long as you are not looking for a Michelin stared restaurant, you should not be disappointed. Food is always consistent and well prepared. All of the classics are on the menu, this is a main stay for my self and my non-veggie/vegan friends and family. The best recommendation I can make is I am a repeat customer who brings others here.

Pros: Consistant, Variety

Cons: Dining are not very comfortable, website not up to date

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used to be amazing vegan food in the I E - Edit

I've been going here since it opened. I usually just order a few of the appetizers because I'm simple. I'm happy I don't have to drive 30+ miles to get good vegan food anymore.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 23, 2011
Everything seemed to have changed there. I couldn't even eat my dish. It had the looks and smell of a can of alpo dog food. I tried dumping the chili sauce on it, soy sauce, even salt and pepper. And I would think as a server or chef, you would be concerned when your customers don't eat but a couple bites of the dish. Nope, just I paid my bill and left. I don't think I'll ever be going back here. Sucks to not want to support a vegan establishment. But I can't allow that to cloud my judgement. I later went to bakers drive thru and was more than satisfied.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 11, 2012
Went back here again and it was good again.

Pros: vegan, affordable, local

Cons: appetizers come out with full meal., nasty now

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3 cows for good, basic food - Edit

I liked the food here, but it seemed more Chinese than Thai. I ordered the Pad See Ew and it was good, but I can't say it reminded me of Thai food. The Thai iced tea was good. The prices are reasonable. They have a lunch special and a dinner special. If you are in the area, drop by, but in my humble opinion, it's not worth a special trip.

They have WiFi, but the waiter told me it was only for the owner. If that's the case, why not name the network anything other than "Bright Star Wifi"? Not very customer friendly.

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Awesome! - Edit

My boyfriend and I went to this restaurant for the first time and we were so pleasantly surprised to find how yummy it was! My boyfriend is a new vegan eater and it was awesome to see his face when he took a bite of his "broccoli beef" and smiled with satisfaction.
I had yellow curry with tofu. And it was delish.
Great job guys.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 11, 2014

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Bright Star Shines! - Edit

You know that feeling... You walk into a new restaurant hungry-skeptical about the menu, knowing so many things could go wrong; you sit down and take your chances.
Well….for me and a friend the First bite and it was a flavor revelation. Really, the salad was fresh, crisp with excellent dressing. The 'way too small' bowl of dinner Miso is very delicate. You must savor every spoonful. Dinner Special Brown rice is wonderfully seasoned, the orange chick'n would satisfy any non-vegan. Service is friendly, and fast even when the place is busy. So go. Relax and enjoy. Oh, a word of caution: Tempura veggies and Spring Rolls come to your table very crisp and HOT. Don't burn your mouth!
Have returned at least four times, and always consistently good food, and service.
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 15, 2014

Pros: Good Fresh Food, lots choices, Family owned , Friendly fast service

Cons: Build another in Riverside!

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Plethora Of Options - Edit

Even though I have only been to this place one I quickly realized that I did not like any of their faux meats due to texture. The flavors they make here are great I just didn't like their faux meat, I would stop by again, since I only tried their "chicken" and "pork" so I can't really judge all their other items. Their spring rolls and fried dumplings were delicious though.

Pros: Plethora Of Options, Delicious Flavors , Spacious

Cons: Small Portions, Faux Meat Bad Texture

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very satisfied, new loyal customer - Edit

Open on holidays! Went here for Easter. Great lunch specials , only 6.99 for your choice entree with brown rice, miso soup, potsticker and salad with a house dressing that was good with a horseradish bite to it, I liked that. The orange chicken was prefect and crispy on the outside.. best I've had in a long time! Thai tea only 2 bucks which is a great price.. 1 waitress in there, not very busy, she gave me my bill but I told her I wanted the dessert, banana, coconut spring rolls. Those took 10 minutes to come and they would've been better with a sauce or something.. you can't get it with ice cream but I didn't. She never came back with the bill so I finally asked for it, so the service was unattentive but that's not really too much of a big deal... I will come back for sure!

Pros: all vegan food, delicious, big selection

Cons: unattentive service, a bit slow

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Always Delicious! - Edit

I've been coming to this place for several years now, and of all the Thai, vegan or non-vegan places I've been to, this is my spot. Authentic Thai cuisine that's affordability priced.

Pros: Extensive Menu, Service, Cost

Cons: None

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LOVE it - Edit

I've been to this location about 4 times and I love it. I wish it was closer to Riverside where I live, I would go more frequently. My favorite dishes include the Pad See Ew and the Orange Chicken. They have great lunch and dinner specials that include a main dish (curry, pad thai, orange chicken, or other options) miso soup, fried brown rice, a spring roll (amazing), and salad with a delicious dressing. I believe the dinner is around $9 and the lunch around $7. Excellent deal and absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this place to bring meat eaters too, the food isn't "weird" to them. 5 stars!

Pros: Delicious, Affordable, All vegan!

Cons: Limited seating

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A great place for an amazing meal - Edit

My daughter is the only vegan in our house and we have been trying to find places that accommodate her needs. She brought this location to us, Dad and I were very skeptical. The first bite proved us completely wrong. The entire meal was truly amazing and we have gone back twice. We are now bringing family and friends as well. So many tasty dishes like Orange Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Spring rolls and so many others. Every dish we've had has been so yummy and vegan. Thank You Bright Star for serving such fantastic food that carnivores will LOVE as well. We are going back tonight again. I'm so excited!!

Pros: Delicious food

Cons: Can soda

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Great Vegan Food - Edit

I live in Las Vegas and passed by this place in June 2012 after eating at another Rancho C. vegan establishment on the way back home. I had to wait 6 months to get back to LA so i could try this place out. IT WAS WORTH IT !! The portions sizes were good, big chunks of vegetables and plenty of them. We ordered two appetizers, two large soups, one small soup, and 3 entree's. The price was right and worth the wait. There are very few vegan eateries (or vegetarian for that matter)in Las Vegas so anytime I can get into a vegan restaurant it is a good thing.

Pros: Fresh vegetables, See the cooking area, Clean & A grade rating

Cons: Too far from Las Vegas

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Fabulous vegan food - Edit

Absolutely wonderful food. I am mostly veggie but my husband is an avid meat eater and even he loved it. Portions were decent and left my daughter and I were stuffed. My husband is a big eater and wasn't full but he was satisfied. We will definitely return.

Pros: Healthy, Tasty, Nice staff

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Such a nice surprise... - Edit

For awhile now I have wanted to try this restaurant. It's a bit too far to go to on my lunch from work and even further from home. I found the menu to be vast and the prices to be reasonable. I was with a non-vegan and he enjoyed the restaurant too. The portion size of the lunch specials aren't huge so if you have a hearty appetite I suggest also ordering an appetizer to go along with your meal. If you are in the area, it's definitely worth checking out.

Pros: Price, Selection, Staff

Cons: Portion Size

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Very pleased - Edit

My husband, myself & our son went to Bright Star this last weekend. We are not Vegans, but went there on a recommendation from a friend who is vegan. Loved the food. We were all very surprised. We started out with the tempura. Very delicious. I ordered the spicy eggplant with tofu. The brown rice was the best ever. We will definately be return customers.

Pros: healthy cuisine, good value

Cons: small portions

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We found it perfect! - Edit

Last week, we were "captive" in the Rancho Cucamonga area awaiting car repairs (we live far away from there). We ate three meals at Bright Star over a three day period and absolutely loved every dish we had. We had exactly opposite feelings about all of the same dishes mentioned in the last very negative review.

Dishes that we really loved were: Miso Soup, Pad Thai, Red Curry w/soy chicken, Snow Pea w/soy pork and Assorted Vegetables w/Bright Star Gravy Sauce. The Bright Rolls on the Appetizer Menu were very good as were all side salads and Fried Rice servings.

The restaurant is very clean and comfortable. The waitresses were nice, helpful and shy-like. I feel that the prices are very good with the highest price on the current menu being $8.99 for a Dinner Special.

I just wish that this place was closer to where I live.

Pros: Delicious, price, staff, clean, fast

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I'm not Impressed - Edit

I have always passed by this restaurant because I live in the area. After looking up online reviews, I was sure it was going to be great because it often receives 4-5 stars.

I'm not sure why. I ordered a thai iced tea, which was my favorite part of the meal. It was decent enough. I also ordered an 8.99 dinner special of pad Thai, which came with some greasy, soggy fried rice, 1 eggroll (the 2nd best part of the meal), and some wilted lettuce with thousand island dressing.
The Pad Thai was disgusting. Bloated noodles covered in a sticky, oily brown sauce that was overly sweet with only 3 chunks of bland tofu. It tasted much like the freezer version from trader joe's, only 1/4 of the portion of something you can buy for just a couple of bucks.
Then came the worst part, the rice. My boyfriend and I agreed that not only was it oily, stale, cold and unappetizing, but it had a very soapy, dingy taste to it, much like the smell of laundry water. The lettuce on the side of the meal was wilted and the dressing wasn't very good.
He ordered the red curry with soy beef and he also did not like it. Again, just a few tiny pieces of soy beef. I read this place was "affordable, inexpensive.."... 8.99 each for a few sprinklings of ingredients and 2 plates of food left less than half eaten is not a good deal, in fact overpriced and expensive (And we both usually finish EVERYTHING at restaurants..I hate wasting food).
The waitress never came to refill our water, no smiles, was not a good atmosphere. The moment I tasted the food I wished I could have returned it.
There are other vegan options in the area with fresh ingredients and good portion sizes. I am shocked by the positive response to such an overrated, typical place. There are many restaurants like this in the L.A. area that give vegan food a bad rep. with their unoriginal menus and un-fresh offerings.
Oh, and thanks for handing me a leather billfold in a "vegan" establishment.

Cons: Gross Food, Inattentive Waitstaff, Small Portions

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typical vegan Thai - Edit

We met up with some friends, so there was a group of six of us, but we had no problem getting a table for dinner. We decided to get the dinner specials rather than share family style as everyone had different levels of spice tolerance. Two of us got the orange chicken (myself included) which was tasty and the battered type of orange chicken. The others got cashew nut w/chicken, spicy mint leaves w/tofu and spicy eggplant. The last person got the kamut pancakes instead of a dinner special. The dinner specials came with miso soup, a side salad, a egg roll and rice. We shared appetizers of dumplings, chicken satay, battered shrimp and edamame. Also, the dishes came out one by one and not necessarily the appetizers first. Overall, everything was tasty, but fairly typical of any of the vegan Thai places in the LA area.

Pros: all vegan in the IE, easy parking

Cons: appetizers did not come out first

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somewhat typical - Edit

Personally, I liked it but if you know any good recipies stick to them. The place serves generic asian food nothing I would go out of my way for. Kind of oily in a way, and it's somewhat expensive. But this places is nice in general good for a date or any special occasion.

Pros: Vegan friendly asian food, Very Clean, Looks Fancy

Cons: Slow Service, Generic

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My first vegan date! - Edit

My husband took me here to eat when I first turned vegan. It was so delicious - it laid my fear of never eating out again to rest.

The desert thing with bananas and vanilla "ice cream" and coconut was unbelievable.

Give it a try! My omni husband loved it too!

Pros: Delicious food, Great value, Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Far from home

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LOVE IT! - Edit

This has become my favorite local restaurant. I eat a lot of raw food but when I am in the mood to splurge I go to this restaurant and have never been disappointed. My husband and I are working our way through the entire menu and it's all delish. They use all organic ingredients as well so that's a definately plus. I am newly vegan and have eaten at many restaurants in the past and have to say that this is by far the best Thai Restaurant.. vegan or not.. that I have had the pleasure to eat at!

Enjoy! You won't be disappointed! =)

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Must try the sa-tay! - Edit

I would drive an hour to get here for the "chicken" sa-tay alone! Mt family and I ordered 5 or 6 entrees and shared family-style. The soup and salad were yummy. The other dishes were very good - the veggie meat substitues were just okay, but the sauces and veggies were excellent. It's nice not to have to worry that something you're eating might be from an animal like at other Asian restaurnats.

Pros: Sa-tay, Delicious sauces , Fresh veggies

Cons: have to ask for brown rice, other veg meat substitues were just okay

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By far, the best vegetarian food I have ever eaten. My meat-eating relatives were very pleased. I love the place so much I ate there every day of my short stay. The soups, appetizers & entrees were superb; the beef and shrimp appetizers could fool the casual diner. Also, prices were incredibly reasonable; I have paid twice as much for similar food of lesser quality. I only wish we had a "BRIGHT STAR" here in the Washington, DC area!


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Awesome, amazing, kept me alive when I lived here! - Edit

I am from Portand originally but hve been living here in the inland empire for nearly a year. I have been vegan for over 3 years and have had some amazing food along the way. Saying that, Bright Star ranks high in my list. The menu is amazing, expansive and almost everything I have had is really good. It's one of the only places where I get an appetizer, salad and entree. I highly recommend the Bright Star Rolls and the Bright Star Soup and the Spicy Mint Noodles. I have taken many non-veg friends here who have all left full and content. The resturant itself is family owned, and the decor is very nice. If you are in the area it is def one to visit often!
The only word of caution I would give would be to be prepared to wait. Since it is family owned there are only two cooks and normally one waiter/ess. The food is worth it however and you can always call in an order before you leave the house. (I would do this often.)

Pros: Tasty, Expansive Menu, Take-Out

Cons: Slow Service, Long waits sometimes

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Laid-Back Vegan Restaurant - Edit

Oddly enough, I first went here on a suggestion from my dad - a die-hard omnivore! Even he loved the food; the yellow curry was a particularly flavorful dish. The lunch specials are very reasonable in price (around $7 - $9 for a whole meal) and include brown rice, veg miso soup, and a salad. I can't wait to go back!

Pros: Flavorful food, Quick service, Friendly atmosphere

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Delicious thai food - Edit

The food here is so delicious. We drive the twenty minutes from Riverside whenever possible. In addition to being vegan, my family has celiac so we don't eat gluten. The language barrier was a bit tough at first, but now they really seem to get it, recognize us when we come in and help us order safely. Highly recommended.

Pros: delicious, open late, good service

Cons: none that I've noticed

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mmm mmmm mmmm - Edit

I went there yesterday for the first time and the food is delicious! modern-ish restaurant style atmosphere. The kitchen is in open view, and the staff is nice. I liked how you can choose which mock meat you'd like in your dish. They let you choose from tofu, chicken, pork, beef, or fish. There are many options! I ordered the curry chicken, and tried my friends tofu spicy eggplant. Both of the dished were delicious.

Pros: yummy food, healthy, friendly staff

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Wonderful! - Edit

The food is consistently fantastic and the atmosphere is open, friendly and welcoming. I've taken all my omni friends there and every single one has walked away impressed.

Pros: friendly staff, delicious entrees, wide variety of options

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Incredible menu! - Edit

This Vegan Thai restaurant serves everything from salads, traditional Thai food, to burgers and fries, so you can go with anyone and they will find something they love. There are many choices of fake meat, very good vegetables (no MSG), noodles, rice, spring rolls, pancakes, coconut milk etc. There is a lunch special and a dinner special at a very low price. It's a new family-owned business and the staff are very nice. The food is delicious, the prices are very low, the restaurant is very clean and pleasant, and they even deliver! Try it!

Pros: good value, tasty food, healthy choices available, friendly staff

Cons: a bit of a language barrier at times

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