Small and simple house-restaurant located at the far eastern end of the street that starts east of the Imperial Citadel, right in front of the Hong Nga Vegetarian Restaurant. Rice dishes start from VND 10,000. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-8:00pm.

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21 Feb 2023

Friendly but 95% rice

Four stars for overall experience
No English at all
Ordered the first dish Several side dishes with rice for 20k which is a great value
I asked for only side dishes no rice because I don’t like it
I even translated but she didn’t understand
The side dishes were delicious but maybe a spoonful each - just a small bite
The rest probably 500g plain white rice!
Wouldn’t go again and I think she put egg noodles on my plate as well 🫣🫠

Pros: Vegetarian, Cheap

Cons: 95-98% plain fry rice , No English , Small portion



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11 Jan 2023

Simple et honnête

Nous avons adoré notre repas. Nous avons déjeuné là-bas avant d'aller dans la citadelle.

Nous avons commandé deux plats, Cháo Nâm et Bun Nuoc selon les recommandations. L'un était une soupe aux vermicelles et légumes bouillis, l'autre était une sorte de gruau de riz savoureux.

C'était merveilleux, simple et rustique. Je le recommande chaudement à quiconque.

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15 Dec 2022

Loved this restaurant

The owners are just the sweetest people and the food is gorgeous. Very busy with take out for locals which is always a good sign!
Go visit, you won't regret it.

Pros: Delicious food

Cons: None


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18 Jan 2020

Best food, hidden gem

This was one of my best experiences in Vietnam so far. The food is very good, the family is very nice (the offered me tea and ginger snacks as well) and the whole atmosphere is very calm. A local guy helped me to choose from the menu, but sooner or later they will have an English version too. Highly recommended!


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17 Jan 2020

Lunch Buffet for 20k

We had lunch here. Very nice people, who run the restaurant. They offer a lunch buffet for 20k including tea and soup. The tofu was one of the best we ever had 😍


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18 Dec 2019

Authentic Vietnamese experience

A little old man showed us the food he was cooking in the kitchen and we said yes to everything. He brought us so much food and it was all good we couldn’t finish it! The bill came to 40k for two people

Pros: So cheap, Nice family


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25 Aug 2019

Unscheinbare Überraschung

Wir haben super lecker gegessen: com Dia, mushroom curry mit Baguette und die springrolls. Zusammen haben wir weniger als 4 Euro ausgegeben inkl. 2 Getränke (passionsfrucht saft und soy bean milk). Wir waren danach auf jeden Fall satt und alles hat sehr gut geschmeckt - nur die soy bean milk war im Nachgeschmack etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig. Können es sehr empfehlen, nette Besitzerin, die zwar kein Englisch kann, aber mit deuten gerne weiterhilft

Pros: super viel auswahl, sehr günstig und dabei superlecker , nicht zu kleine portionen

Cons: kann ich nichts zu sagen


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10 May 2019

Tasty and nice experience

We had an amazing experience here. When we looked clueless to the menu the lovely woman took us inside her kitchen to show us what she had. I loved the soup (koriander, rice) and also the plate with rice, different cooked tofus, okra and greens tasted amazing. Afterwards we asked her to point out on the menu what we’ve had: Com Dia (the plate rice, tofu, okra and greens) and Chao nam (soup)


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18 Mar 2018

lovely restaurant, lovely owner

a local true restaurant, with good food and a kind old man, he brought us in the kitchen to show us all the different dishes available and everything was very very good and tasty.
Hope to go there again

Pros: good food, cheap price, kind owner


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26 Feb 2018

Great little place serving locals

This is a small restaurant selling vegetarian food for locals. I was invited into the kitchen and showed what was available. Some sour soup and rice with vegetables, tofu and some fake meat. Some hot Vietnamese tea helped wash it down. The food was delicious. And they brought out seconds.

Very friendly despite almost no English spoken. Google Translate could come in handy. And it all cost 15,000 VND - next to nothing. I'll be back.

Pros: Delicious local food for next to no cost

Cons: Very little English so be a risk taker and jump in


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Mostly Veg
08 Feb 2018

Are you a culture seeker? Or just want to grab an easy bite?

If you prefer having a clear channel of communication and a standard menu, this will not suit you at all. It feels more like a canteen serving a part of the Buddhist community. We arrived at lunchtime famished from a grueling walk through the Imperial Palace complex. Everyone there was warm and welcoming. And don't worry, this is not proselytizing. They wouldn't even think of such a thing.

The man who greeted us gestured across the patio and we realized that we were going one step further than pointing at pictures. We were in the kitchen and our newly adopted grandma ladled our choices onto the plate. The food is tasty but not conceived for elegant presentation. That being said, this experience was what I prize about the way we travel. It was unpretentious, delicious home cooked vegan food. And at a price where you might feel tempted to wash some dishes in gratitude.

Tip 1: It would be shameful to waste food in the ethos of a community like this. So if they bring you into the kitchen as they did with us, make sure you don't accept more food than you can reasonably consume. They are far too gracious to even furrow an eyebrow if you leave something on your plate. But they can't vouch for your karma.

Tip 2: Use Google Translate to look up the Vietnamese equivalent of "delicious." You'll be returning the warmth to your hosts and making the day more special for all concerned.



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14 Sep 2017

Very tasty

The food was very good and the people running the restaurant are very nice. We tried different things from the menu and liked all of them. There's no menu in English but everybody was very nice and tried to explain the different dishes.


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06 Nov 2016

Tasty home cooking, super value

In the typical style of Vietnamese vegetarian restaurants, they serve a rice dish stacked with assorted veg and tofus. There was a good selection of other options such as rolls, though I didn't try these. The food was tasty, I particularly enjoyed the different textures and sauces to the tofu. And it is incredibly good value, the rice dish was priced at twelve thousand (I managed to pay a bit more) but would be good value at twice that.

Now however that they have a limited drink selection. Just some fizzy drinks and Vietnamese tea.

Pros: Tasty, Cheap , Homely ambience

Cons: No English menu, Limited drink selection


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13 Aug 2016

Amazing local food

Ba Minh is definitely of the best vegetarian restaurants we tried in Vietnam. The food is delicious and home-made by an old Vietnamese guy. The restaurant itself is part of his house! He doesn't speak any English but he'll let you in the kitchen and show you what he cooked that day. We also had second servings, of rice, tofu and the typical rice cakes of Hue and in the end we just payed 120.000 dong for a lot of food!
A must-visit in Hue if you want to try something absolutely typical and off the main touristic routes. Bring your own bottled water because when we went there wasn't any!


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21 Nov 2014

cheap and friendly, but strictly Vietnamese

The eating space is in the garden and on the roofed terasse of a regular house. All people cooking and serving were past 60, and the dish (which I got based on their recommendation) was what you expect from cheap Vietnamese food, though a bit bland. The staff was exceptionally nice and communicative however, and tried to find a point of contact even without being able to speak a single word in a language common to us. I left with the impression that this place has been running for decades without any change.

Pros: friendly, cheap

Cons: bland, Vietnamese only


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07 Aug 2012

A friendly, family run 'local' place.

We ate here today after walking down the street listed as having 3 veggie restaurants on it. All 3 restaurants are here, and the pins/addresses Happy Cow has for them are correct.

The one opposite here was closed (1.30pm) and the one further up the street dfidn't seem to be open either. On arrival here (third time lucky!) it was silent with nobody around, but a lady came out and gestured for us to sit down (no English spoken). The menu is in Vietnamese, so she invited us into the kitchen to look at the vegetables, tofu & mock meats on offer where we pointed at what we wanted. A decent sized portion of rice with some veg and tofu cost 15,000 dong. The food was nice, nothing spectacular but the standard you would expect from a real 'local' place.

If you are a clean freak then you may not like it here, it is a little 'rustic' but the food was fine and cheap if you are on a budget, and I feel that's the most important thing while travelling!

Pros: Cheap, Freindly staff/family

Cons: Vietnamese menu, Cleanliness

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