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First Review by Stevie

Yummy, healthy, interesting food - Edit

Love this place! The food is delicious, healthy and varied. The menu changes every time and you get a lot of different things on your plate. About half the things are vegan, including some nice cakes - had a chocolate and coffee torte last time which was very rich! I also tend to go for the vegan hot choc and there's even ice cream if you fancy.

I do wish it was open a bit longer, as I tend to go there from Leeds to meet my Sheffield friends after work, which means I only get there for 7!

I don't mind the cafeteria look at all. Has a very rustic community vibe which suits me just fine ^_^

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Blue Moon - Edit

Healthy food but could do with changing the menu, been pretty much the same for 15 years, was much better at its previous venue.

Pros: Healthy, Quite cheap

Cons: Same menu for donkeys years, Too many chakra realignment therapist adverts

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A good fallback option - Edit

Friendly staff and affordable food options. It's sometimes not overly exciting, but solid quality. One dessert cake I had was great. The place itself is beautiful, with the high ceilings.

Pros: Friendly, Nice location

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Unremarkable but convenient location - Edit

Not a huge fan of the food choices, the vegan desserts are ok, coffee is drinkable but unremarkable, the atmosphere does give off a bit of a cafeteria vibe. If I can I like to sit in the small room upstairs away from the crowd. It is really close to where I live and easy to get to, and is open until 8, so despite all I've said I do pop in every so often.

Pros: Convenient location, Open till late

Cons: Cafeteria vibe, Pricy for what it is

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Good old Blue Moon - Edit

I moved to Sheffield in 1998 and I've been eating regularly at Blue Moon ever since. I never get bored of their amazing food and relaxed atmosphere. As a veggie I always had the homity pie, but since making the move the veganism a few years ago I found myself trying lots of new dishes and being far more healthy and adventurous than previously! Everything is delicious!

Pros: Vegan dishes, Friendly helpful staff, Large portions

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Overpriced, overrated - Edit

The Blue Moon has long been Sheffield's only veggie and vegan eatery in the city centre and some people seem to love it. Maybe it thrives on past glories or maybe it's because there isn't really much else, however I would suggest going across town to VDeli or even get on a train and go to Leeds or Manchester than eat here.
The staff barely grunt at you and clearly have no interest in being there. I guess they are mainly students, but you might be mistaken for thinking they are on community service. The food is all pre-prepared and kept under hotlamps or in the fridge and microwaved if you want it warming up. Same old salad day in, day out and nothing is made fresh to order. This might be acceptable if the price reflected it, however a slice of microwaved quiche and salad for 8 quid is a joke. As vegan options are becoming more commonplace in cafes, pubs and chain restaurants the Blue Moon really needs to up its game.

Pros: Vegan food, Good location, Nice building

Cons: Expensive, Unfriendly, Not that good

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Overpriced, boring vegan options - Edit

I recently paid £5.99 for a really shallow bowl of soup and some stale bread here.

I don't like leaving bad reviews, but the vegan food here is why my meat-eating friends and family raise their eye-brows and ask, 'don't you just miss cheese burgers though?' Always the same over-stewed trays of veg...

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Fabulous - Edit

No idea what everyone is talking about with the staff - they are so friendly and nice and work really hard in an often busy environment. I've heard them being spoken to quite rudely for no reason by some customers before so maybe that's what other people have commented on!

Pros: Food , Staff

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came for morning tea, came back for lunch! - Edit

Lovely little place with plenty of seating. Really nice vegetarian and vegan food, menu seems to change regularly. Also a nice selection of vegan and vegetarian desserts, unfortunately no vegan and gluten free slices or cakes. Good vegan ice cream though! Lovely staff to boot =)

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Vegans subsidise veggies here - Edit

There are usually only 2 main meals suitable for vegans (it's been the same since it opened) and the vegan dishes never have any tofu or tempeh or vegan cheese etc - whereas the veggie meals all have cheese - and yet they are the same price. So if you eat vegan you are subsidising the cost of cheese in the veggie meals. The food is good, if unadventurous.

Pros: always has vegan options, nice food, nice building

Cons: could be more vegan dishes, not much variation of meals, as noted staff can be grumpy

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tash 31 Jan 2015 - If you think that you are 'subsidising' as a vegan then surely you won't want to go to any supermarket or shop that sells cheese, any restaurant, or even a health food shop that sells non vegan products. Very odd! I assume the prices are the same to keep things simple. At least you're not giving money to a restaurant serving meat.

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Getting better - Edit

There are now much friendlier staff in the café than there used to be. It's just the odd one or two who are too superior to crack a smile; the rest are grand and they certainly work really hard, and besides you can come across the odd grump wherever you go.

The food remains the best in Sheffield in terms of choice. The fact that the place fills up every day illustrates how good it is and that the prices are within most folks' budget as well.

While eating you can have a laugh at the massively overpriced art on the walls and the number of adverts for reiki therapists, tarot readers and other assorted charlatans. It's a shame that the atmosphere is so middle class but, again, that does seem to be the norm for vegan/vegetarian places wherever you go. More importantly, the food is great.
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 09, 2014

Updated from previous review on Thursday October 09, 2014

Pros: great food, best choice for vegans in Sheffield, smashing building

Cons: still just a wee bit up itself

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Good range of vegan options, flavourful food - Edit

Lovely building, lots of seating. Good range of choice for us vegans. All the salads were vegan, a couple of pies and a couple of hot dishes. We had one Caribbean pattie with salad, one roast butternut squash with chick peas, red pepper and tomato stew with salad, chocolate cake and a peanut butter blondie and a fruit smoothie. Everything was very fresh and tasty.
Having read the other reviews we were expecting the legendary grumpy service so were almost disappointed to be served really nicely and politely!

Pros: vegan options, cakes, near city centre

Cons: not totally vegan

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Not a bad place - Edit

The Blue Moon is not a bad place for a vegetarian to eat lunch. The management are not overly friendly it is true but you can see them in there working very hard.

The building is lovely. This is great old fashioned vegetarian food. I used to eat in Blue Moon quite a lot before the moved premisses over 15 year ago probably. The problem is that their choice of dishes is almost always the same. There are only so many times that I can eat the same 5 salad selection with a pice of pie.

I would strongly recommend this for a first timer but I just got bored with it after a while and there are very few vegetarian options in Sheffield.

If like me, you like imaginative modern gourmet vegan food, this is not the place for you. That will require you to get on the train for a 2 hour journey to London.

Pros: Good old fashioned veggie food, Only half decent veggie place in town., Great building.

Cons: Menu doesn't change much., The food is a bit dull.

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Overpriced tiny portions from unfriendly staff. - Edit

We had be every much looking forward to visiting Blue Moon, but the staff were unfriendly, the potions we were given were tiny, on tiny plates, and very overpriced. The building is bright with a nice atmosphere, in a great location and dishes themselves were very good and nicely flavoured, we just would have appreciated triple the amount we were given. We were in Sheffield for an industrial music festival, and perhaps the staff did not like the way we looked and decided to be rude and serve us badly for this reason, but after looking through other reviews I fear this may just be the norm there.

Pros: Yummy dishes, Vegan choices, Lovely location

Cons: Teeny tiny portions, Overpriced , Unfriendly

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itsmeagain 22 Jul 2013 - Yes, it is very frequent, this type of lip curled, irritable, conduct. Try heeley farm cafe instead.....

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Great vegan cafe, shame the staff aren't more frie - Edit

I have eaten at this cafe for years and adore their food...The meals are very nutricious, filling, and divine, the cakes defy any ajectives I could throw at them, and the atmosphere is lovely...And to visit on a cold, grey winters day is a joy. But time and again I find myself confronted with staff who wont share a amile, refuse to take part in banter, and are just plain miserable...Is this part of the job description? I appreciate that they may get the occasional rude customer, have a very busy day etc but this is a job that requires friendliness and smiley service, after all eating out for most of us is a treat not a chore.
There is a cafe in Glastonbury called 'Rainbows End', I suggest the staff of 'Blue Moon' go there for a spot of training in cheerful service and friendly banter...I love you Blue Moon but I don't like miserable service...

Pros: Excellent value for money., Divine food., Lovely surroundings.

Cons: Staff can be very miserable., No banter with staff.

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Something for everyone - Edit

Central location and good food, which is why this has become one of my regular haunts. Main meals can seem a bit pricey, but they're filling, and you'll be lucky if you have room for pudding.

There are usually 3-4 hot dishes every day, including at least one lacto-veg, one vegan and one GF. The soup is usually excellent too. I have carnivore friends who like eating here, which goes to show how tasty the food is!

The only down side is that it's sometimes difficult to get a table on weekday lunchtimes, especially in winter, as it gets very popular.

Pros: Central location, Good food

Cons: Popular - not always easy to get a table

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I loved this place - Edit

I was vegetarian when I visited this place (about 4 times) and I absolutely loved it. I am vegan now so I can't comment from that perspective. But the food was amazing! Loved the old building and the atmosphere. The various salads were so delicious and we always got super large portions. Plenty of GF options too. Def. recommend this place.

Pros: delicious food, Great atmosphere, healthy

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Quite satisfactory - Edit

The Blue Moon cafe is in a lovely building -- remember to look up when you're there. It gets lots of light, much needed in the dreary Sheffield weather, and the atmosphere is also light. The food is not gourmet, but is tasty, and there are enough vegan options to satisfy me. Both the hot mains and the cakes have a "home made" feel, which is nice if that's what you're after. The staff are pleasant. I'm an out-of-town visitor staying in Sheffield for a month, a had my third outing to the cafe today... so I guess I must enjoy it!

Pros: Lovely room, polite staff, homey food

Cons: maybe a bit pricey for the style of food

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tasty food but moody staff - Edit

visited this cafe today. good location, very central. nice open-plan layout with lots of advertisements of things going on in the area and events. i ordered 2 different types of vegan pasties- £2.20 each. The food was good but not amazing. The bigger lunch options all cost just over £6 and you get salad too. The guy serving was very moody and didn't seem to care whether i bought the food or not. Disappointing seeing as everything else about the place is good.

Pros: tasty food, nice layout, central

Cons: moody staff, slightly pricey

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Great food, great experience. - Edit

Visiting Sheffield for a few days, leave tomorrow and I shall be looking forward to returning, just so that I can come back here to the fabulous blue moon cafe to eat well and relax in this lovely city. Here for my second meal here this week, had the odd sounding turli turli , roasted veg new potatoes green beans, it was good and tasty, but, not as good as the excellent sweet potato and red pepper curry I had the other day. Both dishes cost less than 6 pounds, which I feel was good value. Followed each with a cake from a fine selection, date and walnut slice on Wednesday carrot and walnut cake today, I was hoping to have another slice of the date and walnut as it was really good, the carrot cake was a good substitute. I too had the big slice that was then cut on to two, but, the nice lady serving only took a small slice off giving me the still formidable piece remaining, sitting here very full and content now. This is aided by the pleasant and welcoming surroundings, large bright and airy , and still able to maintain a close positive intimate feel. Saw a nice interesting mix of people on both visits making an hour of drinking tea and character watching a real pleasure. If you are in the area a meal in the blue moon is a must, or if not a meal a large slice of cake and company. I look forward returning to sheffield and to my next visit to the Blue Moon.

Pros: Excellent food, Good atmosphere, Great vegan cakes

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its quite good - Edit

Blue moon`s been going years now, it used to be a tiny place on norfolk row but now its by the cathedral.Generally good food, with familiar staples such as soup,pasties, and salads, they have various dishes such as the imam fainted, shepherds pie, etc.Vegan cakes are a must!! yes they`re truly ace....staff grumpy on occasion...and i went there on Sat Feb 26th and was actually asked by the serving bloke "do ya mind if i give you a penny less change?"..presumably they were out of penny pieces.
The lovely piece of cake i had set my eyes on was cut in two by a strangely mean newbie on the staff..a tiny morsel for 2 pounds 80 or something..abysmal.....
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 19, 2010
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 26, 2010

Pros: healthy, tasty, lots of vegan scran

Cons: very very expensive, miserable staff at times, too samey samey as regards menu

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Great food, good atmosphere, friendly staff - Edit

I had a great lunch at Blue Moon. The variety of vegan dishes was good, and the chocolate desserts were particularly delicious. It's not dirt cheap but prices are comparable to other city centre cafes. For the quality of the food and the lovely space I think it is well worth it. I would travel a couple of hours to Sheffield to eat here.

Pros: Good vegan food, Lovely room, nice atmosphere

Cons: None

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Visit sept 2010 - Edit

The Blue Moon Cafe does everything it says on the tin. We stopped by for lunch and enjoyed delicious salads and savouries, then after a bit of shopping went back for yummy vegan chocolate cake, very rich and highly recommended! Will definately go back next time in Sheffield.

Pros: good location, good tasty food, high ceilings!!!!

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I would walk to the moon and back to go here... - Edit

Tucked away in the heart of Sheffield, this place is amazing! With a huge menu, from snacks and salads to mains, everything here is fantastic. The Chilli Bean Bake is worth going for on its own...not to mention the Carrot Cake...and the mountains of salad...portions are very good, prices are reasonable, but as every mouthful is sublime, the price doesn't really matter any way. The vibe is laid back, but buzzing. The only problem with the place is that it gets very busy, it's simply too popular! A sure sign of how good it is...

Pros: Slap bang in middle of Sheffield, Ace staff, Nice vibe

Cons: None

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Establishment - Edit

Great place, I always go here whenever in Sheffield. Right next to the Cathedral tram stop, you can't miss it. It's got a bit of a religious feeling to it with the large windows and high ceilings (I think the building might even have had something to do with the Cathedral in the past). Great for snacks (burritos, pastries and cakes) but the best option is to have a main course or a bit of all main courses with the salad for £6.95. Portions are big and worth the money. Everything is on display and you just ask for what you like the look of. They also serve organic beers and wines and it's a good venue for large parties especially in the early evenings. It does get very busy at lunchtimes and late afternoons.

Pros: value, choice

Cons: no late nights

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Lovely food - Edit

Lovely cafe with a nice atmosphere. Lots of choice for vegans though does become expensive when you add a salad to your meal. The salad is delicious though!

Pros: Good food, Big choice for vegans, Centrally located

Cons: Not very cheap

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Lovely place - Edit

Ate here for the first time last week. There were 5 of us, 3 vegans, 1 carnivore and 1 sugar and gluten intolerant - blimey! But we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Plenty of choice and big portions. Will definitly come again. (Sheffield's not a bad place to visit either!). We also found the staff helpful and friendly. They certainly knew what was in each dish. Although, we did have to clear the table before we could sit down. This place is well worth the visit if you're in town.

Pros: great choice, easy to find, yummy food

Cons: no tables cleared at busy times

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Yummy Cakes - Edit

Best Cakes in town, espcially the Lemon Maderia cake with a nice pot of Elderflower tea is just a great treat after work. Food generous and good daily variety. Downside, staff can be a bit vague (when quizzed about ingredients, but will normally attempt to find out after a bit of 'Kevin and Perryism' and dismissive...even by customers who aren't rude. But who cares as the interaction is brief as counter based service and its not all the staff only some of them, so different to anywhere else. Shame it doesn't open a little later as a business traveller I would really like this place to open until 21:00 in the hope to get a decent hot meal after 19:00 as the food goes so quick and Sheffield really doesn't cater for the visting Veggie other than here. I love the relaxed setting and quick service.

Pros: Variety of Food, Good Value, Cakes

Cons: Staff knowledge, Staff Attitude

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great food, good atmosphere, excellent location - Edit

The Blue Moon is a strange one.
on the one hand the food is generally really tasty, filling vegan food, and if you select wisely and have a serving of each of the salads it doesnt work out bad value and the vegan chocolate cakes and banana cakes are just amazing. on the other hand it can be pretty expensive - a bowl of soup, slice of cake and a bottled juice will set you back about £7, which is a bit steep for me to afford regularly.
also as pointed out by another reviewer, despite advertising that they are open til 8pm you will be hard pressed to get anything at all to eat after 7.
the restaurant does get very busy at lunch aswell, but the atmosphere is pretty good on a normal day. the staff...the staff do seem to have an attitude problem, are not very helpful and rarely smile. woe-betide you if you try to crack a joke with one of them!
also, the toilets downstairs get pretty grotty and the water pressure is intense-stand well back once youve opened a tap!
all in all though, the foods good, nice atmospehere, excellent location and I would recommend the place.

Pros: location, chocolate cake, banana cake

Cons: surly staff, toilets

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As always... - Edit

...the Blue Moon remains a byword for great food but surly, rude service. Why this should be I don't know, but it has been this way ever since they moved into their new premises a few years ago. Counter staff come and go but each new intake seems to be just as unfriendly as the last.

Pros: delicious food, great coffee, lovely building

Cons: breathtaking rudeness, pricey

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Blue Moon, Sheffield - Edit

I ate dinner at this cafe once recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. No probs getting tasty vegan food, no probs with the service. If I remember correctly I believe that I ordered a second bowl of soup I enjoyed the 1st one so much.

Located bang in the centre of Sheffield beside Sheffield Cathedral and close to Fargate. Nice relaxed atmo.

Pros: Tasy food

Cons: None

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Avoid Saturday evening like the plague! - Edit

I recently visited twice in the same day, once for a late lunch and again to meet friends in the evening. The cafe is guilty of extreme complacency; the food was very "old skool"; pie and some salad. I can make a plate of salad myself, thanks! It was also cramped and uncomfortable. The staff were vague and in fact were downright surly by the evening. There was also hardly any food left by 7pm; why advertise that you are open until 8pm if you are not prepared to offer a full menu? If you want coffee and cake mid-afternoon though and don't mind sitting on a folding chair, not bad!

Pros: some vegan fare, coffee in a nice cup

Cons: boring worthy food, surly staff, no choice in the evening

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