Serves meat, vegan options available. Colorado-based Thai bistro and sushi restaurant with cheery decor. Open-air layout and live music after 7pm some nights. Casual dress code. Location is in a small shopping centre with parking. As of December 2021 - no longer offering a vegan menu but still has some vegan friendly dishes or dishes that can be adapted. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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First Review by Zweiglücksamkeit


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31 Aug 2022

A few options

Came here as we’d seen Google reviews that there was lots of vegan sushi options. Couldn’t see any vegan sushi on the menu for the Rock n Roll Sushi part of the restaurant, the Bangkok Happy Bowl seemed to be accommodating stating on the menu they will substitute meat for tofu. I got the poke bowl with tofu which was ok, filling but nothing special. Lovely service from the staff!



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31 May 2022

A few vegan options

The thing we really loved was the live island music with hula dancing. We had the green curry with tofu and the Bangkok bowl with tofu. Ordered mild but it was plenty fiery. The tofu was nice and crispy in the bowl and the curry was flavorful. Our server did seem to want to hurry us along even though they weren’t that busy. Overall enjoyable and walking distance from our hotel.

Pros: Several vegan options , Live music

Cons: Terrible wine selections


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13 Dec 2021


I was pretty skeptical of this place based on the reviews. We asked two separate people if they had a separate vegan menu like others mentioned and as of December 2021, they do not.

We asked the server if the curry has shrimp in the base, or if there is fish sauce of any kind in either of our plates (yellow curry with tofu and cashew nut sub tofu) and were told no.

The yellow curry came out with chicken in it, the server was kind about it and did bring out one with tofu. He did write down tofu so I believe it was a kitchen mistake.

Overall they were nice, the food was decent, but the prices were excessive. Each of our plates was $20 and it really just didn’t feel worth it.

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-13


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15 Oct 2021

Good dinner option

The curry is a good dinner especially when all the other vegan opens are closed, this one is open the longest in the area. Can be pricey and the wait time can be long. Best option I found was ordering ahead and doing to go.

Pros: Vegan options, Friendly staff, Open later

Cons: Limited options, Wait time can be long


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Mostly Veg
31 Jul 2021

Very Tasty

This place just reopened after Covid the week we were here. We had been here 3 years ago and were glad it’s still here. There is no dedicated vegetarian menu but almost everything on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan. The staff was very knowledgeable about which dishes could not be made vegan and why (shrimp paste in the panang curry for example). We got the green curry, cashew tofu and Pad Ki Maw. All were really tasty, even the kids liked them.

Pros: Many options, Very tasty, Helpful staff

Cons: Some dishes can’t be veganized (orange chicken), Pricey for the amount you get


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09 Mar 2020

vegan thai

love that there is vegan items on menu. tried the ginger stir fry with tofu which used fresh ginger 😍 & drunken noodle jay. the food was good but kind of average😡also the yellow curry is vegan.


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18 Feb 2020

average but inclusive

The staff was very nice and gave everyone complimentary edamame for a starter. There’s a vegan section on the Thai menu, I got the drunken noodles jay. (Jay meaning vegan in thai). A bit oily but flavorful. There was also a small selection of vegan rolls on the sushi menu that looked good. Fun place but just so-so thai food. Really liked that there was a vegan section to the menu!


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25 Jan 2020

Nice Vegan Menu, good food, polite service

Had the Eggplant Lover Jay & requested to add tofu. Was great! Husband had the Yellow Curry (the only curry that is vegan). We ate here twice ;)
Nice decor & atmosphere with friendly, helpful staff. Be sure to ask for the Vegan menu as they don’t automatically hand it to everyone. Enjoy!


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Mostly Veg
16 Jan 2020

Good vegan Thai food

This restaurant has a whole section of specifically vegan food, which is always welcome, and it’s very good! The service is friendly, it’s licensed: easy to find parking in the shopping centre, and there’s a guy playing live Hawaiian music most nights.

Pros: Delicious food, Vegan section of the menu, Live music

Cons: not exclusively vegan, it is located in a little shopping mall


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11 Nov 2019

Tasty vegan options, but make sure you get the REAL vegan menu

Food: 4 stars
Service: 2 for lack of training

Before going for dinner last night, I checked their website and saw there was a ‘vegan menu’. Naturally, I asked for one at the restaurant, and the first server told me they didn’t have one - but proceeded to tell me which dishes could be made vegan including all the curries. When a second server came to take the order, I proceeded to order the green curry and just casually confirming that it was vegan, to which she said ‘no’ and gave me the vegan menu I was expecting earlier (a tiny card smaller than a business card, from her secret folder). It had 4 dishes total, and I ordered the eggplant lovers jay.

The dish itself was good, but the fact that I could have unknowingly eaten animal really bothered me :(


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19 Sep 2019

Great Place for a Vegan or Vegetarian!

They have a separate vegan menu and it has at least 20 items on it! I've had the Vegan Veggie Delight and the Ginger Jay Tofu, both excellent dishes. Perfectly seasoned, lots of flavor but not overwhelmingly so. You can pick your spice level you want from 1 to 4. This allowed my husband more choices as he hates anything spicy.

The service also impressed me as I was getting a to go order and they asked me if I wanted water while I waited. Plus the waiter went back to the kitchen to find the answer to a couple of questions I had. They were extremely helpful.

Pros: Excellent vegan selection, Great food., Helpful about any questions


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25 Aug 2019


I have to update my review... I raved about the green curry and waitress who told us there was not a vegan menu ( as a previous reviewer had posted only a few months ago), but told us which itemn could be made vegan. I ordered the green curry as she told me it could be made vegan and it was so good we decided to come back for it a few days later for our anniversary. At that time our new waitress handed us the vegan menu... so yes, there was one. Green curry wasnt on it so I asked why and she told me their green curry is made with a shrimp base. We were pissed. The food was good but that experience kinda blew it for us.

It was expensive, about $18-25 a dish. I thought it was worth it until they fed me animal product

Cons: $17-25 a Dish


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30 Jun 2019


The food was fine, the waitress was very nice, the price was obscene.


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27 Apr 2019

no vegan menu/not accurate vegan menu

when i went in today (april 2019) there was no vegan section to the menu. i asked about it and was given a giant vegan menu that i posted a picture of. the server was really knowledgeable about what was vegan. he said not everything on the vegan menu is actually vegan, and they don’t have everything listed on there. all the curries have shrimp sauce aside from yellow curry. that’s the only vegan one. i got the pad thai (they ask tofu or veggies and i asked for both) and my mom got vegan fried rice. you pick your spice level from 1-4. we also got an appetizer of gyoza. server said it’s plant based but fried with dead animals so he offered to have them steamed instead. tasted good! i appreciate the knowledgeable staff a lot.

Pros: knowledgeable server

Cons: no actual vegan menu , when you ask for the vegan menu it isn’t accurate


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13 Apr 2019

Pretty good vegan options

This place looks like it’s going to be two restaurants when you check out the menus online, but it’s just one establishment. When I went in April 2019, the menus they gave me did not have a vegan section like other reviewers have mentioned, but the server was knowledgeable of what could be made vegan.

I liked the pad Thai. It was one of the more flavorful items I had on Kauai, which in general seasons its food less strongly than mainland restaurants. Warm and citrusy!

The veggie poke bowl was not at all what I expected. It was very different than the poke bowls I typically get in LA (tofu, soy sauce, mango or pineapple, rice, ginger, wasabi, sesame seeds). This had rice, a bunch of large pieces of broccoli, seaweed salad, some bell pepper, and no tofu... the sauce tasted vaguely creamy even though the server said it was dairy free.

I suggest going with the (cooked) Thai food if you eat here.


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05 Jan 2019


An extra star for having a clear vegan section on the menu, but I would highly recommend eating elsewhere. I ordered spicy vegan pad thai and the only flavour it had was vaguely fishy. Vegetable gyoza are deep fried with animal products.


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21 Aug 2018


Staff are attentive and the atmosphere is great with live music playing. There's a vegan section marked on the menu. We had friend gyoza to start which was delicious. The main dishes were lacking flavour and,despite asking for them to be made medium spicy, they weren't hot at all.
It did feel as though they were trying to rush you in and out quite quickly too.

Pros: vegan options clearly labelled

Cons: expensive, flavour


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14 Aug 2018

Great Vegan Option

We stopped by on chance and were glad to see that they had a totally vegan section which did not appear to be the norm for the area. We arrived for their happy hour. The service was great, the atmosphere outside very nice and the food was great. We had the red curry which was one of the better vegan curries we have been able to find.

Pros: Outside ambience, Good service, Happy hour

Cons: None


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04 Jul 2018

Delicious!! Wish I could give 5 stats!!

Ordered the vegan pad Thai and a curry and split with my mother, both were delicious! Huge portions we could have split this with another 1-2 people. Live performance was also great.

Pros: Many options, Atmosphere , Taste


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04 Apr 2018

Will save you?

Enough to fill you on the basics.


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14 Jan 2018

Surprisingly tasty

There are only a few vegan items on the menu, but my ginger tofu and veggies was really enjoyable. I ordered a side of steamed veggies in case there weren't enough inmy main dish but the portion was generous. Also had brown rice if you wanted. Actually I think that I enjoyed my meal more than my omnivore companion.

Pros: clearly marked vegan items, good size portions, good value very fast, cheerful service

Cons: Regular non-vegan Thai dishes looked uninspired ( , A bit noisy and bustling


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04 Nov 2017

Great service, decent food

I have mixed feelings about this place. The staff was awesome. Super friendly and helpful. One staff member taught my 14 yr old son how to use chop sticks. The atmosphere was fun with a two person band playing at the entrance. On the menu there is a section that is clearly marked vegan. I believe there are 5 or 6 dishes. My husband ordered the vegan pad thai. He even pointed to the vegan Pad Thai on the menu, however when it came he discovered it had eggs in it. He hates sending this back so he just ate around it. I got the vegan fried rice and veggies. I forgot the exact name. It was good but lacking in flavor. I asked for the chili sauce and that helped a lot. This place is definitely trying to be vegan friendly and the staff was so nice I still highly recommend it even with the egg mishap.

Pros: Several vegan options

Cons: A clearly marked vegan dish came to us with eggs


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30 Oct 2017

super tasty!

The food was a bit greasy but really good! 17 dollars for one dish is a lot though. It's in a very touristy area of kauai.

Pros: tasty!!

Cons: expensive


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30 Jul 2017


Wir kommen immer wieder gerne.

Pros: vegane/glutenfreie Auswahl

Cons: ein Gericht kostet ca 16 Dollar, dafür wird einem


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24 Jun 2017


They have both Thai and Japanese food which both have a bit of naturally vegan foods. In addition they have a "vegan corner" on their Thai menu that highlights some of their vegan options. It was lunch when we went there and I wanted to save room for some Papalani Gelato next door so we split a meal and beer. We had the Veggie Poke Bowl and it was hands down one of the best veggie bowls I've ever had.

Pros: vegan menu

Cons: island prices

Jennifer Schubert

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12 Jun 2017


Came for dinner. We weren't super hungry because we'd been eating all day, so we just wanted something small. The vegan options looked delicious but too much food. I asked if the soup was vegan and they said no, fish stock in everything. But since the kitchen wasn't too busy, they offered to make the Tom Yum with tofu vegan. It was outstanding. I would eat it every day if I could. Mahalo!

Pros: Atmosphere , Vegan choices , Yummy food

Cons: Would love all soups and salads vegan


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14 Mar 2017

Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro and Bar - Poipu

Located Kaua'i south shore in Poipu Beach, Bangkok Happy Bowl is in the Poipu Shopping Village.

Parking: There is customer parking throughout the shopping center.

Our server was very nice and he had such a chill vibe. He was attentive and answered any questions we had. He directed us to the Vegan Lover area on the menu which had a lot of options. The food was flavorful and the portions were enough to share and fill us. The prices were in the $16.00 - $17.00 range per dish.

We look forward to visiting again soon!

Pros: Select Vegan Menu , Friendly Staff, Nice vibe

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