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Vegan bakery opened Dec 2018 in downtown Vancouver. Offers coffee drinks and a daily assortment of pastries including savory ones as well as gluten-free. Example of choices include pizza pretzels, muffins, breakfast bars, and cinnamon rolls. Seating available. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-2:00pm. Closed Sat-Sun.

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26 Nov 2023

Such a great place

Got the almond croissant and it was so so good!! it was light and fluffy and creamy and crispy and flaky, everything you could want from a vegan croissant and more. Owner (I assume) was very nice and friendly. Would come here again

Pros: Amazing vegan baked goods, Friendly Service, Close to our hotel

Cons: Doesn’t have a bakery in my city!!



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10 Nov 2023

Nice little stop

Everything here looked so good, I had a hard time deciding what to get! I ended up with the s’mores cookie and it was amazing, very soft and not too sweet. I also got the blueberry lemon scone which was great, I recommend having it warmed up. I came in the afternoon and some stuff was already sold out, so make sure you go early if you want to grab one of the croissants.

Pros: Friendly staff, cute interior , decent prices


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24 Oct 2023

Best vegan croissant.

According to my spouse anyway. I'm not huge on baked goods, but I have to say... the croissant was pretty good.

Pizza pretzel was meh.

It's pretty expensive for what you get and I expect it'll get more expensive in the future, but $4 for 1 croissant is a bit much. This is at a time when you can buy a 9-pack of vegan apple strudels at a grocery store for $6.

I think if they mass produced and sold in grocery stores across the country, competitively, they'd do really well with the recipe they have.


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21 Oct 2023

Lots of options!

Tried the pretzel - it had a bread roll texture with less crunch, but it was tasty and hit the spot! Can't wait to try those delicious-looking cookies next! 😋🥨🍪


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12 Oct 2023


Great coffee & baked goods! We ordered the cheddar jalapeño scone, cinnamon cookie & banana nut muffin. All very good! Everything was vegan! Definitely a plus!

Pros: Everything was vegan, Delish baked goods, Great coffee

Cons: Dirty bathroom


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03 Oct 2023

A vegan bakery in Downtown 🤩

Amazing baked goods and great coffee. What else does one need 😋 Open until 2pm only!

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-03


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30 Sep 2023

An excellent find

Came across this by accident on our way to Stanley Park and bought some treats for a little picnic (pizza pretzel and a tiramisu cookie). Both were incredible and I would highly recommend them


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10 Sep 2023

Good variety of treats

Grabbed some treats from their stall at the Vancouver Vegan Festival this weekend. Got a Pizza Pretzel, Tiramisu cookie, and an almond croissant.

Overall pretty good! Wouldn’t call it a pretzel more like pizza bread but still great. The cookie was decadent and large tasted like chocolatey coffee. The scone was good too but maybe too much filling that didn’t really have a taste but good texture. Being picky here but it was all good stuff in large portions!

Pros: Large sized pieces , Good variety


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07 Sep 2023

A must

You absolutely have to go here. It’s amazing. I normally don’t like cookies that much, but wow. They were still delicious the day after, so soft and tasty. I didn’t like them all (personal preferences), but even the ones I didn’t like were clearly good. I also tried the almond croissant and it was the BEST one I have ever tried, I craved one for days after.

Pros: Lots of choices, Delicious

Cons: Closes early


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01 Sep 2023

Please go here if you are in vancouver!!

Amazing choices and lovely staff, great location as well

Pros: Breakfast spot, Cheapish, Variety


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28 Aug 2023

Terrific treat

I would post a pic of my lemon blueberry scone but I ate it too fast 🤣

Pros: All vegan , Good selection , Reasonably priced


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09 Aug 2023

Bakery items

I got all the cookies/pastries served here.. it's supremely delicious. I'd highly recommend this place.

Pros: Chocolate lava


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10 Jul 2023

A bit disappointing

It was average.
The pizza was like something you get at a supermarket.
The salesperson didn't offer to heated up and was not on the friendly side.
The scone was better.
There wasn't a great selection and I doesn't encourage me to return.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-10

Pros: All Vegan

Cons: Unfriendly salesperson , Small selection


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19 Jun 2023

Absolutely amazing!

Everything I have tried so far here has been absolutely amazing, and whoever I have given their cookies to have also been super satisfied.

Fantastic customer service, beautiful little bakery.

Highly recommend!

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-19

Pros: Quality, Value, Variety


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18 Jun 2023

Fantastic bakery

We've had some mixed experiences with vegan bakeries, but this one gets an A from us!! We happened to get there just as they were putting out a fresh batch of the pizza pretzels. We all loved them and ate them as we walked. The stuffed cookies were great. Very friendly service. Cute decor. Easily accessible by foot, and easy to find.


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22 Apr 2023

Delicious yummy cookies!

We bought 4 cookies and I also got a hot chocolate. I've only eaten 1 so far and its absolutely delicious! The hot chocolate was great too.

Pros: Lovely variety , Staff are friendly, Cute bakery


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31 Mar 2023

Yummy baked goodies

Lots of yummy baked goodies at this super cute bakery. Make sure you get there in the morning cause they have lots of yummy options before the lunch rush. We went around closing and wished we had gone sooner cause the baked goods were absolutely delicious 😋😋 Our favourites were the PB J bite and the Almond Croissant, taste soo good!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-31

Pros: Central location, Good price!, Friendly staff


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14 Feb 2023


The best vegan bakery ever!! You NEED to try the almond croissants!! Everything was amazing!


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02 Jan 2023


My boyfriend and I ordered a pizza pretzel, jalapeño cheddar scone, hot chocolate, and a Nutella cookie. The pizza pretzel was like eating tasty cold pizza (which we enjoy), and the cheese topping was delicious. The scone was pretty good, a little salty, in my opinion. The hot chocolate was pretty mediocre. But the cookie. The Nutella cookie was delicious. It was fluffier than an average cookie with an amazing chocolate hazelnut topping. Next time I would probably stick to their sweet options, but it is worth a visit! #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-02


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27 Dec 2022

Sweet Cookies

I had a box 📦 of six different cookies from Bonus Bakery 🌟 The perfect amount to try nearly all of them hehe but don't eat them all at once; all of them are way too sweet though😡

The bakery is great and fully vegan 🌱 with lots of cookie options and some cakes 🎂 to choose from

You can dine in as well: very clean and light due to the windows 🪟

My box was the following one including these options:

Cookies n' cream - a must because I love Oreos, too sweet like all of them

Nutella - my favourite together with the Oreo/cookies n' cream one! Also too sweet

Bonus Cookie - more crunchy and not chewy, too sweet

Matcha - mild and not too sweet

Chocolate Lava - chewy and so rich in the chocolate flavour - so sweet 🥲
Chocolate walnut drop

Please note that I am from Germany and not used to using sugar cause I don't usually integrate it in my diet so they all were quite sweet!!!
just keep that in mind that my taste still needs to adapt to the Canadian sugar level.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-14

Pros: vegan bakery, many options, vegan nutella

Cons: Way too sweet


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03 Nov 2022

I love Bonus Bakery

I wanted to try a Nanaimo cookie because I like to try foods from wherever I’m visiting and I thought a vegan Nanaimo cookie is the closest I was going to get to a vegan Nanaimo bar. It was so nice, I loved the coconut and the filling and the cookie itself was a really nice texture. My husband had the Bonus cookie which he also really liked. We are already planning our return to Vancouver so will definitely be back to Bonus Bakery!

Pros: Lots of different flavours of cookie, Great quality (coming from another vegan baker!)


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31 Oct 2022

Great option

The service was fast and the food we got was high quality. Our lattes were perfectly made and they had different kinds of milk substitutes! Will definitely go again

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-31

Pros: All plant based, Lattes were amazing, Fast service and baked fresh

Cons: They had low stock when we went


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18 Oct 2022


The Barista was so nice and friendly, even gave us some bonus mini-cookies! The cookies are very good! We had the sprinkle, Nanaimo, lemon pie, cookies n’ cream, s’more, and almond cookies and they were all delicious.

Pros: 100% vegan, some gluten free as well, Very friendly staff


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17 Oct 2022


Bought a six pack of cookies to split with friends. Every flavour was delicious. Would love to go back sometime and try some other things since everything looks amazing.


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03 Oct 2022

Delicious but get there early

We went there while visiting from Oregon and everything was delicious the only down side was when we got there around 11:30 they were out of a lot of stuff, so get there early if you want a lot more options.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Delicious, Reasonably prices

Cons: Run out of stuff


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28 Jul 2022

Best almond croissant

We absolutely loved the almond croissant! Maybe one of the best we’ve ever had. We enjoyed the cookies too.

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Maybe a bit too much sugar in cookies 🤷🏻‍♀️


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16 Jul 2022

Cookie fiend approved

I’m a real deal Cookie Monster and this place gets a big green check from me. Mind blown cookies are aptly named

Pros: All vegan, Phenomenal cookies

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