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Totoriu 3 (at old town), Vilnius, Lithuania, 01121

Jun 2015 RawRaw changed its concept from raw food fine dining to adding cooked food and with this new name. Menu is vegan, and upon request vegetarian. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Organic, Raw, Western, Juice bar, European

Reviews (43)

First Review by shapesh1ft

Okay - Edit

I had a gnocchi with pesto sauce at this place and my friend had a risotto with pear and cinnamon. Both dishes were quite nice, however they did feel like something we could make at home (which is a con to me).
Although Botanique is not completely raw anymore, half of the dishes is still raw and this is not my thing. The raw cakes that we had (a lemon cake and an apricot cake) tasted a bit weird and not so nice.

Pros: Cute interior, Main dishes quite nice

Cons: Too much raw in my opinion, Food is not so special, Desserts almost as costly as main dishes

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Great food, but didn't feel very welcome - Edit

I arrived 8:30 pm for late dinner, and we'd wanted starter-main-desert. At first there was no waiter to be seen. And when she arrived I didn't feel very welcome, kind of in a hurry. So the food was amazing, great menu and taste. Would definitely come again. But I can't lie, that I felt a little unwelcome. And I'm not that horrible I would say, especially cause the food was so good, I was a happy and thankful guest..

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Creative and healthy summer food - Edit

Very creative and delicious food. I had a crepe with lots of tasty and fresh vegetables. A nice place with a beautiful, nature-inspired decoration.
Maybe not the perfect place if you are really hungry since the portions are not too big.

Pros: Healthy and fresh, Beautifully decorated room

Cons: Portions not really big

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delicious food - Edit

I really love the food here. It is really interesting, tasty AND healthy! The dishes are all so different and unique. And the place itself is really cozy:)

Pros: tasty food, healthy food, cozy place

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Healthy vegan food - Edit

Excellent place for those who seek not only tasty, but also healthy food. Lots of raw options as well, so will be suitable for anyone. It's great that they offer lunch of the day and it's always creative and delicious. One of the best places to eat in Vilnius for sure!

Pros: healthy, great location, lunch of the day

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One of bests! - Edit

Botanique is the restaurant No.1 where I go to eat when come back to Vilnius. It is probably my best favourite place. Food is tasty and healthy - that's exactly what I like. Highly recommended!!!! P.S. and in the basement of Botanique is located Veggo Shop.

Pros: Tasty, various, very clean

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Quality vegan food - Edit

If you're looking for something sophisticated, this is your place. They keep it simple, but tasty and healthy: you'll not find oily burgers here, but you'll enjoy freshly made food that's also good for you

Pros: healthy AND tasty

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Best quality vegan food in Vilnius - Edit

The best place to eat in Vilnius. Especially for those who are looking for something more interesting than pizza or burger. They use the best quality products, always have raw options. Vegan dishes are not only tasty but healthy as well. And in the basement there is a vegan food shop. Everything you need in one place.
As for the recommendations: buckwheat noddles, raw ravioli, sandwich with peanut butter and creamy soup are my favorites.

Pros: Delicious and unique, Healthy, Less fat used than in other restaurants

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Healthy vegan food in the center of Vilnius - Edit

If you want to taste some healthy vegan food or looking for raw options somewhere in the center of Vilnius - you should try this place!

Pros: fresh and healthy food, well located, good quality

Cons: small portions, bit too expensive

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One of my favs in Vilnius - Edit

High quality, always fresh food. Dishes are various and different, from raw to cooked meals. Food is creative and sophisticated, that's why you have to find out which meals you will like best. It is one of my favourite restaurants in Vilnius. Suited for for daily meals but also for special occasions. Botanique is located in the centre of the centre. Highly recommended!

Pros: tasty / creative / sophisticated food, very clean, location / in the heart of the centre

Cons: raw desserts - not my taste, service - depends on waitress

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Fresh and Creative - Edit

Delicious, fresh and creative vegan food. And healthy! They also have choice of raw options. Thanks for tasty experience and keep it up.

Pros: tasty and creative, fresh, very clean

Cons: there's space to improve service

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Fresh high quality food - Edit

Botanique offers high quality sophisticated food. It is healthy, cooked almost with no fat and not too much salt. If you are looking for something healthy in the city center, this place is for you.

Cons: Might be a bit expensive

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One of the best - Edit

There is always lunch option to choose raw or vegan, its in a good price and always tasty. Very nice people working there. Light and clean. Very nice;))))

Pros: Good food, In city centre, Not too expensive

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Amazing quality - Edit

This restaurant has the best food quality in town. They choose the ingredients they serve very responsibly and that's fascinating. Botanique has different lunch offers everyday (raw soup and second place as well as hot vegan soup and second plate) and their menu is full of high end raw and vegan dishes (a few of them are GF, too). I guess the only not vegan thing in here is that they use honey in some of their desserts but apart from that everything is plant based. Highly recommended!

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Always fresh food! - Edit

This is great restaurant which always serves just high quality and fresh food! Most of the dishes are raw and vegan. Furthermore, the atmosphere is really neat and beautiful.

Pros: fresh food, location, service

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Tasty and light vegetarian/vegan food - Edit

Pleasant and cozy place. Many dishes are raw, food is light and not fat, yet satiating. Another advantage is that there's a vegan shop under the restaurant.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Cozy atmosfere

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Really Fantastic - Edit

High quality food! Mostly vegan, with a few things (mainly cakes) are just vegetarian due to honey. I have been only once, but visited in the past when it was named Raw Raw and it's even better now than it was! I had the bean sprout noodles with stewed vegetables and it was absolutely delicious and filling. I also had a coconut and cranberry cake which was just phenomenal.

The waitress was lovely and friendly too.

Highly recommended restaurant :)

Pros: Excellent food, Great staff, Nice location

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very good cuisine - Edit

Mostly vegan options in menu. Food is great. I had a smoothie, a raw vegan starter, then a warm vegan main dish and coffee and vegan chocolate cake for dessert. Payed 15 Euros which I find reasonable. Atmosphere is cold somehow, not really comfy. Downstairs is a vegan grocery store.

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High quality (V) food! - Edit

Botanique is a new place (former RawRaw restaurant), just now they are mostly orientate to vegan and vegetarian food, though they still have several raw dishes, so suited also for raw foodists.
My favourite Botanique meals that I recommend everyone to try: 1) Crepes with grilled vegetables and (V) cheese souse 2) Gnocchi with pistachio pesto 3) Abricot chutney with basmati rice. For dessert I suggest baked pear cake (sophisticated!). Originally made with butter (dairy butter), but for vegans can prepare vegan version with coconut butter. It happened I tried both, and the vegetarian one unfortunately but tasted better.
Only couple of dishes are vegetarian, the rest are vegan.
The surrounding is pleasant and service is good.

Updated from previous review on Friday July 17, 2015

Pros: High quality and tasty food, Healthy, sophisticated, creative, Cozy & Nice owners

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Good for vegans - Edit

Pleasant place with quite a few vegan options. I tried only a salad with grilled tofu and a crepe with veggies. Both dishes were delicious and rich in flavours. I might return there some day, when I am in Vilnius again.

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Haute cuisine for a low price - Edit

Bontanique is an excellent restaurant that I would definitely recommend. I would describe it as haute cuisine for a low price. Vegafe is located in the same building, but even though Vegafe is also very good, I would recommend going to Bontanique. Or just go to both like we did!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, In old town

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Very tasty food, good price - Edit

Very good food, either small portions, especially the cashew cheese, but it tasted amazing, huge recommendation!!
Very fancy place :) I felt strange there but only because I'm not used to that types of restaurants :D

Pros: Tasty, Cheap, Cashew Cheese!!!

Cons: Small Portions

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Quite disappointing - Edit

I visited this restaurant with my family and we are quite into raw food. But we faced a problem here - honey! There's honey almost in every dish! When we finally found some deserts, and ordered a fruit platter, they drizzled honey on top of fruit! The portions are small and the prices are quite high so if i got to chose i would not go there again. Of course, I'm not saying that the raw cakes we ordered were not delicious but when you put everything together the cons must be taken into consideration. But try it yourself, maybe you'll like it there.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: not a lot of vegan options

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Marija Jure 30 Aug 2015 - I suggest You to give another try. They changed from RawRaw to Botanique and there's most of options are vegan now. My favs are Crepes with grilled vegetables and (V) cheese souse. Bon appetite!

yummy yummy - Edit

We visited RawRaw yesterday night and ordered two fancy smoothies, warm noodels, nutbread-quiche and vegan cake. Expecially the nutbread-quiche was very delicious!
Also the service was very good.

Pros: fancy choice smooties, very nice staff

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amazing raw food - Edit

one of the reasons to go to vilnius was to go to the rawraw vegan restaurant and taste some of their creations. i wasnt disappointed. very well located in old town nice interior friendly staff good price and above all of this fresh and delicious food. i went there a few times during my stay and had smoothies salads main dishes desserts - all beautifully prepared and served.
the only minus was realizing that they dont serve only vegan dishes and there are some containing honey or milk..

Pros: excellent food, good value, nice vibe

Cons: not fully vegan

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Great raw sushi - Edit

I've tried raw sushi at three raw food restaurants so far, but the sushi here was the best of any of them. I also liked that they have warm soups which would be especially nice in the wintertime, although I had it in the fall. In addition, they have some other warm dishes, although I haven't gotten the chance to try them, yet. My smoothie was also very good.

The menu is also nicely labeled with tags honey, nuts, garlic and onion so people who want to avoid those foods can avoid them, easily.

In addition, they have salt and pepper shakers, although I did not use them, it is nice to see that some raw food restaurants understand that some people might like such things on their food.

Pros: tasty, warm soups, relaxing, cheerful environment

Cons: only one type of sushi, only had time to eat here once

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Lucky to fing this. - Edit

I visited three Veg restaurants in Vilnius in July 2013. This is the best but the others, Veg Cafe and Radharane (Geminio Pr) are not far behind. Raw Raw does wonders with nut-cheese, finely ground nut in a paste. This was new to me. Lots of smoothies and other fruit drinks. Two courses and a drink cost £9. What a joy if I could find one like this near home (UK). The staff are friendly and helpful.

Pros: Plenty of choice, warm friendly staff, pleasant place to be

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Houte raw cuisine - Edit

Starting from welcoming and smiling staff ending with amazing sweet sensation it all s just great.
Wi-fi works, smoothies, juices can be easily made a la choice". Also warm entries possible, so for those not like me, a possibility:)
Fasting, detoxing, daily or just fast work/juice jump-in next to Gediminas prospect(city centre)

Pros: Exceptional food and drinks, Friendly staff good location, wi-fi, stable andlong working hours

Cons: parking difficulties, wish to be there more often

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Just wonderful! - Edit

It is quite rare that I get wowed by 2 restaurants in a row, but this is what happened to me in Vilnius. RawRaw is one of those two. It is a great place with many wonderful food creations, superfriendly staff and a modern and nice atmosphere. I had a "Quesadilla" (=tortilla stuffed with nut "cheese" and pumpkin-seed pesto), a "berry" smoothie and a wonderful cake, everything delicious, raw + vegan. I wish we had a similar place here in Holland!

Pros: wonderful food, great service

Cons: too far away from where I live

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very yummy - Edit

what a find, this place is ooooober healthy, fab menu, loads of choice, very friendly, loved the food,not at all expensive, if this were in London it would be amoungst the very best in health foodie places to dine in style, I highly recommend this delightful raw food experience

Pros: fab choice, healthy

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Modern Raw Food Restaurant - Edit

Visited on 02/12/11. I have no idea why this place is listed as being expensive, two starters, two mains and two drinks came to £15 - for a westerner it is extremely cheap, especially considering how good the food is. The service was amazingly friendly and good English was spoken. The setting is modern but not uncomfortable. The menu is extensive and nearly all vegan. I had chicory with macadamia cheese for starters followed by beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese as a main. My mum had raw crackers marinated beetroot followed with crapes stuffed with cashew cheese and salad veg garnished with a herb sauce. We had a smoothy and a juice to drink. We couldn't help but try each others dishes and all of what we had was amazing! The only place I could compare this to is Saf in London where it would cost you probably 4 or 5 times as much. If you like raw food you must try this wonderful little restaurant!!!

Pros: CHEAP, Modern cusine, Huge menu

Cons: Decor - maybe...

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Great food! - Edit

RawRaw has many vegan offers and we were really suprised how delicious the food was! They have also 2 or 3 warm dishes, the rest is raw. It was a great experience and after our visit we decided to eat more raw food in the future!
The portions of the main dishes are sometimes big, sometimes not. So it's better to ask! The restaurant is quite small and the furniture modern, but not very cozy.

Pros: Healthy food, Delicous meals

Cons: small portions, Not cozy

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Number one in Vilnius - Edit

Ate here three times during our four day visit to Vilnius and it's just how good it is! Service is friendly and personal. The place is quite small and it has a classy yet cozy atmosphere. It's located in the heart of the old town, so it's very easy to access.

The menu is all raw vegetarian/vegan food with only a couple of warm food options. Foods containing honey, garlic or nuts are clearly marked. The dishes are like art pieces, very pleasing to the eyes! Meals, snacks and desserts all taste awesome. Prices are a bit higher than in some other veggie places in Vilnius, but food is really many times better. It's raw food, so it's not for everyone, but we felt it's clearly the number one veggie restaurant in Vilnius anyway.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 01, 2010

Pros: Taste, Service, Atmosphere

Cons: Price

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