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Serves meat, vegan options available. Health food cafe and shop with several branches on Bali. Offers foods like salads, smoothies, samosa (butter), pizza (cheese), non-dairy milk option, main dishes using tempeh and tofu, enchiladas, raw platter, pancakes, bagels, hummus. Gluten-free options marked. Sells some natural and organic foods products. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Dena


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23 Aug 2023

Great to have a bulk shop in Ubud

Lots of vegan items for sale here, and also bulk sale of some grains and liquids. Layout is nice and pleasant. Bought a vegan cheddar and it was pretty good (Treenut Cheezery is better imo but this was good and a good price).

Pros: Lots of vegan items, Bulk sale



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05 Jul 2022


A great little shop when you can find all sorts of vegan foods and eco friendly products, as well as a section selling vegan cakes, bread and pastries. You can bring your own container and buy pasta, rice, oats, nuts for zero waste shopping 👍


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24 May 2022

Do not get the vegan pancakes

We ordered 2x vegan versions of the fluffy cassava pancakes for breakfast at 10:30am when it wasn't very busy. We were told there would be a 20min wait in order to make it vegan. We didn't get our food until 11:13am and we were so disappointed with what was on our plate. We paid R47k for 3 really small pancakes which tasted raw and chewy, not fluffy at all. We ate it because we were so hungry and we had to check out of our hotel. We didn't complain because we knew we would have to wait longer and also we didn't even like the food. Other people's non-vegan food looked good but I would not recommend the pancakes. Also the service wasn't good.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-24

Pros: They have some vegan options but not many

Cons: Long waiting times for dining in, Not much attentiveness from staff members


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26 Aug 2021

Love The Vegan Options!

I love that this store has vegan options & zero-waste options. I was so happy to see I could get fresh, homemade plant-mylk in a glass bottle! It can be very challenging to find plastic-free options in Bali! This was the first place I asked my host to take me to & I was happy with the selection!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-26


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05 Jul 2020

Delish bread and cake

There are a few vegan bread and cakes in this shop. I tried the vegan lime cheese cake and multi grain bread if I don't mistake. The cake was fresh and tasty. Plus they wrap things in boxes and papers, not plastic. A bit pricey but worth it.


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20 Jun 2020

Tasty vegan

Highly recommended when in Bali. Lots of tasty vegan food options and the shop is attached to the restaurant. Love it!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff

Cons: Slow service


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23 Mar 2020

Delicious vegan food options

We had delicious vegan food! Many options available 🙏🏼 🌱


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15 Jan 2020

Nice place

With tasty food. Not average price but it’s worth it. Very tasty macaroni with vegan cheese.

Pros: Enough vegan options , Nice place , Nice waiters

Cons: Nothing


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13 Oct 2019

Lo mas ❤

El mejor sitio de Bali! ❤ Buena comida, lindo lugar y ademas del restaurante, tienen una tienda buenísima con muchos productos veganos y eco. 💚💚💚


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03 Sep 2019

Good / average

Restaurant itself quite nice.
Menu is a bit odd, quite a lot going on. There seem to be lots of options to add nut milks or cashew cheese but then the pizzas and other items can't be made vegan? Also to add nut milk to coffee is 20,000 rupiah extra?!
I ordered the chai smoothie which I didn't enjoy - tasted of nothing but banana. Got some avo toast which was tasty but more because I've been missing it rather than it being anything special!

Pros: Lots of vegan options but menu confusing


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29 Jul 2019

Good food but staff were inattentive

Ate here twice and the food we had was pretty good. Really nice kombucha too. But both times the staff didn’t tell us they were out of things till we were ordering and were very slow to serve us.


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14 Jul 2019

Good vegan food

Not the best vegan food I’ve had, but it was fine. One night I tried the raw vegan chocolate pudding and that was insanely good!! I then went for lunch, and my toast with hummus was really good. But the salad wasn’t that exciting and I didn’t like their golden latte. But their raw vegan chocolate pudding was sooo good!!

Pros: Raw vegan desserts, Nice service , Good toast and hummus

Cons: Not that tasty golden latte


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24 Apr 2019

Good food, long wait

Odd menu that is mostly vegetarian but for some reason most items can't be made vegan. I asked if the beet Burger could be made vegan and was told no because the buns weren't vegan? Just weird since they have vegan cheese and vegan mayo already on the menu. I had a hard time asking the server about the menu because of a language barrier. It seemed the server thought vegans were also gluten free. Left me feeling frustrated that none of my questions were answered and I couldn't order what I wanted because of it.
Anyways, after an hour wait we enjoyed the vegan Mac and cheese (60k) and the tofu burrito (37k). Both were very yummy and good portions. Paid 112k since they add yeah and service on top of the bill. Good food but below average service means I won't return

Pros: Yummy vegan food, Vegan cheese, Vegan mayo

Cons: Taxes & service added onto bill, Most items aren't vegan, Long wait


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11 Apr 2019

Great food!

We had the curry, a smoothie bowl and coffee. Everything was great.


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07 Apr 2019

Nice place to chill

Place is nice and cool atmosphere day time, soundtrack of birds. Food is okay. Good service

Pros: Choice, Price

Cons: No wifi, Food quality


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26 Mar 2019


We ordered food twice from here and both times was really impressed. Really good salad bowls that were filling and full of flavour. Recommend the lean green one! We also ordered grilled tofu, the portion was small and by piece so if you want more than one piece then up your quantity! We also bought a jar of their healthy chocolate spread which was really yummy. Would recommend!

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Healthy vegan desserts, Labels gluten free etc

Cons: Serves meat


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06 Mar 2019

Beautiful surroundings with grounding feet trays and a yummy menu

A beautiful place to go for breakfast as it’s open early. They don’t have wifi but see that as a good thing to fully enjoy your meal. I love they have grounding trays for your feet/

Pros: Grounding trays for your feet , Open really early (7am), Big selection

Cons: No wifi


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08 Feb 2019

Lots of vegetarian & vegan options

It does serve meat dishes as well however there’s plenty of both vegetarian and vegan options . They also offer gluten free options . The earth bowl is my favorite dish there . I love their juices as well. Their health store makes the most heavenly power balls.

Pros: Vegetarian & vegan options , Gluten free options , Great health store & bakery attached

Cons: Just a few vegan options


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04 Dec 2018


The place has a good vibe and staff was nice, but my plate was tasteless... completely tasteless.


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03 Dec 2018

Nice Veggie Burgers

The menu is varied,with vegetarian/vegan/meat and fish dishes.The price is moderate for Ubud.I enjoy their various veggie burgers.Tasty and good portion of salad and fries go with it.Some nice desserts available. Tried other dishes,some good some soso.Well worth the visit.

Pros: Moderate prices, Varied menu

Cons: No Wi-Fi


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05 Oct 2018

very beautiful place

It's a very nice restaurant, friendly staff and a variety of vegan foods which are clearly marked. It was very delicious and they promote less plastic use, they use glass straws and on the menu they show ways how to reduce waste!


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18 Sep 2018

Quite nice actually!

We‘ve been here twice - once for some tea and cake in the afternoon and once for dinner. The indian spiced chai came with milk (not mentioned on the menu, although not distinguishing between chai and chai latte is a common practice in Bali we found) so be sure to clarify if you are vegan. This also goes for everything else on the menu except for their specials that change every week since there is absolutely nothing indicating whether a dish is vegan or could be made vegan besides the raw vegan dishes.

The raw chocolate pudding pie wasn‘t as good as it looked - the filling was very runny and all you could taste was bananas and dates. It would have been better if it was frozen, that way there wouldn‘t have been the need to have crust all around it (which also messed up the filling to crust ratio). My boyfriend liked his carrot cake (not vegan), although the cream cheese frosting was quite unusual (being used to Rüblitorte rather than American carrot cake). Still, we weren‘t quite happy with this first experience but decided to give them another shot and ooooh boy, they delivered. We got the vegetarian club sandwich and one of their specials (earth bowl with lentils, lettuce, beetroot, apples, sweet potato and roasted pumpkin, sprouts on top). Tastewise I can only speak for the latter, the flavors came together really nicely and the complimentary hummus and sambal made it even more exciting. The portions were also rather big compared to other places and the prices are absolutely reasonable. Still, as delicious as the earth bowl was, it left me wanting more because it was only veggies with some bread on the side.

I would recommend coming here for dinner. Make sure to ask questions about the ingredients and the options you have since basically nothing is labelled properly. You get more food for less money than at other health-driven cafes in Ubud.

Pros: Delicious savory food, Nice ambience and eco friendly, A wee bit cheaper than other cafes

Cons: No clear labels (except raw vegan), Only raw desserts


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16 Jul 2018

Definitely one of the better places in Ubud

I had the Burger with a beetroot patty and cant complain, food was tasty, size alright (burger comes with homemade fries and a side salad)
price is reasonable.
philosophy of the place is convincing
staff was friendly
for the fresh juice, got a mixed one, fruit to water/ice ratio was alright.

Cons: no Wi-Fi


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28 Jun 2018

Huge menu with vegan options

Very nice place with a gigantic menu that has a lot of vegan options. A bit pricey given the portion sizes, but it’s nice to be able to choose whatever cuisine you feel like. They have a store (Buda mart) around the corner with homemade peanut butter, almond butter, sambal, breads and baked goods, as well as health foods at competitive prices.

Pros: Relaxed ambiance, Lots of vegan options and different cuisines, Moderately priced

Cons: Serves meat


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25 May 2018

Best veggie food in Ubud

I simply love this place. Food is soooo delicious. Would give 5 stars if HC allowed me. The menu is endless. Wish my stomach was more huge. They explain a lot about their philosophy at their menu, which is a newspaper.
I loved the place, the staff, the food. You need to go here.

There's a tiny shop too, which is nice and cosy too, but often crowded.


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01 Mar 2018

nice place, good cakes

Really friendly staff, I had the raw tropical cake that was good and my partner had the apple crumble cake(not vegan). His slice was really big and he said that it was delicious. Price ok for what you get.


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Mostly Veg
18 Feb 2018

the only bakery to go to

I didn’t eat here, but frequented the bakery daily. Charcoal buns are mint!

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