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Serves meat, vegan options available. Dutch chain of lunchrooms offering a menu inspired by the tastes of Europe and Southern France. Has plant milk for drinks, and bagels have filling options like vegan cream cheese, avocado, and hummus. Food may vary by location: some may offer tempeh, the Dutch Weed Burger, or something else - ask. Offers gluten free options although availability of gluten free bagels may vary. Open Mon-Fri 08:30-18:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-18:00.

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First Review by Amy1274


Points +138

01 Dec 2023

Loving this chain, they stocked up their vegan options

I love eating at this chain when I'm around at Amsterdam. They even stocked up their vegan options, tasty like
always. Can definitely recommend!

Pros: Tasty, Growing vegan options



Points +378

23 Oct 2023

Delicious & Delectable

With a cosy atmosphere, warm comforting teas and coffees and perfect bagel meals, with a wide selection of configurations.

Pros: Cosy, Delicious , Affordable


Points +2208

18 Oct 2023

Great bagels.

Serves bagels with a range of pre-set options. Vegan options are clearly marked (they also have a gluten free bagel). A number of vegan cream cheeses to choose from too. They do a few breakfast yoghurt options too. Also offer salads and a couple of vegan desserts. Reasonably priced. Fast service. Seemed to be a busy, popular spot. Menu in multiple languages.

The mushroom bagel was excellent.


Points +67

10 Oct 2023

Deserves 5 stars

Big range of vegan Bagels, drinks and sweets. The service was lovely and the food very tasty! I recommend the pulled mushroom Bagel with chives cream cheese ALL VEGAN!

Pros: Big choice, Friendly staff, Fair prices


Points +22

20 Sep 2023

Very nice brunch

Lovely mushroom bagel with avocado.

Pros: Bagel with choice of breads and fillings , Friendly staff


Points +46

20 Sep 2023

Perfect place! Love it!

Most of the menu is vegan, everything is marked, and it was absolutely delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-20


Points +1175

02 Sep 2023

Good breakfast options

Good simple breakfast options. Lots of vegan choices. To have a quick snack.


Points +188

29 Jul 2023

Fake chicken bagel excellent

Good selection of food and drinks to suit vegetarian, vegan and meat eaters. Good price. Recommended.

Pros: Food, Price, Flavours

Cons: A little slow but they were busy so no problem, Some of the bagels aren't as exciting as others


Points +38

05 Jun 2023

Great pulled mushroom bagel

Abundant vegan options. We loved the pulled mushroom with extra avo. We had it twice in a row

Cons: First time the bagel was a bit too crispy


Points +112

27 Apr 2023

Great Variety

This is a perfect lunch spot to go to with your non-vegan friends. There’s plenty of variety and multiple vegan options. 4/5 of the ‘cream cheeses’ are vegan. A very popular place so has a good atmosphere too

Pros: The food , The choices , The atmosphere

Cons: Service a little slow


Points +895

18 Apr 2023

OK for a quick bite!

Cosy venue for a quick bite, and the selection is actually good. They also had a variety of drink options and cute seating areas. The taste doesn't give WOW, but OK. It's also open at early hours of you're leaving for the airport ss I was

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-18

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options , English menu , Decent prices and early open


Points +99

07 Feb 2023

Decent bagels

There are a lot of vegan options. I had the avocado bagel with tomato cream cheese. I tasted good, it was nothing special, just as expected. The amount of avocado was generous and the bagel was big enough to satisfy me.
The price was ok and the staff friendly. Quick and easy breakfast solution.


Points +272

13 Oct 2022

It’s ok

Very friendly staff, ok choices with several spreads, for a bagels place bagels were only ok and not great

Pros: Friendly staff, Several vegan labelled options


Points +523

25 May 2022

Super cute and great food

Went for a late lunch. Staff super friendly and great vegan bagel

Pros: Sweet and savoury vegan bagels, Friendly staff, Gluten free options


Points +64

08 Mar 2022

Good cream cheese

Bagels were good to take away

Pros: Good vegan cream cheese


Points +72

24 Oct 2021

Nice food, but could have more vegan options

I went twice to this location. Ordered bagels both times. Would be great if they had more vegan options, I would have gone there more often. If you like bagels, good place to go to for breakfast or lunch.

Pros: Nice bagels, Lots of outdoor seating

Cons: Few vegan options


Points +1926

17 Oct 2021

Good for breakfast and coffee

The beagles are delicious and they have 3 different vegan cream cheese options! The also serve soy, almond and oat milk.

Pros: vegan cream cheese, Plant milk options, Great location

Cons: Had to wait some time to order


Points +28

03 Oct 2021

Very disappointing experience

This place doesn't check the corona QR code. When asking for the reasons, they said they chose to keep distance instead. First of all, this is not a choice a restaurant can make. Secondly, the place was crowded with tables just so far away the chairs would fit; no distance at all.

I really didn't like the atmosphere. When I asked them about the QR code, their tone was very defensive.

Not a nice place. I will not return as I felt unsafe.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-03

Cons: unsafe


Points +1249

21 Sep 2021

It's good

They offer a few vegan option which is great. The Avocado Bagel with chives cream cheese was good but the bread was a bit dry. The Cappuccino with oatmilk tastes good.
The location is awesome right next to the Keizersgracht! Service was very nice.


Points +128

24 Mar 2020

Good Vegan Options!!

Had the Meatless Magic Burger with avocado and the vegan cream cheese. They charge extra to add avocado and the vegan cream cheese (which is to be expected anywhere). The burger was amazing and the price was relatively inexpensive in comparison to other vegan burger options in Amsterdam. Also had a chai latte with oat milk. Verrrry yummy.
Only four stars because not 100% Vegan.

Pros: Good Value, Yummy

Cons: Not 100% Vegan


Points +163

05 Mar 2020

Nem bom, nem ruim

Algumas opções vegetarianas e veganas. Até que gostoso, mas nada incrível. Preço ok.

Pros: Opções vegetarianas e veganas (algumas poucas), Preço ok

Cons: Nada de muito sabor


Points +134

03 Feb 2020

Plenty of vegan options

Offers an English menu and has several vegan options. All but one bagel are vegan. Two options of vegan cream cheese. They also have a vegan bagel burger. Plant based milk is available. They do also offer more “fancy” vegan latte options. It’s very clean and the staff was super nice. They have vegan dessert!!

Pros: Plenty vegan options, Very tasty , Nice staff

Cons: Tends to be expensive , Crowded


Points +241

19 Aug 2019

Nice vegan burger

Dutch chain with a couple of vegan items on the menu, including a vegan pecan pie.

Pros: Vegan burger is nice, Three kinds of plant based milk

Cons: Long wait, Gets crowded


Points +36

14 Nov 2018

Great Breakfast Place

This place had amazing bagels and they even had a vegan cream cheese which was delicious and pretty rare for a non-vegan restaurant.


Points +157

30 May 2018

Nice place

Although there weren’t many vegan options here the avocado bagel was really nice and it was good to see a vegan cream cheese option on the menu!


Points +106

29 May 2018

suitable for breakfast/brunch/lunch

Some vegan options and they also have almond milk for the drinks which is great. My bagel was a bit dry but still good.


Points +144

06 Jan 2018

Friendly Staff, But Not A Good Place

There was only 1 vegan savoury choice and 1 vegan dessert. There are far too many tables and chairs in the tiny restaurant and you can barely move. Not a good time, but the staff were really friendly!

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