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Established 1945 in the US and operating franchise outlets nationwide and internationally. Dairy ice cream chain that began offering a few non-dairy flavors in 2019. These flavors are made from coconut and/or almond base and may include chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberry, or coffee caramel. Cake cones are reported to be vegan. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by GayleMG


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20 Oct 2022

Bottom of the Barrel

Only one vegan ice cream option and that was like a double chocolate type. The lady that served us was really scraping the bottom of the bucket and it tasted like it. It has a distinctive freezer burn quality to it. Also she misunderstood us and gave us two- two dip cups of that crappy ice cream. I got daiquiri sorbet and watermelon sorbet. Neither were good and my spouse said that the daiquiri sorbet was the worst ever. I did not like it either ,but I was not going to spend $15 and get nothing out of it. The chocolate ice cream x2 were brought home and put in the freezer and may or may not be eaten later. To top it all off there was a long human hair "topping" on my sorbet. This place is not for us and really does not do veganism any favors.

Pros: offers three crappy vegan options

Cons: Low quality, poor tasting selections. , Freezer burned ice cream, Staff does not listen carefully.



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10 Mar 2021

Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

The dairy-free chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is wonderful! I really appreciate this store carrying it. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that they only carry one of the three dairy-free Baskin Robbins flavors. At least they carry one. The Cedar Hill store stopped carrying all of them. I was told in both stores that the dairy-free flavors don't sell well. I really hope more people will be willing to give them a try. You wouldn't know they were dairy-free from the taste and texture. I'm afraid BR will not be able to keep offering them if only vegans buy them. Maybe they should market them differently. Instead of saying what they are not, maybe they should say what they are. Instead of dairy-free ice cream, call them coconut milk ice cream, for example.

Pros: Carries a dairy-free flavor

Cons: Only carries one dairy-free flavor

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