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130 E 6th St (at corner of Los Angeles St), Los Angeles, California, USA, 90013

All vegan bakery (except cow milk offered for drinks) originating from New York City. Makes a wide range of baked vegan desserts from muffins and sweet breads to cupcakes and donuts. Also serving coffee and tea (no espresso drinks). Tiny place with 1 table inside, 2 outside. This is their first Los Angeles location. JAN 2013 Reported closed to HappyCow.

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First Review by Sonja and Dirk

Stuck up staff, good baked goods, totally for sure - Edit

Well I've been here quite a lot and have been to the one in New York even more, and I have to say both are very similar in that they're EXTREMELY tiny locations in weird areas. Obviously they're not spending too much on rent because their locations aren't ideal at all, and because of that I wonder why the prices are so high. Are they using all organic ingredients? For the price I pay I hope so. The baked goods are all fairly good. Some are excellent (5 stars), some are things that a beginner could bake at home (2.5, 3 stars). I have heard their cookbook is the worst vegan dessert cook book you can buy, so that's fairly amusing. You have to come here a few times to really understand what you should buy here, what you should buy elsewhere (that is cheaper and tastes better), and what you should make at home. Me coming here so many times, you'd think the girls who work there would remember me, but NO. Every time I go - and nobody else has EVER been in there when I have been - they tell me about the place as if I had never been there before. I take my time looking at everything and I guess they assume I've never been there and they start talking about everything. It's kind of annoying, I just want a cookie. Having a little pamphlet with the bakeries history would be cute, but giving me a verbal history lesson every time I come in is annoying after hearing it so many times. Also, the girls are all hipster-y, Silver Lake types, which isn't a terrible thing at all except that they have the attitude that goes with the whole vintage clothed, bike-riding, big, non-prescription-glasses-wearing Hollywood "scene" girls. Maybe if you texted them from you iphone what you want they'd be nicer. They kind of stand around and stare at you when they think you're not looking and NEVER make small talk except to each other, (*giggle, giggle*) and they make you feel uncomfortable as if you walked into THEIR space. I know many other people feel this same way. So you kind of go, "uhhhh" and you figure out what is actually good tasting so you can pay your $10 for two items and get the hell out of there before your $2.00 for 30 minutes meter expires and/or a homeless person wanders over from skid row to ask for your cupcake top.

Pros: Vegan baked goods

Cons: You're not good enough for BabyCakes, Expensive, Unsafe area/you'll never find parking

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Yummy vegan baked goods but expensive - Edit

I was here on the grand opening day back in January 2010, and was here again 2 weeks ago. Here's my Babycakes LA review update for Happy Cow.

The space inside has been reduce smaller to make more room for their kitchen in the back. It's now a tiny little place. There is a counter and a glass case displaying the day's offering: vegan donuts, sweet breads, cupcakes, cookies. On the weekends, babycakes also offers waffles with cinnamon apple on top. Sometimes you will find day-old's in containers selling at half price.

The selection is great, and everything I've tried have been delicious. The coconut pink frosting donut is fantastic. The banana sweet bread and the pumpkin spice chocolate chip sweet bread are both good. The cupcakes, though, are a bit too sweet for me (the frosting part). Everything is baked fresh.

My only complaint would be that the prices are expensive (example: $4.50-4.75 per cupcake, $4.00 per donut, $4.00 per piece of sweet bread). But it's an occasional splurge for me, so that's okay. And the ingredients used are all vegan and good quality.

Pros: yummy recipes, freshly baked, all vegan

Cons: downtown parking, expensive

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Babycakes Los Angeles - Edit

I've been to Babycakes in NYC so I figured why not check them out in LA? I agree with a reviewer below, the parking is a little tough, and I'll also suggest going during the day as it appears to be a sketchy area at night. I decided to get a brownie cupcake and a cookie sandwich. I thought the brownie cupcake was quite good and the cookie sandwich was average. I believe they use coconut milk their frostings, which is good for the first few bites, but I'm generally over it after that. If you make the trek here, be sure to check out the vanilla brownie cupcakes, they are the best thing I've ever had at a Babycakes. 3.5 cows

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Babycakes Rocks! - Edit

My girlfriend took me to Babycakes in NY and i totally loved it. i was super excited when i finally got to check out Babycakes in my home town L.A. i love their sandwich cookies, red velvet awesomeness and half of mondays AWESOME!
if ur vegan and have a sweet tooth this will hit the spot.

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Great cupcakes - Edit

I enjoyed the cupcakes, but all the frosting tasted the same. Still, they are worth it.

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Perfect - Edit

If I could give Babycakes a ten cow rating, I would. I've visited the bakery in NY a few times. On a recent drive through LA I stopped by. I had never had their donuts. It was more of a dense poundcake-like testure but absolutely perfect. I left the shop with a huge bag with a little of everything. There is not one item that I do not love. My visit was in the mid-afternoon but I imagine a visit during peak traffic times would make parking difficult.

Pros: Everything

Cons: parking

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We loved Babycakes - Edit

We tried the donuts, cupcakes, brownies, cranberry bread, cupcakes, and cookies with frosting. Our favorite were definitely the donuts. They didn't taste greasy like some other donuts do. They had just come out of the oven and were warm. The chocolate glaze on top was perfection. We didn't like the brownies because they were also cakey instead of fudgy, but I think that's more of a personal preference.

We enjoyed the vanilla cupcakes, the chocolate ones were a little too rich for us. We had just eaten about 5 desserts, so this may be the reason. ;)

The cookies with the frosting sandwiched between them were delicious, and the cranberry bread was amazing. I'll order extra next time to keep at home. They were really busy and were nice and held our order for us while we ran to an ATM. It was opening day and their credit machine wasn't working yet, so we had to get cash in a pinch. Another reviewer had suggested they weren't friendly, but we had a very pleasant experience and thought they were all very nice. We will definitely make a special trip to try them again.

I'm glad to see a bakery for celiacs and vegans. :)

Pros: donuts, cranberry bread, atmosphere

Cons: parking, neighborhood

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Baby, these cakes will warm your heart! - Edit

I finally made it over to Babycakes last month during the Art Walk in downtown. They are open 'til midnight on that night! I was so excited they were finally able to find a home here in L.A., that I literally ran up to the counter and requested a frosting shot stat! Delish! I ordered a red velvet cupcake and, at the request of the friendly checkout girl, my friend ordered the cookie sandwich. Our other friend sampled both of our treats and we all decided that the cookie sandwich was the BOMB! We especially liked the creamy center, which was rich, but not cloying (which makes it easier to eat in one sitting BTW). The cookies were a little crispy around the edges and the chocolate chips were ample. And it didn't fall apart when we bit into it, a major feat of bakery engineering. I should have let my cupcake sit until it came to room temperature, but I was greedy, and it was a little too firm as a result. The taste of the cake part was pretty good, though not exceptional. The frosting was fantastic, but I wish there had been more of it. Usually I don't like mounds of frosting, but this was special vegan, organic coconut oil frosting sweetened with agave and I couldn't get enough of it. I've been back once since and stuck with the cookie sandwiches. Everyone who has tasted one moans and their eyes roll back in their heads. I was temped by their fresh scones with homemade jam and vanilla sauce last week, but I remained strong. Even though they are MUCH healthier than non-vegan ones, they still have calories. Next time... I am not going to complain about the prices because I know first-hand how expensive it is to bake with high-quality ingredients. You get what you pay for. It's a bummer that they are only downtown, but I know they tried at least 2 other locations before opening up there and it took them almost 2 years to do it. Los Angeles is NOT an easy place to set up shop. Give them a break and go get some goodies!

Pros: amazing frosting, open late, sweet people working there

Cons: parking, only downtown

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Cute store, tough parking, hit and miss treats - Edit

I've been to Babycakes a couple of times since they've opened. The interior is really cute, and there are a couple of tables inside of the place to sit and have tea while you enjoy the desserts. It was busy both times with a line going out the door.

I tried a cornbread biscuit sandwich with raspberry jam and vegan cream cheese that was really delicious, the skinny bun which was pretty dry, the cupcakes which were dry and had frosting that was much too greasy (tastes like a lot of vegetable shortening), and cookies, which were too thin and crunchy. I've definitely had better vegan desserts, and the prices are kind of steep considering the size of the desserts.

I'd much rather go to Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank. It's not completely vegan, but they always have one or two vegan cupcakes, and they are big, moist, and absolutely delicious for about the same price. Plus, there's lots of free street parking at Yummy Cupcakes. Babycakes parking in that sketchy part of downtown means an additional $6 to park in a lot. Even the metered parking is unusually high in that area.

Pros: All vegan, They serve PG Tipps tea

Cons: Hit and miss desserts, Expensive and hard to find parking, Desserts on the small side for the price

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don't rush over - Edit

Don't drive long distances to try this bakery. Tiny cupcakes that are dry and just OK cost $3.95 a piece. Same for little greasy donuts. I'd rather drive to Las Vegas for Ronald's vegan donuts that are inexpensive & yummy. The only good thing about this place is that they are vegan

Pros: vegan

Cons: expensive, not very good, dry cakes

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unhappy - Edit

I live in downtown L.A. and I am a vegan. That being the case I know that there are two highly coveted vegan options that are rare in the L.A. vegan food cuisine- good vegan pizza and donuts. Now that Cruzers pizza has become totally vegan (and is delicious) I had only one quest to check off my list- vegan DONUTS. One morning I found out about Babycakes and was itching to try a delicious donut, so I drove a short drive and parked my car. Unfortunately I did not have any quarters to feed the parking meter so I thought I would park it and go get change from the person working the register. As I walked into Babycakes expecting nirvana in the form of pastries I noticed that not only were there no donuts, but the price of a simple crumb cake was pushing $5. I did not dismay as I wanted to support a local vegan business and walked up to the register to explain my parking situation. The person at the register not only denied me change to pay for my parking meter- knowing full well that I intended to be a paying customer, but was very rude and put off. I will never return to this sub par bakery, and I am pretty much positive that it will not last in the California vegan market with such a pompous attitude that does not value the customer base which it attempts to cater towards. I am friends with many vegans who also work in vegan restaurants and nobody has said anything positive about this establishment.

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great - Edit

The cookie sandwich was awesome; the donut okay; cupcakes pretty good.

Pros: vegan, sweets

Cons: busy

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Fantastic cakes - Edit

My family tried 4 kinds of cupcakes, 2 types of donut, the cookie sandwich and a cinnamon bun. They were all delicious. We bought 3 spelt cupcakes thinking the gluten free wouldn't be as good, but the gluten free chocolate one turned out to be the best. The donuts were baked and so not like your traditional donut, but were still fantastic - crispy, crumbly and sweet. (We still would love to get vegan traditional donuts somewhere in LA! They are something my daughters really crave.) The only negative is the location. Downtown LA is not so accessible to us and it was hard to park, find a place to stop. But we will be visiting Babycakes whenever we are downtown from now on.

Pros: Variety of all vegan baked goods, Gluten free choices, Delicious

Cons: Location, Parking

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DRY - Edit

My wife, me and a couple of other friends stopped at Baby Cakes last night to sample their cupcakes, corn bread and other offerings. Here is the lowdown:

Pros: :D
1)They are Vegan
2)They offer Gluten-Free options
3)They offer Vegan donuts (which are a rarity)

Cons: :|
2)Everything I tried was either too dry or had a very strong taste of flour
3)Scary neighborhood at night time (***don't get lost around this neighborhood trying to find parking***)
4)They ran out of donuts (they told us they ran out of them even before they had a chance to place them on their display case)

Pros: Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegan donuts

Cons: Parking, DRY, Scary neighborhood

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All vegan bakery - Edit

We checked out Babycakes on their opening day, but it wasn't until 5pm, so there was no street parking issue for us. However, many items were already sold out, like the donuts, brownies and chocolate crumb cake, but there were plenty of cupcakes to choose from. We got a chocolate one with vanilla frosting and a pumpkin one. The chocolate was a bit dry, but the pumpkin was moist and yummy. And the frosting on both was divine as it was not too sweet as compared to regular frosting. We also shared the blueberry crumb cake which was better than the cupcakes! Super moist and oh so tasty. These three items cost us $12, but it appeared everyone was willing to pay it as a long line started to form again as we were leaving.

We also saw Erin in the store and people were taking pictures with her as they were clearly fans of her baking. A friend had bought me her cookbook, but I haven't tried anything yet as the ingredients are less common, but after trying them, I will have to give it a go! Too bad I don't work downtown anymore, so I would have preferred a WeHo location (which was mentioned in her book), but an all vegan bakery in LA is just awesome! Thanks Erin!

Pros: all vegan bakery, nice staff

Cons: east downtown

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