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Beyond Sushi - Union Square

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229 E 14th St (at Union Square, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10003

Vegan sushi store with a few outlets, primarily grab-n-go with few seats. Offers choice of nori or soy bean paper for rolls plus freshly squeeze juice and side salad. Sister restaurant to The Green Roll in Chelsea Market. Open Mon-Wed 11:30am-9:30pm, Thu-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm, Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan, Japanese, Macrobiotic, Fast food, Juice bar, Delivery, Take-out, Fusion

Reviews (35)

First Review by AlanC

Ahhhhhmayzing Sushi! - Edit

Been here a few times over two visits to NYC. Some unique sushi combos, great soups, and killer dumplings! There should be more seating, but when it comes to the food you can't go wrong!

Pros: Great food, Hekpful staff, Decent prices (lunch special!)

Cons: Limited seating, no bathroom

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BeyondSushiNYC 03 Jan 2017 - Thank you Christopher, we appreciate your review! See you on your next visit!


Really good food! The sushi was delicious and really special! We had the spicy ramen and it was really tasty (and spicy). But the best we had was the dumplings with sundried tomatoes and smoked pumpkin, amazing! The kimchi is a little bit sweet for my taste but was good.

We are definitely coming back!

Pros: Really creative food with a lot of different and s

Cons: They close too early when you are a tourist ;)

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So we have gotten from here one other time and loved the food but decided to deliver verses going to pick it up!!!! Their site says to go to Grubhub to order which they are not found on anywhere!!! got the impression we could order on the site itself and so we tried to place an order only to be told we were not in their "free delivery" area with no option to pay for the delivery. Needless to say, my annoyance is at the misleading information NOT the food which is delicious and should be corrected asap!!!

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Unique and creative sushi - Edit

I tend to be used by the typical veggie rolls that many places offer but Beyond Sushi definitely lives up to its name.
They have an interesting variety of types of sushi that maybe a first sight wouldn't be so amazing but when you try them you know you did good at coming to eat at this place.
I also tried the spicy wrap with sriacha and it's unbeatable!

Pros: Interesting rolls, Tasty food

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My Father in Law loved it! - Edit

I went to see a concert with my Father-in-Law and we needed to grab a dinner. He eats meat, but was game with trying a vegan restaurant. We stopped in here and he LOVED his rolls. The prices are on the high end, but I don't think anything too crazy for New York City. Seating is limited and there isn't a huge menu. BUT they have it so you can get something other than just a sushi roll, which make eating out in a group easier.

This place was super yummy but very small so seating is limited. It is perfect for some take out. There is also a park nearby that you can take your food over to.

Pros: Great sushi, Fast service, Great for takeout

Cons: Super small, Not much seating

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MUST TRY!!! - Edit

I use to be a massive sushi water before going vegan after trying this place this is by far the best sushi place I have ever eaten at in my whole life and a plus side of this place is that they use all organic ingredients and it is vegan!!!

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Great place! - Edit

I was addicted to this place for a couple of months. I don't usually get the sushi, but their wraps are unreal. Super fulling but still clean, healthy, and flavorful. Everyone is always so nice when I come in and they prepare the food pretty quickly. There are a lot of vegan options in the Union Sq. area and this is my favorite for an on-the-go meal.

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Great vegan sushi - Edit

I love the sushi here. The location near Union Square is small and looks meant for takeout. The sushi was great - fresh and tasty. I was disappointed the food was all served in takeout containers/plastic.

Pros: Great food, Inexpensive

Cons: Food served in takeout containers, Minimal seating

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As a vegan for over 40 years this is my new favorite restaurant in NYC. Used to be NOBU, but no longer.

Sushi and desserts are 5 star items.

Tasty, creative, fresh, extremely palatable.
George the manager was very helpful with my delivered order.

Please open on South Beach in Miami Beach so I can have these items where I live!!!

Will be returning before I fly home.

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Yummy, but not protein - Edit

I really like the sushi at Beyond Sushi, but it makes me miss Soy and Sake all the more. Beyond Sushi creatively makes different combinations of delicious vegetables and toppings to come up with their rolls. My only complaint is that the rolls are just vegetables, so there are very limited protein sources. There may be one or two rolls that have tofu, but that's it. Otherwise, a very yummy place for vegan sushi!

Cons: limited protein, limited seating

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Good creative vegan sushi - Edit

We got some rolls and had them in one of the comunal tables in Chelsea Market. The mighty mushroom and the spicy mango rolls turned out to be delicious and fun to eat. The market is busy and makes a good option for a quick stop.

Pros: Unexpensive, Good food, Fun

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creative, tasty sushi - Edit

I visited the Chelsea Market location- they have a lot of different options and make it fresh right there. I got the two roll and two piece combo and enjoyed everything! The staff was also very friendly. Worth a visit for sure!

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Good food but not the best Vegan sushi out there - Edit

I was excited to try Beyond Sushi after hearing such good things about it. The place was much smaller and more informal than I expected so it was a bit tight ordering and then waiting for the food. I decided to eat in but because there are so few tables, I had to eat with another groups of people at a table since there wasn't enough space on my own.

The sushi itself was quite good. I actually liked the wraps better than the sushi because I think they and more flavor and texture. The sushi itself was very healthy and all made of straight vegetables so it is definitely not just an imitation of fish sushi, but tries to define itself with new combinations and types of vegetables. However if you're looking for good vegan sushi that imitates fish, Shojin in Los Angeles cannot be beat, check it out!

Pros: Interesting take of vegetable sushi, Relatively fast

Cons: Small place, Not a wide variety of sushi

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the best sushi!! - Edit

I LOVE sushi, like a lot. But for vegans the options are usually just something simple; cucumber roll, avocado roll, you get what I'm saying. I mean those are good but of course, they get boring. So when I discovered this place I was in heaven! Everything was so delicious, just the perfect amount of flavors and everything combined amazingly. Would recommend this place to anyone! Definitely not only to be enjoyed by vegans, everyone should try :)

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Best sushi period! - Edit

So...I like Sushi. I mean, I usually get a cucumber roll or avocado roll or something like that. Now I realize how incredibly boring and unimaginative most vegan sushi is now that I have been to Beyond Sushi! It's not just food, they are works of art. They combine flavors, and the right amount of ingredients to create truly beautiful vegan rolls. I had the mushroom roll, the sriracha mango roll, and three of their hand rolls. They were delicious, filling, and inexpensive - at 6.95 a roll it hardly sets you back for the quality. A clear winner and a must-eat for any veg person in NYC!

Pros: Amazing menu, Good customer service, Inexpensive

Cons: Small place - need franchises!

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I'm converted! - Edit

I was never really a fan of sushi before- this place was the first time that I REALLY enjoyed eating it, to the point I wanted more! I'm a fussy eater too so I assumed I wouldn't enjoy it, but the different flavours and sauces just worked SO WELL together! Obviously it's very fresh food too, and great to have for lunch and share with others. This place is tiny though, only enough room for a handful of people- so I'd go outside standard lunchtime to sit and enjoy it like we did!

Pros: lots of flavour, fresh

Cons: tiny space, lack of seating

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A great experience - Edit

I've had vegan sushi elsewhere and been generally disappointed, but this stuff was really a pleasure to eat. It was fresh, light, tasty and offered a variety of flavors and textures.

If I ever go back to NYC, I will certainly check this place out again.

Pros: Variety of flavors, Textures/mouthfeel, Vegan

Cons: Inside a noisy mall

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So fresh - Edit

I love that there is a vegan sushi joint, but I am sad that this place isn't larger. You walk in, and if there's too many people, you may walk out. They make the sushi for you right in front of you, so, it's fun to see them create your meal!

The ingredients are super fresh and unique, as far as vegan sushi. They also have a great choice in rice paper rolls, regular salads and side salads. Plus, they have some healthy vegan cookies/ desserts - love the puddings, any puddings! Although I have loved everything I have tried for sushi, I don't like having buckwheat noodles in the wrap, but that's just me - it tastes funny. Other than that, this place is awesome. When I dream of sushi now, I dream of this place. It's so comforting to not have to worry about cross contamination! It's also great not to have to see dead fish parts or to smell it.

Love this place! Only 4 cows though because of size… and I kind of wish they had some fried stuff. :) Super healthy and so delicious!

Pros: Vegan vegan vegan, Desserts, Super fresh

Cons: Seating/ size, Nothing fried...

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It does worth to return! - Edit

Although we have only spent five days in New York City during our latest visit in the United States, and we promised ourselves to try as many different vegan places as we could, we simply could not resist returning to Beyond Sushi for another round of sushi rolls. This tiny little hidden gem is a definite must for any vegans wandering the area; the sushi you are getting at this place is marvellous, creative, innovative, the staff is super friendly, and even the prices are bearable. The only downside that we could think about is the size of the establishment, you might have to wait to be able to sit down, or just take your food away. Highly recommended!

Pros: Fantastic food, Very friendly staff, Reasonable prices

Cons: Not too many tables, No restroom

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I asked the owner/chef if it's organic - NO. I'm really getting tired of restaurants saying 'organic when possible'...Does that mean 'When I am not being cheap'. Organic is ALWAYS possible if you are in the restaurant business. Yes, at times you can not get organic cucumbers, or kale or something you need, but you should always put it up on the board so customers can decide for themselves if they want to purchase a product. I went to Beyond Sushi because I was buying it from a local yoga studio and wanted to explore their other options as it's delicious. Either go organic, or don't. Don't say 'whenever possible'. And do not mislead people into thinking it's organic.

Pros: inventive, tasty

Cons: pesticide filled rice from china, non-organic produce, false advertising

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CarloSoranno 25 Oct 2014 - You sir are ass. Do you now or have ever owned a restaurant? Are you aware that restaurants who say organic when possible rely on purveyors to supply them with those organics. If the veg is not in season it's harder and super expensive to buy organic. If they did try and please you with out of season organic produce most of these places would be closed because they could not afford to feed your complaining ass. Stop going out to eat, grown your own vegetables and feed your face at home. No one wants to hear you talk. Shush.

Will Blow You Away - Edit

The sushi here is so tasty, creative and just plain beautiful to look at. The black rice sets off the colorful vegetables and sets your mind watering for the first taste. Which does not disappoint. Beyond Sushi will reset and expand your expectations, not just for vegan or vegetable sushi but any sushi. Amazing combinations of taste and textures.

The reason I'm adding my review to the ones already existing is because there is also a small branch located in the Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue, where I ate. There is no seating here but lots of places in the Market or when the weather is nice, in a nearby park or the Pier itself. If you come to NYC you owe it to yourself to try the sushi here whether are a vegan or vegetarian and have no qualms about bringing along a non-veg foodie. A perfect place to come after a walk on the High Line.

Pros: Imaginative food, Tasty, Inexpensive and filling

Cons: You'll want to try everything, No seating

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Creative Creations - Edit

I was a big fish fan prior to becoming vegan, so my expectations were high, perhaps too high, when coming to Beyond Sushi. What you will get at this establishment is a sleek, clean, and enjoyable environment, and you will eat some creative sushi rolls. I had a Spicy Mango roll: black rice, avocado, mango, cucumber, served with toasted Cayenne sauce. I also had the nicely portioned seaweed salad, which was refreshing and good. I enjoyed Beyond Sushi, but it's not a comparable experience with "real" sushi.
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 28, 2013

Pros: Creative menu, clean environment, friendly staff

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Amazing - Edit

I went with my omnivore family, and one of them claimed, "it tastes better than regular sushis". I absolutely loved it! Everything I tried tasted marvelous and was nicely presented.

Pros: taste, price

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Amazing Vegan Sushi - Edit

I was in NYC to attend the 2013 Vegetarian Festival, but we were unable to get in the first day due to large crowds. So we had lunch at Beyond Sushi. Wow! The food was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. I never had vegan sushi before and again I say "wow". The restaurant is tiny with only 3 tables and we were lucky to get one of them. The staff is friendly, the prices are reasonable, the ingredients are fresh and the food is so appetizing. I had the combination sushi roll and small wrap and it was a great choice. They offer a Sushi Roll of the Month along with their regular offerings. I wish there was a Beyond Sushi in Philadelphia. I would eat there often. The only negative aside from lack of space is that there is no restroom. I will be back next time I visit NYC.

Pros: Delicious food, Reasonable price, Fresh ingredients

Cons: Lack of seating, No restroom

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Really good sushi - Edit

This place is fantastic! The sushi is all healthy but incredibly delicious. I would not go in a large group are there is very limited seating. I would definitely come back if I lived in the area.

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Beyond Sushi - Edit

We have made vegan sushi from Veganomicon and they are decent, but after eating at Beyond Sushi this place is amazing and would definitely go back again. The Sicy Mang has a kick to it and the Sweet Angel as well. They are accommodating if you desire not to have the spicy sauce on it, which most come with.

As far as seating arrangements, it is rather small and no restrooms.

Pros: execellent food, good value

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Wonderful and Artistic Food - Edit

Beyond Sushi offers reasonably priced, super healthy, beautifully made and delectable vegan sushi and the staff is friendly. The combinations are so creative, tasty, and made from super healthy grains and locally grown and purchased produce.

Pros: Delicious Food, Beautiful Presentation, Attractive Venue

Cons: Haven't opened up a store in DC!

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