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BioPoint is a chain of health food market. This one is small, located inside Prague's central station. Carries snack bars, tofu pate, and dairy-free cheese and other stuff. Many items are organic and some are fair trade. Open Mon-Sun 07:00-20:00.

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First Review by Amy1274


Points +298

29 Jul 2023

Buena opción take away

Cogí un trozo de quiché y un trozo de tarta de zanahoria para un viaje largo en tren por 6€ y mereció la pena.



Points +2148

13 Sep 2022

Vegan options

A lot of clearly marked vegan options, also ready to eat sandwiches. However they didn’t look healthy or tasty so I didn’t get anything.


Points +71

04 Sep 2022


Große Auswahl vegane Lebensmittel, auch an frischen To Go Sachen. Die frischen Sachen sind leider in fünffach Plastik eingepackt, Qualität dem Preis entsprechend.

Pros: Super für auf Reisen


Points +907

13 Jun 2022

Very good

This shop offers vegan baguettes, bars and ice cream. You can also buy hummus, tofu or vegan meat there. You might wanna come earlier, the baguettes sell out quickly if there’s a lot of people.

Pros: Variety of vegan options, Reasonable price


Points +340

08 Aug 2020

No fresh fruits or veggies

pretty poor shop. we were looking for organic fruits. like just a banana as a snack. wasn’t worth the walk


Points +15

30 Jan 2020

Never more

We was very disapointed, poor choose of vegetarian or vegan products, almost all in the shop is normal food, that is possible buy in supermarket and cheaper. They dont have even the goat products, almost all food they sale is unhealthy. Everything full of palm oil! I dont think, that muller milch is bio ... products for ill people are not healthy as they say. Full of conservants sugar palmoil ecc... terrible cheating, only to earn money from turists....


09 Feb 2023

the fact that the store is called BioPoint does not mean that everything there has to be organic, the concept of the store is not based purely on organic food, but also on rational nutrition, etc. if you were interested or asked you would have found out😄the products are different and separate, so you can also find gluten-free, dia, lactose-free, just ask, I go there almost every day and I don't think it's fair to judge after one visit


Points +28

24 Jul 2019


Conveniently placed shop. Lots of vegan products. Prices are quite reasonable.


Points +211

22 Mar 2019

Threw half of our food away

We purchased two sandwiches and a
tofu spinach quiche, prices were reasonable but the quality of the food was horrendous. The sandwiches were bland and stale with way too much mayo and thick chunks of cabbage, the bread tasted like it had expired a week ago. The only flavor in the quiche was salt, consistency was revolting. Would avoid buying ready-made snacks from there, a waste of money.


Points +2672

03 Oct 2018

Decent snack for the train

Convenient spot inside the central train station. They have a fridge at the front with pre-prepared items like tofu quiche, baguettes, sweets. Vegan items seemed to be all labelled as such.
We grabbed a couple of big tofu baguettes for around 60 crowns each, which were super skimpy on the salad and tofu but had bucketloads of mayonnaise oozing out everywhere. Not bad for a cheap, readymade meal but I felt like I’d drank a litre of mayo afterwards haha.

Pros: location, cheap, pre-prepared meals for the train

Cons: grumpy staff


Points +72

23 Jul 2018

Very good shop at trainstation

Very good shop with many vegan options. My favourite are vegan baguettes from fridge, with smoked tofu, vegetables and soyanesse without vinegar, with lenon (I am allergic to vinegar).

Pros: Lot of vegan options

Cons: .


Points +240

06 May 2018

many vegan & healthy options to take away

Perfekt place to get your food supplies for a long train ride. I didn't find it that expensive! I got a huge sandwich with tofu and vegan mayonnaise for 65 czk. (But maybe it's cheaper in town than here) There's also some vegan versions of typical czech food.

Pros: many vegan options to choose from


Points +122

23 Jul 2017

Great stock up location

Been here many times to get some food before a train trip. It's want you want for a train, sandwiches and cakes.


Points +7367

19 Sep 2016

Vegan sandwiches

This little shops is placed inside the train station. They sells almost everything, but mostly health produces, and between them, some vegan sandwiches, and even one vegan cake (although the last one was not very good). You can also pick a energy or protein bar. Very helpful when you are in the rush.

Pros: Location, Vegan options

Cons: Quite expensive


Points +60

15 Jun 2016

Nice to get some vegan sandwiches or snacks

We used the shop to get some vegan sandwiches. They have a small choice of vegan sandwiches but they also have some with gluten free bread.

They also have plant drinks, some organic and/or vegan cakes and cookies, nuts and dried fruit. It is a bit expensive but it's a good location if you want something vegan to eat if you are travelling.

Pros: Central location

Cons: Expensive


Points +423

16 Sep 2015


Really great place to grab some quick vegan food, sandwiches, baguettes, sweets, plant milks, spreads, pastries etc. Your tummy will be happy, just your wallet could cry a little.

Pros: Location, Opening hours

Cons: Prices


Points +30

25 Aug 2015

good for picking up vegan lunches / snacks

I found this shop really useful - it's a little expensive, but not especially so compared to places I might shop in the UK, and it's well located in the train station, on a corner near one of the big arrivals boards. I thought it had a good range of vegan foods for what is quite a small shop - I got chocolate milk, a sandwich, some pate, and small things that I could eat in my hostel room. The ingredients on the sandwich were all listed in Czech, that's true, but I didn't find that surprising. They seem to mark allergens in bold, as in other EU countries, which makes skim reading easy enough even in another language.


Points +73

19 Feb 2015

Expensive veg-friendly shop

They have a nice selection of foods (if you consider it's Prague) but unfortunatelly the prices are really high (sometimes 3 times more expensive items than elsewhere). But if you happen to wait for your train here, you'll be glad it's here.

Pros: Some nice vegan options

Cons: Expensive, Some options only at certain times of day


Points +24

22 Jun 2014

Not friendly to tourists or visitors, nor vegans

Avoid this place. The staff here does not speak English , and all the products are labelled only in the Czech language. Meat products are mixed in with Vegan products, and the selection is very poor. I accidentally bought some revolting meat pate [which was located in a shelf of apparently vegan products] which gave me severe indigestion. also they do not help in bagging purchases at the checkout. generally unhelpful and terrible customer service. Avoid this place.

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 22, 2014

Cons: staff do not speak English, products only labelled in Czech language, meat products mixed with vegan product


Points +341

05 May 2014

Limited Prepared Foods But Good Store

A great store, but if like me you were hoping to pick up some prepared foods for a train ride, the options are limited. It seems geared more towards the commuter who may be picking up groceries on the way home, spices, flours, raw materials for cooking. That said, I did find some snacks for the train, but no vegan salads or sandwiches as you might hope. There were some veggie prepared foods.


Points +4984

25 Nov 2013

Convenient for lunch on the go

This is a really useful shop for grabbing lunch to take on a train journey or for a picnic - there's a good selection of prepackaged vegan baguettes and cakes, as well as fresh and dried fruit and nuts. You can also buy things for cooking such as dried risotto mixes, cous cous, polenta and miso, but much of the tofu needs refridgeration, so can't be transported too far. It's worth noting that this isn't a completely vegetarian shop, so if you can't read Czech, a writing down a list of useful words or taking a dictionary to translate ingredients on packets might be a good idea. The main downside of this shop is that the staff are rather unfriendly and unhelpful.

Pros: Location, Choice

Cons: Unhelpful staff

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