Vegan restaurant and bar located at Cocles Beach featuring many local plants and products. Open Wed-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm. Closed Mon-Tue.

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01 Oct 2023

Truly delicious

I went here with a friend after a beach day and they even let me in after officially being closed, the owner was super friendly. Let me tell you, they truly know what they're doing! I had the calamari and they were simply amazing, unlike everything I've ever tasted! My friend's oreo cake was mind blowing. Please come here if you're in Puerto Viejo! 😁

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Pros: amazing flavours, perfect spot by the beach, friendly owner and staff



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23 Sep 2023


The food here was great. The carnitas tacos were very flavorful, the yucca fries were hot and fresh, and the drinks were on point. I highly recommend this place 💚🌱

Pros: Great food, Great service, Beachside

Cons: Does not accept credit card


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28 Aug 2023

Delicious quesidillas

Amazing smoothies. We loved the jackfruit quesidillas, so filling and tasty.
Burger and crab cakes also very nice. Not so keen on the pancakes.

Pros: Super thick and luscious smoothies, Gorgeous quesidillas, Very friendly service

Cons: Pancakes were undercooked


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20 Aug 2023

Very nice cafe on the beach

A super cute location across from the beach, with good vegan food as well as local craft beer, kombucha, smoothies, and other beverages. The portions were very large, and we could not finish any of the items we ordered. Especially enjoyed the crab cakes and the nachos. Note that it is cash only, or at least it was on the day we were there because they did not have a credit card machine. They did take Venmo or PayPal in addition to cash.


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20 Mar 2023

So delicious and creative

We really loved this place. The banana skin tacos were one of my favorite meals in Costa Rica and the corn and cacao drinks were so interesting and delicious! Would 100% recommend stopping here.


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19 Feb 2023

Out of this world

I loved how original the dishes and ingredients are, it’s really hard to find a place like this one. We tried…
Fish tacos: very nice, I love the pineapple and the sauce, the banana blossom was a bit hard in the middle but it was still great!
Quesadilla: with jackfruit, delicious and a bit sweet but all the other ingredients made up for it.
Crab cakes with fried yuca: made from hearts of palm, VERY delicious and the yuca was perfect too, not too salty and not too fried.
The biscuit was so good! Probably the best I had in a very long time, it’s GF and it’s a bit chewy with a coconut flavor, so good. I didn’t enjoy the drinks so much but my family loved them (too fruity for me).
The staff was absolutely lovely.

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11 Feb 2023

Absolutely brilliant

I just love this place, we’ve been twice today! The crab cakes are divine and the burger (not yet on the menu- ask for the one without bread in a potato/yukka ‘bun’) is lovely. It’s like a burger in a light hash brown.
They do a great banana cake/brownie as well. Good coffee with choice of oat, almond and coconut water and great smoothies.

Such a lovely atmosphere on the beach and staff are super friendly. Well priced, especially for what it offers. Highly recommended!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-11

Pros: Fully vegan , Lovely staff and a dog! Great ambience , Inventive menu and well priced

Cons: None


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04 Feb 2023

Just amazing 😍 A must try 🙏

I basically moved in here while staying in Puerto Viejo. It is located right at the beach, with slack lines right in front and on wednesdays and saturdays there will also be a fire circle in the evening 🔥the food is sooo good and the staff is super friendly. Just good vibes all the way through 🙏 Pura vida ❤️


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27 Jan 2023

All vegan

I ordered the tacos “carnitas” they were delicious. The waitress was super nice, and the restaurant is cute in front of playa cocles. My boyfriend had nachos with jackfruit, really good!

Pros: All vegan , Great service

Cons: Cash only


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08 Dec 2022

Yummy but not abundant

This place is so tasty but we expected more food for that price to be honest. We know Costa Rica is not cheap but..

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Not too much food


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30 Nov 2022

Totally vegan. Tasty quesadillas.

The best vegan quesadillas ever.
As dessert they only had biscuits and a Oreo cake, not bad, but not too tasty.

Pros: Totally vegan , Nice staff

Cons: Desserts could be better


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05 Nov 2022

Genuine and cozy place

Loved the vibe! Ate the yuca which was amazing, along with the calamari and tacos. I preheat the less fried the better but the calamari with the sauce was pretty amazing. It’s a newly open place (august 2022) the owner made it such a lovely and authentic place, we enet back Teo time! Preferred the starters over the bowl and burger, the quesadilla was superb! (It was to good to have the time to take a photo even) ✨

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03 Nov 2022

Best vegan food in PV

Im so happy for this place. The only plant based place that ive never had issues with in PV over the years. Best pancakes(made from breadfruit) ive ever had. Crab cake really good too, minus the loaf of bread it comes on. And they have a good selection of desserts.

They do seem to be randomly closed many times that ive tried to go there, so call ahead to be sure.
Overall my favorite in PV. i only leave Cons list as constructive critism for the kitchen. i think its important.

no mustard and only a couple sauces to choose from.
all the food is pretty heavy. maybe some more fresh stuff or fresh toppings.
burger wasnt very good, but that was when they first opened so they may have changed it.
the fried calamari would be better in an air fryer i think
the crab cakes are my favorite but maybe something different than the thick bread its served on
no reciepts when you pay bill

100% vegan
Best pancakes ever
Great crab cakes
dessert selection
friendly service
creative menu
best location & view

Pros: Best pancakes ive ever had, Great location

Cons: Hours are random, Pricey, need more sauces


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29 Oct 2022

Nice place next to the beach!

Delicious food, nice staff, great coffee and cakes!!


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26 Oct 2022

Best food in the area!!

Oh, this place is GOOD! We went back twice and our food was excellent both times. The staff are lovely and the location is great. I love the menu here, it’s not your typical vegan menu and you can tell they’ve used some creativity with it. Honestly, go here! You’ll love it. 10/10.


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21 Sep 2022

Food was delicious.

Cute atmosphere. They have cocktails, mock tails and smoothies. Every item we got was delicious. Staff was friendly. They had cookies and Oreo cheesecake and banana pb cheesecake. I had the hardest time choosing but the banana cheesecake did not disappoint.

Pros: All vegan , Multiple vegan desserts to choose from , Cute atmosphere


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09 Sep 2022

Muy rico!!

Great place with great vegan food

Pros: The best vegan food I had in Costa Rica , Great vibes


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01 May 2022

Great food

The restaurant is located directly on the other side of Playa Cocles. Their menu includes several main dishes like a burger, vegan fish alternatives and some salad dishes. They also serve smoothies and smoothie bowls as well as all day long breakfast options. On top of that, they have some dessert options like muffins and different cakes. We tried the burger, a smoothie and some muffins and the food tasted great!

Pros: Completely vegan , Great location , Friendly staff


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10 Apr 2022

Creative Vegan Dishes

I have been vegan for nearly 8 years and this is by far one of the best vegan restaurants i have ever been to in my life. Not only is the location beautiful, right across the beach where all the local surfers surf- the presentation of the food is so detailed and beautiful. The cocktails are a tropical dream and the food is so creative and has found ways to make veg alternatives I have never heard of before! All of the food is locally sourced, freshly made and the staff were extremely kind, accommodating and had great suggestions of where to go for my time in Puerto:) I hope I get the chance to go back soon.

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Staff, Beautiful Cocktails


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10 Apr 2022

Amazing and yum!

Love this new spot! I’ve been vegan for a while and went here with my non vegan friend. We both loved the food and the staff were super friendly. Definitely going back!!

Pros: The staff, The food


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07 Apr 2022

Run in the opposite direction!

We should have heeded the universes signs, when we tried the first two times to eat here. First, there was no water and second they had just closed. On the third attempt, after we had chosen our meals from the menu, the waitress with a condescending attitude informed us that what we had chosen was no longer available. It would have been useful to know this upfront! After placing our orders, we had to wait approximately 40 minutes for the food. I suggested to my girlfriend during this period that we should leave but she really wanted to try the food. I had the avo on toast, which was literally some avo on one piece of very tough toast. I was hungry but couldnt finish the toast. My girlfriend had the fish tacos but could only eat one as they tasted terrible and gluey. They are three banana flowers in batter on shop bought corn tortillas. Very overpriced for what it was. We wont be going back.

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Cons: Terrible food, Overpriced, Condescending staff


09 Apr 2022

Hi! This is Elizabeth one of the owners of biribá. I’m really sorry that you had a bad experience and I promise it’s truly an anomaly. We’re very proud of the food we serve and the atmosphere and community we’ve created here. I’d just like to say that we are a very new restaurant. In fact, it says at the top of our menu that this is a soft opening and to please be patient with us. You’re also in the Caribbean where things run at a Caribbean pace and we put a lot of time and effort into homemade time consuming dishes. We do our best to get them out as quickly as possible. I’d suggest looking more into pura vida.

In February there was a water shortage in all of town where the municipality shut off the city water. Many businesses in town had to close. Unfortunately due to our changing climate these kinds of events are happening more and more. Just part of the reason we are trying to promote a local plant based diet.

Avocado toast quite literally is avocado on toast. Ours is on our friends locally made sourdough bread with sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp seeds, along with sprouts. The fish tacos are a crowd favorite and many people come back to order them many times in a row. You won’t find many restaurants outside of Mexico hand making tortillas and I don’t know of any in puerto that do. Although it’s something we’d love to strive for in the future. The fish tacos also come with a homemade vegan Tartar sauce, a coconut lime cabbage slaw, pineapple salsa, and pickled onions.

As far as overpriced, the most expensive dish on our menu is $10.50 usd and most dishes are much less. We use many unique, local, and organic ingredients that take a lot of time to process and turn into beautiful food. We keep our prices as low as possible or while still compensating our farmers and staff a living wage.

As I said, I truly am sorry that you had a negative experience and we’d love to comp you a free meal if you’d like to come back and try again (if you’re still in the area). Fee free to reach out to us on our Instagram @biribacocles


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02 Apr 2022

Possibly the best vegan food in the area.

Had the fish tacos, and they were excellent. Almost tasted like real white fish, but wasn’t too fishy. Also sampled the crab cakes and they were also excellent.

Please note that currently they do not accept payment by credit card; they only except cash, paypal, or venmo.

Pros: Delicious food and drinks., Beach and ocean views.

Cons: Don’t take credit cards (as of April 2022)


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11 Mar 2022

Great food

Had the mushroom burger. The patty was very nice and the toppings on the bun were nicely balanced. I had the breadfruit fries which were dry and tough but the yucca fries were lovely.


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26 Feb 2022

Excellent vegan restaurant. Excellent staff. Love it all.

I loved the big selection of vegan food. Staff very helpful. Was able to work on my book

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