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Fully vegan Ethiopian catering service. Previously a restaurant but closed July 2022. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-6:00pm. Closed Sun-Mon.

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27 Reviews

First Review by eric


Points +62

01 Mar 2020

Delicious food very reasonably priced!!!

This my first time eating Ethiopian food so I’m no expert, but I really enjoyed al the food! The Sorrell drink was also amazing.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: None



Points +2888

06 Feb 2019

Subway style Ethiopian

Food is sitting out Subway/Chipotle etc. style. It wasn't that warm and didn't taste fresh at all. It wasn't anything special and I wouldn't go out of my way to go down there for them. I'll stick with other places that are fresh and better tasting.

Pros: Vegan, Reasonably priced, parking

Cons: Not fresh, taste isn't that great


Points +80

16 Jan 2019

Delicious Vegan Ethiopian food!!

Love this place and I will be coming back! :)

Pros: All vegan!


Points +178

16 Oct 2018

Absolutely Delicious...

The miser wot, gomen, and kik are all tasty, but the spicy sweet potato is amazing... I almost wish I’d done four helpings of that(!), but am certainly glad I tried them all. The combo comes with GF injera or brown rice. Excellent lunch... Will return...

Pros: Friendly service, GF injera, Variety of vegan desserts


Points +147

14 Oct 2018

So many options!

We had a delicious lunch here. There are a variety of cold and hot dishes. We decided on the 3 dish combo. I especially liked the lentil curry and the potato dishes. It also comes with either brown rice or a gluten free flatbread. The flatbread had a sourdough flavor to it and we all really liked it. They do offer you samples of the dishes if you are unsure of what to order.
This place is in a food court so it’s a great place to go with non vegan friends because everyone can branch off to get the kind of food they like and then you can all meet up to eat. That said, my meat eating son ate here with us and really enjoyed it. They also sell some GF vegan cookies.


Points +22

19 Aug 2018

Great tasting food

The food here is very rich in flavor, which is something I love! I tasted a little bit of everything and my tastebuds were simply blown away by the wonderful flavors... I know I've found my new favorite restaurant! And, it's near USC!

Pros: Every dish here is vegan/GF, and that's a plus.


Points +150

11 Jul 2018

Great food

Great food in a food court near USC, CA Science Center and Natural History Museum. Casual food court that gets crowded but not too bad. Food is very good. Love it!


Points +338

12 May 2018


Flavorful and fresh meal. There were 4 salads to choose from and 6 hot entrees. I ordered 4 items—a seasonal cucumber salad, tofu tips, curry split peas, and curry potato, cabbage and carrots. All were seasoned perfectly. My favorite was the tofu tips—the flavors of the peppers and onions was a delicious surprise with tofu and one that I had not tried before. They have homemade hot sauce—a green and red that are perfect complement to the food. My daughter and son-in-law joined me and loved their meals as well. Staff is super nice. I will visit again!

Pros: Flavorful, Healthy

Cons: None


Points +147

27 Feb 2018


This is one of my favorites in LA. The food is prepared already and you pick what you want and then there is cafeteria-style seating. The food is really great, I've been to lots of Ethiopian restaurants and this is some of the best. Try the tofu tibs!


Points +27

21 Feb 2018

Nice place, cool staff, delicious food

Sehr leckeres Essen, super freundliche Bedienung, korrekter Preis.
Das einzige, was man bemängeln könnte ist das etwas einfache Ambiente des Community-Centers.


Points +102

14 Jan 2018

spicy and good

Great food. You can select from curries and salads. But their spicy is very spicy.

Pros: lots of options


Points +271

05 Jan 2018

A Sweet Spot

The staff at Azla Vegan provide great food suggestions when asked. Hard to believe healthy, vegan food could be found in a diverse co-op of food vendors.

Pros: Vegan, Quinoa, Vegetables

Cons: Hard to see from the street, Limited parking lot, Subdued area


Points +24

10 Aug 2017

Delicious, fast, inexpensive

So good! Eat it. Just do it.


Points +161

30 Jun 2017

LOVED it!!!!

How happy was I to discover that we have this amazing vegan Ethiopian restaurant closer than that long stint over to the west side of LA!!!! Super happy! Let me just tell you, I walked into this Food Court with a friend, and wasn't planning on eating. I was still full from breakfast and lunch and had no interest in food.....BUT!!!! I LOVE Ethiopian food! It is one of my favorite cuisines out there - so perhaps it was the lighting - I don't know - but I looked and there it was ! I saw the important words VEGAN and ETHIOPIAN! I couldn't resist! It was amazing! Now, i have to admit, I have been spoiled in my day with food - especially ethiopian - so I was semi-bummed there was no shiro on the evening that I went - perhaps it's there other days? Also, and not that big of a deal, the injera was not as soft and warm as I've had it before - but I was there just before closing - and besides, injera isn't the important stuff. It's the food, cooking and flavoring of the dishes!!! The servings were generous and tasty and the people were super nice!! It was so flavorful and I loved every bit of it!!! I will certainly be going back!!! Loved it!!

Pros: fast, delicious, friendly


Points +89

27 Feb 2017

Great find near Natural History Museum

Great to find a gluten free vegan place for a family day out to the NHM. Short walk from NHM, CAAM, ScienCenter. Everybody had a favorite wot. I liked the spicy tofu. Kids liked the yellow lentils. Nice community ambience.


Points +75

11 Dec 2015

Pretty Good

Azla is a great place with great people. I'm so glad there's a full vegan option in that area but there's some issues with flavor quality control. Sometimes the rice is under cooked, sometimes over cooked, sometimes the tofu is too hard, you just never know what you're going to get, but it's still a good option!


Points +134

01 Sep 2015

A great place and great food

I had a really good lunch at Azla. The prices are good for such quality food : I had a plate of brown rice with tofu and vegetables for $9.50, and I coulnd't finish it because I was not hungry enough for all that quantity!
Azla is really worth the trip.

Pros: Tasty food, Good service, Quantity

Cons: None


Points +37

07 Dec 2014

yummy find

I discovered this place when I went to the Southern California Library book sale. What a find! Besides having my favorite dishes they have three other yummy dishes I'd never come across including a tofu dish!!! And they have some yummylicious vegan cupcakes. Can't wait to go back.


Points +172

17 Nov 2014

Very Good

Nice little restaurant. Very good and quite inexpensive. 2 hours parking free

Nat the Cat

Points +16

06 Aug 2014


Okay so I'm 16 and come from a Hispanic family that is very into their meats (unfortunately) so I'm very limited on being able to go to restaurants where they're strictly Veg. I found Azla which is very close to me and fell in love! I go there every time my parents are at the DMV which is often. (DMV is right across). The service is amazing. They're open to answer any questions. The chickpea mash is AMAZING!They regularly have weekly meal specials. I love when they make their pizzas! Plus its inexpensive. Their is also a natural fruit and vegetable smoothie stand right across which is also amazing.

Pros: service, good taste, cozy location


Points +13

14 Jul 2014

Pretty good!

We had two vegetarian/vegans in our group so we decided to try this restaurant on the way to an event in downtown LA. The food was tasty and it was nice to be able to order anything on the menu. Since this restaurant is located in a food court the non-vegetarians also ended up being able to get something to their preferences also. Since it's in a food court though, if you're looking for more of a fine dining experience, this would not be it. On all other counts though I would definitely recommend.

Pros: Good food, Good value, Friendly staff

Cons: Informal if you want something fancier


Points +124

Mostly Veg
01 May 2014

Simple yet sooo so good!

Two things I did not expect about Azla -
1. It's in a cozy food market
2. It's a simple and small menu

None of these things are a negative. In fact I think they're both positive aspects. Great for people watching and great to keep your dietary requirements simple and without question.

I went for my first time today and had one of everything, except the tofu. I about cried when I saw they had gluten free cupcakes! It was all so so so good. The jalapeno salad. The kale salad. The chickpea mash. The collard green/kale sautee. The BREAD! OMG! Being gluten free is hell, guys. I get boils if I eat gluten though so it's rare when I get to have truly great breads and baked goods. Their wrap bread was moist and fluffy. So so satisfying.

The customer service was ridiculously thoughtful. They understand food issues. No heckling, no judgement - just warm hearts.

Overall, their foods were simple. Not over spiced but really flavorful. Really filling. Their deserts made me cry. Their customer service was warm and welcoming. Great price for the specialty niche of people they're feeding. I am definitely happy to go back here often, from here on out.

Pros: Baked Goods, The Gluten Free Promise/Food, The Market They're In

Cons: Nope, None


Points +3635

06 Nov 2013

Clean food

I had read about this place on Happycow and saw the reviews, so I made the trip out to check it out for myself. Here's my Azla Vegan review.

It's basically a food counter that sits in a food court inside a Mexican shops building, in the middle of a commercial area nearby the University of Southern California. Azla is the only vegan food establishment here, but unfortunately, all I could smell upon walking inside was cooked meat.

The food counter looked very clean, and the ladies were friendly. On the day I went in for lunch, there was very little food left, and it didn't seem like the staff was going to make any more. Too bad. I had wanted to try the combo hot food platter but opted for the salads combo instead.

The salads tasted fresh and yummy (kale, beets) but the portion was rather small for the price. Came with a piece of injera bread -- could ask for two if you wish.

Pros: healthy and clean, tasty salad

Cons: small portions, shares space with meat shops


Points +71

03 Oct 2013


This was my first foray into Ethiopian cuisine and Azla Vegan did not disappoint. Generous servings, friendly service and delicious eats made for an amazing dinner!

Pros: Large portions, Friendly staff, Ample seating


Points +202

10 Sep 2013


I was serving on jury duty and wanted somewhere walking distance to go to for lunch, so I randomly found this place on HappyCow. It is in a food court. You can get 2, 3, or 4 items plus inerja bread or brown rice. I got red lentils, kale salad with peaches, beet salad, and green beans with carrots. The portions are moderate sized and I really enjoyed the food. It wasn't too oily or heavy.

Pros: delicious, healthy, friendly

Cons: portions moderate sized


Points +68

26 Jul 2013


we weren't sure where to eat tonight, we were all just browsing happycow options and i came across azla vegan, read the description, and everyone was immediately interested! we hopped in the car from rosemead, arrived 30 min. later, and loved it! we managed to get a yummy sample platter from them before they closed, the portion sizes were great, and the prices were affordable. the mother and daughter running the spot had lovely and welcoming energy--they even thought i was ethiopian, which i often get, and is always complimentary no doubt. (smile) i will most definitely return and if i lived in la i'd become a regular!

Pros: customer service, flavorful food, portion size


Points +19691

25 Jul 2013

Nice addition to the area

Tried the combo plate and was pretty happy with it, filling. Their desserts are good too. For this area and this little mall this is a great new spot, although I probably wouldn't drive here from far away. Food is sitting out and not made to order (at least when I visited). Friendly folks working there.

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