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Blue Boy Vegetarian Food Centre

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Contact 016-6850498

6001, Blue Boy Mansion, Jalan Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50200

蓝兒素食店 Kedai Kopi & Makanan Blue Boy Vegetarian. This centre houses stalls selling vegetarian with Asian dishes such as char kway teow, assam laksa, curry mee, dry/soup noodles, popiah, laksa, cheecheong fun, tom yam, fried rice, yong tau foo, curry puffs, etc. Also a dry goods shop. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-6:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Take-out, Malaysian

Reviews (33)

First Review by kennyloh83

Asam Laksa - Edit

Tried their curry laksa and asam laksa, the latter of which was delicious (or would have been without so many noodles). Not bad, but San Sann in nearby Bukit Bintang won my return-patronage scorecard.

Pros: vegan options , delicious asam laksa broth

Cons: waaaaaaayyyyy too many noodles spoil their soup

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I can't recommend enough! - Edit

When we walked into BlueBoy I was sceptical because they didn't have an English menu I was worried what we might order.

They have an English speaking waitress who came over and helped us order our first dish with ease. After devouring it we ordered more and more taking her advice and weren't disappointed.

The food is very tasty and high standard and great value for money. I can't believe how little the bill was. I just wish we had discovered it sooner so we could have gone back.

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cheap and tasty hawker experience - Edit

if you are not used to hawker style eateries, you might freak out; it's got no ac and is kind of grimey. The noodles were good and cheap though, and eating there feels like an authentic experience.

Pros: authentic hawker experience, good price

Cons: closes at 6pm. no menu.

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Char koay teaw is amazing! - Edit

I was staying a few doors down from Blue Boy when I was in KL, so I ate here quite a few times. I had the char koay teaw multiple times, which was absolutely incredible. I also tried a laksa, which was too spicy for me so I couldn't really enjoy it. I absolutely loved this place though, it was a real treat to be able to experience the SE Asian hawker style stalls and have it be all veg. It was also super cheap (around £1 for a meal) and the guys working there were really friendly. Would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting KL.

Pros: Tasty, Cheap, Delicious

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too much rice/noodle and not enough vegetables - Edit

I ordered a plate of noodles/mushroom/tofu/various vegetable, but I was disappointed because It was actually hard to find what it was supposed to come with noodle.
I gave them a second chance by ordering a curry. I had 2 types of noodle but vegetables/tofu//mushroom were hard to find too.

Cons: too much rice/noodles not enough vegetables

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Best spicy vegetarian fare around Jalan Alor - Edit

We went twice to the restaurant. First time we took fried rice and char koya teow. Both were excellent. Second time we took buffet meal with rice, curry and plenty of vegetables. Food is tasty and freshly prepared. You will get both spicy and non-spicy foods. We were helped by Mr. Chung in selecting the food. Fried rice etc can be ordered without egg. They also serve fake meat made out of soya, though I did not try it much.
I had taken my parents who prefer Indian vegeterian, they liked the food very much as the spice level can be almost same as south Indian food. You can ask to vary it as well.
They are many stalls including that sells curry noodles which was suggested to us by the diners there.
To reach the place, go to the end Jalan Alor and turn right. You will see Corona Inn. Its situated on the lane next to Corona Inn.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 11, 2015

Pros: Excellent food, Good value, Friendly staff

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Visited July 2015 - Edit

The easiest way to find this place is to find the Corona Inn. Walk last the entrance on your left and take the immediate left after the hotel, signposted Lalian Sehala and street sign says Lorong Pudu 8. The restaurant is at the end of this alley way on the right.

It is a large open sided cafeteria type restaurant. Ceiling fans.

The food is all vegetarian, but not vegan. It is self-select for some of the food and you can ask for fried noodles or rice preparing.

For drinks the options seemed to be limited, no alcohol, no fruit juices aside from lime juice.

The manager is helpful, speaks good amounts of English, and is helpful in explaining that any reference to meat or seafood implies imitation.

The food was cheap, approx RM15 for 2 people for sufficient food. The food was tasty, of good variation. We would eat there again and would recommend to others.

Opening hours looked approx 8am to 6pm.

We found the location with the help of a free app called maps.me, which had more accurate mapping than google maps and it allowed us to download the maps and negotiate the area with GPS.

Pros: Fully vegetarian, Good explanations, Cheap

Cons: Hard to find, Poor drink choices

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Looks closed - Edit

I went there on 13/06/2015 at 7pm and it was closed while many of the shops around were open and busy.

Might want to check it out and close this listing if it closed.

Hope that is helpful.

2 Responses

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sukilovesicecream 10 Sep 2015 - Hi - definitely NOT closed as of September 2015 when I went for lunch today - the opening hours are 08:00 to 18:00. Thanks to one of the reviews below for posting directions - cheers!

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nbhat 12 Oct 2015 - It closes down by 6:00 PM. Visited in October 2015

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Excellent and very relaxing as a vegan! - Edit

This place is great - cheap, abundant food....everything you ever wanted to try in KL but couldn't because there was never a vegan version....here it is. I mean the local curries and soups like laksa with coconut and spices are fantastic,and you can actually eat them here!! As well as all the other classic rice dishes. The only downside was that there was all a bit too much frying and deep frying going on for my tastes, however there is brown rice and lots of veggie stir fry type options for those of you with similar tastes to me. Overall great!

Pros: Lots of options for vegans, Get to try classic local dishes , Very affordable and generous helpings

Cons: A lot of food here is fried

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Loads of vegan choice, tasty, fun - Edit

It's a hawker style place, and with that in mind is good fun for veg*ns as there's no risk to just pointing and ordering or trying a random dish. I ate almost everything - all was tasty. Got takeaway for my bus journey too..

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Cheap and tasty - Edit

I think the main reason for divided opinion may be the extent to which people are used to hawker stalls - but what would a visit to Malaysia be without eating at a fair few? It's certainly not in a very attractive setting and it's also a bit hard to find, in an alley behind the Corona Inn Hotel, but the food is tasty and cheap, catering mostly, I would suspect, to the local Chinese who have ' vegetarian days' every week or month. The attached shop has a lot of stuff crammed into a small space, including frozen fake meats imported from Taiwan that you'd normally find only in a large or upscale supermarket.

Pros: cheap and tasty

Cons: rough and ready

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Great variety but... - Edit

You must be prepped for hawker food. If you're used to a western style eatery with good AC, sorry look elsewhere. If you're after cheap and delicious food, then this is the place. I'm stressing the hawker/street food angle since it's effectively what it is. So if you're not use to seeing it, keep an open mind and give it a try. They do one heck of a chicken rice at the mixed rice stall.
It's located just opposed Swiss garden hotel in a little alley way. Just behind the express hotel. It's Asia, so don't let the word "mansion" fool you.

Pros: Taste, Price, Range

Cons: Location, Hygiene if you're not used to it

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The best stall/buffet experience in KL - Edit

Blue Boy was the most enjoyable buffet/stall experience I had in KL. The setting is light and airy, and there are different stalls with lots of Malaysian and Chinese dishes to choose from, plus a buffet. It's a pleasant and clean space, with one side opening onto a row of plants and a quiet street (and not in a mall - yay!). I went a few times while I was in KL. I tried the buffet (5 choices and rice cost RM 8) which was all fresh and delicious. I also tried the Nasi Lemak (rice with some different curries, and veggies on the side, for RM 5.50), and some of the stuffed tofu creations, which were all tasty and good.

Pros: Malaysian dishes, Street-side, pleasant setting

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Reviewer Avatar

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the original and still the best! - Edit

I love Blue Boy! We've been going here ever since our first trip to Asia. They serve up the vegetarian versions of popular Malaysian street foods. The fried Kueh Teow, a stir fried noodle dish, can be made to order with or without egg, it is super delicious, similar to a pad thai or lard na. Maybe not the healthiest choice, but really fun to eat. You can also choose rice with the toppings of your choice, self serve, and priced by how much you put on your plate. The Nasi Lemak is another of the famous choices here, its definitely worth a try! This place is a very economical choice for vegans and vegetarians in Bukit Bintang. And by the way, the Thai massage place nearby that is run by the Thai Ministry of Tourism is really good and totally legit, so stop by there on the way or make an appointment on your way back if you love a consistently good thai massage in a classy environment.

Pros: great prices, delicious food, humble street stall environment

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Many choices of Malay/Indian/Thai food - Edit

The restuarant is fairly easy to find. The staff speak pretty good English, which we needed to figure out how to order the food. As far as I can tell, there is no menu. You just walk to the different 'food stalls' (tables, really) and choose big or small portions. They have a buffet style as well where you buy your plate size (S-L)and only fill it once. We did not try that though.
We tried tofu stuffed with soya meat, spicy red Thai curry on noodles and Malay fried noodles with tofu. It was all very tasty. The price is unbeatable! All of that food plus a big bottle of water was around USD $3.
The only problem is that on the particular day we visited, they were closing at 6PM, which is a bit early for dinner. But it was Christmas Eve, so maybe that's why the early hours.

Pros: Many choices, Cheap

Cons: Close at 6PM

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Roadside stall atmosphere and not great food - Edit

Several different stalls in a garage like atmoshphere (e.g. mock meat station, noodle station, etc). Overall everything lackluster and the atmosphere is just not nice enough to make it worth it for any reason

Cons: food not good

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fun and convenient - Edit

wow, the most controversial veggie spot in KL!

for my part, I can say that I tracked it down on my first day and loved the funky atmosphere and character. had a great curry soup and then tried out the asam which I respected but didn't really dig.

went back several times after that and always had a good time, mostly with decent results. it's fun to feel like you're in a scrappy local KL food zone with veggie options all around. owner is very friendly (if a bit goofy sometimes), maybe not the highest level of eats you'll find in the area but overall a lot of fun.

Pros: local atmosphere, selection, friendly

Cons: noisy, some food could be better

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Varieities of Foods - Edit

My hubby and I ate their curry noodles, zhu chang fen, popiah and fried kway teow.

The curry noodles is ok. The skin of the zhu chang fen is very smooth, very nice.

The popiah skin is quite thick and the ingredients are quite sweet... we prefer it the normal salted taste rather than the sweet sugar taste.

The fried kway teow is fantastic! If u ever go there, must try! :)

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All Under One Roof - Edit

This is one unique place i would say, there are so many stalls under the same roof serving simple local food vegetarian style and at a reasonable price: Burger, Char Kuey Tiao (Fried Glass Noodles), Wan Tan Mee, fried rice, etc. etc.

Being a business traveller, i get tired of hotel food often and longed for local vege dish..I was in KL last year and decided to look up Happy Cow listing and spotted Blue Boy..

The owner is friendly and speaks English, the setting is simple, food stall style....you will see locals, westerners dinning in this place. For any vegetarian who likes to try Asian food Vegetarian version, this is one place you need to visit..

Pros: Variety, Reasonable Price, Unique

Cons: Not enough publicity

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Average food and over-priced - Edit

After reading all the great reviews about this place I was really disappointed by the food. It was great fun finding the place and it felt very local. We were warmly greeted by the owner who organised a selection of dishes for us. Sadly, all of the food was bland or deep fried and tastless. I couldn't say anything nice about the food (and I wish I could!). The fact the prices were discretionary was also frustrating as we ended up paying much more than we'd paid at other (much better) vege restuarants in KL. Still very reasonable but way overpriced for what we received. I'd recommend you try elsewhere.

Pros: Friendly owner, Local setting

Cons: Terrible bland food, Over priced

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blue boy never makes u blue - Edit

we lived just on the other side of the street, and were happy to find a vegie place to close.
The Blue boy is like a normal local malay cafeteria, with mostly pre-prepared dishes. The great thing here was being able to try many local specialities which had been off limits because of the meat factor. The Blue Boy replaces the meat with tofu or mock meat. We took a selection of fried snacks, such as stuffed green peppers and aubergines, wontons, and curry laksa. It was great to have a laksa and know that even the broth was vegetarian.
There is no menu, but the staff were very helpful.

Pros: Fully local style, Big range of treats, Helpful staff

Cons: Mostly pre-cooked

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Great lunch spot - Edit

I ate here one day for lunch and it was GREAT. Fantastic service, great fake meats and a HUGE assortment of delicacies to choose from,, all fresh. The next day i came for dinner, most of the food stalls were shut down and the food was old.

Pros: Great Lunch

Cons: Not so great dinner

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Location instructions - Edit

OK, this place is a bit hard to find. Here are some instructions on how to get there.

Directly opposite the Swiss Garden Hotel on Jalan Pudu is a Maybank. Next to it is a lane. The lane has a slight incline. If you peer up the lane, you will see a sign for the Jade Garden restaurant (this is not the place!!) Walk up the lane towards Jade Garden and you will see Blue Boy Vegetarian Food Centre on your right.

Nearest KL monorail station is Imbi, but you'd still have to walk about 5 minutes to get to the food place.

Pros: massive choice, all vege, cheap

Cons: no air-con

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Reviewer Avatar

I love this place - Edit

I first went to Blue Boy in about 2003 after walking past it and seeing a sign saying vegetarian economy rice. However, at that time I thought the vegetarian part was just one stall as I saw names of dishes such as prawn mee. A couple of months ago I happened to walk past it again after returning to live in Malaysia and was amazed to realize the whole place was vegetarian with lots of mock meat dishes.

I have been back about 10 times and come here when I am in the area. The food is delicious and so tasty, yet the prices are very reasonable indeed. My favourite dish is the curry mee for only 4 rm washed down with refreshing soya bean ice, but I also love their economy rice stall and actually everything they serve looks really yummy although I still haven't tried lots.

The place is typical of traditional Malaysian non air con, fan cooled food courts with not much light and not that appealing surroundings but don't let that put you off at all. I'm really happy I found it as it's all veggie, karma free, healthy, highly economical and tasty nosh.

Pros: Food! Quality and tasty, Price, Friendly

Cons: None!

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You can do better in KL - Edit

After reading so many good reviews of Blue Boy, I was very disappointed. Service is friendly with limited English, but my meal was very bland. It was undoubtedly the worst I had in SE, and perhaps one of my worst meals ever. There was no menu I could find, and thus no set prices. The prices seem to be at the discretion of whoever is charging you. FYI the lowest rating you can give a 100% vegetarian restaurant is 2 'cows', but otherwise I would have given it 0.

Pros: Friendly

Cons: Bland, expensive

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Hard to find, but worth digging - Edit

We had to sit on the steps to get our bearings, but lots of folks were going through the alley and once we followed them we found what we were looking for. The owner was quite pleasant, the food was tasty and the price was very good. Reading the other reviews, it seems that we may all be getting the same recommendation, curry noodles and fried broad noodles (char kway teow). BF thinks there wasn't enough mock meat. Overall, very good experience.

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Great food, pleasant owner - Edit

We ate here twice during our most recent trip to Kuala Lumpur and loved the food. Like most restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that aren't geared toward the Western crowd, it doesn't have walls. It's also on a relatively small street, so it doesn't get tons of sunlight... so as one of the previous reviewers said, it's not really brightly lit. But I can't really imagine why this would be a concern to anyone. Anyway, the important information is that the food is wonderful. One of the previous reviewers noted the quality of the Kway Teow, and they're right... it's truly addictive. There's also veggie Tom Yam available, which is great, given that it's such a standard Malaysian dish. The owner is quite accommodating, and on our first visit, gave us a tour of each of the cooking areas. On the second visit, he gave us a complimentary dish of their newest noodle dish. They also have a great little vegetarian food shop attached.

Pros: great tasting food, Good variety, Malaysian specialties

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Reviewer Avatar

Great Variety of Local Malaysian Vege Food - Edit

We were a group of Vegetarians from Singapore who went to KL a few days ago. As recommended on this site, we went to survey this outlet and indeed there is a wide variety of Local Malaysian Vegetarian Food in one place.
But the outlet is a bit too dim; could do with Brighter lightings.

Pros: Variety

Cons: Too Dim

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Fantastic Service - Edit

We were hesitant to try this place after reading the review above, but it was so close to our hotel that we ended up there one afternoon. Contrary to what the previous poster reported, the service we received was phenomenal. We were given a guided tour of the food stalls and even given free samples to try. The owner was extremely kind to us and chatted w/us for a long time after we'd finished eating. The food was great and damn cheap -- both of us were stuffed after spending only RM7! Check it out.

Pros: Fast Service, Lots of Mock Meat

Cons: Not Tons of Veggies

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