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Arco Iris

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
    ( 29 reviews )

C/ Roger de Flor 216, Eixample, Barcelona, Spain, 08013

Restaurant vegetaria, Arco Iris means "rainbow" in Spanish. Offers daily changing 4-course lunchtime only menu. Vegans to specify, and the kitchen will alter a dish for you. Simple rustic decor. Popular with locals. It's next to av Diagonal, nearest metro is Verdaguer exits L4, L5. Open Mon-Sat 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Categories: Lacto, Spanish

29 Reviews

First Review by meatisfordummies


Contributions +51

24 Apr 2018

Molt bona opció - Edit

Menú assequible i te'l serveixen molt ràpid. El lloc és bonic i especial!

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Contributions +57

21 Feb 2018

the best vegetarian in Barcelona with the most handsome owner 😍 - Edit

Many different options and a great ürica value!Very nice atmosphere!

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Contributions +590

04 Jan 2018

Old fashioned Catalonian vegetarian. - Edit

After having a delicious lunch here I looked over the Happy Cow reviews. I see lots of mixed reviews posted for this place. For clarification I have some ideas on what type of experience to expect here-
This vegetarian restaurant serves mostly locals from the neighborhood. I recommend this place to people who want nice food and a cultural experience. It is an opportunity to eat with and like the locals.

1. Arco serves great vegetarian food, served as a four course meal. You have several delicious choices, but it will not be possible to customize your individual choices. Unfortunately it is not possible to have a personalized tailored (specifically to you) four course meal for 10€.

2. This place is small. You will be very close to other people. Many people have there lunch here and return back to work after eating. There will probably be people waiting for your spot when you finish your meal. If you want to spend the afternoon lunching this is not the place for you. The feel of the place is have a nice meal and then move on to something else. That is the way it is designed.

3. Arco is a vegetarian restaurant and they are not vegan. Unfortunately their primary focus is not on veganism. The food is great but the staff is not focused on the vegan experience. If it is important for you to get the best vegan food/service, try one of the other 100% vegan places in town, they would love to see you and can use your support.

Pros: What you see is what you get, Authentic Catalonian, Local crowd

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Contributions +43

Mostly Vegetarian
15 Dec 2017

molt recomanable - Edit

Fa tenps que el conec Es menja molt be i amb menu variat de tres plats i postres
Anar aviat perque sempre esta molt ple
I amb un tracte molt agradable

Pros: menú variat, tracte del personal , qualitat

Cons: anar abans de les 14:00 h perquè es difícil trobar, només obert els migdies

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Contributions +20

06 Sep 2017

Maravilloso - Edit

Precio ❤❤❤❤❤
Calidad ❤❤❤❤❤
Atención ❤❤❤❤
Muy Rico ❤❤❤❤❤

Pros: Menú completo

Cons: Solo atienden desde las 13:00 hasta las 16:00 =(

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Contributions +63

27 Jan 2017

Buena comida, barato y rápido! - Edit

Arcoiris sirve comida vegetariana y en su carta deja claro cuales son veganos y hay normalmente más de una opción vegana por plato.
Cada plato viene super rápido y caliente. Buen sabor.
Siempre está lleno sobre la hora de la comida, pero yendo solo o en 2 supongo que no hace falta reservar.
El menú cuesta 9,50€ (entrante, segundo y postre), pero tmb ofrecen comprar bonos de 10 comidas por 9 euros cada o 20 comidas por 8,50€ cada.
Buen sitio para comer a menudo durante la semana.

Pros: barato, ágil, ofrece 1+ opciones veganas por plato

Cons: atención un poco fría de los camareros

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Contributions +1344

23 Jan 2017

Friendly, welcoming - Edit

We arrived at the restaurant just before it closed, but were welcomed in. The menu was limited but fine. They had run out of the vegan third course, but substituted another dish. We enjoyed the meal. We appreciated the friendly service. By the way, the restaurant is also called Arc Iris on the storefront, their website and business cards, but Arco Iris on their menu.

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Contributions +36

04 Aug 2016

Quite good vegetarian restaurant - Edit

The dishes are pretty good if you are vegetarian, they offer a menu with three dishes + desserts for a reasonable price. The problem is that the vegan options were few and don't seem to have the same quality as the vegan ones.

Pros: Cheap, The food was ok

Cons: Very good dishes...for vegetarians, Not much vegan options

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Contributions +25

Mostly Vegetarian
08 May 2016

com a casa - Edit

Plats senzills però ben elaborats i gustosos. Tracte excel.lent i s'agraeix que no hi hagi llargues pauses entre plat i plat. Molt ben organitzat.

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Contributions +70

04 Mar 2016


We enjoyed an excellent lunch in Arco Iris yesterday for only nine something euros. I called beforehand to make sure we can bring the dog in. The host told it's okay as long as our dog won't eat them up. This lightness continued when we arrived and the smiling host directed us to a corner table by a window to a busy street making us feel really welcome.
Immediately the waitress appeared by our table to inquire our first course (of four). The idea is not to order all at the same time and that's good because we were all famished and taking the time to decide all four at the moment would have taken a long time. And in one minute, I had a bowl of delicious vegetable consomme in front of me. After slurping that up, I was ready to make some big decisions.
This a vegetarian establishment. So there were a limited amount of vegan choices. For example, there was no vegan alternatives for the third course but all three choices for the second course were vegan. Therefore, I was able to build a delicious menu for me starting with consommé, then vegetable paella (best I ever have had), zucchini puré and to top it off with a baked apple. And my not so discriminate vegan/vegetarians friends had a delicious asparagus soup and a burger.
The place has a very cozy atmosphere with host making his rounds making sure that his guests are enjoying themselves. The big windows bring in a lot light. But this is not a place to stay forever as this is a very popular restaurant with a constant line of people waiting for a table. Maybe that's the reason they don't serve tea or coffee after the meal to expedite the turn-over of clients. I wish I've had one as after the lunch I needed to drive through heavy traffic to my hometown by the coast and I had to work on staying awake.

Pros: Food, Service, Decor

Cons: Limited choices for vegans, No coffee or tea

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Contributions +36

23 Dec 2015

Very disappointed - Edit

The place is OK. they offer three dishes (starters, first dish and main dish) + dessert for 9.95 euros.
But as a vegan I would not recommend it at all.
As it's been already said, none of the main dishes was vegan, so I had to take twice one of the first dish option, one was soup and the other one steamed carrot and beans.
So of course I was disappointed. I dont want to feel like a "weirdo" when I go to a vegetarian restaurant. But here it is the case.
The dishes are prepared beforehand so it's not possible to veganize them.
In some cases also I didnt really get why the dishes are not vegan, because it was for instance rice with vegetables and another one tempeh. So one sees they dont put much effort into it. Disappointing.
The dessert were also not vegan, only fruit they offer.

I would recommend any vegan to check other places in Barcelona (there are quite some) before trying this vegetarian restaurant.


Pros: cheap, fast

Cons: not vegan friendly at all

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Contributions +51

18 Sep 2015

A no no for vegans! Little choice, bland food - Edit

Thoroughly disappointed. The food was all pre-prepared, uninspiring, bland. In a menu that boasted 4 courses, there were NO main meal or dessert options for vegans. When I asked if I could have the pizza made without cheese, I was told that all the food was already prepared and this would not be possible. I tried to reason, saying surely it wouldn't take that long to make one vegan pizza. They were having none of it. However, when I left, I noticed the two chefs sitting in the kitchen doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As for dessert I was allowed a choice of fruit. And when I say fruit, I mean an unpeeled banana, or whole apple, presented on a plate, with a knife. Unbelievable.

The customer service was also questionable. This is clearly a money-making business over above an establishment that provides a pleasant lunchtime experience. We were pushed to share a table when they got busy (we declined, but were made to feel bad doing so), and every course came within about 12 seconds of finishing the last one. Getting customers in and out seemed to be their priority.

I plan never to return.

Pros: Nice decor

Cons: Not suitable for vegans, [censored], uninspiring food, Bad customer service

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Contributions +96

19 Aug 2015

Not Many Vegan options - Edit

Food was very simple and bland. surprisingly jam-packed with locals. not good vegan options, but gazpacho was tasty!

Pros: atmosphere is quintessential Barça, cheap

Cons: not vegan, bland and uninspired

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Contributions +70

08 Aug 2015

Menú económico! - Edit

Ofrecen menú del día por 9,50€, gran variedad de platos (tres platos más postre) e incluso opciones veganas. El pan integral y el agua están incluidos en el precio. Tienen platos realmente exquisitos y otros realmente mediocres; suerte eligiendo. Carta solo en catalán pero el personal no tiene ningún problema en traducírtelo al castellano o inglés. El staff es muy amable. El único inconveniente, al menos en verano, es el insoportable calor dentro del local.

Pros: Barato, 3 platos más postre, Rapidez absoluta

Cons: Algunos platos demasiado simples, Calor en verano

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Contributions +72

10 Mar 2015

Cheerful, friendly place - Edit

We stopped in for a quick lunch and were delighted. Our server was helpful in steering us toward the English menu and explained some of the items. The service was quick and the food was fresh and wholesome. A great option!

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Contributions +13

02 May 2014

Great food and great service! - Edit

I went here after visiting Sagrada Familia and had the absolute best meal of my trip at Arco Iris. The four course vegetarian meal was delicious, creative, and fresh. There was plenty of variety in the choices so everyone could get something they wanted. There was a lot of great quality food for the very reasonable (9 euro) price. Additionally, the manager and waitstaff were friendly and made the experience one I won't forget. Our waitress was very sweet and helped me understand what the different dishes were in spite of my poor spanish. The dessert I ordered was not my favorite but since I was so full from the meal I was happy to leave having only a few bites of it. However, the manager noticed I hadn't finished it and while I was at the front paying, he offered me another dessert without me even mentioning not liking the first dessert. Considering every seat in the restaurant was full and he was not personally serving us I was beyond impressed that he noticed this small detail and went out of his way to make sure I was completely happy with the meal. You can't go wrong going here, I'd eat there every day!

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Happy Veg Man

Contributions +134

26 Apr 2014

Great value. - Edit

Had a very nice fixed price menu here for €9/pp with my wife and children. There is no English spoken, but don't let that scare you. The host showed us all the plates that he was serving so that we could see them before ordering, which was appreciated. He spoke French (which we do), and was able to indicate the vegan options. A nice meal, and my wife left in love with the gentleman host who helped us out.

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Contributions +24

19 Jan 2014

Decent - Edit

The menu price was good at 9 euros, but the offerings were pretty basic for vegans. The soup was little more than broth, my seitan was not great, and the dessert was just plain (albeit tasty) pineapple. My friend did get the vegetarian pizza and it was amazing, but he also wasn't impressed with the rest of his meal. If I had to eat something in the area I'd go there again, but I wouldn't search it out again otherwise.

Pros: price

Cons: boring

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Contributions +18

24 Oct 2013

Perfect lunch spot - Edit

During our weeklong visit to Barcelona my wife and I ate at Arco Iris twice, and were completely satisfied both times. This is the best lunch spot in Barcelona for clean, tasty, and well-prepared vegetarian or vegan food. The value delivered for 9 euros per person should impress everyone. On our first visit the charming and cheerful owner greeted us warmly in English; on the second, like old friends, as he greets many of the locals who clearly savor eating here.

A salad or soup will begin your meal, followed by a second course with dishes including well-seasoned grains like bulgar or rice and perhaps a bit of tofu. Your third course will be the heartiest. On our second visit I had cannelloni stuffed with spinach and pine nuts and covered in a light cream sauce scented with nutmeg, and my wife had a satisfying vegan "bolognese" of eggplant and several other vegetables. Dessert will be a mousse of coffee or chocolate for vegetarians, perhaps a tart; vegans have a choice of freshly cut ripe pineapple or other fruit. We didn't see vegan baked desserts during our visits, so dessert may be the least satisfying course for vegans. There will be at least two choices for each course, and often three or four.

Service is pleasant, warm and efficient -- the servers take customers' requests a course at a time, and there is ample opportunity to observe others eating each item to help one decide. The space is charming and sunny, with pretty white and blue tiles and paint colored burnt umber.

People eating alone can feel very comfortable here, especially sitting in the open second floor loft with views of the first floor seating area. We saw several people comfortably eating alone and reading next to animated groups of friends.

If you enjoy clean, carefully-prepared, unfussy and tasty vegetarian or vegan food in a charming setting I can't imagine a better lunch spot. I wish my hometown was blessed with a restaurant like this.

Pros: Satisfying, tasty food, Amazing value, Charming setting

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Contributions +183

10 Jul 2013

not impressed - Edit

i been to this place with some friends and thought it was more an alternative place with nice atmosphere but seemed a bit elitist. food is nothing special and staff OK... but i just do not recommend this place ot pretend to go again. much better places in barcelona please dont waste your time and money on this one!

Pros: food was OK

Cons: elitist, strange vibe

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Contributions +40

05 Jun 2013

Amazing!! - Edit

For 9€, they offer you 3 first plates plus dessert. As I'm vegan, the chef did offer to adjust one of the dishes. This was the seitan. The food was amazing & the service was even better. If you are in Barcelona, you must visit Arco Iris. I'll be back.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 05, 2013

Pros: service, clean, price

Cons: none

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Contributions +171

01 Jun 2013

Basic food, friendly atmosphere - Edit

I went to this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. The room was bright and airy and the staff were friendly despite the place being very busy. There is one set 4-course menu for the day (€10) with three choices for the first three courses and more choices for dessert. The waiter I asked did not know what vegan was but was very nice once I explained (in Spanish, I am not sure if they speak much English)and told me that only the first and second courses were vegan.

So I got a vegetables consumé, spaghetti with pesto (being assured that it had no cheese) and boiled potato and broccoli. A bottle of water and bread for the table were also included in that price. I was told that none of the desserts were vegan. The food was nice, but basic and my potato and broccoli came with no sauce as there was no substitute for the yoghurt sauce that accompanied it. The menu changes every day so perhaps there are more vegan options on other days.

I think if you are in this area of the city and need some filling vegan food this is a good option but there are much better vegan places to try in other parts of the city which offer much more creative food.

Pros: Friendly, busy, good service, Bright, airy, clean, Filling vegan food, many courses

Cons: Little understanding of vegan options, Basic food, not much choice

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Ned Harding

Contributions +168

20 Feb 2012

Not bad - Edit

It was OK for vegan, but not great. "Lunch with Locals" is correct - good local flavor.

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Niels Van Och

Contributions +80

04 Sep 2011

Lunch with locals - Edit

If you want to experience a meal like the locals, this the the place to go!

My girlfriend had a quick lunch here during our trip to the city, and we weren't disappointed. The restaurant has a fixed four course menu, with about three options per course. The dishes were very tasty (with especially nice herbal flavourings) and came in reasonable portions, we definately didn't leave hungry. This might not be the best place for vegans though, because the menu is fixed.

The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the dishes followed each other very quickly. You could easily have a quick lunch here if you were in a hurry. The meal also included free water and bread, a rarity in Spain. On that note, this place is very, very cheap: the menu was 9 euro for the four courses (and the water and bread), which is incredible value for money.

One more note: being a local place, the menu was only available in Catalan, but the staff was quite helpful in translating the options we couldn't figure out ourselves.

Pros: good, honest food, very cheap, fast service

Cons: menu only in Catalan

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Contributions +54

11 May 2011

A local restaurant - great food but no vegan main. - Edit

After been told by the "Maitre'D" on the door that vegans were well catered for, our waiter told us that neither main course was vegan. The two vegans in our party decided to stay, and the waiter was more than happy to substitute their mains with a choice from previous courses. Nice selection for vegetarians from the Menu del Dia, and the food, especially the soups, was exceptional for the price.

The restaurant was very busy, mainly with locals, which itself is testament to the quality of fare and value for money - but not having a vegan main loses them one cow I'm afraid.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly service, Quick

Cons: No vegan main course

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Contributions +104

19 Apr 2011

Tasty meal! - Edit

We enjoyed our lunch. A couple items were not vegan but they could tell us what items were not and there were otehr choices. My husband and I ordered different things so we could try more dishes. Everything was good, staff was nice. It was crowded but they were prepared so food was served quickly. They are only opne for a few hours in the afternoon so it's not real convenient. We got there early so looked around the neighborhood before they opened. It's in a nice neighborhood.

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Contributions +21

04 Nov 2010

Yum - Edit

This was our second best meal in Barcelona after mosquito tapas. Agree with everything below - stupendously quick, friendly, sometimes luke warm etc! First two courses - lettuce with Roquefort sauce / consomme, then celery soup / bulgar wheat with tofu and peppers - were average but the mains - lasagne (but actually an open spinach and ricotta tortelloni) and wild mushrooms with garlic - were great (I'd been on the hunt for wild mushrooms all stay) and the chocolate and coffee mousse was the best thing ever.

Pros: Great value, Friendly staff, Great location and setting

Cons: No scope for a lazy lunch - very quick

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