Bakery offering vegan cake and bread options. Relocated from 467 Taphul Rd. Confirmed closed, Jan '23.

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First Review by PANGOlin


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30 Apr 2022

Very few vegan choices

Nice setting and seating. Less vegan and veggie choices than expected, disappointed.
Clearly labelled though.
Only one vegan cake (choco fudge), didn't try it.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-29

Pros: Tasty, Not very expensive for western style place, Gluten free options

Cons: Less vegan options than before, Few vegetarian options as well



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19 Dec 2020

Vegan chocolate fudge cake like no other...

Vegan chocolate cake OMG it’s amazing!!! So happy these guys are in Siem Reap ...

Pros: Vegan cake, Vegan bread, Bagels!


21 May 2018

Heyyy, what's up, P&C of the one and only Vegan Food Quest!

That's right! We offer proper vegan (sourdough) breads and bagels at Bang Bang! Good news: at the time of this post, we're developing even more vegan-friendly cakes & breads, including a vegan gluten-free bread! A tremendous challenge in Cambodia but we will work hard to achieve it!

And thank you for pointing out our eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging! We're not perfect (far from it), but we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and waste: serving reusable metal straws with our drinks, refusing to give out one-use disposable eating utensils, encouraging our regulars to bring their own bags, etc etc. Happy to say, our efforts are slowly paying off, with more and more of our customers taking responsibility of their waste!


Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang


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27 Feb 2020

AMAZING vegan cake!

I didn't eat here but my friend brought me a vegan cake from here and it was the best chocolate cake I have tried in a very long time, maybe ever? It was so fudgey and decadent. Loved it!!

Pros: Delicious cake!

Cons: Not all vegan


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22 Feb 2020

fabulous coffee

Tasty proper coffee with non dairy milk options available


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20 Feb 2020

Unreal vegan mozzarella!!

Delicious vegan mozzarella on the caprese panini, actual good coffee from a proper coffee machine and delicious cakes. Cozy location with plenty of fans for hot days.

Pros: Vegan mozzarella!!! And it’s good!!!, Actual good coffe - a rare find in Siem Reap!, Non - dairy milk options for coffee

Cons: Serves dairy products


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19 Feb 2020

Yes. Yes. YES.

Thanks to previous reviews, I decided to try this place. Thank you Happycowers, thank you Bang Bang for the delicious food! I tried the vegan bagel which was superb. Unfortunately I didn't have any space left for cake but I will come back this afternoon to get some! The setting is nice and perfect for some online work or to read a book.

Pros: Bagels, Cake, Coffee


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16 Feb 2020


The bagels, both the cream cheese and curry ones, are absolutely delicious. Don’t get me started on the caprese! I LOVE THIS PLACE!


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15 Feb 2020

Really Great!

A lovely seating space, great vegan dessert selection, the vegan sandwich is delicious, and plant milk for coffee. The vegan cream cheese for the bagel was more like a spread than classic cream cheese. Would give 5 stars if animals weren’t on the menu.


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14 Feb 2020

Amazing cake

The bakewell tart was amazing! Very friendly staff too and very good English.

Cons: A bit expensive


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19 Jan 2020

Really good sandwich!

Can't let 5 stars cause the place isn't vegetarian but the caprese sandwich with vegan cheese was really good!!! We also ate a vegan bagel with pesto we think and flavors were perfect. Some desserts are vegan and the fudge chocolate cake was very good.
If you take food away don't forget to bring a box cause they will charge you, which is a good thing!

Pros: No plastic

Cons: Not a vegetarian place


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03 Jan 2020

Vegan Caprese Sandwich ❤️🌱

I visited Bang Bang Bakery and had their Vegan Caprese Sandwich and Cappuccino with Almond Milk. Both were delicious. The sandwich is huge! Cozy cafe with great staff & service.


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20 Oct 2019

Best vegan caprese ever!

The vegan caprese sandwich was one of the best vegan sandwiches I’ve ever had! The vegan mozzarella was out of this world. A little bit pricier than other places in Siem Reap but nothing for the quality and taste of this utter masterpiece. I didn’t try them but they offer vegan cake options as well that look delicious.

Pros: Amazing vegan cheese


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13 Sep 2019


Best vegan caprese sandwich i’ve ever had! Also had almond milk for my coffee - haven’t been able to have vegan milk in my coffee for over a month! Very happy.

Pros: Almond milk for coffee, Great selection of cakes


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09 Aug 2019

Great coffee and cake

Was super impressed at the range of vegan things, such as vegan mozzarella sandwich to vegan chocolate cheesecake. Everything I tried was delicious, the coffee was good and no extra charge for plant based milks in coffee!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, CAKE, No extra charge for plant milk

Cons: Slightly pricey cakes (but still worth it)


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05 Aug 2019

Cake is amazing

This cafe is amazing, a little more expensive than local food but you have to come here! They have soy, oat and almond milk as options for hot drinks, a vegan milk bubble tea option and the coffee is pretty good. They also do a bagel with vegan cream cheese (which is delicious and between $2-3) and a vegan mozzarella sandwich. I had a slice of vegan Bakewell tart ($3.50) and the slice was huge and insanely delicious. My veggie friends also said their cakes were amazing.

Pros: Great vegan options , Delicious cake


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01 Aug 2019

Very tasty cake

Unfortunately, I only came here once when in Siem Reap, and got the Bakewell tart to take away. It was very good. Pastry was really nice, and the filling was really good. It is quite pricey, but it’s a bakery in south east Asia, so I don’t think you can really complain!

They charge an extra 25 cents for takeaway if you don’t have a container (I was told you get a discount for bringing your own container).

Pros: Good vegan choices , Tasty

Cons: Not fully vegan


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15 May 2019

Peaceful and delicious

I usually don't look for deserts and sweets but this place was really good and vegan! And good coffee for sure.

Pros: Vegan deserts

Cons: Normal


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28 Apr 2019

Love this place

I don’t usually like bakewell cherry tarts but my god this one was good and it was vegan

Pros: Amazing vegan options, Cheap


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05 Apr 2019

Delish cream cheese!

This is a bomb bakery for sure! Bought bagels and vegan herb and garlic cream cheese for a few days and kept at our hostel. Great way to have a good breakfast on the cheap before heading out to temples. Honestly, great cream cheese !!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Nice and friendly staff, Delicious foods


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14 Mar 2019

wow amazing

unfortunately bang bang was closed most of the time i was in siem reap but i decided to get some food before my long bus drive and i’m so glad i did!! the vegan mozzarella sandwich was seriously the best one i’ve ever had it was absolutely incredible!
i also had a bagel with a vegan spread and that was amazing!! it was so good but i’m so sad that i probably won’t ever have the chance to go back there hahah


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01 Mar 2019

גן עדן לטבעונים

אחלה של קפה והעוגת דובדבנים מדהימה גם העוגת שוקולד למרות שיש לה קצת טעם של שוקולד תעשייתי


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27 Jan 2019

Best vegan mozzarella

Ok so I haven’t tried many vegan mozzarellas but this is the best I have yet!
The cost of the roll ($5.75) is pretty pricey but the portion is huge!
Full of pesto and tomato’s (both fresh and sun-dried) too

Even though I was pretty full I enjoyed relaxing on the bean bags a few hours then when I felt ready enjoyed the cherry bakewell.
It was pretty delicious
Pretty naughty though
And again huge but pricey ($3.75)

Pros: Huge!

Cons: Not traditional at all


29 Jan 2019

Hey MeggieVeggie,

Thank you for describing the goodness that is our Vegan Caprese Sandwich! I'll give a lil' more detail for our dear readers: vegan mozzarella (made with local cashews and cultured soy milk), fresh & marinated sundried tomatoes, sweet basil pesto on freshly baked ciabatta bread. HUGE. Supposedly super delicious.

And yes, we're not traditional at all. We aim to make vegan food naughty and fun. ;)

Peace out!

Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang


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11 Jan 2019

Fantastic sandwich and cherry bakewell!

Didn’t get a chance to sit in the cafe but got two sandwiches to go for our long bus ride to Bangkok.

They are expensive ($5.75) but I think worth it considering the time, effort and money that must have gone into perfecting the recipe for vegan mozzarella.

The caprese sandwich (vegan mozzarella, pesto and tomato) is nothing short of divine! A must try for all vegans in the area. I’d really recommend getting them for onward journeys, they come well packaged in recyclable containers and it is so nice to have good food on the bus instead of surviving on snacks!

We also had the cherry bakewell which was a colossal slice for $3.50 and shared between two still filled us up!

Thank you bang bang you made my day!!

Pros: Incredible caprese sandwich , Cherry bakewell!, Takeaway option

Cons: A little pricey


29 Jan 2019

Ahh YEAH! Another praise for our Vegan Caprese Sandwich. :D

It's a little pricey but we feel it's justified. Time, effort and money was spent not only on our vegan mozzarella but on other parts of the sandwich as well. All of it, actually. We bake our own ciabatta bread, make our own pesto (with sweet basil from an organic, pesticide-free farm in Siem Reap) and of course prepare our own vegan mozzarella (using local cashews and our own cultured soy milk), freshly assembled to order. Big enough to share between two peeps!

And our Vegan Cherry Bakewell. We certainly don't skimp on the cherries.?

Thank you for the excellent writeup and may your travels lead to more tasty vegan goodies!

Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang


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24 Oct 2018

Vegan bagel fell short

Extremely small amount of cream cheese given, which resulted in eating a $3.50 dry bagel. Maybe their cake is decent, but I didn’t try it.


22 Dec 2018

Uh-oh... I somehow missed your review! Sorry 'bout that. And sorry 'bout your poor experience at Bang Bang. Did you notify any of our staff about your disappointment? A mistake could've happened, we could've corrected it, and I don't recall being alerted by my staff about a dry vegan cream cheese bagel.

Our vegan (garlic & Italian herb) cream cheese bagel is normally $2.75, so I'm a little confused and curious. If you can remember, can you provide me details on what and when you ordered (morning / noon / evening)? The more details you can provide, the better. It will def help us improve.

Many thanks in advance!

Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang


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16 Aug 2018

Great spot for lunch

A great little bakery with a few decent vegan options. We had the vegan mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich which was absolutely exceptional. A must-visit when in Siem Reap!

Pros: Fresh food, friendly staff, good vegan options

Cons: None


21 Aug 2018

Wow, thank you, Zach! We're super pleased that you thought our vegan Caprese Sandwich was exceptional! It was a lot of work figuring out a vegan version for our Caprese Sandwich; developed from scratch, many trials and errors, and what you experienced was the result---tasty goodness!

Cheers and all the best to you!

Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang


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07 Jul 2018

Masterful Vegan Desserts!

Been here often for great selection of vegan bread. These people are passionate about great baking. We just tried the oreo tofu cheesecake and coconut lime cupcake....and loved them both....ten thumbs up for each. Taste and texture were perfect. Together with great coffee Bang Bang is one the best vegan places in temple town.

Pros: Great coffee and comfy place to chill.


21 Aug 2018

Thank you, Wayne, for such a great review! We're sincerely happy you recognise the passion that goes into our baking. We REALLY do care and strive to improve and provide a greater option of vegan goods.

Cheers and thanks again!

Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang


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02 Jun 2018

Coffee and cake

Cafe and bakery with vegan items clearly labelled. Bread, bagels and pretzels, and a few cake options. Not exclusively vegan - also several non vegan cakes and cookies
Bagels and pretzels (1$ each) are nice, good flavour and chewy texture. Blueberry crumble cake is absolutely delicious! $3.50 for a large slice
Coffee is good, with soya and almond milk available

Pros: Vegan cake!!, Non dairy milks available


05 Jun 2018

Hi Pangolin! Thanks for the review!

Indeed, our bakery-cafe isn't exclusively vegan but we try our best to provide vegan options (e.g., our vegan-friendly Cherry Bakewell Tart and Garlic Herb Cashew Cream Cheese Bagel is regularly available). Because we have a handful of vegan friends in Siem Reap, we're always experimenting and actively strive to offer original, unique, vegan-friendly baked goods in our bakery found nowhere else in Cambodia! For example, on Easter I made vegan-friendly Hot Cross Buns and recently my partner Jana (the cake baker) made vegan-friendly Oreo brownies. Best to check out our Facebook page to get updates on our latest creations!


Mr. Zita
Co-Owner & Head Bread Baker of Bang Bang

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