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Serves meat, vegan options available. Southern style restaurant offering vegan biscuits, gravy, chorizo, and some jams/jellies. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-2:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by JeriSwinton


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01 Apr 2023

A Let Down

I’ve only been vegan for about 3 years now and my wife and I tried this place about 5-6 years ago when we came to Asheville for a long weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. We’ve been wanting to get back since so I was excited that they now had a vegan biscuit and sausage.

We pulled up to the Doctors Park location and there was a line out the door so we ordered online. The food was ready in about 10 minutes which was great! I grabbed three fun jams from the jam bar and couldn’t wait to get them with my biscuit sandwich .

I ordered the biscuit and sausage along with the biscuit and gravy. Although they have a mushroom gravy, its not vegan so the only option is the sweet potato curry option which is also disappointing for someone like myself who loves mushrooms.

I opened the container and immediately noted that it was a really dense biscuit and my wife’s was more flaky and light. I bit into it and could taste all the ingredients and realized it was not my vibe. I ended up removing half of the biscuit and eating the bottom with my sausage, dipping a piece of the other half in gravy and tossing the rest.

The gravy was surprisingly really tasty but since I didn’t enjoy the biscuit I’m saving it for later to put over some rice 🤤

Unfortunately my wife didn’t enjoy her chicken biscuit either so the chances of us returning are slim to none but we tried 🤷🏾‍♀️

Three stars for the quick service, friendly staff, and yummy gravy!

Pros: Friendly staff , Affordable , Quick

Cons: Dense biscuits , One vegan option



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28 Jan 2023

Not a ton of vegan options, but good

The biscuit itself was okay, and they didn’t do a great job of labeling which biscuits were the vegan ones (luckily I went back in to ask because my initial hunch was wrong). They do have vegan sausage to add to the biscuit but I wish I would have gotten the vegan sweet potato coconut gravy. My friend got it and it tasted just like a delicious curry!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-15

Pros: Offer enough vegan options

Cons: Not a ton of options , Biscuits are just alright


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30 Sep 2022


The vegan biscuit is a gluten free biscuit as well. It was more of scone than a biscuit. It was not good. The veggie sausage gravy is not vegan. The gravy that is vegan is something out of a nightmare. It was a sweet potato gravy. No. This place is not for vegans. The coffee wasn't that great. They did have oatmilk.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-30


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22 Jul 2022


Great vegan bisquits and gravy can be very hard to find. This is the best I've had.

Pros: Biscuits, Outdoor seating, Casual

Cons: Lines can be long ocasionally.


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17 Jun 2022

Vegan biscuits off the chain

Pretty easy to order fully vegan, and the vegan biscuits were amazing - veggie sausage and vegan gravy water great as well


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17 Jul 2021

Fantastic, only one option though

The vegan biscuit and sweet potato gravy were fantastic; one of the best vegan meals i've eaten out...the jams are also amazing.

Pros: Wonderful flavor

Cons: Limited selection for vegans


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11 Apr 2021

Pretty good

I was not blown away by the biscuit and gravy but would certainly eat it again.


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03 Dec 2020


Great vegan biscuits and gravy. I also tried the chorizo and I would recommend it all!


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24 Dec 2019


Loved that they have tasty vegan biscuits. Definitely try the sweet potato gravy and the chai jam. The soyrizo was just ok. Also nice that the wait was not too long.


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09 Oct 2019


I found the vegan biscuit to be edible, but nothing to write home about. Enjoyed the sweet potato coconut gravy.


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01 Aug 2019

What little they have is good

Biscuits and gravy is their thing, with breakfast items and other sandwiches available. There is 1 vegan and 2 vegetarian gravies. They are good, but that's all you have. There's a vegan gluten free biscuit. It's heavy food. Relative to other places, it's less expensive so the lines are super long. They have a bunch of flavored jams which are good.

Pros: Tasty, Cheaper

Cons: Low variety, Dense food, Long lines


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Non Veg
15 Jul 2019

Would do in a pinch

This place would be a possible compromise if you were out with meat eaters who wanted a heavy brunch. Appreciate their attempt at a gluten free vegan biscuit but the second time I tried it, realized it’s not something I would want to eat again. Heavy, dense and mushy/ soggy in the middle w the coconut/sweet potato gravy in top. Would do if in the mood for warm heavy food in the winter or comfort food perhaps but not a regular meal.

There are better, healthier options in Asheville for gluten free and vegan. Surprised how long the lines are to eat at these places. Ordering to go for pick up will solve your problem. The food keeps relatively well to eat at home. You’ll just have to wait inside to pick up it up in the cluster of a milieu.

Pros: Okay if you need a biscuit fix or heavy food , Biscuit is gluten free

Cons: Very limited options , Heavy, dense food, Long lines


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23 Jun 2019

Not for vegans

There is only one option if you are vegan.
The chorizo gravy is not vegan. It is made with the dairy base gravy. The only other option is a sweet potato gravy. And it is very sweet. The vegan gluten-free biscuit, is mediocre at best. My husband uses the term brick. We got potatoes on the side, but it is fried in olive oil also used with meat products

Pros: Lots of jelly

Cons: Only one vegan gravy: sweet potato. , Long eait, Vegan biscuits are dry and flat

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