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Serves meat, vegan options available. Fries and burgers joint with multiple outlets. Has a vegan patty - be sure to specify. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-7:30pm.

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First Review by livluvdance4


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20 Mar 2023

So Many Fry Options!

Yes, I definitely enjoy their vegan burger. But I also enjoy how many different fry options they have! And a variety of dipping sauces for the fries.



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24 May 2022


The quinoa burger is really good. It does kinda crumble a lot as you eat it, but it’s really good and the fries are always fresh and delicious.


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02 Sep 2020

In the mood for fries?

This place is the go to if your looking for a variety of fries. Shoestring, curly and thick cut, whatever your flavor they got it. Covid limits some of the variety but they have red potatoes purple, russets, sweet potatoes.. they have them all. They also offer a vegan burger that is made with quinoa and it’s pretty good depending on who is at the grill. It tends to fall apart completely and may even fall off the bun if it isn’t cooked to a crisp. Otherwise it’s so mushy that it will not make it to your mouth before being a mess on your plate and you having to just toss the bun and eat the pattie with a fork. You’d have to be in the mood to mess around with it. Otherwise just go for the fries. Unfortunately there is a variety of sauces but not all vegan except for the ketchup. They also have some unique salts to choose from, one which has crickets if your feeling adventurous

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Fries are the best vegan option they have, Vegan burger can be a mushy mess


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23 Sep 2019

Worth it for the sauces

Select your potato, the cut (home style, curly, etc) and they fry them up. I also had the veggie burger bowl, a no bun option for which they put the burger toppings in a stainless bowl and place the cooked burger on top. The burger was bean based, reportedly made in house. I selected the locally grown red potatoes, homestyle cut, small size. I was kinda done before I finished the bowl, but kept eating...this brings me to the best part. They have a bar of sauces and little cups. Some are marked vegan, others (mayo based) marked vegetarian. My favorites were the sweet mustard (vegan), the garlic aioli, and the jalapeño ranch. The latter two were not vegan, but I cheated and I’m not sorry! By the end of my meal, the fries were merely a vehicle for getting that sauce in my mouth!! Don’t expect service to be quick, as it took a while even though there were few other patrons.

Pros: Solid bean based burger, Those sauces!

Cons: A bit slow


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24 Feb 2019


Very good burger but definitely not the best I've had. The fries are amazing though! But who doesn't love fries?! They have tons of sauces but only two are vegan -mustard and ketchup. Also, tried the quinoa salad it was good but again not something I'm dying to go back for.

Cons: Not even vegan sauces


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25 Jul 2018

Had a vegan burger before it was cool

I love their homemade quinoa/black bean patty and the fact that they have a separate grill for vegan food. The fries are dope. I’m tryna convince them to bring back the Thai burger cuz I need it right now.


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09 Jul 2017

Pretty mediocre veggie burger.

This is definitely NOT the best vegan burger in Boise, but this place is fast and has several locations. They also have a great fry selection (like 6 kinds). The staff is pretty knowledgeable, but when you order the vegan burger, they always ask which toppings you want. Only the "classic" toppings are vegan. The patty is pretty mushy and flavorless. Add some hot peppers to spice it up. The condiments are also labeled if vegan. They also sell beer. You can have them cook it on foil instead of the grill with the meat.

Pros: Menu labels vegan items. , Great fry selection. , Reasonably priced.

Cons: Not a great veggie burger.


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12 Jan 2017

best vegan burger in town!

You know it's good when non-vegans order the vegan burger all the time. Not to mention the fries are fantastic ?

Pros: simple menu, tons of fry options, vegan ketchups

Cons: where there's a vegan burger, there are a LOT


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29 Jul 2016

Great fries!

If you're in Idaho, you must have potatoes. I think it's a law! ;) The Boise Fry Company is a great place. They have about 1/2 dozen different types of potatoes you can choose to get fries made from, and in different cuts (though you could not get every cut with every type of potato - it was mostly limited to regular and homestyle, with one potato offering curly cut only). There is a sort of fry topping bar with different ketchups and sauces and salts and other spices you can put on top of the fries. We got regular cut Russet fries (had to try the original) and homestyle cut Laura fries, which we liked better. The blueberry ketchup was interesting.

They also offer burgers, including a vegan burger which seemed like black beans, rice, and quinoa and was very tasty. They will cook the burger on the grill with foil so it is not cross-contaminated with the meats from the grill if you request.

They also have their own specially brewed sweet potato beer which my husband loved. We were told this beer is brewed specially for Boise Fry Co. and you cannot get it anywhere else but their locations, so if you want to try it, you have to stop there!


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07 Oct 2015

Vegan burgers and fries

This is basically a fry and burger joint. They have one veggie burger that is house made with black beans and quinoa. They always ask if you want vegan (no cheese or may).

They have a variety of fries you can chose from (purple, russet, sweet potato, ect). Fries come unsalted, so you can pick from a variety of salts. Also lots of sauce options, including blueberry ketchup.

Scott Grenerth

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17 Sep 2015

They take fries seriously

8 different types of potatoes made into fries. At least 3 different vegan catsups. The vegan burger was very nice.
They share the space with Guru Donuts which has vegan donuts.

Pros: 8 types of fries, Variety of catsup, Quick service


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20 Jul 2015

Fun Place

Who doesn't like fries? Fun place downtown. They list all the ketchups and sauces that are vegan, although there are only a few choices. They were out of the vegan buns when we were there, so we just ate our burgers on a plate. It was nice that they knew the difference and told us. Not the best veggie burger I've ever had, but I'd go back for the fries!

Pros: FRIES!!!, Labeled Vegan Options

Cons: Mediocre Veggie Burger


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26 Apr 2014

Boise Fry Company

Great people and place to hang out! Bown crossing is just a great little area.

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