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Boon Burger Cafe

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Contact 204-415-1391

79 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3C 2B2

Flagship outlet of this vegan/vegetarian burger cafe, est. 2010. Offers different flavors of vegan burgers along with fries, soups, salads, and desserts. Limited seating. Has bike delivery. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Delivery, Take-out

Reviews (33)

First Review by Marian M

Rainy day comfort food - Edit

Came for supper with my daughter last night. On a cool and rainy fall evening, a Boon burger is my idea of comfort food. I enjoy the warmth of the Sherbrook location, with its little street side patio, window boxes, natural light, old wood and neon soft-serve sign. I ordered the jalapeño chedda burger, a kale-arugula side salad, and coconut water. My daughter ordered the Greek burger, with the idea we'd split the burgers and try half of each. We sat at the end of the long communal table and despite the mild take-out and other traffic, waited only about 5 minutes before our food arrived. I started with the Greek burger, which my daughter had recommended. The patty was tasty, but lacked the flavour bursts I expected from the promised olive tapenade and tatziki. Did they forget to put it on, I wonder? My daughter also found it lacking, in view of her previous heady experience with the Greek burger. Too bad. I now wish I'd mentioned it to staff.
The jalapeño chedda burger delivered, though: hot, firm savoury patty, gooey, slightly salty chedda, spicy-sour jalapeño and and end-note of red onion. Exactly what I wanted. The kale-arugula salad was the perfect counterpoint: nutty, slightly bitter, greens, earthy beets and tiny hits of sweet dates with Boon's creamy balsamic vinaigrette on the side. I love that all the ingredients are in small enough pieces that all the flavours come through in every bite.
The service was lovely, as always; tables clean and orderly, beverage case well-stocked with organic and sustainable choices, and the tea canisters invitingly displayed above the service desk.
I do love this place. Thanks, Boon.

Pros: Location, Warmth, All vegan, mostly whole-food

Cons: Greek burger a bit bland- missed tapenade?

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Such good patties!! - Edit

The burger patties are probably one of the best I've had, not too smooshy, not too dry...getting a veggie burger to not fall apart while eating it is no small task. The locals come in and order just the patties to make at home, so I guess that's a sign of how good they are.I ordered the Bacun Cheezburger with the kale salad on the side. The salad was really good with dates, beets, and hempseeds. My husband had the BBQ Cowboy(I think that was the name), and it also looked really good. They were really busy and short-staffed in the kitchen, so we were offered a free soft-serve for having to wait a little bit longer, which was a really nice gesture. We're only passing though Winnipeg, but I'm tempted to go back to try the vegan poutine, as it looked pretty good.

Pros: Amazing burger patties

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Excelent - Edit

I had the Boon Burger and a beer (forgot the name) while visiting Winnipeg for the 1st time and it was beyond my expectations in taste. It was delicious.

Pros: delicious vegan, they got beer, eat outside

Cons: none

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Disappointing first impression. - Edit

Sadly, I wasn't terribly impressed by my first visit to Boon Burger.

Having seen the glowing reviews, I was looking forward to a treat, but the experience wasn't all it could have been.

I ordered a Backyard BBQ Burger and a shake.

The bench table I sat at was sticky and covered in crumbs, and the floor needed a good sweeping.

The burger arrived quickly, the shake failed to appear.

The burger, though very tasty, was lukewarm and so was not as satisfying as it might have been had the patty been hot.

The burger also contained a hair, about six inches in length, which I thankfully managed to retrieve from my throat without vomiting.

I signalled the server and asked about my shake, and showed the hair. The server was terribly apologetic about both and, seeing my burger was nearly finished, asked if I would like my shake to-go, to which I said yes.

All in all a mixed bag.

The restaurant had a nice atmosphere; the staff were pleasant; the clientele were affable and plentiful, showing how popular the restaurant is; and the food was flavourful.

The sticky tables/floor? It happens. Maybe there was an earlier rush, things get busy and stuff gets missed.

The forgotten drink? It happens. Not too bothered, and it was promptly fixed.

The cold burger? Can't really see how it happened, as the service was fast from chef to table. Maybe vegan burgers are always tepid? I don't know, this was my first.

The hair? Again, it happens. It really shouldn't, but it does. In the end, it was a hair, not toxic waste. I wasn't especially bothered, and I finished eating the burger anyway. But still, I could have done without it, and I think perhaps food-service staff should wear hairnets.

On a personal preference note - if you're serving on square buns, don't make round patties. Those empty corner bites are a let-down...

Would I go again? Yes.

Although the number of little problems added up to a disappointing whole, there was nothing so drastically wrong that couldn't be improved with a few tweaks. I'll have to go two or three times to really get a sense of the place.

Pros: Prompt and pleasant staff, Tasty food, Nice vibe

Cons: Parking nearby limited/metered

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Delicious!! - Edit

We have been to Boon Burger twice, once at this location and once at the Bannatyne location. I ordered the Budda burger both times and it was sooo yummy!! This location is quite small, but it's nice and cosy. The staff were really friendly and our burgers came out quickly. For dessert we tried the choc/raspberry/strawberry soft serve ice cream and it was so delicious!!! Would definitely recommend if your in Winnipeg as you'll be spoiled for choice.

Pros: Friendly staff, Excellent food

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I miss you Boon! - Edit

Highly recommended, a definite vegan culinary highlight of my trip to Canada. Relaxed and casual, as you'd expect from a burger place.

So sad I didn't manage to get through the whole menu in the time I was there. I definitely tried over my numerous repeat visits.

I absolutely loved Boon, and I miss it at moments like this when I feel like a bit of vegetarian friendly takeaway. Unfortunately, it's about 15156km away, so not quite walking distance.

A burger with a side of chilli fries was just the right size to share with my gorgeous girlfriend, and have enough room left for ice cream (made in house).

Didn't encounter a negative experience in all my visits. Only negative I could possibly mention was that I found the ice cream to be a bit hit or miss depending on the flavour. That's more to do with personal tastes though, there was nothing wrong with any of them. Highly recommend leaving room to try whatever flavour is on that day and making your own mind up, some were sensational.

Side note: I noticed there were Boon patties available for purchase in some health food stores in the area. I didn't pick any up, but it'd imagine they'd be a nicer choice compared to most of the supermarket-bought vegan patties out there.

Pros: Great range of burgers, 100% vegan, no guessing games here, Icecream!

Cons: It's on the other side of the world!

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All Vegan, All The Time! - Edit

Don't expect the burgers to be like the beef or other meat-based burgers. With that said, these are delicious! If you're an open-minded omnivore, you'll like the various burgers created. Many vegans love this place have have their favourites. They serve vegan wine and beer there. Prices are pretty decent. Two locations where the 2nd one is downtown.

Pros: Tasty Burgers, Sells their patties outside restaurants., Soft serve coconut milk based ice cream.

Cons: Sherbrook location is too small, Its veganism scares most others., In need of breakfast/brunch menu.

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Downtown Winnipeg Boon Burger - Edit

This restaurant has had a downtown location for a while now. Boon burger on bannatyne, just behind the Fairmont Hotel.

141 Bannatyne Ave
Phone: 204-504-5394
Email: [email protected]
Open Mon – Sat: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sundays: 11:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Our family of four goes to the restaurant all the time because it is so amazing. There are quite a few choices and they are all fantastic, vegan and made with the freshest local ingredients.

Best Vegan poutine ever!

Pros: 100% Vegan menu, Local fresh ingredients, Fun atmosphere

Cons: My wife won't let me eat there everyday

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Finally my first real vegetarian meal in Winnipeg - Edit

Finally my first Vegi restaurant in Winnipeg that has great vegetarian meals. I'm not from Winnipeg but travel from city to city. Budda burger is excellent with the house salad and tomato soup. Bone appetite.

Thank you

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Excellent! - Edit

What can I say that hasn't already been said? I'm from out of town and saw Boon Burger featured on You've Gotta Eat Here...and you do!! Had the Thanksgiving Burger and mushroom soup, which were both excellent. Can't say enough good things about a place vegans can go to where they don't have to quiz the server about what is and isn't in their food. Just great!

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YUM! - Edit

I rarely visit Winnipeg, but when I do, I always request that we go to Boon Burger! It is so nice to have a variety of choices in patties and toppings. The milkshakes are absolutely to die for. Not diet food by any means, but a totally delicious treat!

Pros: great selection, yummy!, MILKSHAKES!

Cons: too small, not enough seating, prices a little high

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Favorite casual restaurant in the city - Edit

Been going to the Bannatyne location since it opened and have been loving it there! Went to the Sherbrook one a bunch as well and it's great too.

The food is fantastic and has been good everytime I've gone. Went vegan about 5 months ago now and it's a vegans dream. Vegan ice cream, burgers, bacun, cheese, different kinds of patties. Awesome stuff.

Last thing I had there was the new Buffalo Burger and it lived up to my expectations. If you're from Winnipeg or just visiting, you MUST check it out.

Pros: Tasty Food, ALL Vegan, Lots of Variety

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Fantastic! - Edit

What a treat to be able to go into a burger joint and order whatever you crave and know that you are going to dig into whole foods, made from scratch, totally vegan. My hubby and I went to the Ballantyne location of Boon Burger Cafe last night and both really enjoyed it. So much that we are going back today for lunch. Wish they would open one in Victoria, BC and Toronto, Ont. Great concept worthy of franchising.

Pros: Vegan, Whole foods, Wheelchair accessible

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Best... burger... EVER! - Edit

Saw Boon Burger on Food Network, had to try it when I was traveling to Winnipeg for the weekend from Vancouver. It was beyond my expectations in taste! Oh my God was it delicious! I am having withdrawals! Ate there twice, had the Thanksgiving burger but did sample the other burgers that my 5 carnivore friends had. I am vegetarian and my meat-eating friends were all worried about the new experience of vegan dining. They scoffed at the thought of eating tofu and threatened me that they better like it. Well...all 5 of them were in heaven after tasting their burgers and swear they will return for more.

The staff was friendly, the place is a bit small but the burgers are without a doubt, the best I've ever eaten. The bread was great too but because of the texture, a fork and knife is highly recommended. Food is filling so come on an empty stomach. Boon Burger needs a franchise in Vancouver! We crave healthy living on the West Coast - this restaurant would fit in perfectly.

Pros: Tasty burgers, excellent value

Cons: limited seating, not in Vancouver :(

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I am so glad that winnipeg finally got a place like this. If you havent tried it yet, please go! I love the Budha burger with sesame fries... I could eat that everyday. Yes it does fall apart as others say but its all worth it :-) go check it out!

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Fresh Vegan and mainly Organic - Edit

Service was friendly and we didn't wait long for our food. I had the Buddha burger which has a curried chick pea patty, the patty was yummy but very squishy, as was the home made bread. As other reviewers have stated, it's easier to eat with a fork and knife and I would have preferred a much firmer burger.

My companion picked the Joe burger which is the simplest burger with the mushroom rice patty, he appreciated the freshness and the zippy condiments but found the flavour of the burger kind of plain, slightly mushroom. I had a couple of bites and agree that the buddha burger was much more flavourful.
We shared the fries with sesame, I enjoyed them but my companion would of preferred them to be fried over baked for crispness.

Seating is at large communal benches inside or tables on the sidewalk in the summer, so not a lot of privacy if that's what you're looking for.
We will stop in again to try some of the other burgers on the menu.

Pros: organic wholegrain bread, Healthy, good portions

Cons: squishy burgers, communal seating

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tlf1967 27 May 2012 - I think to get firmer chickpea burgers you'd have to put in a binder which would mean an egg or such, and it wouldn't be vegan then. A lot of people then wouldn't get to enjoy the vegan item. I am not a vegan, but do enjoy knowing the healthful ways the food is made so I embrace the mess :)

A fine lunch it was. - Edit

I got here around 1245 today (Wednesday) and the place was full, but I found a seat right away. I ordered the daily special which was a vegan "turkey" burger, made Indian style, with a bit of curry and spice. It was quite delicious.

Other reviewers have mentioned the communal bench seating. I didn't mind it at all. It reminds me of some of the funky, veggie places I use to go to in San Francisco back in the early 90's.

The bread was extremely fresh, but the sandwich itself was prone to falling apart. Best to use your knife and fork. The salad next to the burger was a nice combination of greens and blanched/seasoned carrot and beet shreds. Dressing appeared to be freshly home made, a type of honey mustard vinaigrette The spicy aioli spread really brought the whole thing together.

A nice experience, and something I heartily endorse to anyone passing through town.

Pros: Creative Burger variety, Freshest bread, homemade salad dressing

Cons: busy at lunch time, can get messy

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Been to Boon yet? - Edit

Boon Burger is a welcome addition to Winnipeg's alternative restaurant scene. The burgers I've tried have all been delicious, although my favourite has to be the Budha burger. Their chili fries are also incredible, topped with their vegan chili, non-dairy cheese and gorgeous guacamole. The service is always quick and friendly. Open-minded omnivores will discover a new world of possibilities if they give Boon Burger a chance.

Pros: Delicious!, Healthy!, Generous portions

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Good Food - Edit

I've been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and in Winnipeg 30 years ago it wasn't easy! I love to tell the story about being at a Chinese restaurant where I requested a vegetarian meal. When my meal arrived, there were clearly bits of meat in it when I pointed this out to my server, he relied "pork not meat".
Its so awesome to be able to go into a restaurant and order anything off the menu, without going into qualifications and detailed discussions about animal stock.
I've added Boon Burger to my ever growing list of great vegetarian places in Winnipeg. Their sesame fries (no gravy required, savour the taste of real potatoes people!) and burgers are really good. The quality of their take out is the same as eat in (thanks!). What is special about Boon is that I'm confident that my carnivorous friends enjoy it as much as I do!

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Delicious! - Edit

We've tried many of the burgers available at Boon, and we've never been disappointed. Anyone who thinks that veggie burger = dried up tasteless hockey puck needs to visit here PRONTO. The burgers are moist and delicious, the buns are fresh, and I would walk a mile in Winnipeg in January with no shoes to have some of their fries and gravy.

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Yummy - Edit

Just had a Euroburger (with bacun) and fries for lunch. Yummy. The only complaint is that their buns are so fresh, that they tend to fall apart halfway through eating and you need a knife and fork to finish. Not a huge deal, considering how good it tastes!

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Reviewer Avatar

LUV IT! - Edit

Consistently great food and service. If you haven't been, what are you waiting for?

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Boon! - Edit

Boon is a welcome addition to the ever growing mutitude of treats that make Winnipeg fantastic. Everything on the menu is as delicious as it is tempting, and therein lies my only cautionary advice- the portions are more than generous, and sometimes sharing a meal at Boon is sufficient.
The staff know their stuff, and have a binder at the front with the ingredients of everything on the menu, should you have any other intolerances (soya, gluten etc).
The bike service is a nice touch, and is reflective of Boon's commitment to both environment and community.
A solid core of regular menu items is regularly spiced up with festive and/or creative new culinary ventures.
Though new, Boon is already classic Winnipeg fare. Check them out online and on Facebook.

Pros: Food, Service, Bike Service

Cons: Not enough space for their popularity!

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Just what Winnipeg needed! - Edit

I'm always pumped about any 100% vegan food joints in Winnipeg. And this was sure to be a success the moment I heard my former bosses were opening up this great place. They're constantly trying new recipes and features on their menu and are always trying to offer items for people with all kinds of allergies and food restrictions without sacrificing taste. Great vegan poutine and the Thanksgiving Burger is my favourite with the cranberry sauce and candied yams. YUM!
Updated from previous review on Monday January 24, 2011

Pros: locally owned and operated, 100% vegan, eco friendly

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Burger Love - Edit

I love Boon Burger. They started out vegetarian, but have since become totally vegan due to popular request. They always listen to their customers and adapt their business accordingly. Everything I've eaten there has been delicious.

Since they make their buns fresh, I suggest having them toasted, considering they are generous with condiments and the patties are moist.

Also, they have one of the best salad dressings in Winnipeg.

All in all, they make food that I actually feel good about eating!

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Boon Burger - Edit

Excellent taste, texture, and variety of burgers. Fries were great. A surprisingly good mango lassi (yoghurt drink). Mostly impressed by the variety of good quality burgers. Quite a line up in ther summer while we visited.

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A must-go-to restaurant - Edit

They are, according to them, the only all-vegan burger joint in Canada. About a dozen burgers on the menu.

Located in the hip Wolesley area, they have three tables outside and bench seating inside.

When you order, instead of a plastic order number sign, you get a rubber animal. Very, very cute.

I had the dinner platter with a Greek burger ($14.95). It came on a beautiful wooden platter and was utterly fantastic (though I'd been cooped up in a hotel for three days drinking little else but Vega shakes).

The sesame fries were the star of the show. Fresh cut, covered in what seemed like some kind of thin glaze and white sesame seeds, sitting on a light, sweet gravy. Heaven.

As someone else said, the burger was very soft. The bun needed a bit more toasting, and the patty was extra soft but delicious. The tofu feta and olive tapenade toppings were perfectly blended.

I sat outside on a sunny day. At one point a man walked by and told me I should try the 'gopher gravy', which needless to say was not on the menu. It was 'good enough for the Clampetts' he added.

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Yummmmm - Edit

I have been here several times, everything is very good. Soup is a bit salty for my liking, other than that I loved everything. The portions are very generous and reasonably priced. The burgers are huge, and for something like 13.95 you get a burger,fries,soup AND salad, perfect for sharing!!

Cons: limited seating

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excellent - Edit

We have had every burger on the menue. Not one will dissapoint. And the poutine is fabulous. We are strict vegans and only eat at vegan restaurants, this is quite vegan enough to say the least. They say on their facebook page with will be turning 100% vegan very soon. Some might complain the burgers are a little mushy, this is because all patties are baked. The buns are home made too. Very comforting that all if fresh and hand made.

Pros: vegan, homemade, fresh

Cons: wish they were larger restaurant

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Boon Burger - Boon Appetite - Edit

The baja burger and buddha burger were very yummy. The fires are amazing. Healthy food, healthy recipes, relaxed atmosphere. If you bring your own container they give you a coupon for $0.25 off your next visit. My one request would be the coupon be worth more. A quarter doesn't go very far when I have to take the container home and wash it myself. I will definitely be going back for seconds.

Pros: Fries, Healthy food, Atmosphere

Cons: Reward coupons not worth enough

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Excellent Burgers - Edit

Although vegetarian, this restaurant can make everything vegan using vegan mayo or cheese. The mushroom-rice burgers were excellent. We also enjoyed the minestroni soup and the garden salad. Casual dining and good value for the price.

Pros: healty, excellent foot, sizeable portions

Cons: very casual

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