Serves meat, vegan options available. Makes tofu daily using Gangwon Province soy beans. Vegan dishes include: silken tofu with rice (자연식 순두부), baengnyeon tofu (steamed or fried) (백년 생두부), baengnyeon black tofu steamed or fried (백년 검정두부). Vegan banchan (complimentary sides) include: seaweed vinegar salad, beet kimchi, bean sprouts salad (namul). When ordering just tofu (bangnyeon tofu or black tofu), you should also order a bowl of rice because it is not included. Napa cabbage kimchi served as banchan is not vegan. 육류를 취급하나 비건 옵션이 있습니다. 강원도산 콩을 사용해서 매일 두부를 제조합니다. 비건 메뉴는 자연식 순두부, 백년 생두부, 백년 검정두부가 있습니다. 반찬 중 비건 반찬은 미역무침, 무생채, 콩나물 무침이 있습니다. 백년 생두부나 백년 검정두부처럼 두부만을 주문할 때는 공기밥을 추가해야합니다. 반찬으로 제공되는 배추김치는 비건이 아닙니다. 영업시간은 월~금 10:00~22:00입니다. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by PhillipPark


Points +16965

26 Oct 2022

good tasting lunch with large portions

This is the type of place I always prefer to go with a korean vegan just to make sure I dont order the wrong thing. Pankcake was great, other dishes very good. Easy to see why it is a popular place with regular Koreans for lunch.



Points +6132

31 Aug 2022


Came here with a friend when I was still pretty new to Korea and it was so good! Tofu doesn’t get any fresher than this place. I’ve been meaning to make it back. Soon for sure!!


Points +900

12 Feb 2020


Went here out of curiosity because it made into Michelin 2019 and 2020 restaurant list. Honestly, I don't know what kind of requirements it takes to make it into Michelin Guide, but the place was worth a visit. Since I have visited a lot of tofu specialty restaurants around, I can't really say that this is the best. I would like to recommend the Mungbean Pancake (녹두전) as it was the best tasting of the items I have ordered.


Points +110

25 Nov 2019

Good quality, limited options, very nice staff

Easy dish to order is bibimbap without egg (keran bechissehyo is how I say it)
Kimchi is not very good but then I heard it has fish sauce in it.
Menu has english translations and there are other vegan options, even if not clearly marked


Points +13175

11 May 2019

Culture trip and visit to (soy) bean land

This famous restaurant has a history of specializing in (soy) bean cooking and offers various tasty tofu dishes as well as vegan cold soy bean noodle soup (콩국수), red bean soups (팥칼국수, 동지팥죽) and acorn jelly salad (도토리묵 무침).

The soy bean residue from their tofu production (biji 비지) is available for anyone to take home with them outside the restaurant. Koreans use these for cooking dishes such as biji stew or biji pancakes. Individual portions of biji are packaged in plastic bags.

The restaurant is directly opposite to the Seoul Arts Center (예술의 전당), where the Concert Hall and various art museums are situated, making it the ideal location in combination with a cultural outing!

They have been expanding so much that they have four restaurants in the same area now!

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-11

Pros: excellent food, good value, free biji 비지 available


Points +100

04 May 2017


They were really nice. I'm allergic to dairy and my husband is vegetarian. We showed them some Korean on our phones explaining our dietary needs and they easily recommended things that were safe. It tastes amazing, too!! It's a bit expensive, but the quantity is huge!


Points +436

03 Apr 2017

One of the best tofu in Seoul

Vegan options are limited to the three menus but they are so good!
You should definitely try them if you love tofu

Pros: Sides are also good 2017 Michelin Guide Seoul Bib

Cons: No vegan labeling

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