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Serves meat, vegan options available. Extensive menu includes some vegetarian options. Open Tue-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by YogaGirl


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17 Aug 2023

Nice luch by the creek

Had a leisurely lunch outside by the creek. The server was very helpful in working through food options for vegan and gf. My husband I shared the Asian salad and the pan freid noodles dishes. Both were very plentiful and taste. The tea menu is the draw here for true tea drinkers.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-17

Pros: Menu well marked with gf and gfo options. , Great tea menu and high food quality , Great atmosphere

Cons: Pricy , Limited gf and vegan option



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17 Jul 2023

Bad vegan options

The vegan options were super disappointing, for a $30+ meal the vegan options at afternoon tea were ridiculous: unseasoned rice paper filled with lettuce, a single chocolate strawberry, bland rice paper, the only redeeming part of the meal was a scone. Was very disappointing for a place that seemed to be very vegan friendly, eating barely edible food while watching friends who paid the same price eat an extravagant meal.

Pros: Nice vibe

Cons: Price, Lack of good vegan options


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24 Jun 2023

Great Date Night Spot

Stunning and brightly colorful handcrafted building with a proper tea service on weekends. Worth the reservation.

Not vegan by default but will prepare the full tea service as vegan with no surcharge. I always order the full tea party vegan when I take dates or friends.

Very fun to pair spicy or sweet teas from their extensive list with the flavors in the teatime platter.

Pros: Insane number of teas to choose from, Beautiful setting, No fuss vegan option

Cons: Not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, Reservation required


Points +660

05 May 2023

Tea was good

Tea and ambiance are great. Rice pudding was very meh


Points +2470

03 Aug 2022

Beautiful setting and various vegan options

The building is the biggest attraction but the vegan options seem to be great as well. Had the curry with tofu and it was delicious

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-03

Pros: Setting , Huge selection of teas

Cons: Not everything can be made vegan, Server held iPad for guilt tipping


Points +1991

09 Apr 2022

Always a treat!

Such a unique space! LOVE the Pad Thai.

Pros: A unique spot, Good service, Clean space

Cons: Crowded at times


Points +27

21 Feb 2022

My favorite

Vegan Kafka with pomegranate is so good ! The tea and experience are amazingly wonderful

Pros: Exquisite atmosphere , Tea list , Many vegan choices


Points +198

28 Dec 2021

Unlike anywhere else in the country!

An entire experience just with the ambience! The extensive tea menu, including the best chai everrrrrrr would have been enough to make me happy- but we also had the most helpful, lovely server recommending dishes from a great assortment of vegan options. The food was incredible! Well remember this experience forever.

True North

Points +757

19 Aug 2021

Beautiful But Vegans Beware

The ambiance cannot be beat. It is so beautiful inside. Make reservations, if possible, because you can be in for a looooong wait if you come at a prime time. The chai (must ask for a milk substitution) and the few food selections that can be made vegan are great BUT, vegans beware. I thought I knew from reading previous reviews that some things could be made vegan and tried to order them. Luckily, our server checked with the kitchen because 1) the chickpea kufteh cannot be made vegan, even if you leave the egg off, 2) the Tajikistan plov cannot be made vegan even if you leave the meat off and there were no desserts that could be served vegan with the exception of the Forbidden Back Rice Pudding. Our server thought leaving off the whipped cream could make the St James cake vegan, but the kitchen reminded him that it had eggs or milk in it so can't be served as vegan. It was difficult to find and be sure of a vegan meal so take that into account. We were told the North African Crispy Cauliflower, the Kale Salad (without honey mustard vinaigrette), the Spicy Indonesian Peanut Noodles made vegan with Tofu and the Persian Khoresh Bademjan could be made vegan so that's what we had and all were good. I'm not 100% sure all were vegan but that's what we were told in August 2021. Would be fantastic if the kitchen could add one or two clearly marked vegan dishes to the menu, which would streamline things for the diners, chef and servers.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-15

Pros: Beautiful palatial indoor dining space, Nice servers, Great chai (if it was vegan, as we were told)

Cons: So difficult to order as a vegan, Servers not well versed in vegan options


Points +541

16 Sep 2020

Amazing Experience

The tea is amazing, it's a beautiful building and it's very vegan friendly. A Boulder must-visit.

Pros: Amazing Tea, Vegan Friendly

Cons: Not All Vegan


Points +138

29 Aug 2020

Cool interior

Not many vegan options at all and the teas are quite expensive but it’s a very beautiful building!

Cons: Not many vegan options, Expensive


Points +208

17 May 2020


They have so many tea options and the tea house is beautiful!


Points +87

20 Jun 2019

Good tea and food, but very overpriced

The ramen salad with tofu is delicious--love it to death. The building is beautiful, and of course there are plenty of wonderful teas to choose from. Unfortunately, from the food to the tea, the prices are way too high.

Pros: Good food and drinks, Beautiful building

Cons: Way too expensive


Points +391

23 Dec 2018

Cutest place I’ve ever been

Everything about this tea house was spectacular. I loved the atmosphere the most. Will absolutely be back.

Pros: Great tea, Awesome atmosphere , Vegan options


Points +52

23 Jun 2018

Beautiful Tea House

This beautiful building also has a fabulous history, which you can read about at the restaurant. The interior is lovely and the outside eating area also has a small creek to add to the atmosphere.

As a tea house, I had high expectations regarding tea varieties. This restaurant did not disappoint. The menu is extensive and I have tried several varietals and even a few tea-based cocktails that have all been great.

The international menu offers a good variety for vegetarian options, with a few vegan options. I have enjoyed breakfast dishes, salads and noodle dishes. I think the menu items are all reasonably priced and a good value.

I highly recommend this restaurant since it truly is a unique dining experience in Boulder and an excellent place to bring visitors.

Pros: Decor and Atmosphere, Tea Selections, Menu Variety

Cons: Busy - Often a wait for a table


Points +62

27 May 2018

Fun Experience

This restaurant is an adventure. Beautiful, with a lovely story about its creation. Their naan is amazing and I loved my rice curry dish. After perusing the tea encyclopedia and getting advice from the server, my husband and I chose our teas. Neither one of us could taste any of the promised flavors and our wildly different types of tea looked and tasted exactly the same. The food and decor were worth it, though.

Pros: Beautiful, History, Food

Cons: Ironically, the tea.


Points +1734

20 Feb 2018

Great tea but no food

Comes just expecting a great tea and a very beautiful place.
No Vegan GF options available during my visit.


Points +159

28 Jan 2018

Great international menu & environment

Unique and beautiful building and decor. There are always a few vegetarian and vegan options and they are happy to modify dishes. International fusion type cuisine. Perfect for guests. Good value. I would give 5 stars if the system would let me.

Pros: Decor and history, Location near the creek , Fantastic food


Points +675

01 Apr 2017

perfect place for tourist or local!

I've grown up going to this place, and it is one of my fav restaurants in boulder! The food is always good, the tea is amazing, and it's a great place for a quick lunch, nice dinner, girls night, etc.

Since becoming vegan and visiting I have found that there is plenty on the menu to choose from, The waiters understand immediately when I say I'm vegan and offer suggestions, and it's a fantastic atmosphere in general.

Pros: great food, amazing tea


Points +179

22 Jul 2016

Okay food, great tea, excellent setting

The building this teahouse is in is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Their tea selection is fantastic. The food here is good, but not the most veggie-friendly. Last time I was there, I was going to order a rice dish without the meat in it. The server said she was a vegan, and she's tried that herself and it's not very good without the meat. She recommended a different options that she liked better, and it was delicious.

Pros: Beautiful, Great tea, Tasty

Cons: Mainly meat options, Few veggie options


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03 Jul 2014

wonderful tea

Huge amazing election of teas. I did not have any food, but this place is a must to visit for anyone that lives tea. Just the building itself is worth a visit!!


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02 Aug 2013

Beautiful place, ok food

This is located in a stunningly beautiful building, with a niceties selection and some vegetarian options. It is a place to go with meat eating friends or to admire the setting or to have tea. You will find some nice things to eat here, though it is not really palace that caters to vegetarians that much. If you go knowing what to expect, you find this place to be Ok.

Pros: great setting, good tea, non veggie friends will be OK with this

Cons: not geared toward vegetarians


Points +52

17 Jun 2012

Good for tea, not for food

The location is gorgeous, and the tea selections are wonderful. However, the veg options are erratic, and the staff are not reliable when inquiring about whether dishes are vegetarian/vegan. The food is also overpriced for the quality provided.

Pros: Tea, Location

Cons: Not veg knowledgeable , overpriced


Points +51

01 Apr 2012

Not respectful of vegans

I really want to love this restaurant. The ceiling is ornately hand carved and painted in the traditional style of Tajikistan. There is an indoor koi pond and potted trees. The building is surrounded by rose gardens and there is outdoor seating next to a creek. In short, it is beautiful.

However, the staff will tell you that your food is vegan when it is not. On one occasion, my server advised me to order the chickpea kufteh, minus the egg on top. When it arrived, it had a mostly raw egg on top. (Even the "white" of the egg was clear and runny... Isn't that a health concern for people of any diet?). After sending it back, I was served what I was assured was a vegan order of this entree. However, the chickpea balls seemed to be made mostly of egg, so I googled it. The chef at the Boulder Dunshabe Teahouse was invited to post this very recipe on the website of the Boston Globe, and it is mainly egg. The tomato sauce has honey. Still, I've been back twice, both times ordering salad, and asking for no dairy. Both times, the salads came coated with tiny bits of cheese. I've also been assured that the samosas are vegan, although even when I mention that I'm lactose intolerant, they still bring the yogurt sauce and assure me that all is vegan. (when I've pointed out the yogurt sauce, my waiter has responded, "Oh that. I guess yogurt has milk.")

After these experiences, I don't think I can trust this restaurant to be honest about its food. Eating here means never being certain that you aren't consuming animal bits.

Pros: Most beautiful atmosphere in Boulder

Cons: Vegans regularly served cheese, yogurt, eggs


Points +98

06 Sep 2010

Good place to go with omni out of town guests

The tea house has gorgeous atmosphere and is truly a unique experience if you have out of town visitors. Really, it probably has the best atmosphere of any restaurant in Boulder. I like that they have vegan options and that is always worth supporting to show restaurants that we exist and we spend money.

That said, I have been here twice and was not impressed with the food. They have a couple of vegan options on the menu but nothing that feels like it was made with love by a knowledgeable person. I would go here with meat-eating guests, who always seem to love the food, but it is not the restaurant of choice for an all-vegan group.

Pros: Beautiful building, Lots of unique and yummy teas, Omnivores love it

Cons: Expensive, Vegan options are not super tasty


Points +13

06 Jun 2010

A Coincidence, an Anomaly, or a Pattern???

I really want to like this restaurant! But after almost 8 months of regularly dining here I am forced to realize that despite having menu items for vegans, this restaurant is not accomodating. I have been served milk chai instead of soy on several occasions, despite being reassured by the servers that they are sure it's soy. I was regularly eating a polenta dish because I was told by a female server it was vegan, even after "checking with the kitchen", only to find out from a newer server that it is made with milk. He checked the restaurant's allergen sheet. However, my biggest frustration with this restaurant is that almost every time I ordered one of their entree salads without the cheese, it inevitably had pieces of cheese in it, even when they would remake it for me. I don't know if the kitchen just has a contamination problem in their prep area or the servers fail to communicate to the kitchen. I have had a few conscientious servers, namely when sitting at the bar. But the serving staff is either careless or malicious when it comes to serving people with dietary restrictions. I wish I could recommend this restaurant to other vegans. They do have a great menu, tasty soy chai & even offer a vegan rice pudding. But after my repeated experiences I don't know what to think. I'll leave it to you to decide if you want to take a risk!

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