Serves all-vegan, artisan, Detroit style pizzas, all of which are also available gluten free with the exception of the 'pepperoni' pizza. Located at The Portland Zipper. Online ordering. Instagram: boxcarpizza. Open Mon-Fri 4:00pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by ginaterrito


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18 Sep 2023

The only deep dish for me

I'm not a fan of deep dish pizza, but the food is excellent and the only deep dish I've enjoyed and will totally go back again and again.

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14 Sep 2023

Fantastic Pizza

Excellent pizza here. I wish it was closer so I could try out more flavors. I don’t remember which one I ordered but it was a pesto one and I enjoyed it.


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10 Sep 2023

Best pizza ever!

Amazing fluffy and satisfying crust with the most delicious crispy gooey cheesy edges!
The topping selection is lovely too

Pros: Fluffy crispy on the bottom crusts, Delicious cheese and topping, Fresh and well prepared


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07 Sep 2023


We shared the strings of nashville pizza and the bacon jalapenos cheesy bread and they were both so good. Pretty big protions, we kept half of it for lunch (really happy about that) I'm visiting Portland and I definitely want to come back before leaving to try other things!!! A must in Portland, whether you're vegan or not!


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07 Sep 2023

Pretty good

I don't know if I've ever had Detroit style pizza and from that aspect very novel, the crust was very good! The ricotta was great.

My main complaint is that the cheeses all seem to made in-house except the cheddar really overwhelmed the pizza and tasted just like daiya. And all of their pizzas are really heavy - it would be nice to have one pizza a bit more veggie heavy.

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05 Sep 2023

Yes 🙌🏿 I left home to find a slice in Portland

If you know, Detroit style Pizza
in comparison to New York style pizza
in comparison to Chicago style pie pizza, then you know why I got Detroit style pizza in Portland 🔥

Pros: Detroit style


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23 Aug 2023

Best pizza EVER

We were wowed by this pizza! My husband and I shared the Bianca and an order of buffalo wings for dinner. The Bianca was so delicious. It's hard to even describe the cheesy goodness. You just have to try it! The wings were fine, fairly realistic and had a lot of spice, but they were really messy and I don't think I loved wings all that much back before going vegan. I wouldn't order the wings again when those incredible pizzas are available. I can't wait to try more of the pizzas! The people working at Boxcar were super nice, and we loved the indoor/outdoor dog-friendly patio area that is shared by all the businesses in the Zipper building. You could easily order from multiple places in the building, including a cocktail bar, and eat at the shared tables.

Pros: Incredible pizza, Great patio, Friendly staff


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22 Aug 2023

Best Detroit-Style Pizza I’ve Ever Had!

Boxcar is a MUST if you live in or are visiting Portland. Not only is this an amazing business that supports animal rights activism, but the pizza is unforgettable! The crust, the sauce, the vegan cheese…it’s all perfectly prepared. Trust me and just go there!

Pros: Amazing staff, Delicious pizza, All vegan!


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19 Aug 2023

Don't miss Boxcar

There are a bunch of vegan pizza options in Portland, but Boxcar is #1 in my book! The people are friendly and enthusiastic about helping you make menu choices. The outdoor seating area is lovely and the pizza and wings are outstanding!


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17 Aug 2023

Absolutely Best Pizza Ever

Of course it's Vegan otherwise I would not support. These outstanding examples of human kindness making compassionate Detroit style pizza which is the first time I had it and absolutely enjoyed it! So delicious and the fact they support animal rights and human freedoms by donating to the Animal Activists Mentorship Portland Convergence was phenomenal! Many vegan blessings y'all way! ✊

Pros: Vegan , Delicious , Vegan


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17 Aug 2023

Great pizza!

I loved the pizza I had from here. They helped the Animal Activism Mentorship group during the Portland convergence and gave us free pizza ❤️ which was also amazing.


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09 Aug 2023

This place is soooo delicious

Loved Boxcar Pizza's amazing vegan pizza! So good!


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09 Aug 2023

Best vegan pizza ever

Terrific pizza, great people. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Pros: Great pizza, Compassionate staff


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09 Aug 2023

Vegan yummy!!!!

The vegan pizza is way on point bro the vegan cheese is really good nice and firm

Pros: Great vegan cheese , Good sauce , Thick pizza


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09 Aug 2023

Great pizza! GF options

Great pizza! The best thing is animal cruelty free! And they have a gluten free option for the dough

Pros: Gluten free dough option, Taste


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09 Aug 2023

AMAZING! Great pizza, great people, great service

Super generous staff and management. Some of the best pizza I’ve had 💚

Pros: Delicious & cheesey , Generous management , Kind staff

Cons: No complaints


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08 Aug 2023

Greasey goodness

Love it, solid wings too. 😁😁😁


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03 Aug 2023


If you like bread and cheese, you’ll love this deep deep dish pizza. Absolutely delicious!


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19 Jul 2023

Don’t skip-get this pizza!

We were visiting Portland from CT and heard this was the best vegan pizza to get. It was!
We got the Jimmy Pesto which is mozzarella, cheddar, pesto, pepperoni, jalapeños, and hot honey drizzle.
It’s served on a thick crust which to me almost seems like a focaccia bread. (I’ve never had Detroit style pizza before.) It was delicious!


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08 Jul 2023

get the gluten free crust!

Extremely tasty and indulgent pizza. It bakes in a tall pan, and there’s a ring of crispy cheese all around the pizza. However, the star is the house-made gluten free crust—just OUTSTANDING. It has the texture, rise, and airiness of focaccia, which I haven’t found anywhere else. (Please start selling gluten free focaccia.) Fast, friendly service, loud music. The pizza is filling, so plan to share it!

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19 Jun 2023

Creative Detroit-Style

Cute place with loud music playing, nice employees and incredibly fluffy dough with delicious mozzarella cheese. We got a Nashville one with fried chik’n, pickles, and ranch. It looked overcooked on the outside but when bitten into wash delicious and perfectly baked. Note- individual slices only sold on weekdays.


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17 Jun 2023

Good pizza, but not the best

They do Detroit-style dough very well and I give them credit for it, the dough is quite spongey and nice but the pizza is more like cheesy bread. If it's your fav kind of pizza I'm sure you'll love it but for me I wish they had more topping options and that they put more toppings on the pizza - it was mostly just dough and cheese. Super nice people but just not my fav

Pros: all vegan , dough is nice, good vibes

Cons: not lots of toppings, expensive if you want a full meal, skimpy with toppings


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10 Jun 2023


Really great! Pizza was on point and salad was great! Lovely to sit outside on a warm summer evening!


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24 May 2023


Never had Detroit style pizza before and this was such a treat! The dough is so pillowy yet so crispy. Loved their creative pizza options and also super stoked they had wings as well. Tried the sriracha lime wings, steaky breaky heart pizza, and Nashville hot pizza. Seriously such good flavors and toppings. Also tried the blue cheese and ranch dressing and both were bomb. I highly highly recommend this place as it's such a cute atmosphere and also has a bar right around the corner.

Pros: All vegan, Great outdoor seating area, Bathrooms

Cons: Limited parking, Pricey


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23 May 2023

Great pizza

I had never had Detroit style pizza before, so I didn't know what to expect. We had a pizza and the vegan wings (bbq). Both very tasty and a great outdoor seating area.


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13 May 2023

Love this Detroit style magic

I don’t know much but what I do know is that this pizza is magic. I had the daily special, The Thrillhouse, the Bianca, some Buffalo wangs, and the bacon jalapeño cheesy bread and every single bite was amazing.

The Thrillhouse had „steak„ and French fries with a pesto drizzle and the Bianca was a classic white pizza with sausage. The „ricotta„ on the Bianca was a party for my mouth.

The wangs and cheese bread both came with some thick and flavorful ranch.

Top notch and kind service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We sat on the covered patio that’s shared with a ramen shop, a taco joint, chicken spot, and a bar. Everyone who walked past our lil table asked “dang where the hell y’all get that pizza from? Is it as good as it looks?”

The answer is an enthusiastic “YUP!”

We wanted to try the kale salad but they were out of kale😡

Pros: 100% vegan , Spacious patio w good mix of sun and shade , Great service

Cons: No kale but it’s ok , Kinda expensive until you taste it and…, …you realize it’s totally worth it.


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06 May 2023

4.5 stars

🎶 I've been waiting for a good day. I've been holding back long enough. I've been hurting to tell you some things...

This place has amazing crust and is a perfect Detroit Style. 11/10 crust. We had Jalapeno Bacon Cheesy Bread and a pizza you will have to have excellent taste in music 🎵 to get 😉.

🎶 I think I've held this long enough. I think it's safe to tell you some things. It's not just what you say to people and it's not the way you look at me It's the way you present yourself for all your worst critics to see.

The drumsticks look and taste great. Had the spicy vampire killer sauce -- looked and tasted like a habanero mash based sauce. Delicious 😋

The red sauce was a bit too salty, it could have ruined lesser pizza, but everything else about this one made it tolerable. The sausage is also really strongly flavored. Probably could use a little less fennel. This stuff takes it down a notch from a 5 but if I could give it a 4.5 I probably would.

Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow, we'd definitely order it any time we're back.

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Pros: Amazing crust, Great Variety, 🔥 Wings

Cons: Red sauce was really salty, Watery ranch.

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