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The building has a cultural center, a shop, and a cafe. Always has salads, sandwiches, and a selection of teas. Vegans to specify as dairy is used and options may be very limited. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by Marina-S


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30 Mar 2021


Хорошее кафе с выбором блюд европейской кухни, напитков и в особенности интересных смузи. Находится на третьем этаже большого пространства «Белые облака», где можно и погадать по руке, и на таро, и купить книги и благовония, и послушать лекции и так далее. Ела очень вкусный салат с грушей и сыром, пила смузи авокадо-шпинат, тоже очень приятный! Атмосфера уютная, сидишь прям под крышей, немного душновато, специфический, но дружелюбный персонал. Зашла бы ещё попробовать что-нибудь новенькое!



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24 Jul 2018

Cosy place for a tea

This is a cosy little place under the roof, over the bookshop. It is suitable to have tea.

There are a couple of food items available, but most probably they are not vegan.

Pros: Cosy


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20 Jul 2013

Not for vegans

I went to this restaurant because it was listed as "vegan-friendly" on Happy Cow.

They have a daily meal, some salads, cous-cous, sandwiches and other small stuff as well as desserts.

I asked someone from the staff if they had anything vegan, when I felt that I was not understood I added: "without anything made from milk in it". The guy looked a bit puzzled but I believe my Russian was understandable enough (plus a Russian guest who did understand me explained again what I wanted). I had the idea that this was not a language problem, but rather that the concept of veganism was not really known.

After checking the menu for some time the guy came up with 2 salads. I was not into salads that day so I asked if there really wasn't anything else for me. They got someone from the kitchen who then told me that there was one little piece left from some type of vegan energy-balls with chocolate and nuts. I bought it. It was a tiny round black thing which I did not find tasty at all, and it stuck around my teeth for some time.

I asked Happy Cow to remove the "vegan-friendly" info for this restaurant and they did this.

This might be a good place for vegetarians and maybe the two vegan salads are tasty, too. I might give them a second chance when I am around. However, as a vegan there is no point of coming here just for the food - you can have salad nearly at any other restaurant in Moscow.

Pros: helpful staff, cheaper than many other veg places in M.

Cons: very limited vegan options


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25 Apr 2013

Not for eating

I love this place. It's a good thing just to go walk in there. You can buy souvenirs, incense sticks, amulets, the right food.
Cafe is located on the 3rd floor, is very small. Poor choice of food and high prices. Right next door the Belie Oblaka is a Thai Restaurant.

Pros: shop, activities, place

Cons: cafe, price

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