Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant with some labeled vegan tacos. Open Mon 2:00pm-9:30pm, Wed-Sun 2:00pm-9:30pm. Closed Tues.

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First Review by peas-full


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16 Oct 2023

Tacos on point

I had all three options without cheese so vegan and delicious

Pros: Yum, Yum, Yum

Cons: Small selection , Holbox prices 😂



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28 Jan 2023

Decent vegan options

They have several vegan options. We had the cauliflower tacos and the mushroom tacos. Both were decent, but very bland.


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26 Jan 2023

Not convinced the vegan tacos were vegan?

When we arrived we asked what the vegan options were and ordered the mushroom tacos and also the califlower tacos. After 5mins of ordering the waiter cam back and asked if we wanted vegan or vegie. (The tacos normally come with mayo so make sure to say you are vegan) When I ate the mushroom tacos they were drenched in butter. But the califlower tacos were better than I expected and the gauc is one of the best I have had so far. So basically go at your own risk.


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23 Jan 2023

Amazing vegan tacos

Very nice atmosphere, some of the dishes are pretty pricey but the taco prices are very decent.

-🌮They have 3 vegan taco options each for MXN$40, spicy (diablo) mushrooms, garlic & smoked chilly mushrooms, and cauliflower in tempura.
Everything was really tasty, my favorite was the diablo mushroom taco.


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13 Dec 2022

Omg… completely delicious

Was slightly worried because of the last review & the menu didn’t explicitly say vegan on it, but the staff *did* understand Vegan thankfully for my experience. The food is just completely delicious. Really. I had 2 tacos (diabla and cauliflower), but the star of the show was the veggie Aguachile!!!! Definitely worth trying. The tacos were suuuper delicious too. I also am a big mojito fan and decided to try the cilantro (coriander) mojito and it was very impressive and fresh. The girl who served us was very good😄I seriously recommend this place!


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29 Nov 2022

Be careful eating vegan here

This place has a great atmosphere and the staff is really nice. However, like many places on the island, a lot of the staff doesn't fully understand what vegan means. I asked what was vegan and then ordered the cauliflower and the mushroom tacos. Both came with mayo. I sent it back and ate half of the new tacos and noticed there was some creme at the bottom of one of the tacos. Since it looks like other people had success here, maybe I was just unlucky.

Pros: good atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: didn't receive order vegan


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24 Oct 2022

Authentic and inventive options

We came as we had seen there were a few vegan tacos in the reviews. We tried some of those, and got some really interesting other things too!

Pros: Super friendly staff and easy to be vegan, Vegetarian aguachile - fully vegan, like ceviche , Great cocktails

Cons: Returned one dish served with mayo but was easy


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01 Sep 2022

Great vegan tacos

They offer three types of vegan tacos: two with mushroom and one with cauliflower
The cauliflower one was lacking some
Flavour (it was only fried cauliflower on the taco, no salsa), the two mushroom ones were great!
Prices are higher (just like everything on the island)


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24 Aug 2022

Good Tacos

They had two different vegan Tacos on their menu, but you have to tell them that you are vegan. Otherwise you get mayonaise on the cauliflower tacos.
Really delicios, the mushroom tacos were really spicy.


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19 Aug 2022

Delicious and inexpensive vegan tacos

The restaurant is located within a food corner with several options - from pizzas to Asian cuisine. Great vegan options at reasonable prices, unlike most of the places along the island.
Mushroom diabola tacos were superb.

Pros: Very tasty, Cool place


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08 Jul 2022

Good tacos and guacamole

Food was good! It’s in a cute little food market that’s similar to a food court with about 5 different vendors. Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: Vegan options , Nice atmosphere


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04 Jul 2022

Great flavors

They had two labeled vegan tacos on menu, Baja cauliflower and the mushroom. Both were good. The cauliflower tacos were so big!! I did not picture the mushroom taco as it was on my husbands non vegan plate but it was the better of the two. Guacamole was delicious and plated beautifully.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-04


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01 May 2022

We tried their different vegan tacos and they were delicious.

The flavors were excellent! The crunchiness in the filling was great.

Pros: Great vegan options

Cons: Not healthy


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19 Feb 2022

Vegans Be Careful

Giving it three stars for the atmosphere and the drinks. Piña colada and margarita and mojitos for $95 and the piña was really good. However I ordered two of the vegan mushroom tacos and they brought me the wrong order which I didn’t realize because they did have mushrooms. Took a bite and tasted like crab or fish. So it’s good but just be careful…

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-19


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15 Feb 2022

Nice atmosphere and good value

The restaurant has 3 different windows where you order and pay, each with a different type of cuisine. We went straight for the taco window. There are only two vegan options and both are clearly marked.

The baja style cauliflower tacos were made with coated, fried cauliflower so be forewarned if you’re looking for a healthy option. They were good, of course but I think the diabla style mushroom tacos which had a bit of spicy kick and were more flavorful.

Cute spot amd there was a 15-20 minute wait on a Friday night.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-15

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked, Cute atmosphere

Cons: Could have had more vegan options, A bit chaotic


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31 Jan 2022

Mind blowing

What a hell, a fantastic spot, great vibes and delicious food. Get the cauliflower taco and you will fly, tasty, beautiful and unforgettable. Must go!


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14 Dec 2021

Opciones veganas en cada corner

Es como un mercado y puedes pedir comida en cada uno de ellos. Tacos veganos (de coliflor y de setas), veggie burger, sushi vegano o veggie pasta.
El ambiente es amable y suele tener música en directo!

Pros: Opciones veganas , Calidad precio , Ambiente


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30 Oct 2021

Awesome mushroom tacos!

The food market offers different food options such as sushi, pasta, burgers and tacos.
The vegan mushroom tacos are really great!


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24 Oct 2021

Best tacos in Mexico

I'll say it - best tacos in Mexico!
Their mushrooms & garlic tacos and their battered cauliflower tacos are to die for! First time we came they didn't have the cauliflower so we had to come back a 2nd night... it didn't hurt at all 😌
Also, pretty good fries & guacamole! First time we came a friend and I shared 3 tacos guacamole & fries and we went their with out bellies full, so you get quite a lot for a cheap price!

Pros: Delicious vegan options , Very affordable price!

Cons: Not many vegan options


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12 Oct 2021

Bastante bien

Holbox es muy caro, y este sitio tiene un precio decente. Las raciones son muy grandes y está bueno. Es un patio con 5 puestos, uno de bebidas, uno de comida mexicana, uno de hamburguesas y comida Americana, uno de pizza y pasta y otro de comida japonesa. Los tacos de coliflor bastante rico. Las opciones que tienen son vegetarianas pero los chicos te ofrecen quitar algún ingrediente y hacerlo totalmente vegano. Lo malo que hay muchísimas moscas y hace bastante calor ahí dentro


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29 Sep 2021

Pueden mejorar las opciones veganas

La verdad q no nos gusta el sistema del food market, pero llegamos buscando opciones veganas. Ordenamos la hamburguesa de lentejas sin el pan (porq el pan no es vegano) y vino super completo el plato, sabrosa. En otro puesto el arroz frito con vegetales, pedí que al hacerlo sin huevo le agreguen vegetales, siento q podrian haberle agregado mas. La horchata muy rica.

Pros: Barato, Buena hamburguesa de lentejas, Buena presentación

Cons: Arroz sabroso pero con pocas verduras


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01 Jul 2021

Great tacos

The cauliflower tacos were delicious.
They were pretty filling as well.
2 vegan tacos
1 vegetarian (because of the butter)

On the food court there was also a sushi place and one roll could be made vegan by just taking out the cream cheese. The sushis were also delicious

Pros: Delicious and healthy

Cons: Just take out the butter and make it all vegan


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30 Mar 2021

Good tacos

The tacos were great but the aguachile was sooooo salty it was difficult to eat.

Pros: Good music, Good prices , Good drinks

Cons: Aguachile was not good


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12 Jan 2020

Delicious and exellent value!

A little tricky to spot - it's in a food court on the side on the road with a few other booths you can order food from. Bar service is separate - just grab a table once you've ordered your food and someone will come over to take your drinks order.

There are three vegan tacos on the menu - mushroom with garlic, spicy mushroom and a battered cauliflower option. We ordered the garlic mushroom and battered cauliflower, then went back for a second plate of cauliflower tacos because they were so good! Also really good value - around 90 pesos for a plate of three pretty filling tacos.

Pros: Amazing food, Mexican cuisine, Excellent value

Cons: Bar service is a little slow, Limited covered seating when it rains


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11 Jan 2020

Two vegan tacos on the menu, both delicious

I ordered both of the vegan tacos on the menu, both were full of flavor and overall delicious. They also have a lot of sauces to choose from. This restaurant shares a space with 4 other resturants so you have. Variety of options including drinks.


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02 Jan 2020

Slow service

The setting in a food market made me think this would be super quick - like going to a taco stand. But my food took 45 minutes to arrive. The portions are huge, so I would have just ordered 1 rather than 3, as I wasn’t that hungry. The lady at the counter also told me I wanted guacamole, which I really didn’t need! There are 3 vegan options, 2 of which are mushroom, so if you don’t like mushrooms you’re stuck with the battered cauliflower, which is a bit heavy and greasy in a taco - I’d have preferred just cauliflower! But it was nice enough, just a shame it took sooooo long!


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22 Sep 2019

Delicious tacos

One of the cheaper vegan places on the Island. Very delicious tacos. Not that many options, but the ones they have are really good.

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