Raw and vegan cooked food. Previously at Strada Leonida, Nr 11. Offers raw meals, pasta, soups, salads, juices and desserts. Previously located at Emanoil Porumbaru 9, Apr 2016. New owners from July 2014. Fully vegan since Feb 2019. Reported closed, Sep 2021.

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First Review by blacknasa


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11 Jan 2020

Good food

Plenty of options (soup, raw, cooked, salad, desserts, etc.) and very tasty food. A little bit expensive and slow service, which you can understand since everything is prepared at the moment. If you're out of time, try another place.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Expensive



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05 Jan 2020

Vegans, unite, and go to Barca!

We happened upon Barca while visiting the nearby Casa Ceausescu, a bit outside of central Bucharest, but well worth the trip. The menu was extensive and mostly raw, but with some hot soups. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very well that day, and a soup and green juice was all I could manage. But it was delicious, and really hit the spot. And I got a yummy slice of raw orange and passionfruit pie that I enjoyed later😄We were honored to have the opportunity to visit with the owner, who had lived in the US and has a wonderful commitment to veganism. I wish we found it earlier in our trip so I could have tried more of the menu items!


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17 Nov 2019

Great food and wine

A very nice restaurant a bit outside of central Bucharest. The owners are just lovely and very friendly. Went there on a Saturday evening but it was not very busy. Food were overall great and their home made bread is amazing.

A little pricy but you also get served good food that is prepared on order. The restaurant itself if very cozy and it feels like an upscale restaurant. I would happily return here when I want a nicer meal and a good restaurant experience.


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07 Nov 2019

Way overpriced and small portions

I have no idea why this restaurant has gotten good reviews. It is exceptionally expensive compared with other vegan options in the city and the portions are very small. I had a dip appitiser which was more than the price of a main anywhere else AND I had to pay for bread. It was nothing special. I would recommend other vegan options in town and in the area (Sara Green) over this restaurant anyday. Also no vegan versions of local dishes as reported previously.

Cons: Too expensive, Small portions, Nothing exciting


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04 Nov 2019

Closed Nov 4, 11, 18, 25

Didn’t get to try.

Cons: Didn’t announce with anything but a sign at local


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03 Nov 2019

Delicious, healthy and cosy

The atmosphere is very cosy. Food is not only yum and filling but healthy too. Staff is very friendly. I loved it.


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30 Aug 2019

Raw deliciousness

Lovely family run vegan restaurant with both cooked and raw options.
Healthy, freshly prepared, and with many options to choose from.
I had a raw pesto and feta cheese appetiser with some beautiful dehydrated bread ( buckwheat, carrot and and sunflower and pumpkins. Also had the mushroom terrine and the raw chocolate cake. Both absolutely delicious
See photos.


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06 Aug 2019

Nice Restaurant

A really nice restaurant with good food (great chocolat cake) and very nice stuff.


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27 Jul 2019

Must visit!!!!

I don't even know where to start. Very impressed. Very friendly and welcoming staff that deliveres high end customer service and talks you through the menu, happy to advice. They have english menu too. Food is cooked freshly from when you order. I ordered special of the day which was lentil and cauliflower burrito with cashew dressing. The food was absolutely delicious. Very clean and not heavy at all. I was hoping to pause the moment. Had also ginger and mint lemonade which was very refreshing and as a dessert I ordered psyllium pudding as I wanted something light. Was not disappointed again. Really really tasty 100% recommend!!!


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25 Jul 2019

Good taste, healthy food

Nice restaurant

Pros: Vegan and Rawvegan


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02 Jul 2019

Loved it

I highly recommend this lovely restaurant. So many options to choose from on the menu - I wanted to try it all! The staff was super friendly and the food was great. Try the lemonade with peppermint. It was fantastic!

Pros: Big menu, Friendly, social staff, Good seating


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28 Jun 2019


Of all the vegan restaurants I've visited in Romania this one has the largest menu by far! Everything that we tried was excellent and the service impeccable. It's definitely a must to try when visiting Bucharest!


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25 Jun 2019

Loved it

Carefully prepared vegan. A lot of raw options and a lot of cooked. I had a greek salad which was immaculately plated and lightly dressed with lemon. There were dressings to order, but this was not your typical greek salad drowned in olive oil and sharp vinegar. It came with three types of ‘bread’, more like a cracker and dried not baked. I can’t decide if I like the carrot or the pumpkin seed better. The dessert was orange and apricot ‘cheese’ cake. It’s great to come across a vegan restaurant that provides the whole culinary experience.

Pros: Entirely vegan, lots of raw options


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10 Feb 2019

The best vegan restaurant in Bucharest

I'm eating often in Barca and I like the menu - you have so many option - and also the way they are cooking.

Pros: Excellent food, Very nice atmosphere

Cons: They use honey


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30 Jan 2019

Pride of Bucharest's vegan scene

I'm excited to discover Bucharest's developing vegan scene and was more than delighted to get familiar with the taste pallet of Barca. The menu is extensive, catering to any vegan's needs. They offer a wide selection of hot and cold soups, pasta and rice platters, sushi, stews, pizza, grill dishes and salads, On top of that they have plenty of choice in desserts, refreshing juices and coffees.

Upon recommendation of the owner I tried the traditional Romanian Tripe Soup (vegan version) with mouth-watering raw vegan bread. As a main course I enjoyed a well done Caramalized Pineapple and Tofu plate, of which the tofu is entirely non-GMO and home-made. The feast was concluded with a raw vegan chocolate cake I will be dreaming of for weeks to come.

!! Based upon previous suggestions, HONEY WILL BE REMOVED FROM MENU and replaced with agave and maple syrup, so they are now entirely vegan.

Pros: Amazing food choices, Stylish dining, Friendly service


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14 Nov 2018

Ok-ish food

I was somekind dissapointed with this restaurant.We got alot of things to try,but mine of them were good,but average.And they use honey in almoast all the sweets

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expresive,not tasty,use honey


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Mostly Veg
20 Sep 2018

Great Vegan Spot in Bucharest

Food and Ambience and our host were all superb

Pros: All Vegan

Cons: None


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16 Sep 2018

Nothing Special

As a vegan, who has been to Bucharest twice now, I am getting very annoyed with all the places that claim to be vegan but use honey.

Barca is another one of those places. At least, they are not fully raw, however, which makes for a much more interesting menu. Still, my dish with rice, avocados, lentils, and tomatoes was not that great. Certainly not something I would rave to friends about. The lemonade was good, and the service was excellent. Unfortunately, almost all of the desserts contain honey and not all of the few that don't were available. I ended up getting a flan de coco, but, like the main dish, it was quite underwhelming.

Barca is located in a really nice area of Bucharest, and given that the menu lists so many items, I'm sure one could find tastier dishes and enjoy their visit.

Pros: Nice neighborhood, Friendly staff

Cons: Bland dishes


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19 Aug 2018

The whole treatment

Barca was a really nice surprise to me when I went there. It's a full vegan place - but beware of the desserts because some have honey! The food was really good there but not extraordinary. Also, the service was great!

Pros: Good food and great service


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18 Aug 2018

Good location

When we were there I can't say that we ate the best food, but it was ok. They didn't use enough condiments for anything we had. The focus in the menu was too much on the raw food and there really is a need in this city for a vegan restaurant that doesn't do that and serves all kinds of dishes focusing on cooked food and baked goods. I'll go again one day to see if anything has changed and update my review.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices


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15 May 2018


A very well maintained and aesthetic place. Attentive and courteous service. Excellent food - fresh and delicious. Very highly recommended!

Pros: Everything!

Cons: Nosing


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25 Jan 2018

Good food but service not so much

The food was really good, super healthy and well presented; the place is calm, charming on the fancy side. However, the service was disappointing; the waiter was rushing us even though we were finishing our meals about half an hour before the closing time. They stopped the music and the waiter was staring at us impatient. With the desserts he also brought the bill, that we haven't yet requested. We asked if the restaurant was closed to which he replied hesitating "yes"; we apologised and said that all information online mentioned 9 pm, and he responded with "8, 9"... we took out the card to pay and he said immediately "only cash". Turns out they had probably closed down the TPA for the day; he only allowed us to pay with card because we didn't have enough cash on us and would have to go outside to withdraw some.
Sadly, we wouldn't consider going back to this place despite the good and very healthy food. Perhaps it was just a bad day or bad waiter.
On the way out we checked that the door sign also said closing time at 9 pm... we left 15 minuted before.

Pros: healthy food, fancy environment, not expensive

Cons: bad service


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15 Oct 2017

Nice Place

Food is great.. Nice Location..

Pros: Food


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11 Oct 2017

good food

I been here many times and the food is good. They have a big menu you can choose from.

Cons: food takes pretty long time to be served


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19 Sep 2017


Big menu, all vegan except honey in the smoothies which they can leave out. Nice ambiance and great food!


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08 Jun 2017


We went there for lunch and I had fried polenta sticks with spinach which was sort of okay. My friend had the cabbage salad which was good average. So we were a bit disappointed, especially as some of the raw options were not available that day. Nevertheless the beetroot juice was amazing!
The location is down in the basement and we could not sit outside as there was only one waiter.

I also pointed out that honey is not vegan but the guy said it is organic honey....

Pros: Fresh juices

Cons: Interior


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19 Apr 2017

Amazing find

This place is a little gem. It is located on a side street 5 minutes walk from the Aviatorilor Metro station. It was pretty quiet when I went (Wednesday evening). The menu is vegan, except for honey which they use mainly in their smoothies, with a fair selection of raw dishes. I ordered the mushroom soup (waiter's recommendation) and fluffy vegan omelette with a goji juice (without honey). The soup was truly the best I have ever tasted, a creamy texture with a lovely rich mushroom flavour. The vegan omelette was made from tofu and is dish I often make at home. Barca's version was outstanding. The waiter recommended a dessert that I didn't catch the name of but was a basically a vegan mousse made from almonds with a delicious coconut sugar syrup - superb! Barca's menu is vast and I plan to work my way through it during my time in Bucharest.

I am forever grateful to Happy Cow for connecting me to places as special as Barca as I would never have found it otherwise.

Pros: Amazing menu, Convenient location, Very good value

Cons: No need to use honey!

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